Sellics has by far gained much popularity among Amazon sellers. But is it really worth the hype? Well, the answer to this question will be delivered in our Sellics review 2024.

Selling on Amazon is not easy, and not everyone has the technical expertise to improve organic rankings, do keyword research, increase Amazon sales, maximize PPC performance and even handle campaign management all at one instance.

Sellics Review

Amazon sellers are always on the hunt for a seller tool that will save them lots of effort and time by effectively managing their business. And you can very well do this right from the Sellics dashboard, as it allows you to check out the current statistics, which are up-to-date.

So let's check out more of what Sellics has to offer in our Sellics review.

What is Sellics? – Sellics Review in a Nutshell

Sellics can be termed as a versatile, all-in-one Amazon seller tool. It offers features like product research, keyword research, inventory management and many more for Amazon sellers to grow their revenue. And one more feature which is really like is its Review Manager Tool, which will alert Sellers as soon as a negative review is posted by a customer.

Sellics has managed to create a space of its own in the Amazon seller space as the best automation tool and aims to make Amazon Selling Business easier both for newbies and pro-Amazon sellers. And to help them, Sellics offers the following products:

  • PPC strategy and PPC software solutions
  • Relevant keyword research
  • Amazon advertising automation
  • Optimizing and automating PPC campaigns
  • Simple keyword ranking tracker
  • Sales and profit tracker
  • Listing optimization 
  • Review Management feature to monitor customer reviews 

By offering all the products mentioned above, Sellics has managed to help Amazon Sellers.

Beginners can use Sellics to get their business off the ground faster, whereas experienced sellers can take their business to a whole new level through reliable Amazon automation. No multiple subscriptions or separate Amazon Inventory Management tool is required if you choose Sellics! Forget about those countless hours you spend on Amazon Seller Central to manage your business. Sellics is here to make your Amazon business much easier.

Who Should Use Sellics? – Sellics Review

After using Sellics, we can say that it is a fantastic Amazon selling tool and is for all those Amazon sellers who wish to get all the stats in one place and don't want to use any separate tools and extensions. Also, for those who want to save time and run their business more efficiently.

Sellics Reviews

Sellics is great for Amazon sellers and vendors who wish to access multiple productivity tools all in one software. This tool also helps sellers to maximize their time by increasing their productivity and also allows them to push their business to a whole new level. 

Sellics draws all its data from Amazon's database, and you can rely on its data as the information is always up-to-date. Also, the data is updated constantly every 5 minutes, giving you a fresh set of information every time you access it.

For Amazon selling beginners, Sellics is an excellent tool as it can help them kick-start their business in the correct way. This tool provides guidance and data-driven decisions and avoids poor business decisions. At the same time, the Veteran Sellers can use Sellics and explore its business automation capabilities.

What Sellics Offers?

Sellics history can be traced back to Analytics. The company, at first, was started as a keyword ranking tool. It helps in tracking relevant keywords, keyword suggestions and keyword combinations and helps improve Amazon keyword rankings. As the company grew, it began to introduce new projects and features.

Currently, in our Selllics review, we will check out the Seller Edition for Amazon sellers.

In the Seller Edition of Sellics, you get the following set of features: 

  • Keyword Ranking Tool
  • Managing Amazon Reviews
  • Sellics Sonar Tool
  • Current Inventory management 
  • Amazon Ranking optimizer 
  • Amazon PPC 
  • Profit Management

Sellics has managed to integrate and automate all of its tools and services to lessen the burden of Amazon sellers by which they can focus on other aspects of their business. All the tools offered by Sellics are data-driven and allow Sellers to have competitive intelligence to make the correct business decisions.

It is a completely user-friendly tool and easy to use. And for all those problems which Amazon sellers encounter, they have dedicated customer support to help them.

Now Let's check out a few features of Sellics.

Sellics Features at a Glance – What is Sellics used for?

Sellics offers a few of the best features and is a comprehensive all-in-one Amazon suite. It fetches all the data right from Amazon's API, and you can trust the information it provides. Sellers can get all their data conveniently placed in one location from where they can access it. They can also easily download, and export reports.

