Don’t have high traffic on your website but still want to join an Ad network to monetize your site’s traffic?

In this article, we have shared the ✅ Verified PopAds Review updated for 2024, which is one of the best ad networks to monetize your website easily.

It is quite challenging to find such an ad network that lets you join their network as a new publisher. Such networks ask you for high traffic, but if you have just started your blog or website, then it is difficult to provide a high volume of traffic.

Moreover, some ad networks allow you to join their network with low traffic, but when it comes to payment, then you will face issues with their payment methods and commissions. You cannot rely upon such networks as you are not sure whether these networks are legit or not.

If you are stressed out in finding the right ad network with the right kind of solutions and full guarantee about payment methods and payouts, then we have one such ad network that can fulfill your requirements and allow you to monetize your traffic effectively.

In this review, we will talk about the PopAds network that provides legitimate solutions that are smart and powerful and makes everything possible for you by rediscovering your potential.

About PopAds

PopAds Review

PopAds is one of its kind ad network that provides astonishing payouts that you won’t get anywhere else. It is specialized in popunders and is a leading popunder network in the world. The payouts are higher than any other network that makes it possible to achieve higher ROI.

By joining this network, you will get top quality traffic to your website as an advertiser, or if you are a publisher, then you can monetize your website’s traffic to its potential with super quality ads appearing as popunders.

PopAds services are blazing fast and secure, so when joining this network, you are ensured to be in safe hands. One thing that sets this network apart from other networks is its payment processing.

Reasons To Choose This Network:

So what do you think when you chose a network as a publisher or an advertiser? 

There might be lots of things that would come up to your mind, and sometimes you are confused in choosing the right network that fulfills your requirement.

We have found out some ingredients that should be present in a network to serve you a complete platter, so you don’t return an empty stomach with losing your money for what you didn’t expect.


So here are some reasons that explain why PopAds is an astonishing ad network with unlimited opportunities for advertisers and publishers that gives everyone an experience of over the edge.

  • At PopAds, it is you who chose the prices and not a third person making the market a dynamic one.
  • Have you heard any network offering payouts every day? We have known some network that offers weekly payouts, but nobody, unlike PopAds, offers daily withdrawals. 
  • The panel is secured with SSL hence all your information like personal details and bank account details are safe in an unbreakable wallet away from the reach of bad guys.
  • Support at PopAds is fast and reliable. It is one of the best in the industry with pop agents ready to help you in crossing any hurdle that you face while you are working with them.

PopAds For Publishers

Did you experience a setback when you joined a network and bearded huge or minimum loss? Gone are the days as PopAds is one such amazing network where you can make money as no other popunder ad network offers.

For publishers having low traffic on their blog or websites, is the major issue as most of the networks have the criteria of having high traffic. But with PopAds, there are no traffic requirements, and most of the sites are accepted.

You can withdraw your payments every day, which keeps your bank account healthy and always running. PopAds understands that money flowing in your account will keep you motivated and passionate about promoting more products/services.

Payment withdrawals are offered via PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire transfer.

To give you real-time statistics of your performance, you can get charts and reports to analyze your performance growth and identify the areas you lack in.

At any time, you can choose to serve popunders with auto-playing sound video ads and can also set a popunder frequency for better site performance. Learning the popunder settings will give you higher earnings and increase your overall ROI.

Whatever you earn at PopAds is what you see in your dashboard with no hidden charges or contracts that force you to pay extra charges for no reason.

Some Reasons For Publishers To Join This Popunder Network:

  • Rates & Regions Covered

Covers over 40 international locations, including North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe, and Australia. The best rates in the industry are offered here, with average revenue being $4 USD for 1000 US unique visitors.

  • Payments

Would like their hard-earned money to be reflected in their account on the very same day, and PopAds is only such a popunder ad network that fulfills your dream. No more Net30 or NET60 payment terms. Now you can withdraw your PopAds revenue the very same day.

Once you request a payment withdrawal, you will get your money reflected in your PayPal or AlertPay account within 24 hours. The benefit of your earnings being deposited in the wallet eases out your process to buy popunder traffic to your websites.

PopAds Discount Coupon
  • Control

Control is in your hand, and you are the King of the arena. You can choose the rate of a single popunder that you accept. You have the right to control how many times a popunder can be shown to a single visitor during a day.

If you don’t like sounds or other elements that annoy you, then you can refuse to accept it and keep the popunders clean and understandable.

  • On-time Support

Any time you face any issues, you can contact the pop heroes via email or even chat with them using instant messenger, and you will get all your issues resolved.

Things You Need To Know As a Publisher

If you don’t find any popups on your website, then one of the reasons for not showing the popups might be because there are no advertisers for your country, or the other purpose might be that you have reached your maximum daily limit of popunder.

One more reason could be that you must have set minimal bid too high, or if in case there are some other issues, then you can contact the support team without any hesitation.

Rates depend on the day and time, and other factors like which country you belong to, what kind of quality your website possesses, and the niche. Hence, rates are dynamic and will change with the change in the mentioned factors.

If you are using other popup ad codes along with PopAds code, then this might lower your revenues as the codes will interfere with each other. So, you can use another ad network along with PopAds, but it is highly recommended to set it as the default code.

Don’t worry about the popup blockers as the system bypasses almost all the popup blockers hence not affecting your earnings. When a user clicks anything on your site, only then popunder opens.

Any website of any niche is accepted unless it doesn’t break the US and Costa Rican laws. If the quality of your website is low, then the rates will be lower. The quality of your website is monitored automatically with tools used by PopAds.

If you are using Google AdSense, then you must know that Google allows up to 3 pop-ups or popunders on your website. Still, algorithms used by Google are not known to anyone; hence PopAds doesn’t take any responsibility in any case.

The content of your website always matters and also what niche your website is about. Suppose your website is about loans and insurance, then you are likely to get better rates than others.

Adult websites are accepted only if the content is legal. Just remember that during weekends the rates are often lower as most of the advertisers have leisure time on office closure.

Once one popunder, which is the most expensive, is served, then other popunders with lower rates are served. The popunders use the bidding system; hence expensive ones are shown first, and then the lower rate popunders are shown. So when more popunders are confirmed, then the average rate goes down, but your revenue increases.

🌟 PopAds FAQ

What are the rates offered by PopAds?

Rates offered by PopAds are dynamic, and it depends on many factors like visitor's country, your website quality, and niche.

What countries PopAds have popunders for?

Currently, PopAds have advertisers from more than 50 countries, which include North America, Western Europe, Australia, India, and Southern Asia.

Can I use another popunder/popup on my website?

Yes, you can use another popunder on your website, with PopAds. But if you use another ad network together with PopAds, then this might cause your rate to drop.

Can popup blockers affect my earnings?

No, it will not affect your earning. PopAds popunder code opens the popunder when any user clicks anything on your site.

Conclusion: PopAds Review 2024 | Should you go for it?

PopAds uses a dynamic pricing system; hence rates are not set manually but are controlled by the market. Therefore at any time, depending upon your website quality, your revenue will increase or decrease. 

If you want good revenue, then you must choose the category wisely and make sure you use proper keywords. The use of popups, sound, etc. also increases your overall income.

Everyday PopAds runs 1000s of advertising campaigns from local advertisers as well as partner networks that share their advertising base with PopAds.

Payment methods are quite easy and offer PayPal, Wire Transfer, AlertPay, and more. The minimum deposit for PayPal and AlertPay is $10, and the minimum withdrawal is $5. For wire transfer, the minimum withdrawal is $500.

Time to Popup and Rise to the Next Level Popunder Ads with PopAds. 😉

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