Do you want to surf the internet freely, securely, and without disclosing your personal information to anyone? There are mainly two types of proxies: Public & Private Proxy Servers.

In the long run, public proxies could cost you for your confidential information that could be visible to anyone. But if you chose private servers, then you are immune to risk-free accessing information on the internet.

In this article, we have featured ✅List Of Top 6 Residential Proxy Providers in 2024 for best SEO results.

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Best List Of Top 6 Residential Proxy Providers (Updated 2024)

Bright Data is the world’s largest proxy service with more than 35,000,000 residential IPs worldwide. So if you are looking for abundant residential proxies that are ethical with tight compliance procedures, then this is the right solution for you.


It serves Fortune 500 companies with consent from its residential peers. With tight security and never having a fear of getting cloaked or blocked, you can collect any data from the web anonymously.

It has been named the 2019 global market leader in the enterprise IP proxy networks (IPPN) Market because of its revolutionary technology that brings transparency to everyone.

Bright Data offers manifold proxy services that include datacenter proxies, static residential proxies, residential proxies for SEO link building, and mobile proxies.

Reasons to choose Bright Data Residential Proxies for SEO:

  • A successful marketing strategy is when you can rank your site with the content at the right location in the right language. Real-time results for tracking, local listings, or the mobile-first Google index with accuracy can be achieved.
  • You can gather, track, or rank SEO data accurately by tracking desktop & mobile campaigns. This shows Bright Data offers location focused information accuracy. Your business will attain success with essential results comprising of the highest accurate data.
  • With the Bright Data proxy manager, you can automate your setup to retry or refresh IPs based on your needs automatically.
  • The support team is ready to provide you any proxy that you need round the clock.

Bright Data Residential Proxy Pricing:

Starter plan – Starts at $12.50 per GB with 40 GBs included.

Production plan – Starts at $10 per GB with 100 GBs included.

Plus plan – Starts at $8.50 per GB with 400 GBs included.

High Volume plan – Starts at $6 per GB with 1 TBs included.

Enterprise plan – Starts at $3 per GB with 10 TBs included.

All plans include worldwide GEO distribution, 99.99% network uptime, Bright Data proxy manager, fully compliant & patented, unlimited concurrent session, and 24/7 support.

With over 2 million residential IPs in every country and city in the world, you have the freedom to harvest the internet freely. You can crawl or scrape any website with a pool of IPs and never get blocked or identified. 

Geosurf offers easy integration that takes less than 5 minutes, and within a few clicks, everything is set up. It is reliable and undetectable, so you could anonymously scrape the internet without getting blocked.

Customer success managers are available at every time to support you personally, by all means, all day long. Geosurf provides over 2.5 million IP addresses in more than 2000 locations, including countries & cities around the world. 

Reasons to choose Geosurf Residential Proxies:

  • Over 2 million + clean residential IPs & proxy masking keeps you undetectable and anonymous.
  • It offers user-friendly API that has copy-paste code examples in almost all the programming languages.
  • It covers more than 130 GEO locations. This includes the US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and more.
  • Get quick support via phone, email, or skype.
  • You can monitor and analyze your data with detailed usage statistics on your dashboard.

Geosurf Residential Proxy Pricing:

Starter plan – Starts at $450/month with 38GB/month residential & $12/per additional GB.

Professional plan – Starts at $900/month with 90GB/month residential & $10/ per additional GB.

Plus plan – Starts at $2000/month with 250GB/month residential & $8/ per additional GB.

Enterprise plan – Contact the support team for pricing with 2GB/month residential & dedicated pool of IPs.

Another excellent residential provider is Proxy Empire, and it has been delivering great value in terms of a worldwide network with more than 3 million worldwide clean IP addresses. They focus on delivering great value in terms of allowing their client to get along with the granular data using advanced filters to target countries, regions, cities and ISPs as well.

Proxy Empire

Proxy Empire has delivered great value to individuals and agencies dealing with individual marketing, SEO monitoring, Ad verification, and even sneaker proxies. In addition to that, Proxy Empire also offers some great options like 4G mobile proxies, no-limit rotating residential proxies and residential proxies in the best locations.

