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Ever wondered why dating offers are a goldmine? The online dating industry is booming, with revenues projected to hit $4.2 billion by 2024. That's a lot of potential for us marketers!

Dating is universal, and online platforms cater to this need. From young adults to seniors, everyone's looking for connection. And guess what? They're willing to pay for it. The average user spends $243 a year on dating sites.

What's more, dating is mobile-friendly and recession-resistant. People date on the go and even in tough economies, they seek companionship. So, dating offers hold up better than other verticals during downturns.

And the cherry on top? The feel-good factor. Helping people find love while earning commissions – it doesn't get better than this!

So, are you ready to romance those dating offers? Let's get started on this exciting journey where we uncover the potential of dating offers on CrakRevenue!

Why CrakRevenue? Understanding the Affiliate Network

CrakRevenue Affiliate Network

CrakRevenue is a well-established and industry-leading CPA (Cost Per Action) network that specializes in web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions. The platform connects advertisers, who have products or services to sell, with affiliates, who promote these products or services to their audience in exchange for commissions.

CrakRevenue facilitates this relationship by providing a platform where affiliates can access a wide range of offers from different advertisers, as well as tools and resources to help them boost their sales. The network also handles tracking, reporting, and payments, ensuring that affiliates receive their commissions in a timely and accurate manner.

By joining CrakRevenue, affiliates can benefit from the network's extensive experience, high-converting offers, and dedicated support, while advertisers can leverage the reach and expertise of a large pool of affiliates to drive sales and grow their businesses.

Types of Dating Offers in CrakRevenue

As already mentioned CrakRevenue is quite a hub in terms of delivering their offers across different verticals such as dating, mainstream dating, Cam, and much more. Let’s check which of the types of offers one can get on CrakRevenue:

Dating and Hookup Offers

CrakRevenue's Dating and Hookup offers are designed to offer their services to a broad audience looking for both short-term and long-term relationships. These offers are popular among affiliates due to their high conversion rates and the growing popularity of online dating services. CrakRevenue works with some of the biggest names in the online dating industry, including Ashley Madison, AdultFriendFinder, and Flirt4Free.

Also if we look forward to the offers and everything else, the CrakRevenue has got around 350+ offers with high offers. In addition to all this, there are different payouts available including the PPS, PPL, and Revshare.

Adult Dating Offers

Adult dating offers are specifically designed for adult traffic. These offers perform exceptionally well, especially in tier-1 and tier-2 countries. They often involve monthly subscriptions and credit purchases, leading to recurring commissions over time.

Niche Dating Offers

Niche dating offers cater to specific segments of the dating market. For example, CrakRevenue provides offers targeting straight and LGBTQ+ global markets, along with GEO-specific advertisers like ShagToday and AsianSingles. These offers allow affiliates to target specific demographics and geographical locations for a higher conversion rate.

Cam Dating Offers

Cam dating offers are a subset of adult dating offers that focus on webcam interactions. These offers typically have higher payouts than traditional dating offers because the lifetime value of users is significantly higher. Users of cam sites often remain active for years, providing a steady stream of revenue for affiliates.

Mainstream Dating Offers

Mainstream dating offers cater to a general audience looking for traditional dating services. These offers are popular due to the widespread use of online dating services and the growing online dating market. CrakRevenue's mainstream dating offers include brands like Ways to Meet and SexMessenger.

CrakRevenue provides affiliates with a variety of promotional tools and in-house creatives to help maximize conversions. These tools include the Dating SmartLink, which uses an optimized algorithm to show users offers with high EPCs, increasing campaign performance by 9%. CrakRevenue also offers a wide selection of payout types, including PPS (pay-per-sale), PPL (pay-per-lead), and RevShare (revenue sharing), allowing affiliates to choose the model that best suits their strategy.

CrakRevenue's Exclusive Dating Offers

CrakRevenue stands out in the affiliate marketing landscape with its exclusive dating offers. These are unique opportunities that you won't find on other networks, giving you a competitive edge.

