Hola👋 Today we bring you yet another exciting review on the recently renamed Shopify Theme to Booster Theme V5.

You probably must have heard about this Shopify theme before because that is why you are here to get to know about this thing. And if you are still going through this ✅Shopify Booster Theme Review, then there is a high chance that you still have not purchased this theme.

Do not worry! In this review, we will cover the features, pricing plan, and all the information that will help you to choose and decide whether choosing this theme is going to be useful or not.

With this Booster Theme V5 review, you will get all the information you were searching for till now.

Detailed Shopify Booster Theme Review (V5)

Shopify Booster Theme Review

Seriously! This theme is something different! This Shopify theme contains so many features that could help you boost your online store's sales!

They even claim to be 2X quicker than any other Shopify themes! How great is that!
We cannot assure anything in the world, but we can ensure that you will not get anything more capable than this theme at this price!

You can check the Booster Theme here! We will also include Booster Theme coupon discounts at the end, so you can avail the maximum value and get to enjoy this theme a little more!

If you want to get an in-depth overview of this theme, then keep reading this article!

Booster Theme Review V5 – Overview

The Booster Theme promises Shopify store owners to boost their sales once they install this theme in the store!

But what makes it different from free themes? And the big question is if you can get these themes for free, why should you buy a paid theme?

Booster Theme Review

Well, let us answer this question for you. Of course, you can go for the free theme.

The main difference is, Well, the main difference is that people who purchase a paid theme, like the Booster Theme, have a bigger budget than most online store owners.

But don't worry if you're not into dropshipping; the Booster Theme still has loads of excellent features in it!

Once these Dropshippers start to earn a bit more, they begin to look for different ways to improve their conversion rates and sales.

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Key Features of Shopify Booster Theme

Let us see all the features of Booster Theme and know-how could that be beneficial for you:

🏅 Booster Theme Mobile Optimization

Booster Theme Mobile Optimization

The first and most important factor is that the Booster Theme is mobile optimization which shows the image and add-to-cart buttons above the fold on most modern smartphones. This is crucial as you'll be targeting Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube traffic, which means most users will be on their phones.

The mobile optimization also offers an RRP price, sale price, countdown timer, and delivery notification all above the fold, no scrolling required. In version one of their themes, this option wasn't available, so it's a new add-on.

Recent estimates show mobile traffic is approaching 70%.

⏳ Countdown Timer

Let us first tell you what a countdown timer is, a countdown timer that timer displayed on your shopping site, about the closing of a sales deal. E.g., when we visit Amazon, we see certain products that are on sale, and we see a countdown on its side, which shows that the sale will be ending soon in some hours or some days.

Experts know that those countdowns have no meaning, but more than half of the population genuinely believes that the countdown is genuine and will rush to purchase the product asap.
In this way, a business's profit is multiplied during the sale countdown.

📧 Email Discounts

That is an old-fashioned way to attract customers by popping on their email screen with attractive offers. Sometimes, this technique could also count you as a spammer, or the user could add your account as a spammer.

But most of the time, a user gets interested with a discounted mail and goes for the deal right away.

🚀 Lookbook (To make your images shoppable)

Booster Theme Coupon

This is a brand-new feature in the Booster Theme, added in the newly updated version V5.
If you do not know what this is, then let us help you with this.

You can make shoppable images and with this lookbook, click on the specific image to buy the product.

E.g., If there is an image of a boy with a watch, the user can click directly on the lookout to buy that item! Isn't this a significant update? We are with you on this.

🎯 Recent Sales Pop-up

Booster Theme Coupon Code

Unless you belong from the Harry Potter era, where a magic wand will appear, and people will buy your product despite how your website looks, you need to make your website look busy.
By busy, what we mean is, you need to show traffic on your page.

That is where sales pop-ups are used in. If a person is visiting your website, and a pop-up gets appeared on the side in which your recent sales are shown, the customer will automatically think that your website is trustworthy and people are buying from it.

So, you can create few fake pop-ups to attract more traffic to your website.

💥 Ten Language Support

There are multiple languages this theme supports, and those languages are:

Thus, you can easily promote your store in 10+ languages in all these different countries!

🏪 The Cart Page

Booster Theme Discount Coupon

Here are few things to look at on the cart page while you are still looking:

More features

The Booster Theme has many features, and if we cover them all here, then it will be a long read for you!

Therefore, we would suggest you check out their website here at this click.

This way, you can go through all their features at once!

Booster Theme Negatives

You already know the advantages of buying this theme, but what about the downfalls and why you might not choose this theme. The first is the update problem; due to Shopify's interface, you have to download and reinstall the theme over the top when you want to update a theme.

The other issue is that most Booster Theme features can be added for free through the Shopify app store. If you only want one-two plugins or even more, then paying $197 for a Booster is not worth the money.

The last issue is the number of other stores using Booster Theme out there will cause concern for your visitors. Let's say a visitor sees 10 ads for t-shirts on Facebook; we can guarantee most of those other sites will also be using the same theme with limited customization.

Eventually, consumers will start to realize these stores are all fake, i.e., phony countdown timers, visitors, and scarcity tactics. If you do decide to buy, we advise robust customization of the theme.

