Welcome to our ✅Scalify Review!! If you are searching for an effective ad automation tool, we have got you covered. We will try to cover every detail to help you make an informed decision by the end of the article.

Now, what is an ad automation tool? Have you ever heard of it? What is it about social media? Why is it important to include social media platforms in advertising and marketing?

As you all already know, Facebook and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms in 2024. The social media platforms are so effective that the platform's users account for 2.2 billion and 1 billion users.

If you consider paid campaigns, no other tools would be a better option than Instagram and Facebook. According to the social media examiner, 93% of marketers use Facebook to generate leads. On the other hand, Instagram is used by 73% of marketers to do the same.

If you are an eCommerce seller, the first and foremost crucial tasks for you is to look after the marketing process of your products. But, this job is hard to get done when you still depend on manual marketing tactics.

Attributes like your audience, demographics, gender, and schedule are critical for a social media ad. Launching and relaunching the Facebook and Instagram ads can be time-consuming if you do not know what to do or have the right strategies and KPIs.

This is when social media automation tools like Scalify comes to our rescue. Let's get to know more about this platform in our in-depth Scalify review.

Detailed Scalify Review

Scalify Review

Scalify is an excellent ad automation tool built for Instagram and Facebook users. With the help of Scalify, marketers get an idea bout which audience to pitch, create new ideas, retarget the existing audience. They also offer A/B testing of ads to have a better version of the Facebook ad.

Yassir Ennazk, a young entrepreneur and marketer, founded Scalify with millions of ideas on his mind. The fact sets Scalify aside from all its competitors because they let marketers create easy and robust campaigns in seconds.

It uses Open AI's GPT-3 for building the AI-Generated Ad copies for the Ad campaigns. If someone is new to the marketing industry, they will find it difficult to set up new campaigns or generate new leads and sales.

Scalify Review

Scalify makes the process easier by relaunching ads, creating a look-alike audience, and generating interest with the existing audience or with a new set of audiences. If you want to make your ad campaign more effective, no solution could be better than Scailify for your ad marketing needs.

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Benefits of Scalify

With time, Scalify has become an excellent platform for building powerful campaigns that allow you to create prospects and scale the ad campaign quicker.

Scalify Review

Following are some key benefits of the platform:

Key Features of Scalify | Scalify Review

Below are some of the features that we found most helpful in Scalify.

Scalify Pricing Plans

The most excellent part of Scalify is the pricing model. There are few marketing and social media tools that offer pay-per-use pricing methods. Most of them provide a subscription plan.

Scalify Review

But with Scalify, you get to go with the pay-per-use model. In that way, you will be accustomed to your needs and will only have to pay for the services you are using.

However, you can check out the 7-day free trial before going for any paid option. The free plan of Scalify offers every feature that you need to kickstart your social media ad campaign.

Once the free trial ends, you can choose any paid plan depending on the monthly ads spend.
But hold on, there is a catch!

Scalify Lifetime Deal

Scalify offers its users various lifetime deals depending on the monthly ad spend. You can pick any one that suits your requirement.

The basic plan costs you around $49/lifetime. In that plan, you get access to the following features:

There are other lifetime deals as well, and they are priced depending on the features that they offer. If you are in a dilemma about whether Scalify is the correct option for you, check out the 7-day free trial by clicking on the link below.

Scalify Integration with Shopify

One of the reasons we recommend Scalify to the eCommerce owners is because it can integrate with the most powerful eCommerce CMS – Shopify.

Scalify Review

No option is better than Scalify to get traffic to your Shopify website using Facebook and Instagram automation. With Shopify, Scalify also integrated with different website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Weebly(coming soon).

You can also add a Scalify add-on to your Shopify stores to access its features without switching on the platform. You can add many ad creatives to the dashboard and re-target directly from the Shopify store.

Scalify Customer Support

There is only a way to connect the Scalify customer care service, and that is through the ticket system. Unfortunately, we do not get to fix our small queries right away through the live chat option.

If you have any issues, you have to fill in and send the ticket. The waiting time for getting the response is pretty long. They take almost 48 – 72 hours to get back to your query. We would highly recommend Scalify to work on their support system.

For now, you will have to use the only available option.

Scalify Pros & Cons

🌟 Scalify FAQ

🙄What is Scalify?

Scalify is an all-in-one advertising suite that uses game-changing automation to help you create, analyze, optimize, and grow your Facebook and Instagram advertisements quicker.

🔥Is Scalify free?

Scalify price is dependent on monthly usage and starts at $29.00. There is no free version available. A free trial of Scalify is available.

🔎How does billing work?

Your chosen payment method is used for billing you monthly or yearly at the end of your billing period. The payment cycle begins after your free trial expires.

💲What payment methods can I use?

Depending on your account type, you may pay using a credit card, PayPal, Shopify billing, or Wix billing.

Conclusion: Scalify Review 2024 | Should you go for this ads automation tool?

So, the final question comes to is Scalify good enough?

In our opinion, Scalify is one of the most powerful tools for social media ad automation. If you want to run your campaigns more successfully, you should grab the Scalify lifetime deal, which is currently offering up to 95% OFF on the entire price.

We hope that our Scalify Review was helpful to you. Suggestions and doubts are welcome in the comments sections down below.🙂

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  1. Hey Sally, that’s really a detailed review of scalify, it’s definitely a helping hand in social and search ads.
    And the best thing I liked most about this tool is its UI simplicity and Automation pre-built library, Which lets launch and setup high ROI converting ads in few simple steps, even for beginners.
    Plus automatic split test is life-saving, no need to waste hours on adding different ad sets.
    And to analyze everything Scalify also offers a bird’s view dashboard, from where users can view and get detailed reporting of everything.
    These are few features that I liked most.

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