Looking for an unbiased Semrush Vs. Long Tail Pro review? Well, we have got you covered with it. Read this amazing, one-of-a-kind review because it's about two popular SEO tools in the market (and we have used both)!

The obsession with Search Engine Optimization in the world of digital marketing is not coming to an end, not at least in the near future. SEO is not dead at all; in fact, it's now done at a better pace.

Gone are those days when people used to cheat the system by stuffing keywords and doing a bit of off-page SEO. The algorithm updates are accurate, and in today's date, SEO is not just a manipulative marketing tactic instead of a core marketing strategy.

In fact, many B2B marketers have stated that SEO does wonders for their business as compared to any other marketing initiative. And till date, we have even grinded much with the SEO part and have used multiple tools to do better and more informative research.

In our SEO journey, we played a lot of trial and error games just to get that one tool, which we can rely entirely on for our needs. And since we have not just invested much time but also good dollars, we would like to make things easier for you.

Semrush Vs. Long Tail Pro

Don't miss out on this detailed Semrush Vs. Long Tail Pro review because, in the end, we have mentioned what worked for us. To keep details as transparent as possible, we have even tried to help you understand why SEO is genuinely important for any business? Check it now!

Before getting into Long Tail Pro Vs. Semrush review, here are some quick reasons why SEO is important for your business and why you must invest in any SEO tool properly:

And simply more!

So, now that you are aware of what SEO can do for your business. Let's review the best SEO tools in the market.

Semrush Review

Semrush Review

Founded back in 2008, Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite that businesses and large enterprises can use to improve their online visibility and discover competitors' strategies with just a click. In simpler words, with this tool, you can run SEO, Pay Per Click, social media, and content marketing campaigns altogether.

To date, the tool has received multiple awards for the up-to-date data it provides to the users, major ones including – US Search Awards 2019, MENA Search Awards 2019, Interactive Marketing Award 2019, and much more.

Semrush has dedicated its services to marketing professionals who love to get creative and experiment, while the tool takes care of the data. Through this tool, businesses can build, manage, and measure campaigns from across all the channels. In short, with a Semrush subscription, you will be hiring a marketing buddy who knows when, where, and how to ace campaigns.

With 13+ years of experience, seven million+ users, reach across 143 countries, and seven offices globally – Semrush has come a long way, and there's simply no end to the growth. To add more to the list, Semrush has been serving Fortune 500 companies with their tools, including Decathlon, Samsung, Forbes, Quora, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and a lot more.

Get started with Semrush for free (7 Day free trial)

Solutions provided by Semrush are not just limited to huge enterprises, but even e-commerce stores small and medium business owners can benefit from it. To date, Semrush has dealt with around 142 databases, 685 million desktop domains, 32.7 million mobile domains, 80 million keywords, and just so much more! Since investing in an SEO tool is great for any business, we would like to compare Semrush with one more industry leader – Long Tail Pro. This tool is as powerful as Semrush and offers more and so similar tools to its users to perform market research.

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro Review

Founded back in 2011, Long Tail Pro is an all-in-one SEO tool that marketers and experts have trusted and used for over ten years. The tool majorly focuses on Keyword Research – in fact, long-tail keywords because it knows that such keywords can either make or break a website.

One can even say that Long Tail Pro is an exclusive keyword suggestion tool packed with a few more features to offer additional benefits. Marketers can easily find thousands of low-competition, high-value long-tail keywords to rank their website for within just a few seconds.

Long Tail Pro is extremely easier to use and understand when it comes to usage because the tool caters to SEO do-it-yourselfers. So if you wish to explore more SEO strategies and don't simply want to get numbers, Long Tail Pro must be your pick. Even though the tool is extremely easy to use, it's robust enough for agencies to manage hundreds of successful SEO campaigns for clients at a glance.

Click here to start your Long Tail Pro 7-day free trial.

Long Tail Pro even offers tons of ideas about keywords followed by details about inbound links, ranking pages, and many other metrics users can use to increase their web traffic. The tool has indeed come a long way, so make sure to explore its features to understand what best you can get.

Key Features of Semrush

Extensive Keyword Research

Not just one tool, but Semrush offers users multiple keyword research tools to boost their traffic and conquer SERPs. The keyword overview tool helps users fully discover any specific keyword's organic and advertising value. It searched keywords based on search volume, keyword difficulty, intent, CPC, number of results, SERP features, and more.

The organic research tool by Semrush helps users get a complete list of competitors' organic keyword rankings and pages. In this way, users can optimize organic keywords and lookout for new ways to win search engine result pages. The keyword magic tool by Semrush allows users to search keywords from a database of 20 billion keywords. With this tool, users can even generate thousands of combinations from just a keyword within a few seconds.

The keyword gap tool by Semrush allows users to look out for any website's keyword profiles against their own website and discover new opportunities. This tool works best for launching new and efficient SEO campaigns. The keyword manager tool by Semrush helps users create a powerful master list of keywords from a huge database to fit their business's strategy and goals.

