Are you searching for a writing tool, a tool that can upscale your writing and editing skills? Well, I have got something for you, a ProWritingAid review; this tool has been delivering some great features, and several in-depth writing reports that not only focus on grammar but also get along with other elements such as repetitiveness overuse of adverbs, passive voice, etc.

ProWritingAid has made quite a name in the writing community in recent years, where most of the writing tools work on plagiarism checks, grammar errors, and things like that, ProWritingAid focuses on other parameters as well, such as sentence structure, writing style, finding the right keywords and much more, I'll get back to that later in the article.

ProWritingAid Review

As you are already aware that ProWritingAid is a writing tool, so the basic answer to this question is writers, content creators, bloggers, or even in creative writing; I have added the word creative writing because ProWritingAid enables you to explore around 20 in-depth reports, these reports explore around different sections and parameters such as style, summary, overused words, length, transition, plagiarism and much more.

In simple words, it can be said that ProWritingAid is an excellent tool if you are someone who is into writing, and ‘writing' here refers to any piece of writing, email, articles, blogs, almost everything. Basically, ProWritingAid is made for everyone who wants to scale up their writing game. But what makes ProWritingAid a tool that has acquired titles like Grammar guru, grammar checker, or even a writing mentor? I guess the next section will get this clear and answer your ‘why' ProWritingAid?

Talking about the features that ProWritingAid delivers, the list might get a bit lengthy, but I have tried to cover up all the major key features that make ProWritingAid a tool that can help in almost every aspect of writing.

So let's take a look at what ProWritingAid offers all features:

Extensive Reports with ProWritingAid

Well, I have already mentioned above that ProWritingAid offers some great in-depth reports that let you explore different parameters such as grammar mistakes, plagiarism, spelling mistakes, tone, overused words, transition, and much more. ProWritingAid delivers more than 20 reports that can help you explore different parameters, as mentioned above.

Amazingly, ProWritingAid has used these different parameters as every individual might have a different way of writing. This can be an excellent thing for analyzing almost every aspect of your writing and can be called one of the key factors in making it more than just an editing tool.

Explore Words with ProWritingAid

As per my experience around different tools, the word explorer in ProWritingAid is pretty much in-depth; it enables you to explore around different parameters such as dictionaries, synonyms, alliterations, rhymes, and so much more. This feature can be a powerful tool in breaking that creativity block that one might encounter while writing any piece of content. To be honest, I understand how irritating it can be when you are stuck somewhere while writing.

ProWritingAid Review Integrations

You might be well aware of the fact that integrations can be valuable assets in software; well, ProWritingAid has offered some valuable integrations that can make your writing a bit easy. These integrations can help writers save time and energy as you can easily integrate ProWritingAid with MS Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, Outlook, Open Office, and Final Draft. It allows writers to create content without worrying about the technology or using multiple tools simultaneously.

In addition to this, ProWritingAid is not limited to Google Docs, Outlook, etc. but also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, which is pretty impressive compared to other writing tools. ProWritingAid enables you to write different pieces of writings for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Wattpad, and more. Overall, ProWritingAid gives you easy access to write and improve across different platforms.

Data Visualization

From my experience around different writing tools, there aren't a lot of writing tools that offer data visualization as an overview on how your different parameters such as readability, sentence length, sentence variety, and much more. Basically a report on readability, sentence variety, etc.

These were some of the key features that were worth mentioning; overall, ProWritingAid delivers more than the above-mentioned features, but what about the reports? As I have already mentioned that ProWritingAid delivers around 20 different reports that can upscale your writing skills in different ways, but what are these reports?

But before starting what the different types of reports are, let's take a quick sneak peek around how ProWritingAid works and generate these reports that can help you in upscaling your game. After submitting a piece of writing in PWA (ProWritingAid), the system analyzes different sections of your content so that you can better report for your writing. As I have already mentioned above, PWA works on different sections such as writing style, grammar errors, redundancies, and many more.

Let's have a look at some of the important report types offered by ProWritingAid!!

Grammar Reports by ProWritingAid

Well, this can be counted as one of the essential features and is usually available in almost every writing tool. Still, PWA has taken this to another level as its offers a grammar report and analyzes your writing style as well. The Grammar report by ProWritingAid is a bit similar to other grammar checkers in Microsoft word; well, it is a pretty essential writing tool but pretty important.