Reasons to choose Proxy Empire:

Geo Locations: This can be an excellent thing for people or marketers with are sitting in other countries or Geo locations that might not be accessible from their current location.

Fraudulent Free Advertisement: This is something that many ad networks do; these ad networks sometimes combine real and legitimate traffic with adware traffic which in return might give you more volume but be a complete downside for other things.

Specific Subject Monitoring: Marketers can get along with subject monitoring, which can help target different locations and specific markets at the same time.

Anonymity: This can be considered one of the basic but crucial features of using a residential proxy and delivering better results while keeping an eye over your competitors. ProxyEempire helps deliver a natural and genuine visit without letting your competitors know about them.

Intellectual Property Theft: Some countries might offer a strong restriction over data security, trademarks and other related things; well, Proxy empire focuses on these aspects as well, making it an excellent choice in terms of security. Proxy Empire offers some great features in terms of monitoring and responding to intellectual property theft (ideal for legal teams and brand protection companies).

Proxy Empire Pricing:

Proxy Empire offers 6 different pricing plans depending upon the data offered, and are mentioned below:

Starter Plan: This plan costs around $45/month with a total data offer of 3GB. The add-on in this plan costs $15 per GB.

Hobby Plan: The plan costs $150/month with a data offering of 15 GB, with an add-on rate of $10 per GB.

Startup Plan: The plan costs around $300/month with live chat support, which was limited to email support in the above pricing plans. The add-on in this plan costs around $ 7.5 per GB.

Business Plan: This plan costs $600/ month with 100GB of data offered, with an add-on rate of $6 per GB.

Company Plan: The Company Plan costs $1250/month, with 250 GB being offered with an add-on rate of $5/GB.

Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan costs $4000/month with an add-on rate of $4/GB.

NetNut offers the finest residential IPs so you could enjoy accessing all the contents that roll over the internet.

NetNut Logo

You will never be blocked or misled with NetNut’s speed that is built with a unique architecture that doesn’t drop the connection in the midway of watching your favorite episodes or movies.

NetNut guarantees quality in its residential proxy service as all the servers are located at ISP network connectivity points completely under control.

If you are worried about security, then you should not be worried as traffic is routed through NetNut network without utilizing any third-party computers. A dedicated account manager is always ready to support you with the finest solutions for your issues. If needed, the manager will also resolve your issues with TeamViewer sessions.

Reasons to choose NetNut Residential Proxies:

  • Assign a static IP using a unique identifier, and the system will ensure it to be mapped to the same exit IP.
  • It doesn’t matter which search engine you use on your computer. Their residential IPs are capable of dealing with any search engines.
  • For every browser session, it rotates the IP, so every time you start a new browser session, you will get a unique IP.
  • With simple API, you can retrieve all the usage statistics data.
  • 7-day free trials to ensure you get your hands on.

NetNut Residential Proxy Pricing:

Custom plan – Starts at $300 monthly with 20GB & $15 per GB.

Entrepreneur plan – Starts at $475 monthly with 50 GB plan & $9.5 per GB.

Professional plan – Starts at $700 monthly with 100 GB plan & $7 per GB.

Professional plus plan – Starts at $1250 monthly with 250 GB plan & $5 per GB.

Master plan – Starts at $3500 monthly with 1TB plan & $3.5 per GB.

Master plus plan – Contact for the special price with 10 TB.

If there is a proxy service that could be trusted for mass web scraping without getting blocked or cloaked, then Trusted Proxies is what you should look out for.

Trusted Proxies

It is fast, reliable, secure, and highly anonymous, so you could effortlessly browse any site page and access all the censored data not available in your country. It offers proxy solutions for SEO agencies & keyword ranking software to accelerate your SEO & keyword ranking efforts.

Whether you are a single operating SEO professional or an entire team of professionals, you will always find proxies ready to customize and scale as per your need.

