Are you curious to know what ProxyEmpire actually is and what benefits it can offer to you? If so, you have halted at the right space. In this ProxyEmpire review, we'll discuss what this tool is all about, the benefits of using it, and more importantly, whether it is safe to use?

Everyone is now unsure about how technology will look in the coming five years. Each passing day there's something thrilling happening in this field. But the only thing everyone is certain about is the security they would have to take care of in the coming years.

And when the name “security” pops up, along comes the name “proxy”. Because of this growing concern of data theft and security, proxy servers have become quite a lot popular. But the fun fact here is only a few individuals are completely aware of what proxy servers are used for. Well, we don't think you are among them, and even if you are, we care about you! (ALWAYS)

So, before diving deep into this amazing ProxyEmpire review, we'll share a few proxy basics with you. These basics will help you analyze the review better, and in the end, it will even help you make a wiser decision. Stay Hooked!

ProxyEmpire Review

ProxyEmpire has been one of the best premium proxy providers offering users access to fast and secure servers; for over the years now. The residential and mobile LTE network of ProxyEmpire is spread across 6 continents and over 150 countries. Hence because of so many location availabilities to choose from, ProxyEmpire is undoubtedly the best choice scraping professionals would ever make.

To add more, ProxyEmpire's residential proxy network allows scrapers to tap into granular data quickly. Also, there are advanced filters available that can specifically help your target countries, regions, cities, and ISPs.

The best part about using ProxyEmpire for web scraping and data gathering is it has a pool of 3,000,000+ worldwide clean IP addresses. So, if you are someone on a quest for a fast, secure, and anonymous proxy network, don't miss out on checking the type of proxies ProxyEmpire offers below!

What is Proxy Server?

The word proxy is often in the headline when anybody speaks about security. Though as weird as it sounds, you don't have to be techie-geek to understand how proxies work. Because in simpler words, a proxy is an intermediary server or a gateway between two devices on a network.

At first, the proxy accepts the connection requests, forwards them to the servers, and then gives a revert accordingly. This process is completely done anonymously. When using a proxy server, the information you send or receive doesn't go from your IP address but through the server itself. Now you'll say, isn't this process similar to VPN? The answer to this is NO.

Similar to VPN, proxies keep your data secure and unattainable. But when compared to VPN, proxies are relatively faster. And there is quite a good slew of proxy types available out there, each coming with a different set of features. Some of the common ones are:

So now that you are armed with much knowledge about proxies, we don't want you to waste more time.

If you are someone wishing to dig out the most from the internet but at the same time avoid being detected and banned, ProxyEmpire's residential proxies are to your help now. The tool provided over 3 million residential proxies, all of them being ethically sourced equipped with advanced filtering. What can these filters do for you? You can search out a lot more by targeting specific countries, regions, and cities.

ProxyEmpire's residential proxy plan comes with VIP integration support through which you can set up your account just in a few minutes. The best ProxyEmpire is it supports use cases that most other Proxy partners don't.

Even better, to ensure that ProxyEmpire integrates best with any software stack user has, the residential proxies work well with multiple protocols – HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5.

The best part about ProxyEmpire is it is the only back connect proxy provider that provides data rollover. This means you can get your unused data back for the month you have not used much. In short, users can enjoy upto 1000 concurrent connections in a GEO location and avoid being throttled every again.

Not to boast much, but ProxyEmpire's residential proxy network maintains a 99.6 percent uptime guarantee, and this number is tried and tested. And the finest part is each IP address provided by ProxyEmpire is quality-tested so that users receive only the best rotating proxies.

There are numerous benefits of Mobile proxies, and ProxyEmpire knows that better. ProxyEmpire's 4G mobile proxies give users safety while surfing sensitive information online. Thus, users can collect data in a more advanced and secure way for mobile without making you look suspicious for making requests.

Rotating mobile proxies by ProxyEmpire offers users the best connection possible and safety from cybercrime in over 150+ countries with carrier-level filtering.

  • Targeting Options

ProxyEmpire gives multiple targeting options to its users. These options will help users get detailed information. The four targeting options available are country targeting, region/state targeting, city targeting, ISP/mobile carrier targeting. These targeting options are available for ProxyEmpire's residential and mobile proxies.

  • Automatic Proxy Rotation

Manually resetting proxy or maintaining a proxy list to avoid IP bans is quite tedious, especially when someone is not tech-savvy.

ProxyEmpire offers automatic IP rotation; this means each port will rotate its IP automatically when it's used for long or requires quick rotation. ProxyEmpire has servers in more than 150 locations all across the globe, helping users connect from wherever they wish to and do whatever they want to do online.

  • Anonymity

Using ProxyEmpire's residential proxies improves users' online anonymity and secures their data. With these proxies users can be rest assured that their IP address is not leaked at all, or even their location details are hampered.

  • Data Rollover

ProxyEmpire offers unlimited data rollover for any purchased and unused data. And for this feature, any user would not be charged anything, not any extra fees, or lose any of the proxy bandwidth users have paid for.

  • Live Technical Support

If the user gets stuck with any problems while using ProxyEmpire, they can head to the knowledge base section. In this section, the team has made sure to cover all the nitty-gritties of proxies. And if the users can't find the answers here, the team even offers live technical support. Users can directly contact their personal account manager or any support staff through live chat or their official email.

