Are you searching for the best domain registrar? Well, If yes, then you are in the right place. Porkbun is one of the best reliable domain registrars based in the US.

Today, in this post, we have featured trustworthy Porkbun review updated for 2024, which includes details insights about its features, pricing, benefits, etc. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable domain name provider, then read this honest review at last.

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Detailed Porkbun Review

Porkbun Review

Porkbun is an amazingly domain web hosting company. It is a uniquely built registrar that permits users tο quickly look for a website name and register it with a few clicks. If you are looking for a free web hosting company, the Porkbun stand out from others. One can even use the above mentioned latest Porkbun Coupon to get a massive discount.

Their primary pitch is making the domain registration process easy, enjoyable, and affordable. It is one of the few domain registrars that accept different cryptocurrency types as payment for their services. Porkbun accepts ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin additionally to the standard methods of online payment.

Porkbun is a US domain registrar. It is based on a guiding principle: It works with rock bottom possible margin of profit, without trick or turnover, and offers the customer rock bottom price for its name also as for basic standard functions sector. The fact that Porkbun accepts cryptos is driving tons of individuals from the crypto-community to use their services – and because it seems they're quite excited.

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Features of Porkbun at a Glance – Porkbun Review

1. Transparency and Pricing

Porkbun is an amazing hosting service provider that provides reliable hosting servers with all the great features. There's nothing more frustrating than getting to a website registrar and having to search for pricing information. Porkbun is 100% transparent with their pricing.

Their domain page as an in-depth list of pricing for all of their available top-level domains (TLDs), and even has it broken out into registration, renewal, and transfer pricing. Top-level domains (319 out of a complete of 1,562) are offered at a wholesale price of 1 dollar additionally to your MasterCard processing fee.

Their name registration service is one of the most affordable within the name registration sector. You get the best prices for the best TLDs. When the renewal time comes, you'll not pay more than you paid the primary time. Generally, using Porkbun will save you tons of cash.

There are not any hidden fees, unexpected add-ons, or any surprises. During space where pricing policies are often, well, less straightforward than website owners might want, Porkbun's clarity and transparency are refreshing. Porkbun also competes well with other registrars in terms of usage. Their domains are on the cheaper end across most TLDs, and their renewals also tend to be less costly than most providers.

2. Free Email and Reasonable Email Hosting For Free

It's important to recollect that a domain isn't a website. It's not email or the other service. It's merely your address online. It helps people locate where your property is by telling browsers/email/etc. Where to travel to get whatever it wants (website files, emails, images, data, etc.). You can try their hosting for free.

Porkbun Discount

If you would like to set up an internet site, you'll still get to hosting or an internet site builder/e-commerce provider that gives hosting. All domains accompany 10 free email resubmissions that allow you to use your new domain to make aliases for existing email accounts elsewhere.

If you would like a hosted email, it only costs $ 24 per annum and includes 10GB of storage, external POP3 and IMAP gateways, and a contemporary webmail portal that allows you to send and receive emails. Porkbun provides an all-in-one approach with complementary products. You'll bundle your domain, website builder, hosting, and email and roll in the hay all from their platform.

3. Whois Privacy for Free of Charge

You've got free WHOIS privacy (read why Whois Privacy is important) that helps you retain your private contact information hidden (other registrars charge for this service). Your data is hidden from public registration, and unwanted emails and phone sales, usually incurred when buying a website name, are avoided.

4. Free SSL Certificates

It is one of the important feature offered by Porkbun. We all know why it's important… right? If you don't, read this. With every domain registration Porkbun provides you a free SSL certificate. They're going to even renew it for you free of charge. Usually, this “gift” is given by hosting companies.

This suggests all of your connections are secure from the most domain right down to all the free ten sub-domains that accompany it.

5. Easy and Straightforward Interface

The graphic interface (GUI) of Porkbun is extremely easy to navigate. Its main menu and buttons are visible. The web site is additionally mobile compatible and simply scales to any device it's getting used on, be it a mobile or tablet.