Plus, you also get a 7-day free trial from Sellics, and you don't require any credit card for it.

So let's discuss a few of the Amazing tools offered by Sellecis.

1. Sellics Sonar 

Sellics Sonar

The Sellics Sonar is actually a keyword research tool that helps Sellers, agencies, and vendors with keyword research. Plus, it is also very helpful with keyword generation and finding out new keywords to optimize for.

Looking for relevant and profitable niches through keywords is critical for any Amazon business, and by using the right keywords, you can reduce PPC costs. And that's exactly what this Sonar feature of Sellics will help you with. It's quite easy to use this tool. All you have to do is enter a keyword or ASIN of the product which you wish to look for. And the tool will display all the related keywords and phrases which are competently relevant to your query.

2. Amazon Rank Optimizer 

Sellics Amazon Rank Optimizer

Optimizing your correctly is the first mantra to improve search rankings organically. And that's what the Sellics' Amazon Ranking Optimizer is going to help you with. With the help of the Sellics Amazon SEO Tool, you can put your products on the first page of Amazon and increase your sales. After all, that's what matters!

This tool will first allow you to get the most relevant keywords in your niche. Once that is done, you can create a keyword database and use these keywords to optimize your product listings. It has a two-in-one feature to offer by acting as a niche analyzer and also as a keyword database builder.

It will also help you to maintain a keyword-optimized product listing and make your Amazon business grow with more sales. The Sellics Amazon Ranking Optimizer is going to help you with Rank tracking and also has an intuitive listing optimization.

3. Keyword Rankings

Sellics Keyword Rankings

Keeping your keywords and phrases tracked can be challenging. So here is Sellics' own Amazon Keyword Rankings Optimizer, which is going to help you get your products ranked. This feature of Sellics is going to keep an eye on profitable keywords and optimize your listings to get improved organic traffic.

It will track your organic ranking only once a day for each keyword you add. So each new data point will continuously get added to your KW ranking history. And if the rank shows a blank slate or no number, it means that your product is ranked way past the 10th page of the AMZN search results.

4. Review Management Tool

Sellics Review Management Tool

With the Sellics' Reviews Management tool, you can manage customers' reviews and respond to feedback and streamline them very easily, all in a single place. It will also help you to streamline your negative reviews and improve your customer relationship and convert those unhappy customers into loyal ones.

The Review Management tool of Sellics provides you with many ways to work with your customers. And negative reviews are something which you should take immediate action on. And this tool will provide you with getting live alerts on your account, delivering quality customer service. You can even create customizable responses to answer the unique problems of each customer.

5. PPC Manager

Sellics PPC Manager

Next, you have the Sellics PPC Manager tool, which can be the perfect automated solution when you are looking to improve PPC campaigns. This PPC manager tool will help you with keyword discovery and migrating to automated bidding.

You can set up rules, and you can instruct the tool on what to do whenever specific triggers occur. This can significantly reduce costs on keyword bids and improve conversion rates. You can also automate your bidding and lower your ad costs through its efficient bidding rules.

This Sellics Amazon PPC Manager tool can help you make more intelligent and more efficient decisions in regard to your PPC campaigns. You can easily automate PPC campaigns with the help of this excellent feature of Sellics.

6. Inventory Management

Sellics Inventory Management

Sellers' worst nightmares could be not having enough stocks to sell during the peak shopping season. And to help you out of this, Sellics Inventory Management is going to let you have more control over your inventory. You can get current stock updates along with your sales velocity per day.

With such instant updates, you can get an idea of when you can run out of stock and prompt you when you have to re-order them. You only have to connect your Seller Central Account to use this tool. It will almost act like your assistant and tell you to put more products in your store.

7. Profit Management Dashboard

Sellics Profit Management Dashboard

Amazon Sellers will like this feature of Sellics as it offers them a complete understanding of their profit. From the Sellics Profit Dashboard, Sellers can comprehend their profits and costs very easily with no complications and without wasting any time. 

It offers input criteria like Sales, Taxes, Refunds, Amazon Fees, Returns, VAT and other variables. Sellers can also integrate their Profit Dashboard with their Amazon PPC campaigns and quickly recognize all the possible opportunities to increase their profits and reduce their costs. 