In addition to all this, ProWritingAid enables you to get along with a report, or we can say that it gives you a suggestion box, with the correct word being mentioned, and lets you explore thesaurus over that particular word.

Writing Style Report

It is worth noting that ProWritingAid offers a writing style report that is quite a game-changer; it suggests you with a dialogue box on what other alternatives can be used, such as certain adjectives, adverbs, or other parts of speeches. This, as a result, helps in performing a better analysis of how your writing style should be and how you can upscale your business. As per my perspective, I would say that a piece of writing with grammatical errors is pretty much acceptable if you have an engaging and attractive piece of writing.

The writing style report covers some of the parameters such as:

Sticky Sentence Reports

Have you ever come to a condition when you cannot write straightforward points well? This is where Sticky sentence reports come into play; basically, this report lets you know about any reports keywords that reduce your readability, hence removing the sticky words or the words that are decreasing sentences and words that are hard to follow.

Sentence Length Reports

This can be a helpful report type for understanding the sentence lengths in your writings, and it is pretty remarkable that sentence length can be pretty essential to make your writings more engaging and attractive; it is advised to deliver sentences with different lengths so that you can get along with more audience and engagingly deliver your content.

Pace Check Reports

It's worth mentioning that every piece of writing (a long piece of writing) should have certain sections or paragraphs that are needed to be fast-paced and sometimes slow. Creating characters can be easily accomplished through careful planning of your narrative. If your sentences are long, readers will feel bored, which will be perhaps detrimental to the quality of your storytelling. Pace check reports can help break up long sentences adding sentences when needed.

Homonym Check Reports

To be honest, this is something that is not available in a lot of writing tools, but homonym check lets you know whether you are using the correct word or just another homonym like most of the inexpert writers. For example, you just used the word there instead of there; well, this is where most of the spell checkers would find this fine, but is it fine?

Plagiarism Checker

When you copy from another source without giving the writer credit, that's plagiarism. It's a very serious offense and can get you in trouble with the plagiarism policies of organizations or the place you have copied your content from. It is not only incorrect for the writer but morally wrong to pass off someone else's work as your own.

This is quite an important checker and can be an important factor in stopping your article/ writing from getting a unique touch and is sometimes considered a severe offense. In addition to that, you can get along with plagiarism without even realizing it; this can involve different factors, like mentioned above:

  • Self Plagiarizing: You might write a similar content/ piece of writing that has been published in the past, basically plagiarizing your content.
  • If you use any quotations and do not mention the writer/source, it is basically counted as your own content, which it is not.
  • Not mentioning the name of the author or someone who has written a particular piece of writing that you are using.

Well, the checkers/ reports that we have mentioned so far are pretty impressive as a writing tool; ProWritingAid delivers some great features and tools that can help you in upscaling your writing skills. It's worth mentioning that where most writing tools are limited to grammar and plagiarism checks, ProWritingAid has taken it to the next level. PWA offers some great reports and multiple integrations, which is pretty impressive.

In addition to all the features and factors that I have mentioned above, PWA offers something more in terms of searching errors; these errors are subcategorized into 3 different categories, which is later subdivided into multiple errors; for example, you can get along Grammar errors, mechanic errors, and punctuation error.

The grammatical error lets you explore different parts of speech with some additional grammatical parts such as adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, modifiers, clauses, and much more; so far, I have noticed that ProWritingAid offers around 19 or 20 grammatical errors of different types, which is pretty impressive as a writing tool, this type of error identification can help you in overcoming a lot of problems that you might be doing unknowingly and this sometimes create a negative impact as the audience might not be able to get the exact idea of what you are trying to deliver.

The next in the error list is punctuational errors; well, I guess it's not needed to clear out what these are, but having correct punctuations at the right place can help in better delivery as the audience can get along with the right tone on how and what the writer is trying to deliver in that piece of writing.

And the last in this error list is mechanical errors, and you might be wondering what these mechanical errors are; well, for those who aren't aware of what these are, let me clear this. The mechanical errors refer to the use of abbreviations, capitalization, compound words, and stuff like that. I have noticed that most of the writing tools might deliver grammatical and punctuational errors, but mechanical errors were entirely missing, and this itself can be a great thing if seen from a writer's perspective.

Since we have discussed everything regarding functions, errors, reports, and everything but what about the pricing plans? Well, the pricing plans are pretty impressive from my POV, as you can also get a lifetime access plan that is generally not found in my editing software (tool). ProWritingAid has kept things pretty simple as you can get along with this writing and style editor at a single plan, which is further divided as per the period you want to use it, i.e., monthly, yearly, or a lifetime plan.