Among these exclusive offers are popular platforms like OnlyFans, JerkMate, LocalCupid, and FapChat. Each of these platforms caters to a specific audience within the dating niche, providing a tailored experience that users appreciate.

What makes these offers so attractive? For starters, they often come with higher payouts, meaning more earnings for you as an affiliate.

So, if you're looking to stand out in the crowded affiliate marketing space, CrakRevenue's exclusive dating offers are a great place to start.

Some of the exclusive dating offers by CrakRevenue include:

Ashley Madison

CrakRevenue Ashley Madison Affiliate Program

The Ashley Madison Affiliate Program on CrakRevenue offers a unique opportunity for affiliates to monetize their traffic in the dating niche. Ashley Madison is a leading dating site known for facilitating discreet relationships and affairs. It is the world's first married dating app, and it has a strong appeal to male users aged between 30 and 40 years old, as well as desktop users aged 40 and above. Here are some of the key features you might wanna consider:

  • Pay-Per-Sale rate of $135.
  • Pay-per-lead rate of $4.31 on a single opt-in basis.
  • Over 50 high-performing landing pages to maximize conversions.
  • Availability in more than 50 countries.
  • High conversion rates, especially with Desktop-Age 40+ traffic and male users aged 30-40 years old.
  • Access to promotional tools and resources to optimize campaigns.
  • Support from CrakRevenue's team of marketing experts and affiliate managers.


YourLocalCupid, an exclusive offering from CrakRevenue, is a newly launched freemium adult dating website in the U.S. that offers a discreet and interactive platform for male users. The site allows users to purchase credit packages to chat with other profiles, enhancing user engagement and interaction. Here are some of the points that you might wanna consider:

  • Payout of $3.35 per DOI with free signup, making it a lucrative opportunity for affiliates.
  • Great offer for users working in the US Traffic.

YourLocalDate (AU)

YourLocalDate (AU) is a popular dating platform in Australia that offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to meet new people. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to set up their accounts in less than 60 seconds.

Once registered, users can browse through hundreds of profiles of locals looking to connect with other locals. Starting a conversation with any member that catches your interest is straightforward, making it easy for users to engage and potentially find a match.

  • The platform is known for its high conversion rates in the Australian market.
  • Offers a payout of $3.67 per lead on a double opt-in basis.
  • No traffic restrictions, and several landing pages and a rotator are available to assist users in maximizing their conversions.

SearchingForDates (CA)

SearchingForDates (CA), on the other hand, is a highly converting dating offer for the Canadian market. Here are some of the key features that are worth mentioning:

  • Offers a payout of $3.50 per lead on a double opt-in basis.
  • SearchingForDates also has no traffic restrictions, ensuring that users have the freedom to explore as many potential matches as they wish.
  • The platform also provides several landing pages and a rotator to help users optimize their conversions.

How to Choose the Right Offer: Factors to Consider

Selecting the right dating offer on CrakRevenue—or any affiliate network for that matter—is a critical step that can significantly impact your campaign's success. It's not just about picking the offer with the highest payout; several factors come into play.

Firstly, consider the target audience. Who are you trying to reach, and what are their preferences? An offer that resonates with your audience will naturally have a higher conversion rate.

Next, think about traffic quality. Some offers perform better with high-quality, targeted traffic, while others are more forgiving. Knowing where your traffic comes from can help you align it with the right offer.

The payout structure is another crucial factor. As discussed earlier, you have options like CPA, CPL, and Revshare. Your choice here will depend on your cash flow needs and risk tolerance.

Now that we have covered some of the important aspects of the offer, it is time that we come along with some of the important aspects of Smartlinks and understand what these are.

Smartlinks by CrakRevenue are a unique tool designed to simplify and enhance the affiliate marketing journey. Powered by complex algorithms, Smartlinks aims to maximize earnings without the need to manage multiple campaigns. They work by collecting insightful click data about the user, including location, traffic type, device type, and language, and then display the most relevant offer based on this data. This ensures the highest conversion potential and leads the user to a responsive and thoroughly tested landing page.