If you connect Seller Central Account to the Sellics Profit Dashboard, you can:

  • Get Real-Time Sales History values
  • Check out the updated, accurate sales volume
  • Find factors that affect the profitability
  • View historical data to make better-informed decisions. 
  • Know how expenditures have an impact on your ultimate goal. 

Sellics Pricing Plans – Does Sellics Offer Free Trial?

Sellics Pricing Plans

Sellics offers a complete 7-day free trial for all of its users by which they can check out all of its features and then go ahead with any of its pricing plans.

Sellics has four pricing plans – Starter, Growth, Pro and Custom pricing plans. 

Sellics Starter Plan – $250/month + Any Applicable Taxes

This tool is for Up to $5,000 in monthly ad spend and for 1 Retail Media Platform. Along with this, you get: 

  • Onboarding call
  • Access to Perpetua Support Team
  • Access to Perpetua slack community

Sellics Growth Plan – $550/month + Any Applicable Taxes

This tool is for Up to $10,000 in monthly ad spend and for 2 Retail Media Platforms. Along with this, you get all the features of the Starter plan along with the following:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Rep
  • Hourly Share of Voice and Organic rank insights

Sellics Pro Plan – % of Ad Spend + $550/month + Any Applicable Taxes

This tool is for Up to $200,000 in monthly ad spend and for Unlimited Retail Media Platforms. Along with this, you get all the features of the Growth plan and:

  • 3 & 6-Week checkpoint call
  • Customized launch strategy & onboarding plan
  • Quarterly business review
  • Perpetua Stream: Hourly reporting and Intraday optimization
  • *Minimum fee of $250 per activated Retail Media Platform

Sellics Enterprise Plan – Custom Pricing

This plan is for Over $200,000 in monthly ad spend and for an Unlimited Retail Media Platform. Along with this, you get all the features of the Growth+Pro plan and:

  • White-glove account set-up
  • Early access to Perpetua Betas (including DSP self-serve)
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud integration
  • Datalake integration
  • Custom dashboard production

Top FAQs on Sellics Review

Is Sellics right for your Amazon selling business?

After reviewing Sellics and looking at its features, we will say that if you want to keep your business in the top tier and want to make it successful, you should definitely choose Sellics as it offers services that cover almost all the important aspects of your Amazon store. Features like managing reviews, keeping track of inventory, Keyword research, and running PPC campaigns are something which is essential. So if you happen to stay ahead of your competition, you can bet your money on Sellics!

Does Sellics offer you a keyword research tool?

Yes. Sellics has a proprietary keyword research tool known as the Sonar keyword tool that is helpful for keyword generation and discovering new product-related phrases to optimize for.

How often does Sellics reconfiguriate?

The best thing which we really like about Sellics is that every 24 hours, it will check your Amazon listing and make sure that the content that is live on Amazon matches what you have saved on Sellics. And if the content does not match, the ASINs are added to the content monitoring.

How to cancel Sellics account?

In order to cancel your Sellics Account, you can contact Customer Support and get your account canceled. You can also do it by yourself by going into the Account Tab, which is at the bottom-left part of the dashboard. And then head Subscriptions & Payments. From there, you can view your current subscription, and you can click to cancel your subscription.

Who owns Sellics?

As on April 2024, Sellics was acquired by Perpetua, part of Ascential PLC. 

Conclusion: Sellics Review – Is Sellics really for you?

Well, after this in-depth Sellics review, one thing is quite clear now it is an excellent Amazon tool for sellers if you wish to automate your business. If you want to save time and manage your business, Sellics is the right choice to go for!

With so many features and tools to offer all under one accessible platform, Sellics has managed to make its mark among many Amazon selling tools. It offers many such services like Review and Inventory Manager, along with other tools and services, which make it a great buy.

We shall recommend Sellers try out the 7-day free trial of Sellics and then, after watching those amazing features decide whether you wish to choose it. It will help you to get a brief idea about how you can integrate this tool into your Amazon business and make it more profitable.

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