All these tools work amazingly to find the best keywords. One can simply discover a ‘not provided' list of keywords and cross-reference data all within a few seconds.

Competitor Analysis

Not just keyword research, Semrush offers multiple tools to users to analyze their competitor's strategy even more quickly and precisely. Everything is possible with these tools, from website traffic, marketing strategies, SEO efforts, advertising, content and PR, and social media performance.

Basically, Semrush offers five tools – traffic analytics, organic research, advertising research, brand monitoring, and social media tracker. All these tools can dedicatedly bring up key parameters to your business and help you find new opportunities out of the data within a few seconds.

Content Marketing

Content marketing was never so easy, nor will it be in the near future, and Semrush understands this well. Hence, the tool allows businesses to create and execute powerful data-informed strategies based on the audience's needs with its 7 best content marketing tools. With these tools, users can combine analytics and creativity at each step of their workflow, be it during the period of ideation, creation, optimization, or launch.

For content marketing, users get access to the topic research tool, marketing calendar, SEO content template, SEO writing assistant, brand monitoring tool, post tracking tool, and content auditor. In simpler words, all these tools will help users to create content that simply drives awesome results!

Rank Tracking

Next comes the SERP rank Tracking suite of tools by Semrush that helps users to monitor their website's performance on the search engine. Additionally, users can even explore hidden opportunities and utilize them all to improve their online presence with these tools. Tools available for Rank Tracking are the position tracking tool, The Sensor, and The Ranks. All these tools are trained to pull data from regional or global databases within a few seconds.

Social Media Management

Managing different social media tools all at once gets a lot hectic at times, but not with Semrush. Social media posters and social media ads are two social media marketing tools provided by Semrush for users to streamline publishing, monitoring, and ad management processes.

With the social media poster tool, users can schedule their posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest within seconds. And through the social media ads tool, users can create, launch, manage, and optimize ads. Apart from all these features, Semrush even offers users features like PPC keyword research, market analysis, link building, paid advertising, and website monetization to build a business quickly.

Key Features of Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research

With Long Tail Pro, users can discover comprehensive and accurate keywords for their blogs or websites within just a few seconds. The tool has worked extensively on its Keyword research feature, and its efforts have been liked and used by 70k+ marketers.

You simply have to enter a seed keyword, and Long Tail Pro generates 400 long-tail keywords for you. These results are usually procured from Google planner data. Next, you can even analyze your competitors' keywords strategy with this tool and compare the suggestions accordingly. All you have to do is enter your competitor's page and hit the compare button.

The built-in filtering feature by Long Tail Pro will help you to group your keywords and keep them organized for future usage. There preferences available here are rank value, average CPC bid, search volume, and more. Users can even use Long Tail Pro's keyword research tool to pull up keyword metrics instantly. In this way, they can understand how well a keyword would perform in a specific campaign.

Rank Tracker

The rank tracker tool by Long Tail Pro helps users understand how their strategy is working on the ground level. This tool lets users track their progress and get weekly updates about keyword rankings via email.

Moreover, this tool allows users to know how close they are to achieving the top results page. If a keyword ranks better, the user can use it more to see results even faster. Lastly, through the rank tracker tool, users get an opportunity to dive deeper and obtain a list of updated key metrics for each tracked keyword.

Site Audit

Doing regular site audits even gets a lot easier with Long Tail Pro's site audit tool. The tool gives users a detailed insight into the site's health, errors, warnings, and notices in numbers. It even gives thematic reports of crawlability, HTTPS, site performance, internal linking, markup, and more.

To help users even better, the Site audit tool by Long Tail Pro specifically highlights the top issues related to mixed content, duplicate title tags, and long attributes. All these insights by the tool indirectly help users boost their site's on-page SEO smoothly. Lastly, the site audit tool by Long Tail Pro helps users discover trending topics, and it even gives assistance in writing new content for the site.

SERP Analysis

Analysing SERP has become a lot easier with Long Tail Pro's SERP analysis tool. Users can enter upto 200 manual keywords at a single time and start SERP analysis instantly. It helps businesses dominate their competitors and outgrow their results. They can even watch out for their website performance index to know the organic traffic potential of their site. With the vital marketing performance metrics, users can even identify new opportunities and work on those to rank higher.

In short, this feature will help you explore the monthly search volume, trust flow, citation flow, strongest and weakest competitors. Moreover, you will even get a fine breakdown of Google results like percentages of organic results, featured snippets, local search, ads, knowledge graph and more.

Backlink Analysis

The backlink analyzer tool by Long Tail Pro helps users find untapped and missing opportunities with just a click. Users with this tool can reach every backlink to the root domain or any specific page quickly. They have to enter the URL, and Long Tail Pro will do the rest. Users can even find broken links and fix them on their site with quality backlinks. They can even monitor inbound links and monitor which content is outperforming other ones.

Lastly, users can run backlink analysis against key parameters and other actionable SEO data.