Porkbun Coupon

The registration process is simple and may be completed within minutes from the purpose you click register now up until the pint you create the name purchase

6. Great Customer Support

Great customer service if offered by Porkbun officials. Quick response and turnaround is the word. They were always able to help with full knowledge of the packages and intricacies of what the registrar offers.

The support team is extremely pleasant to handle and little enough to create personal relationships. During the presence hours, a true person is often contacted by phone or email. Emails are usually answered quickly and always within 24 hours.

Porkbun is an extremely responsive customer service team to help you with any problems. Simply call the toll-free number for a consultation call. You can even visit the Porkbun website for more information on package prices and additional information.

Porkbun also has a knowledge base section that contains much information about how to connect your domain to a third-party hosting service and other queries related to payment methods. Also, the section is quite in-depth and provides you with good knowledge and simple instructions. You will find that there are also a few basic tutorials about how you can use every aspect of Porkbun services.

Our customer service team is very experienced, patient, and professional. One of the benefits of Porkbun is that it provides a variety of videos and tutorials.

They explained everything step by step, as simple as possible, to have no problems.

You can reach out to Porkbun with your queries via email and live chat or phone during the working hours of 9 AM – 5 PM, Pacific Time, 7 days a week, including all holidays.

Porkbun Phone Support 

  • 1.855.PORKBUN ( 1.855.767.5286)
  • 4 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time, Mon-Fri
  • 9 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time, Sat-Sun

Email Support


7. Security

You can generate DS records for your domain, and Porkbun passes them on to the basis zone for free of charge. This ensures that no hacker, albeit your website's name server doesn't work, can accept that name and steal personal or financial information from your visitors.

8. No Spams

They do not send spam emails with “offers” and services they will never use to your inbox. They convey with you for serious and bona fide reasons. They are sincere, and they do not spam your inbox with “offers” and services you are never going to use, and then, if you make a mistake to accept, pay inflated prices when you renew.

They communicate with you only for serious and legitimate reasons. Excellent services!

9. Easy Domain Management And sort of Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Whether you've got one domain registered with them or one thousand, their domain management consult is that the simplest. Porkbun also offers good tools that are very easy to access from your account section like “Quick Connect,” which allows you to attach to popular blogging platforms like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace with the press of a button and straightforward Domain Forwarding.

As of 2024, they need quite 440 available, so you'll find that unique, great domain that you've imagined. The interface is straightforward to navigate, albeit you've got no domain management experience. It breaks down everything you would like in one place and allows you to feature complimentary products from a convenient place. If you would like to feature simple email forwarding or URL forwarding, you'll do this quickly.

If you would like to renew your domain easily, you'll do this too rapidly. Everything is all at once.

Free Services – Porkbun Review

1. Free SSL Certificate

Porkbun gives you a free SSL certificate with every root domain registration.

Porkbun SSL Certificate

They're going to even renew it for you free of charge. Usually, this”gift” is given by hosting companies. This suggests all of your connections are secure from the most domain right down to all the free ten sub-domains that accompany it.

2. Free DNS Hosting

The registration of the domain is merely half the battle, and the opposite half tells the planet the IP address of the server where your site is found. Porkbun includes the service altogether domain registrations and makes it easier to manage using the GoDaddy Domain Connect standard for automatic discovery of services.

This means you are doing not need to get your hands dirty. Simply select the online host to which you would like to hitch the domain and click on OK. Otherwise, you can manage all settings from the instrument panel without restrictions or interference. You'll have as many a YYYY, CNAME, MX, NS, and TXT resource records as your heart desire (or ARIN, if applicable).

3. Free WHOIS Privacy

This is for those who do not want to show personal information. Many hosting providers charge this feature but Porkbun offers this for free. And with this feature, nobody can capture your personal information, and you don't have to not worry about it.

4. Free Email Trial

If you are looking for domain-specific email addresses, this feature offered by Porkbun is convenient. You get two months of free email hosting with every domain registration. So instead of using your Gmail address or any other email address, you can now have your own custom domain address to communicate with your customers and grow your online presence quickly.

5. Free URL and Email Forwarding

This free feature of Porkbun is useful as you can redirect your newly registered domain to an existing website. Porkbun's URL forwarding service supports SSL and also allows both temporary (302 / 307) and permanent (301) redirects. For free, you can forward up to 20 email addresses onto your new domain to your existing email addresses.

