Tired of spending extensive hours making designs for marketing, business operations or even for your personal use? Not every one of us is a pro in using photoshop or illustrator? And those who are professionals in this field might charge you some good money, so are there any cheap and easy-to-use alternatives?

Well, I have got one; Placeit.net by Envato can be considered as an excellent alternative for those who are fed up from spending extensive hours around designing, mockups, logos and everything related to them.

My experience around Placeit by Envato has been great, and the services and tools offered by them were pretty great and time-saving. Placeit has been delivering great services to create significant visual assets for you and your business. Getting a cloud-based tool that offers excellent features and services can be a task in itself. I have used different tools when talking about all the features and tools that deliver similar visual assets like Placeit, but what makes it a great tool to get along with (basically a standalone tool compared to others).

I guess many of you have heard of Envato; if not, let me tell you, Envato is the world's leading community that has been working since 2006; Envato has made pretty much a good name when it comes to digital assets (creative part). And Envato's Placeit (established in 2016) is a great cloud-based tool for creating a range of designs, including mockups, videos, logos, video thumbnails and much more. Placeit by Envato has been developing and cultivating its tech and services to solve complex designs and layout problems that you might have regarding designs and everything.

Well, that's enough of their goals and everything, but now let's take a deeper dive into the features, tools, pricing plan and everything, which is pretty essential to know about Placeit.

Placeit Review

Envato's Placeit has been delivering some excellent solutions for creative problems that many of us deal with; this includes everything from logo designing for your gaming channel to making mockups, intro videos, apparel and the list goes on and on.

From my experience, hiring a professional artist to complete simple tools can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming. For someone who is indulged in these operations now and then, hiring artists and professionals was coming as a new way to empty my pockets.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon Placeit, and things have been pretty amazing and time-saving since then. I guess I have done enough of the bragging part, so let's get started with the features and services that Placeit offers.

Talking about a quick overview of the features offered by Placeit, there are 5 features that Placeit offers: mockups, designs, logos, videos, and gaming. These different features are extended, depending upon the areas you can explore in them, such as Mockup, which gets extended to apparel, highlights, print on demand, etc., which later expands to a wider range of products that you can use around this tool.

Placeit Review Mockup Feature

This feature is made up to give you an overview of what your product will look like under certain designs and visuals; this feature lets you explore around different sections:

Highlights: This section/feature lets you get along with different mockups or anything that might be a good deal over that time; for example, highlights lets you get with valentine mockups, transparent backgrounds, free mockups, etc.

Apparel: I don't need to mention what this section works on; this section lets you get along with designed and customized apparel you might be interested in.

Digital: This section gives you an overview of how a particular design/app and everything will look like over different devices; some of the devices that are offered here are iOS, Android, MacBooks, iMac, etc.; this also includes app demos, iOS screenshots which is pretty much different when compared to other options available in the market.

Print: The print section lets you explore different sections like books, stationery, business cards and even magazines.

Print on Demand: This has been an emerging thing in past years, and how come the world's leading creative online community won't get along with that, the print on demand offers you to explore mockups in phone cases, phone grips, mugs, bags and much more.

Promotional: Having an excellent promotional strategy can be a great way to make a better online and offline presence.

Placeit Review Designs

This can be considered as a great feature that can be used up for multiple things; well, in my perspective, this can be considered as the most used feature that I would get along with. In addition to all the features and tools that the design section offers, Placeit also offers a vast collection of templates (around 30000+ mockup templates available); some of the main designing options that are pretty helpful are gaming, social media, podcasts, etc., all these options let you design different creatives such as twitch templates, discord themes, and much more.

One of the reasons why I consider this as my favorite feature is because of the wide variety of options you get to explore. This option lets you explore some of the sections such as Instagram posts, Fiverr templates, Instagram posts, Banner Ads, Album covers, and the list goes on and on. I don't think Placeit has missed any piece of a design type that could be made from it.

Design Your Avatars with Placeit

These things are pretty important from my point of view; with the recent boom in the gaming and streaming industry, making a better presentation over the audience can be helpful in many ways (better presentation makes you stand out compared to your competitors).

Design Your Apparels with Placeit

Designing your apparel can be a good deal for many people like, I mean who won't like a t-shirt or apparel designed solely by yourself, this can be a real deal for many online apparel brands, well this can be a great deal to make your own designed apparels. From a user point of view, I was pretty to know that Placeit offers multiple options like crew-neck t-shirts, crop top tees, etc., with different color options available.

Placeit Review Video Mockups

Creating video mockups can be a task in itself, where these tasks might need software like Adobe AE. Placeit has made it quite easy in many ways; the easy-to-use interface with thousands of templates to get along with can be a great deal for many. Video Mockups are a great way to get a feel for how your product will appear in the natural world or somewhere in your preferred background.

You can upload images of your products and place them on top of backgrounds, such as the beach or forest, to see what it will look like. Video Mockups allow you to experiment with different angles and create an immersive experience for your customers.

Choose any category you want to make the video mockup on, t-shirts, caps, hats, jerseys, and much more. Placeit also offers you to get along with other options such as editing the apparel you want to edit; in addition to that, you can add logos, music and much more, making Placeit a good-to-go option for video mockups.

Placeit Review Logos

Just think of a renowned company; what comes to mind? I guess you might have got a logo in your mind, and this is how much a logo impacts your business and its representation. Placeit has made this process pretty easy for users like us; hiring a graphic designer to make your logos can be a time-consuming task in itself.

Placeit offers different types of options depending upon the industry you belong to, and the options are abstract, alternative medicine, architecture, arts and crafts, bars, beauty and the list goes on and on; I guess there wasn't any category that might be needed to get along with. One of the critical features that gained my attention was the different types of logos you can make with Placeit; some include animated logos, mascot logos, monogram logos, text logos, and much more.