Semrush Pros & Cons

Long Tail Pro Pros & Cons

Semrush Pricing

Even though Semrush offers multiple features to its users, the pricing of the tool is comparatively easier to understand. The tool offers three pricing plans to its users, which can be paid either yearly or monthly. If you are thinking of paying annually, you will save upto 17% of the complete plan price.

Semrush Pricing

Apart from these plans, if a user or business wishes to add any additional users with unique login credentials under their account, they can add by paying an extra $45, $80, and $100 respectively for a month. Users can access Semrush trends (traffic analytics and market explorer tools) for an additional $200 per month. Agencies can boost their workflow by buying the Agency growth kit for $100 per month.

If you have major requirements as compared to the key features mentioned here with these plans, you can contact the team and discuss a custom plan. Semrush even offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if any user is not happy with their services.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

Long Tail Pro offers five tools to its users to take care of SEO, but the pricing here is much easier to understand. You can either pay monthly or pay annually and get additional services for 4 months for free.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

Apart from these plans, Long Tail Pro even offers free hands-on training and trial. In this step-by-step one-hour training, you will learn 5 step strategies for identifying high-ranking keywords and more. Long Tail Pro even offers an 8 days trial for $8, through which users will get 800 keyword results.

✔What is Semrush used for?

Semrush is designed for both new and experienced SEO marketers who want an all-in-one SEO tool suite that helps them grow organic traffic on their site. With its tools, you'll be able to track your competitors ranking positions, find new opportunities, and build the most effective social media strategy.

✔Is Semrush free?

Yes! If you are new to Semrush, you can try all its tools for free. You will get a 7-day free trial from Semrush that will help you gain more measurable results for your site.

✔Is Semrush the best SEO tool?

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool that gives you complete data on how your site performs on the Google search engine. Semrush gives you the insights you need to help you determine the SEO tactics that will work best for your business. It is affordable, easy-to-use, and provides great value for your money.

✔How long is the Semrush trial?

The Semrush free trial will last for 7 days. In the free trial, the user can manage only a single project and can track a maximum of 10 keywords. But in this post, you will find some Semrush coupon code that helps you to enjoy maximum savings.

✔Is Semrush worth the money?

Yes, Semrush is the leading tool that is 100% worth the money you will pay. Semrush helps you understand your competitors' SEO strategy, see what keywords they are ranking for and discover potential opportunities. You can easily reduce your marketing cost and increase ROI with Semrush, the world's #1 SEO software. Click here and start your Semrush free trial.

✔Is there any working Semrush coupon code?

If you want to save money on your paid subscription, use the above-mentioned Semrush coupon code and save 17% off on all its annual plans. These Semrush discount coupons are exclusively for AFFTweaks readers, so grab our coupon code and enjoy a maximum discount.

✔Is Long Tail Pro free?

It provides a 7-day free trial if you want to use this best keyword research tool for free. Click here to create a free Long Tail Pro account and generate more organic traffic to your sites.

✔How do Long Tail Pro works?

Long Tail Pro is an entirely new way to find keywords with less competition and better conversion rates. By using Long Tail Pro, you will be able to see what keywords are most relevant to your niche and how they perform in Google search engine results. This tool also audits your site and helps you find broken links and content on your website to fix them.

✔Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

It is the premium keyword research tool that will help you to find the best long-tail keywords for your niche in minutes. It will give you those keywords and phrases that you need to target and begin to rank your site on the Google search engine.

If you thought that SEO is unnecessary in 2024, we know this article was an eye-opener. To come to a conclusion (this would belong because it's about two popular tools, just hail with us), both Semrush and Long Tail Pro come with their own set of unique features and downsides.

Both the tool offers keyword research features and competitor analysis features. But since Semrush is continuously adding more tools, it has the edge over Long Tail Pro. It offers a wide range of features like content marketing, local SEO, social media management, link building, competitor PR monitoring, PPC keyword research, website monetization and more.

Long Tail Pro is limited to SERP analysis, backlink analysis, site audit, and rank tracker.

Now, it's also important to note that even though Long Tail Pro lacks a few features when it comes to keyword research, it offers both competent and reliable results. Retrieving information is a lot easier here since there are not many tools available, so there is less confusion.

Semrush, an all-rounder tool, does not just find unique and best-performing keywords but even creates site audits, analyzes backlinks, and estimates competitors' traffic. In short, Long Tail Pro worked best for us for long-tail keyword research. We even got to understand much of our competitor's keyword strategy with this tool. And as far as Semrush is concerned, we are using this tool for other SEO practices. Semrush definitely offers more tools as compared to Long Tail Pro.

If there are not many budget constraints from your end, you can give both Semrush and Long Tail Pro a try for at least a month. We would recommend you make the most out of the free trial period available for both tools. Plus, if you are on a quest for a suite of tools – Semrush is a clear winner here. Try the tool now for an extended 14 days, and do let us know whether it worked for your business or not!

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