6. Free Ethereum Name Service

Very few TLDs support the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). With this service, you can connect your domain to the blockchain. It is a free service and comes with a registration price. While we did this Porkbun review, only .luxe supported TLD.

7. Handshake Domains 

The official website of Porkbun states that Handshake is an experimental and permissionless naming protocol that makes use of Blockchain technology to create a decentralized root zone. You can also use a browser optimized for handshake domains like Brave or Opera, and you can also use an extension or plugin or Safari or chrome to visit these domains.

For security, Porkbun also offers you security technologies like WebAuthn, 2FA, login notifications and more. You can also protect your Porkbun accounts from hackers by activating the 2FA in Control Panel.

8. Domain Management

If you have single or multiple domains, you can easily manage all of them with a good management console. You can transfer in and out or even update all of the domains from the same console. Following are the supported DNS record types: ALIAS, TXT, NS, AAAA, SRV, TLSA, A, MX, CAA and CNAME. It also offers free domain privacy. 

Via this, you can quickly connect your website to other website builders with a single click. So it does not matter whether you have made your site on Wix, Weebly or any other site builder; you can anytime link your domain to any other 3rd party site builder.

9. Free Website Builder 

If you don't have the expertise to build your own website and looking to hire a professional to design it? Well, wait. You don't have to waste your money on hiring any professional, as you can use the Porkbun Free Site Builder trial to design beautiful and stunning websites. The Weebly-powered site builder is easy to use, and no coding skills are required. Also, it is available for free for three months.

Porkbun Pricing Plans

Porkbun Accounts are often Protected With Two-Factor Authentication. Porkbun doesn't allow the subsequent hacking so that an online hacker can steal your domain. Just activate 2FA on top of things Panel. All connections require a TOTP code added to your email address and password.

Porkbun Hosting comes with two dedicated plans:

  • Monthly: $8/ Per Month
  • Yearly: $80/ Annually

Other Powerful Features of Porkbun

Prokbun Domain Transfer – How to Transfer a Domain to Porkbun? 

You can easily use this feature of Porkbun and transfer your domain from another registrar to Porkbun. And for this task, Porkbun offers numerous tools which you can use to get your site up and running again in a few minutes. This is a unique feature of Porkbun, as many other hosting providers do fail to provide it.

Prokbun Domain Transfer

While you transfer your domain, you must ensure that the domain is not using WHOIS privacy protection. Along with that, if the service is not forwarding emails to them, you cannot get the transfer code. So make sure that the domain should be registered for at least 60 days with the current registrar and should be first unlocked and not on hold.

The Transfer of TLD domain names does include a one-year renewal of the domain unless the domain inside auto-renews within the period. Following are a few of the country-code TLDs which do not offer a free renewal as part of a transfer:

  • ai
  • la
  • de
  • uk
  • cx

Pros & Cons of Porkbun

Variety of Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Now that ICANN allows more TLDs outside of generic .com/.net/.org, website owners need to confirm their domain registrar has all of their variations (especially if you're buying in bulk).

Porkbun offers plenty of TLD options that transcend generic domains, from country-specific domains for international use to category-specific, like technology, land, etc.

As of 2024, they need quite 440 available, so you'll find that unique, great domain that you've imagined. Porkbun is a high-quality web hosting service provider that allows user to start their own hosting business.

Up Sells

Up sells aren't inherently annoying or bad. But numerous domain registrars make the error of bombarding customers with direct sales tactics that they're doing become annoying.

Porkbun isn't one of these domain registrars. They position themselves as a little team who cares about making the domain purchasing experience enjoyable — which they deliver. While they're doing offer complementary products like websites and hosting, they keep them within the background.

Huge List of TLD

If you would like .com, .net, .org, .gov, .biz regardless of the TLD is, Porkbun has got you covered. With their wide libraries of top-level domain endings, you're sure not getting to lack any domain, be it generic or category-specific.

Seamless Domain Transfer

If you'd wish to transfer your domain from where it's registered to Porkbun, the method is straightforward and seamless to effect. With all the tools provided and you'll get your site up and running again within minutes of transfer.