Smartlinks are designed to work on up to 251 GEOs at once for maximum results and are optimized with more than 300 top-converting offers. They also provide real-time statistics for tracking performance. They are a turnkey solution, meaning once you add your link, the rest is taken care of, freeing up more time to improve your brand.

Traffic Sources

Traffic is the lifeblood of any affiliate marketing campaign. Understanding where to source high-quality traffic—be it organic search, paid advertising, or social media—is key to the success of your dating offers on CrakRevenue. Here are some of the best traffic sources for CrakRevenue:

Adult Networks

CrakRevenue recommends several adult networks as quality traffic sources. These include Traffic Junky, Traffic Factory, TrafficStars, ExoClick, ClickAdu, Microsoft Advertising, HilltopAds, Zeropark, Adnium, AdSterra, TrafficShop, and PlugRush. Each of these networks has unique features and advantages.

For instance, Traffic Junky is known for its simple interface and large ad inventory, while Traffic Factory is praised for its quality traffic and Smartlink feature. TrafficStars is recommended for individual publishers due to its wide range of ad formats and high-quality traffic, especially in tier-one geos.

Affiliate Marketing Verticals

CrakRevenue suggests focusing on specific verticals to maximize earnings. These include cam, dating, adult gaming, CBD, and health products. Each of these verticals has unique characteristics and requires different promotional strategies.

For example, for webcam affiliate programs, CrakRevenue recommends using dedicated promo tools and diversifying types of ads. For dating offers, understanding your target audience and promoting a brand you are familiar with is crucial.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective way to drive traffic. It is considered inexpensive and offers the best return on investment (ROI) for many marketers.

Paid ads can provide immediate attention and faster results compared to organic traffic. This can be particularly beneficial if you're looking to quickly test and optimize your campaigns.

Traffic Brokers

Traffic brokers can provide access to multiple sources of traffic in one place, saving you time. They can be found in Facebook groups such as Super Got' Damn Affiliates and Mrkthub, and Telegram groups like Adult Industry Mastermind.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the effectiveness of these traffic sources can vary depending on your specific campaign and target audience. It's important to test different sources and optimize your campaigns based on performance data.

The Importance of Niche Marketing: Tailoring Your Campaign

Niche marketing is a powerful strategy in the dating vertical. By focusing on specific segments like seniors, single parents, or a particular ethnicity, you can tailor your campaigns to resonate more deeply with your target audience.

Why does this matter? Because a one-size-fits-all approach often falls short. People are looking for platforms that understand and cater to their unique needs and preferences. When you speak directly to these needs, you can drive higher engagement and conversions.

Online World Dating Ratio

For instance, a campaign targeting seniors might emphasize safety and ease of use, while a campaign for single parents might highlight the potential for finding understanding partners who are also balancing family responsibilities.

So, don't underestimate the power of niche marketing. It's about understanding your audience and tailoring your campaign to meet their specific needs. And in the world of dating offers, that can make all the difference.

Tools and Resources: CrakRevenue's Affiliate Toolbox

CrakRevenue's Affiliate Toolbox is a treasure trove for affiliates. It's packed with a variety of tools and resources designed to streamline your campaigns and boost your success. From advanced tracking tools that provide real-time insights into your campaign performance, to a vast library of creative assets including banners, landing pages, and more, CrakRevenue has got you covered.

These resources are designed to help you attract and engage your audience, drive conversions, and ultimately, maximize your earnings. So, whether you're a seasoned affiliate or just starting out, CrakRevenue's Affiliate Toolbox is a valuable asset that can help you take your campaigns to the next level.


CrakClicks by CrakRevenue

CrakClicks is an exclusive program that allows affiliates to earn stable commissions, put little to no effort into their campaigns, focus on their content, get paid per click, avoid wasting traffic, and earn guaranteed income.

CrakClicks is based on the quality of clicks generated by your traffic sources rather than the sales or subscriptions attributed to your campaigns. The program has been tested by a few affiliates in beta mode, and the results have been promising. In the last month (June), active affiliates who promoted CrakClicks increased their income by 75% and bumped their click-through rate by 25%.