To not make the process any tedious at all, ProxyEmpire prices its servers according to a monthly subscription model. They have different pricing for residential plans and mobile proxies. Moreover, the tool even offers a free trial period, which is not completely free.

Over here, you have to pay $1.97 to avail ProxyEmpire services, like 100MB residential data, 50MB mobile data, unlimited monthly rollover data, 9 AM – 10 PM GMT support, and a dedicated account manager that would help you understand better which type of IPs would work best for your use case.

Residential Plans By ProxyEmpire

Residential Plans By ProxyEmpire

Mobile Proxies by ProxyEmpire

Mobile Proxies by ProxyEmpire

If users require more bandwidth along with the available ones they can reach out to the team directly through email and pay the required charges for the same.

Also, remember that no matter what plan you buy, you will gain access to the whole network by ProxyEmpire. Whether you are choosing the startup plan, business plan, or enterprise plan, you will be able to use any of the 150+ locations ProxyEmpire offers. Not just this, all the plans here offer users access to an unlimited number of IPs!

Getting started with ProxyEmpire is a lot easier. But over here, we recommend you make the most out of the trial instead of buying a plan at first since it's a cheap and great choice. All you have to do is sign up with your email id and create an account for yourself by agreeing to the terms of service. Make sure to use an authentic email here because the team does a verification process first and then approves an account.

ProxyEmpire Coupon

Next, log into the dashboard available at the official ProxyEmpire website and activate your account. At this step, you can choose your payment method, enter where you are located, and enter the Zip/Postcode.

For accessing your mobile and residential proxies, click on the proxy manager option available at the top of the menu. Over here, you will get access to filter your results properly by country, region, city and ISP.

Once you have completed the testing process of ProxyEmpire's modern network, you can pick up any package of your choice, offering more data allowance!

There are a number of ProxyEmpire's use cases; both their mobile proxies and residential proxies are useful in many ways, while the most beneficial ones are:

ProxyEmpire Discount
  • Influencer Marketing

Many digital stores and brands have been using ProxyEmpire's residential and mobile proxies to extract valuable influencers across different social media platforms. Basically, you can scrape websites like Instagram and can choose municipalities from across 150 countries. Users can even make the most out of the proxies from restricted geo locations to scale their business.

  • Ad Verification

If you are an advertiser looking forward to taking control of your ad campaign, then ProxyEmpire's residential and mobile proxies are to your help now. Advertisers can use the network to sniff out potential ad frauds. They can even make use of the filters available to see their ads on all locations and devices.

  • Sneaker Proxies

Are you a sneakerhead/entrepreneur wishing to grab the latest sneakers as soon as it launches at a restricted zone. Well, you can use ProxyEmpire's proxies here to bypass any regulations and take control of their business instantly.

  • SEO Monitoring

Checking SERP performance with geo-specific targeting gets a lot easier with proxies. Moreover, you can spy on the competition without even them knowing using your own crawler with proxy.

Apart from the above-mentioned use cases, you can even use ProxyEmpire's proxies for travel fair aggregation, stock market analysis, brand protection, and price monitoring; get started now!

Is ProxyEmpire safe to use in 2024?

With growing technical improvements, proxies play a major role in performing any in-depth research. You get things done more securely and quickly with ProxyEmpire. Hence, with so many features on the table, we believe ProxyEmpire is highly safe to use and also a great choice because of the use cases mentioned.

✔What is ProxyEmpire?

ProxyEmpire is a popular premium proxy provider, using a pool of over 3 million+ proxies to help users collect data from any corner of the world.

✔What type of proxy solutions ProxyEmpire offer?

ProxyEmpire offers two proxy solutions – residential proxies and 4G mobile proxies.

✔Can I use ProxyEmpire for free?

No, ProxyEmpire does offer a trial period, but it's not for free, and you have to pay $1.9 for the same.

✔What is the refund policy of ProxyEmpire?

ProxyEmpire doesn't offer any refund policy; instead, customers can use the tool in the trial period and then make any purchase decision.

✔Do ProxyEmpire charge any setup fees?

No, ProxyEmpire doesn't charge any setup fees to their customers; instead, they give utmost support to the customers throughout the process with all their packages.

ProxyEmpire Twitter Group

ProxyEmpire services show how fantastically they are valuing the price their customers are paying them, no matter what subscription plan the user chooses. Next, they offer 24/7 live chat support, and in a few plans, they even give users a dedicated manager to resolve issues at a faster pace. If you are an entrepreneur or into any huge business, we are sure that these prices would not sound too pricey for you since it's value-packed.

The best part here is the more you are upgrading plans, the fewer dollars you are paying for your data. And if, in any case, you aren't able to use all the data, it automatically gets rolled over to the next month. That means you are saving more money even while upgrading.

ProxyEmpire is undoubtedly one of the best proxy providers across the globe today, given the countries and continents it covers. On a technical level, the security and reliability the tool offers are top-notch. Their intuitive UI helps users manage proxies better, even if they are not so tech-savvy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into the empire of proxies, all with ProxyEmpire! And if you have used ProxyEmpire before, do let us know your experience in the comments below.🙂

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