Reasons to choose Trusted Proxies:

  • With self-healing, secure & reliable proxy servers, you can easily run or update SEO reports faster, gather SEO data intelligently, and display ads with accurate geographical search results.
  • Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) which is a premier keyword tracking tool used by large SEO agencies have been tested with their proxy servers and work effectively without getting blocked by any search engine.
  • If you are using any keyword raking software or SEO tools like Rank Tracker, WebCEO, etc. then their team of engineers will help you choose the right proxy server plan. Get a proxy tailored to your needs & deploy it effectively with any SEO software.
  • It offers a specific proxy for different SEO projects, and all are enterprise-class platforms. You can choose a specific proxy for specific software or project. This includes Parallel Private Proxy Servers, International Geoproxy Servers, and High-Speed Web scraping proxies.
  • Get superior support 24/7/365 via telephone, email, ticket system, live chat, and screen share.

Trusted Proxies Pricing:

If you chose Parallel private proxy servers, then depending upon the number of servers you chose, costing will differ depending upon the server location.

For US servers:


5 servers: $81

10 servers: $137

20 servers: $247

30 servers: $331

90 servers: $895

Virtual dedicated

5 servers: $30

10 servers: $54

20 servers: $97

30 servers: $130

90 servers: $351

There are two broadly classified proxies offered by Squid Proxies. These are Shared Proxies and Private Proxies. 

Squid Proxies

All proxies are highly anonymous with guaranteed quality and ready to serve any project, may it be small or large-scale.

Squid proxies offer elite anonymous http/https proxies that give you access to any website using any browser (chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.) with the highest level of anonymity. If for some reason, you find their proxies to be not working as per your requirement, then you will get a complete refund.

Reasons to choose Squid Proxies:

  • You can access any website without breakdown with super-fast servers up to 1000+ Mbps dedicated speeds.
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth, multiple IP subnets, and highly anonymous IPs.
  • You don’t need to waste time on configuration. Just specify the IP and port in your browser.
  • You won’t be disturbed by any kind of advertisement. Surf anonymously & freely to download or watch any content you like.
  • Get dedicated support round the clock with guaranteed access to your proxies.
  • It offers reasonable prices compared to other proxies in the market.

Squid Proxies Pricing:

SPP-10 – Starts at $24/month with 10 proxies.

SPP-25 – Starts at $48/month with 25 proxies.

SPP-50 – Starts at $87/month with 50 proxies.

SPP-100 – Starts at $160/month with 100 proxies.

SPP-200 – Starts at $290/month with 200 proxies.

SPP-350 – Starts at $455/month with 350 proxies.

SPP-500 – Starts at $575/month with 500 proxies.

SPP-1000 – Starts at $910/month with 1000 proxies.

SPP-2000 – Starts at $1500/month with 2000 proxies.

🌟 Residential Proxy FAQ

✅ What is a Residential proxy?

Residential proxies are IP addresses that act as an intermediary and are provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Residential proxies are legit IP addresses that have a physical location.

✅ What is the difference between Proxy and IP address?

A proxy server is just a machine that acts as a mediator between you and your web browser, which is used for location reasons, internet security, or better processing. On the other hand, IP is an address that every system has, and that allows your router to know where to send the data.

✅ Do I need a Proxy Server?

Yes, there is various reason that you need a proxy server. You can use a proxy server to access any website anonymously. It takes you to a new level of privacy and security. Without fear of detection, you can easily browse your internet.

✅ Which is a better VPN or Proxy?

VPNs work on the operating system level, and proxies work on the application level. The proxy does not handle sensitive information while VPN protects you from ISP tracking, hackers, etc. A VPN and proxy are very similar and are used to hide IP addresses and reroute your traffic.

✅ How much do residential proxies cost?

The most affordable residential proxy plan starts at $75 per month for 5GB of bandwidth.

✅ How long do Resi proxies last?

It depends on the session – during a sticky session, one IP might last up to one, ten, or thirty minutes. If you select a rotating session, the IPs will vary with each request.

Conclusion: Top 6 Residential Proxy Providers – 2024

Now that you know the benefits of choosing a paid proxy, you should buy one from any of these superior proxy servers. A proxy that doesn’t offer high anonymity & security is of no use. But the list of residential proxies mentioned in this article will serve your purpose by all means.

With these proxies, you could get better SEO results and grow your business on a large-scale.😉

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