Survey Machines by CrakRevenue

Survey Machines by CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue's Survey Machine is an exclusive tool that allows users to create customized surveys tailored to their specific needs. The surveys follow a model where users are invited to answer several short questions, and upon completion, they are offered a series of ‘Rewards' as a thank you and incentive.

These rewards are typically CrakRevenue-related offers, and the user gets to choose which one they wish to redeem. The Survey Machine allows users to choose the design, the questions, and even the vertical for the associated offer ‘Rewards'. This tool enables the creation of a survey that's more customized and tailored to the needs of your traffic.

Live Cam Widgets

Live Cam Widgets by CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue offers an exclusive platform for promoting webcam affiliate programs. With over 90+ offers and partnerships with leading brands, it provides a versatile platform to convert your traffic effectively. CrakRevenue's top-performing product, Jerkmate, is the most visited cam site in their network, boasting over 50M monthly visitors.

Other notable cam sites include Royal Cams, Slut Roulette, and Exposed Webcams. CrakRevenue's advanced algorithms and in-house promotion tools, such as SmartLink, help affiliates maximize their revenue potential. The webcam industry is a multibillion-dollar global market, and CrakRevenue offers unique affiliate programs to boost conversion rates and induce user spending.

Maximizing Conversions: Tips and Strategies

Maximizing conversions is the key to a successful affiliate campaign. Here are some tips to help you achieve this with your dating offers on CrakRevenue:

  • Understand Your Audience: Know their needs, preferences, and behaviors. This will help you tailor your campaigns to resonate with them.
  • Use High-Quality Creative Assets: CrakRevenue provides a range of banners, landing pages, and other promotional materials. Use these to attract and engage your audience.
  • Optimize Your Landing Pages: Ensure they are user-friendly, mobile-optimized, and have clear call-to-actions.
  • Leverage A/B Testing: Test different elements of your campaign to see what works best. This could be headlines, images, or call-to-action.
  • Track and Analyze Your Performance: Use CrakRevenue's advanced tracking tools to monitor your campaign performance. Use these insights to optimize your strategies.

Remember, maximizing conversions is a continuous process. Keep testing, learning, and optimizing to achieve the best results.

CrakRevenue Support: Getting the Help You Need

Excellent affiliate support can make or break your experience with an affiliate network. CrakRevenue offers top-notch support to help you navigate any challenges you may face.

CrakRevenue offers an excellent support system for its affiliates. The support team, led by Yannick and Eloïse, is available every business day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST. They can be reached via chat or email.

Yannick, with over 20 years of experience in support and sales, is adept at solving problems and providing guidance on CrakRevenue-related stats and reporting. Eloïse, another core member of the team, is equally dedicated to providing quality support. The team is known for their diligence, respect, and professional approach to every support matter.

For affiliates who demonstrate dedication and readiness, CrakRevenue provides the opportunity to have a dedicated Affiliate Manager. This can be initiated by reaching out to the support team via live chat or email.

Dating Offers vs Other Verticals: A Comparative Analysis

When comparing dating offers to other verticals like e-commerce or finance, several factors come into play. Firstly, dating offers to tap into a universal human need for connection, making them relevant to a broad audience. This contrasts with more niche verticals like finance, which may appeal to a more specific demographic

Secondly, dating offers often involve recurring subscription revenues, providing a stable income stream. This differs from e-commerce, where earnings can be more transactional and unpredictable.

VerticalsPartnered With
DatingYour Local Cupid, Adult Friend Finder, Flirt4Free, etc.
CAMJerkmate, Royal Cams, FapChat, etc.
GamingEroGames, Hentai Heroes, BDSM Simulator, etc.
HealthBluechew, hims, etc.
CBDbloom, CBDfx, CBDistellery, etc.

However, other verticals may offer advantages too. For instance, finance offers can command high payouts due to the value of financial products and services. E-commerce offers can be diverse, spanning a wide range of products and niches. Ultimately, the best vertical depends on your audience, skills, and interests. It's worth exploring different options and testing various offers to see what works best for you.