Customer Support

With just 19 employees, they have very attentive, responsive employees in all countries like Canada, India, the Philippines, Uk, Finland, Indonesia, and the USA.

The customer support team is available 24*7, and they claim to solve your query within 24 hours.

So you can relax on this thing as they claim to offer a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

Booster Theme 5.0 Review & Updates

  • The improved Product Page design

The updated Booster Theme 5.0 standard product page design is now classier, and the way the countdown timer is shown to visitors and customers is now enhanced.

Booster Theme V5 Review

They recently added a second product page design, which means you can choose between product page designs and many more. We call it the Marketplace Product Page Design!
It was inspired by one of the most successful eCommerce websites, Amazon!

This new product page design has three columns instead of 2. Each column has its purpose. The primary one is for media, the secondary is in the description, and the remaining one is dedicated to the purchases!

  • New Product Reviews Integration

They have integrated your favorite reviews apps directly into the theme to make it super more accessible for you to use them. Loox Reviews and Ali Reviews are now quickly combined with the Booster!

  • Improvement in the Testimonial Section Design in Booster

Booster Theme has added the 5 Stars rating under the testimonials section; it's a slight improvement, but worth a mention; details are essential.

  • New Sales Notification Design

Booster has enhanced the sales notification design; it now looks and feels easier for the visitors.

Booster Theme Promo Code
  • New Action Bar on the home page

For those of you who have many items on their menu, it's now possible to add an action bar section in your store! You can add it directly under the header and use it as the main menu. Either way, you are making your site manageable.

  • Header Style

You can use a transparent header over the slideshow section and also the image text overlay section.

  • Currency Converter Integration

Booster has improved the integration with the latest currency converter from Shopify. Wow! So it's now running smoother than ever!

  • New Header Strip functions

You can now show multiple messages in your header strip; the news will change by default with a smooth transition animation!

  • Badges on the collection and product pages

Booster updated the collection of the badges to the latest taste.

  • Custom HTML section on the home page

You now have more freedom to design your unique store.

Shopify Booster Theme Pricing Plans | Enjoy Booster Theme Discount Coupon

The Booster Theme right now costs $179, but it will be a lot less if you use the Booster Theme discount code above!

Shopify Booster Theme Pricing

Keep in apperception that this price is a yearly fee subscription plan.

If you want to continue using the theme after the first year has passed, you will have to renew it for $179. That will give you a year of access to the Booster Theme 5.0!

The price is also much lower if you decide to purchase more licenses simultaneously; for example, you can go with the Booster Theme's in-built pricing plan for multiple Shopify stores.

Pros & Cons

🌟 Shopify Booster Theme FAQ

✅Are Booster Themes good?

Using the Booster Theme, you will get the following great benefits: Great features. You will get all of the great features which has been mentioned in the article. Very few Shopify themes have all of these features, and users usually have to buy them separately as Shopify apps.

✅Are Booster Themes free?

Having this tool is always good for you. And because this premium theme provides this feature to you for free, so you would also be saving around $288 per year if you had to buy such an app elsewhere. The Booster Theme also has the feature of welcome pop-ups if you want to use it.

✅Which are the best Shopify themes?

The following themes are counted as the best Shopify themes:
#1. YourStore
#2. Ella
#3. Porto
#4. Simple
#5. Minimal
#6. Supply
#7. Brooklyn
Go on and check these!

✅How to upgrade from Booster 3.0 to Booster V5

Step 1: Install Booster Central App.
Step 2: In the Booster Central App, Go to the Theme Updater Tab.
Step 3: Update your Booster Theme to Booster V5.
Step 4: Complete the update in Shopify.

✅Can I upload my theme to Shopify?

If you already have a theme by yourself in a. zip file format on your computer, you can easily upload it. You can add a free theme quickly, without any hassle from within the admin panel. You can purchase a paid theme from the Shopify Theme Store anytime.

Conclusion: Shopify Booster Theme Review + 15% OFF Discount Coupon 2024

Well, we can only say this thing at the end that you can go for the Booster Theme without overthinking.

The features which we have described above are worth looking for!

You will not find a single disadvantage in terms of the performance if you think to go for this theme plan!

There are other themes from Shopify theme stores, but no one gets compared to this one. The only disadvantage we can get across that the pricing plan is a little expensive is the other theme plans. But, if you use the Shopify Booster Theme coupon code that we have given above, this problem will also be solved.

In a good theme store, what are you looking for? A nice, trustworthy, and reliable service pattern. So that is it! Your search ends right here!

If we speak about the customer service provided by them, then the service is more updated in some countries, and in some countries like India, the customer service is not that updated, which it should be. So, that is a slight disadvantage for the Indian residents. But then, who among here has a perfect service availability?

Finally, we will conclude that you should go for this theme plan to look for your store's extra touch. It will be like a magical touch, and all the operations are automated, which makes it, even more better than others,

With this, we are going to wrap up our latest Booster Theme review. We hope you will find our helpful article; if you do, do not forget to share your valuable thoughts about the theme and our article in the comments sections below.🙂

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