Different types of logos:

In addition to all this, one thing that really gained my attention was its extensive list of options which let you explore different categories, like the gaming category further expands into games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, GTA, etc., so you can make logos depending upon the game that you might wanna look at.

Placeit Review Video Maker

Placeit has a video-making tool that makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality, animated videos. The video maker offers over 900+ animated templates that you can edit and customize to your liking. You can create videos for use on social media, YouTube, or just for your website. You can make slideshows with text or images, intros/outros for your YouTube channels and much more.

Where most of the user's struggle is its intro/outro video-making option, Placeit lets you explore hundreds of templates that can be used to make engaging intro and outro videos in a time-saving manner.

Placeit Review: Print on Demand

Talking about print on demand, what it really is?

Print on demand is a cost-effective way to fulfill the needs of customers with low minimum orders. With print on demand, you only produce the products that are ordered, which saves time and money.

By uploading your design onto a blank T-shirt, you can provide yourself with a source of income by freelancing or your business for T-shirt printing on demand. Once the design is done, you can market and sell it. Once you have a few sales, the printing service will print and ship them directly to your customer.

  • More than 38k+ Templates

I have already mentioned earlier that Placeit has excellent tools and services, making it a great choice among users; well, the features and tools offered for logo making, video editing, banners, mockups, etc., make Placeit a great tool overall.

  • Reliable

The tools and services offered are one thing, but being backed up by Envato makes Placeit a reliable choice (founded in 2013). In addition to that, if you are into this online space, you might be well aware of the templates by Envato that have been helping in making life easier for many.

  • Cloud-Based Tool

Unlike software like Adobe Photoshop or AE made for editing graphics and videos, Placeit offers some great tools that too in the cloud-based system making it a great choice to get along with, therefore you don't lose track of anything without considering the configuration of the system that you are using.

  • Easy to Use Interface

Another critical factor that makes Placeit an excellent choice among many users is its easy-to-use interface makes Placeit a good cloud-based tool among many.

Placeit Pricing Plans

In addition to all the features and tools, unlimited downloads are quite a remarkable thing to consider. The monthly plans are very affordable when considered with other available options in the market. The monthly plan costs around $14/month, which is pretty much affordable, but I would highly recommend you to go with the yearly plan since you can save a significant amount of money when compared to the monthly plan offered by Placeit.

Extra Features by Placeit

In addition to all the features that I have mentioned above, you can get along with some other additional features as well; some of these additional features that Placeit offers are; Video to Gif Converter and Image cropper.

As I have mentioned above, Placeit offers a massive amount of templates for making things quick for their users; Placeit offers more than 25 image formats to make everything clear for the users and get along just with a single click. Placeit offers two different image formats for users to get along; JPG and PNG format.

Video to Gif converter can be a great deal for many, and sometimes many freelancers have to get along with this; sometimes, adding and uploading a video can take much more space and make things slow (websites).


Even though every feature and tool offered by Placeit is pretty okay, the only drawback that I found was its slow processing for video processing, you might encounter some slow processing while getting along with the Placeit video editor, but in my opinion, its not a pretty big flaw, as for using software like Adobe AE might take some time when considered to this cloud-based tool.

🙄What is Placeit?

Placeit is the leading tool based on the cloud that helps users design various promotional and marketing assets, including logos, mockups, social media images, videos, and many more. Envato built Placeit in 2012, and it is now the biggest place for buying digital assets.

🔎What is Placeit used for?

Placeit is the easiest way to create beautiful, high-quality mockups, images, videos, etc. It has thousands of free templates and the largest collections of mockups that take your designs to the next level. With Placeit's drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily visualize your next design project right away.

❓Can I try Placeit for free?

Yes, Placeit allows all its new users to create free accounts without any credit card. Click here to sign up for free on Placeit and start creating beautiful mockups, videos, logos, etc.

🤔Why should I go for Placeit?

Whether you're a designer, illustrator, or someone just trying to get stuff done, Placeit makes it accessible and affordable. Placeit is the only mockup, design, video builder that enables you to create branding assets. This tool does not allow you to install any complicated software on your system as it is 100% cloud-based. It offers thousands of design templates that make it easy for you to download and create a t-shirt design in just a few simple clicks. Grab our special Placeit coupon code and save a 50% discount on your subscription.

🔥Does Placeit allow me to sell the designs?

Yes! You can sell the design if you purchase it from Placeit. You will get full authority to use your designs for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes.

🏅What is included in my Placeit subscription?

If you pay $14.95/mo and $89.65/yr, you will get complete access to all their design templates, logos, mockups, and videos. All these plans include a commercial license.

🔥Does Placeit offer any discount coupons?

Yes! If you want to enjoy the maximum discount on its subscription plan, then use above mentioned Placeit coupon code.

💲How much discount will I get by using the Placeit coupon code?

By using our exclusive Placeit coupon code, the user will save upto a 50% discount on its annual subscription.

🧐Can I use the Placeit coupon code more than once?

The user can use the Placeit coupon code for a single time only. If you used the Placeit discount coupon code on your account, you would not activate the same coupon code again.

Placeit is a great tool that can help you with a number of things, and it is an excellent tool for creating marketing content. Whether you need a logo, banner, or video, Placeit has it all. The extensive group of templates makes it a great deal to get along with your practices in a much easier way; I would highly recommend this tool to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to create professional marketing content.

From my experience in Placeit, it can be said that the tools, templates, services, and easy-to-use interface is a tremendous time-saving asset for gamers, video editors, content creators, musicians and even for your businesses (better representation).

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