Affiliate marketing comes with its own set of legal considerations. From data protection to advertising standards, we'll cover what you need to know to stay compliant. Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider while getting along with the legal considerations while running offers on CAM and Dating vertical with CrakRevenue:

  • It's crucial to understand the nature of the offers you're promoting. CrakRevenue verifies the legitimacy of all its dating advertisers and does not work with companies known for scamming users or engaging in unethical practices. However, as an affiliate, you should also do your research and understand the dating websites you're introducing to your traffic. Some of them have strict rules, and it's important to read the offer carefully.
  • You need to be aware of the laws and regulations related to the type of traffic you're using. For instance, some webcam affiliate programs do not allow certain types of traffic, such as email traffic. There may also be program-specific restrictions, so it's important to read each offer carefully before starting a new campaign.
  • It's essential to promote the dating website honestly and transparently. Avoid using deceptive or misleading marketing tactics as it could negatively affect your traffic in the future. Make sure it's clearly stated that your users must be 18 and over before signing up on any cam site, and be honest about the registration cost, membership rate, and paid features.
  • You should comply with copyright laws. Any alterations to CrakRevenue's ad tools are strictly prohibited, and you can't use them in print advertising.

Overall, when running dating and CAM offers with CrakRevenue, it's important to understand the nature of the offers, comply with traffic laws and program-specific restrictions, promote honestly and transparently, and adhere to copyright laws.

Certain times of the year are more profitable for dating offers. We'll discuss how to leverage seasonal trends to boost your earnings.

Seasonal trends play a significant role in running dating and CAM offers using CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue is a CPA network that provides a wide variety of affiliate marketing programs, including dating and CAM offers. Seasonal trends can be leveraged to optimize these offers, as they can influence consumer behavior and spending habits.

In the dating vertical, for instance, it has been observed that, unlike many other verticals, dating seems to be immune to seasonal fluctuations. This means that it provides consistent revenue streams throughout the year, making it a reliable choice for affiliates.

On the other hand, CAM offers, which involve live webcam performances, have been identified as one of the most lucrative verticals in affiliate marketing. The appeal of CAM offers is mainly due to the interactive experience it provides, which is unique in the adult industry. The demand for CAM sites has been linked to global changes in web consumption and the rising demand for streaming platforms.

CrakRevenue provides tools and resources to help affiliates succeed in these verticals. For instance, they provide thousands of in-house creatives, high-performing landers, and cutting-edge ad tools to help affiliates monetize their traffic. They also provide training and advice to help affiliates compete effectively in these verticals.

In terms of seasonal trends, it's important to note that while some verticals may see a decrease in popularity over the summer or holiday season, dating and CAM offers tend to remain steady. This makes them a reliable choice for affiliates looking to maintain consistent revenue streams throughout the year.

By aligning marketing efforts with these trends, affiliates can optimize their campaigns and maximize their earnings.

A/B Testing: Why It's Crucial

A/B testing allows you to compare different versions of your campaign to determine what works best. We'll discuss why it's crucial to optimize your dating offers on CrakRevenue.

One of the best ways to perform A/B testing on better terms is using tools like Voluum. Voluum is a powerful tracking tool that can be used in conjunction with CrakRevenue, a CPA-based affiliate network, to optimize your offers and improve your campaign performance. To set up Voluum for CrakRevenue offers, you first need to find an offer you want to promote in CrakRevenue and get the tracking link.

Creating Affiliate Network with CrakRevenue

Then, in Voluum, you add an affiliate network element, which can be used for organizational purposes and to provide you with the correct tracking parameters. After that, you add an offer element in Voluum and set up a postback in CrakRevenue. This process allows CrakRevenue to report conversions to Voluum, enabling you to track the performance of your offers.

Offers running through CrakRevenue

With Voluum, you can conduct A/B testing on your offers running through CrakRevenue. This involves creating a “control version” of your website, email, or piece of content in which you don’t change anything and another version where you change a single variable.