This is often absolutely an excellent feature that other domain providers have did not accomplish.

Top FAQ on Porkbun

What is a Wildcard DNS record?

It is a record that is used to answer DNS requests for the subdomain. The person needs to know that the root domain's lookup can not return the Wild Record.

Does Porkbun provide a free SSL Certificate?

Yes, Porkbun is a domain registrar that provides a free SSL certificate to its users as it believes that the website should be protected by SSL.

How to retrieve the SSL certificate?

How to retrieve the SSL certificate?
If you are using their nameservers, you will SSL certificate from them. First, you need to click on the “Details” button in Domain Management to download the certificate. Next to SSL, click on the “Edit” link. At last click on “Download SSL Bundle” once the certificate is ready.

How do I contact to support team?

Porkbun provides telephone support at Pacific time from Monday to Friday. You can also drop your queries at this email ID

Can I move my own existing domain name to Porkbun?

Yes, it enables its users to transfer their existing domain name to Porkbun. You will get a detailed guide on how to transfer existing domain names in their knowledge base section.

Can I get VPS hosting from Porkbun?

No, You will not get VPS hosting from Porkbun as they only provide shared hosting.

What are the other best alternatives to Porkbun?

Following are the best Porkbun alternatives.

Who owns Porkbun?

Porkbun is a leading domain registrar company which is created by Peter Brual and Ray King. It was founded in 2014 and is currently situated in Sherwood, Oregon, USA.

Is Porkbun legit?

Yes. After comprehensively reviewing Porkbun and also looking at the numerous positive reviews it has, we definitely can say that it is legit.

How to transfer domain to Porkbun?

Follow the following simple steps if you want to transfer your domain from any other registrar to Porkbun:
1. You first have to unlock your domain at your old registrar.
2. At the same time, at your old registrar, you have to turn off the WHOIS Privacy service.
3. Also, you have to look for the authorization code required to transfer the domain from an old registrar to a new registrar.

How to delete your Porkbun account?

1. Log into your Porkbun account and go to the Account Settings page by selecting “Account Settings.”
2. On the Account Settings page, you got to click the “Delete Account” button on the right side of the page. Click on it. 
3. You will get a pop-up window asking you to confirm your account deletion request.

Which are the supported DNS by Porkbun?

Following are the Supported DNS by Porkbun:
ALIAS – CNAME flattening record
TXT – Text record
A – Address record
CAA – Certification Authority Authorization
CNAME – Canonical name record
AAAA – IPv6 address record
SRV – Service record
TLSA – TLS Authentication Record
MX – Mail exchange record
NS – Name server record

How to contact Prokbun customer support?

Porbun does offer decent customer support. You can use the telephone support option at Pacific time from Monday to Friday. Also, you can drop your queries at the email id

Are there any active Porkbun coupon codes?

If you are looking for active Porkbun coupon codes by which you can save money, you can use our exclusive Porkbun coupon code and get an attractive discount on its pricing plans.

Which are the payment methods accepted by Porkbun?

Prokbun accepts Credit Cards, AliPay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Bank account Transfer. It also supports Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin (no fee) (ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum chain only)

Conclusion: Porkbun Review 2024 – Should you go for it?

With the emergence of technology and plenty of companies and even small businesses logging on, the need to satisfy customers' various needs has arisen. Others have adapted in numerous other ways, but the adaptability of Porkbun has drawn our attention to that during a stunning way.

Porkbun has filled that need that the bulk domain registrars have didn't fill, which is that the selection to pay with cryptocurrency. Porkbun could also be a site that provides domain registration and website hosting with quite a lot of perks and incentives to its users.

We also appreciate complimentary products: their transparency in how they work. Inspect this note they have on their shared hosting packages: Form offering an honest kind of TLD (some of which are yet to be offered by other domain registrars) to giving free SSL certificates for 90 days to its subscribers, offering end to end encryption on websites and ultimately giving the only in customer service, I feel they have done it all.

If you are looking to host your WordPress website, Prokbun also has its own WordPress hosting package, which is very popular among web designers and developers.

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