You might be familiar with the UTM parameters and understand why it is quite an important parameter when it comes to TikTok ads or any other ad campaigns. Well, PiPiADS can help you in making TikTok UTM Parameters campaign URLs with help of an URL builder. Just in case, you are not aware of how UTM tracking works and how the PiPiADS UTM tracker can help you, stay tuned and get known with some of the unknown advertising practices that can help you in upscaling your marketing campaigns.

What is PiPiADS UTM Tracker?

PiPiADS UTM Tracker

PiPiADS offers this feature for UTM parameters campaign URL builder, which basically, helps you generate the right campaign URL while considering several parameters such as campaign sources, campaign medium, campaign name, AD group ID, and much more, we'll be covering all those aspects.

Before we take a deeper dive into what the PiPiADS UTM tracker can help you with, let's have an outer overview of the whole picture. UTM stands for “Urchin Tracking Module,” and it's a powerful tool for tracking and measuring your website's performance. UTM is a type of tracking code that can be added to your website's URL. Once added, it allows you to track where your visitors are coming from and how they interact with your site.

With UTM tracking, you can gain a deeper understanding of your website's traffic, such as which channels are driving the most visitors or which campaigns are the most successful. UTM tracking also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. By tracking the clicks and conversions from one particular campaign, you can compare it to other campaigns to see which is performing better. UTM tracking is a great way to gain insights into your website's traffic and marketing performance. With the right UTM tracker, you can optimize your campaigns, measure your results, and get more out of your website

What is PiPiADS? PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS is a TikTok ad spy tool helping marketers, dropshippers, and social media influencers to perform competitive ad analysis. Since PiPiADS can help in marketing aspects, UTM parameters help a lot whereas PiPiADS also have a TikTok UTM parameters Campaign URL Builder. The PiPiADS offers multiple features such as TikTok Ad search, Product Search, Winning Products, Tiktok Advertiser, Etsy products, and much more.

You can also use the PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome extension to perform in-depth analysis on your dropshipping competitors, this includes some important data on the total number of products, categorization by tags, live sales, social media platform tags, and much more.

The UTM link can help you cover some of the important parameters that can be an important factor for managing and making better strategies for marketing. In simple words a UTM Link can help you with:

  • Campaign ID
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Content
  • Campaign Name
  • Term

The PiPiADS UTM generator can help cover all the above-mentioned aspects while some of them are optional and are not needed in order to make the UTM link. These UTM Links can be used for sourcing and managing multiple aspects like Email campaigns, Google ads, Tiktok ads, or any other ads campaigns.

Why are TikTok UTMs important?

If you're looking to drive traffic to your website using TikTok, then you need to be aware of the importance of TikTok UTMs. UTMs are unique tracking codes that you add to the end of URLs. When you use them in your TikTok posts, they allow you to track how many people click on the link and how much traffic you're driving. This is important because it helps you measure the success of your campaigns and allows you to optimize them for the best results. It also helps you understand which content is working and which isn't.

With TikTok UTMs, you can see which campaigns are driving the most engagement and which ones aren't. This way, you can tailor your content to get the most out of your campaigns. So if you're looking to drive traffic to your website with TikTok, make sure to utilize TikTok UTMs. They're the key to tracking your success and making sure your campaigns are as effective as possible.

How to use UTM parameters for TikTok Ads?

  • Fill in the data that are required to perform TikTok ads or your other campaigns. Some of the campaign fields are important and must required to perform the analysis.
  • Copy the generated URL and paste it over the section where the URL for campaigns is needed.
  • Now you can track the sales and leads generated from a certain campaign source, now all you need to do is check the report and analyze accordingly using the parameters.

Where can I Use the TikTok UTMs?

As I have just stated above TikTok UTMs can help you in a number of aspects. In simple words, TikTok UTMs are a great way to measure the performance of your campaigns and track the success of your content. With UTMs, you can track specific parameters such as the source, medium, and campaign, as well as the content you're promoting. This is essential for understanding what kind of content resonates with your audience and for optimizing future campaigns.

Additionally, UTMs also allows you to monitor user behavior, such as how many users click on your link or watch your video. This can give you valuable insights into your audience and help you create more effective content. Finally, UTMs make it easier to attribute sales or conversions to a specific campaign or piece of content. This can help you determine which campaigns are the most profitable and which ones should be discontinued. All in all, using UTMs can be a great way to understand and improve your TikTok campaigns, so be sure to use them!

Top FAQs on PiPiADS UTM Tracker 2024

What is UTM?

UTM stands for “Urchin Tracking Module,” and it's an essential part of digital marketing. Put simply, UTMs are pieces of code that you attach to the end of a URL. When someone clicks on the URL, their activity is tracked and logged, giving you valuable data and insights. UTMs are often used in social media campaigns, like those on TikTok, to track the performance of your content and ads. With UTMs, you can measure how many people click on your links, where they're coming from, and which platforms have the highest engagement rates.

What are TikTok UTMs?

TikTok includes parameters that can be appended to a link to keep track of certain data related to the connection, such as the channel, source, campaign, context, and term. Marketers typically employ UTMs to observe the origin of the traffic.

How to add UTMs on Tiktok?

Enter the Website URL, Campaign Source, Campaign medium, and Campaign name as quickly as possible and the UTM link will be created for you automatically. After that, paste the UTM link into the TikTok ad's landing page link field and you're finished. The UTM links can be generated using the Tiktok UTM tracker.

How to add direct links to Tiktok?

Adding direct links to your TikTok is pretty simple, all you need to do is get yourself a TikTok business account or just go to manage account and then manage account, now go to edit profile and fill in the website of your preferred choice.

PiPiADS UTM Tracker Conclusion: Should I use Tiktok UTM Tracker?

Using TikTok UTM tracker can help you on so many levels, as I have mentioned above the UTM trackers can help you in understanding and make better strategies, since you are now much aware of the sources and campaigns that are performing well.

In addition to that, if we speak in general people have been using Google Analytics in order to understand what Ads campaigns have been performing well, on the other hand, if we look into the TikTok aspect, in order to check the analytics, the one thing you need to do is add the UTM link in the landing page and use any UTM tracker to analyze the stats and work accordingly. In order to generate the UTM URL for your TikTok campaigns, you can use the PiPiADS TikTok UTM parameters Campaign URL Builder.

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