Both versions are shown to similar-sized audiences, and after a set amount of time, you analyze which version performs better and implement the version with the best results. This data-driven approach eliminates guesswork and can significantly improve your ROI and conversion rates.

Tracking and Analytics: Measuring Success

Tracking your campaign's performance is essential for long-term success. CrakRevenue provides a comprehensive suite of tracking and analytics tools that are essential for running successful offers. Trackers are the backbone of data generation, providing valuable insights that can lead to optimization success. They help identify successful strategies and provide insights into your campaign's performance.

Analytics and Tracking Meme

CrakRevenue's cloud-based affiliate tracker offers built-in optimization tools and powerful analytics that provide actionable insights about your campaigns. These tools help answer crucial questions about your main source of traffic, the effectiveness of your Call-to-actions (CTAs), and potential improvements to your sales funnel.

The platform also offers detailed stats and reporting tools designed for affiliates. These tools provide accuracy and reliability, tracking users from the moment they arrive until they convert into a sale. They offer numerous reporting options and reports, allowing quick access to statistics sorted by Date, Country, Offer, Device, and/or Vertical.

CrakRevenue also supports UTM tracking, which is essential for differentiating your traffic sources and understanding where your top converting traffic is coming from. This differentiation is crucial for optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your profits.

CrakRevenue also provides resources for A/B testing, which is key to traffic monetization. With tracking and A/B testing, pattern recognition is made possible, allowing you to reproduce successful patterns and increase your earnings.

Expert Interviews: Insights from Industry Leaders

Hear from industry experts about the future of dating offers and what strategies are most effective for maximizing earnings.

The interview with Arnaud Guilon, a Product Manager for CrakRevenue, provides valuable insights into the adult webcam industry and the role of affiliate marketing within it. Arnaud, who is responsible for all Cam Products and Cam deals at CrakRevenue, has an impressive background, having worked for both Microsoft and Apple.

Arnaud emphasizes the distinctive needs of each vertical in affiliate marketing, stating, “At CrakRevenue, we are fully aware that each of these verticals has distinctive needs and they all can’t be addressed the same way”. He also highlights the importance of understanding the needs of products and offers in each respective vertical and coordinating each product's evolution from start to finish.

Discussing the Cam vertical, Arnaud notes that users of the Cam niche don’t seem to be growing tired of the live interaction component. In fact, it’s a demographic that seems to live for this type of entertainment. He also mentions that the Cams vertical has been known to offer some pretty terrific Return on Investment (ROI) and long-term value, unparalleled to other forms of adult affiliate marketing.

Arnaud also suggests a strategy for models and performers to increase their earnings. He says, “Nothing prevents you from becoming an affiliate with let’s say, CrakRevenue — so you can promote your own shows. This way, you get money from your shows and from our CPA network as well: it’s actually a win-win and one of the best ways to grow your earnings”.

FAQs on CrakRevenue and the Potential of Dating Offers

What is the payment method for CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue offers a variety of payment methods for affiliates, including Bitcoin, MassPay, Paxum, PayPal, and Wire. The minimum payout is $100 for all payment methods except Wire, which has a minimum payout of $500 due to higher processing fees. Affiliates on a Net 7 pay cycle must also reach a minimum payout of $500.

How do I promote my CPA dating offer?

To promote CPA dating offers, you can use various strategies such as creating engaging content on your website or blog, utilizing social media platforms, and leveraging email marketing campaigns.

What are the traffic sources for dating?

There are several traffic sources for dating offers, including social networks, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), native advertising, and media buying.

What is dating affiliate marketing?

Dating affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where affiliates promote dating products or services and earn commissions based on the sales or subscriptions generated through their marketing efforts.


Affiliate marketing in the dating niche can be incredibly lucrative, especially when you partner with a network as reputable as CrakRevenue. By following the strategies and insights shared in this guide, you're well on your way to maximizing your earnings.

So, are you ready to explore this whole new world of dating offers with CrakRevenue?

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