Are you losing your customers and not able to generate leads through your website? Check this ✅PureChat review that allows you to solve your website visitor queries with the help of live chat support software.

You should start thinking as to what exactly is the cause behind this issue. One of the main reasons for losing customers on any website is improper support and feedback to customer’s queries.

You cannot underestimate the importance of customer support as providing dedicated customer support builds trust between your company and your customer.

Reliable customer support keeps your customer engaged with your services, and when this customer is satisfied, then you get more leads by word-of-mouth.

The question is, how to provide reliable and instant customer support?

Live chat is the best way to do so.

When you are running your business online, especially e-commerce platforms, then live chat helps your customers get instant feedback on any queries generated while browsing your website.

PureChat is an amazing tool that provides integrated live chat for free with amazing features. But if you want to access all the features, then you can always buy the pro version of PureChat.

Pure Chat is legitimate software that helps you engage your visitors and generate more leads and more sales. In this post, you will get insights into this software like features, a reason to choose, and pricing.

So scroll down and wait for the best.

About PureChat

PureChat Review

PureChat is one of its kind live chat software with abundant features designed for any kind of website running on any platform. It is that one thing that you need the most when you are falling out of leads and incurring a loss in your business.

PureChat offers two distinct products. They are free to live chat software and free lead capture bot.

This software becomes handy as it eliminates the per operator cost with no restriction on chat limits, which helps the entire team to take benefit of live chat. It is designed to support any website management platforms like WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, Shopify, and more.

So it doesn’t matter which platform you choose to run your website, you can always choose PureChat to keep your customer engaged to your website and generate more sales.

Since this software is focused on live chat hence the features associated with this software are most helpful in connecting your visitors with your business. The software is customized so as to provide services to both the customer and the agents.

Read more to get a brief overview of what this software has in-built for your business needs.

Features offered by PureChat

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  • Single website use
  • Can be used by up to 3 operators
  • Unrestricted chats
  • Compatible with Android and iOS mobile apps
  • No restrictions on chat history (transcripts)
  • Easy integration for any website management platform like WordPress, Shopify and more
  • Advanced widget customization
  • Engagement Hub
  • Transfer any files like images, documents and more easily
  • Assign specific roles for security purpose like admin, executives and more
  • Intuitive Dashboard to access all the features
  • Canned responses to respond instantly to FAQs
  • Get instant notifications when a user used live chat
  • Information form to be filled before the user begins the chat
  • Built-in SSL certificate so your user’s information is safe
  • In case no one is available for a chat, email form
  • Customize chat widgets as you want using the editor
  • Shows visitor location
  • Schedule operator availability
  • Push to mobile chat notifications
  • Show your location and twitter feed


How PureChat Works?

PureChat works for everyone without increasing your operating costs so your entire team can leverage the use of live chat.

To start using PureChat, you need to sign up on the official website of PureChat using any of the links in this article. Once you click on the click, you will be redirected to the PureChat website.

Here, you need to sign up by providing your email address and other information, which is completely safe to provide as your information is protected by the SSL certificate.

Once you have successfully signed up on the website, you can get the snippet of codes that needs to be installed on your blog or website.

Or if you are not tech-savvy and don’t know how to install the code on your website, then you can use a handy plugin to install it and start customizing your chat widget.

There you go!

Reasons to Choose PureChat

PureChat offers a gamut of features with a power-packed performance for free. More than 14000 users in 150+ countries use PureChat for live chat support, so you are in good hands.

  • Easy to Use: PureChat doesn’t require complicated steps to install and use. Just sign up and install the code on your website, and you are good to go.
  • Editor: If you want to change the look of your chat widget, then you could easily customize the widget using the editor and give a sleek look for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • No hidden charges: Everything is in front of you, so when you believe in PureChat, know that you are always in safe hands, and you won’t be charged a penny extra. PureChat pricing completely transparent with no contracts whatsoever.
  • Innovation: PureChat has always focused on providing intuitive live chat software and therefore keeps adding new features and innovating beyond the limits. So if you are a PureChat user, you will always be updated about new features that will help your organization grow better.
  • Exceptional Support: Considering the fact that live chat might be new to you, PureChat has a support team to help you at every stage unless you go live with your chat widget on your website. Don’t expect anything less than a miracle.

PureChat Pricing

PureChat is completely free, but the free version has limited features. To access full-fledged features to need to upgrade the pro version.

PureChat Pricing

The Pro version is available at $99 is paid monthly and $79/month if paid annually. The pro version has additional features like unlimited users, real-time analytics, visitor tracking, contacts, unlimited websites, 1000 SMS notifications, and you can remove the brand name of PureChat and substitute it with your company name.

A 30-day money-back guarantee with the pro plan ensures that you are eligible to get a full refund in case the software doesn’t live up to your expectations.

🌟 PureChat FAQ

✅ What is a chatbox?

A chat box is a kind of pop up that appears in the corner of your website. It enables you to connect with your website visitors.

✅ Do I need to stay logged in to be available for chats?

Yes, you must have the web dashboard open to chat with the website visitor.

✅ Does Pure Chat work on mobile?

If the visitor accesses your website through mobile or tablet, then they will see a mobile-optimized version of your chatbox. At the same time, PureChat also offers apps for Android and iOS so you can respond to your customers from anywhere.

✅ What elements can I customize for my chat widget?

Purechat has an excellent editor that enables businesses to customize everything. You can even customize the style and design of the chatbox for mobile and desktop devices.

Conclusion: PureChat Review 2024 | Should you go for it?

PureChat delivers pure live chat support that is essential for engaging your customers on your website, and all this comes for free or at a very less price.

Thumbs up👍 for the features, Not just pure in words but pure in business!😊

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