ProWritingAid Pricing Plans

The plans go like this:

  • $20/month
  • $70/month
  • $399 Lifetime Subscription (one-time payment)

If you are looking for a Plagiarism checker, the Premium plus plan costs:

  • $24/month
  • $89/month
  • $499 Lifetime subscription

You can have access to this plagiarism report with the Premium plus plan with around 60 checks per year.

In addition to that, you can also get extra checks for some to add on costs:

  • You can get 10 checks done at $10
  • Or 100 checks for $40
  • $120 gives you around 500 checks
  • And the last one is for $200, which gives you around 1000 plagiarism checks, so far an excellent value for money deal.

The plans and the style editing offered are pretty impressive at this price point. If you are someone who wants to improve your writings, maybe this online editing tool can be an excellent option for you. Well, these 20+ writing reports can be an excellent factor for your writing process, which can be an excellent way of making you counted among professional writers.

The only drawback you may find entire while using this tool is that it lags a bit if you try to upload a big document with 100s of pages, for example, an entire book. Other than that, I wasn't able to find any issues with this writing style editor; well, it's more than an editor, to be honest. Overall, ProWritingAid can be a great tool to increase your writing quality.

If, to be honest about the features, reports, plans, and everything else, there were not a lot of things that can be counted under the cons part, but there are a couple of things that caught my attention.

✔What is ProWritingAid?

It is the leading AI-powered writing tool that helps you check your content's grammar and style. ProWritingAid helps writers improve their writing style. The user can make their writing fun and interactive because it offers suggestions, articles, videos, and more.

✔Can I try ProWritingAid for free?

Yes, It offers a Free plan that allows all its new users to create a free ProWritingAid account. The Free plan of ProWritingAid is available with limited features. The user needs to upgrade to its paid plan to enjoy all its features.

✔Is ProWritingAid good?

ProWritingAid is a powerful and reliable grammar checker that can help you to enhance your writing. With ProWritingAid, you can check your work for writing errors and plagiarism, as well as make sure your writing is grammatically correct.

✔How much does ProWritingAid cost?

Following are the three significant pricing plans offered by ProWritingAid:
Monthly Subscription: $20
Yearly Subscription: $79
Lifetime: $399

✔Does ProWritingAid offer any refund policy?

ProWritingAid offers a 14-day full refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with ProWritingAid, you can contact their support team to receive your refund.

✔Is there any working ProWritingAid coupon code?

Yes, activate the above-mentioned ProWritingAid coupon code that helps you get a 67% discount on a yearly subscription.

✔Can I get lifetime access to ProWritingAid?

Yes, ProWritingAid also offers a lifetime plan that you can purchase to get lifetime access to ProWritingAid.

✔Does ProWritingAid offer a student discount?

Yes, ProWritingAid also provides a student discount. Click here to activate a special 20% off ProWritingAid student discount.

✔Which is better; ProWritingAid Vs. Grammarly?

Both ProWritingAid and Grammarly are great grammar check and style editors. If you want more clear writing reports, then ProWritingAid is the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to check documents, email and short content, Grammarly is the best tool that you should go for. Both the tool offer a free trial to users.

✔What are the other best ProWritingAid alternatives?

Check the following list if you are looking for the best ProWritingAid alternatives.
Ginger Software

ProWritingAid Facebbok Group

ProWritingAid Twitter Group

Overall, the experience around ProWritingAid is pretty amazing as the style reports, grammar checks, and everything seems like a great deal. One of the main reasons why I liked it so much is 20+ reports, where most of the writing tools are limited to only a few of them, ProWritingAid offering more than 20 reports and checks is pretty impressive, hence making it work as a personal writing coach for you.

Another vital factor that gained my attention was its lifetime plan, which seems like a great deal to me as you only have to pay once and done for a lifetime with expiration. Well, the only drawback that I encountered while using ProWritingAid was its lag while checking/uploading a big file with hundreds of pages, and the other one was limited plagiarism checks being offered; well, this isn't a bad thing for many as not all of us need to run a plagiarism check.

As a closure, I can say that ProWritingAid is indeed a great tool if you are looking forward to making your writing game stronger in terms of grammar, style, plagiarism, and other aspects of writing.🤞

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