Are you in search of trending products? Well, that is not an easy task. Because as a drop shipper, if you end up with the wrong product list, then you are done.

That is why we bring today ahead comparison between two excellent dropshipping platforms, ✅ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt.

But first, what do you know about dropshipping? Are you aware of its actual doings?

Even if you are a newbie and searching for a tool to get winning products? From where will you begin?

We get, as a newbie, you know a minimum about dropshipping.

That is why this review is the perfect spot for you. I here, you will find all you wanted to know about dropshipping. As for professionals, you might end up with something great.

But, let us give a quick introduction to dropshipping. As a newbie, you must know a little detail about its integration.

What is Dropshipping?

ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt

Dropshipping lets you stay away from the heavy inventory requirements of running an e-commerce store instead of allowing you to outsource inventory management and order fulfillment to third-party suppliers.

Let's dig a little deeper to make you understand what dropshipping is and how well it works with a “traditional” inventory-style business.

When a customer places an order using your site, you'll forward it to your supplier, who will directly ship the product(s) to the buyer. There is no load for packaging or shipment. Also, you can export all the product details from the wholesaler (such as Alibaba) to your e-shop.

Think of it as a three-step process:

Now, this is a general idea. So you can get to know how dropshipping works.

Now, we will compare ShopInspect and EcomHunt one-by-one, and then you will be able to mark up the differences and similarities.

So, without further due, let's get started.

ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt | The ultimate comparison

Did you know? While doing your business, using dropshipping tools could maximize your profit?

Well, even if you didn't, you will know after having an overview of these dropshipping platforms.

ShopInspect Review


ShopInspect is a product research & spy tool designed for dropshippers to find profitable products to sell online.

This tool has ruled over 60 million products and 600,000 Shopify stores so that they can offer you the most trending products.

Users can look for specific keywords for shops or products, and in turn, ShopInspect provides a detailed report. This report shares valuable information such as how many searches that keyword is receiving, other vital keywords used by your audience, interest over time, and products you can sell in your online store.

You'll also see how much they usually sell for and how much profit you can make with each product.

With ShopInspect, you will also find products gaining traction in the ‘sales trends‘ on AliExpress and find top Shopify stores for my product.

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EcomHunt Review

EcomHunt Review

Ecomhunt is a winning product research tool that helps curate winning products for any eCommerce business owner willing to sell hot products online.

E-commerce experts specially handpick each product by ensuring it's the latest and has advanced social media engagement with hot sales on other top eCommerce stores.

This product update depends on the product quality in the market rather than product quantity.

Simply put, EcomHunt saves you the stress of searching for hot and fast selling products online.

On the other hand, you can focus on other things that matter for your e-commerce business.

Ecomhunt updates several products daily for its users and which, of course, are specially selected by experts. The products updated include the following:

While having access to the top products, users can sell the product virtually on any e-commerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Ecomhunt provides its users access to new selling and winning products daily.

Now, we will compare these two platforms based on their features.

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ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt: Unique Features

Now, we will look at the features one-by-one.

Key Features of ShopInspect

You would not like to waste your money on any tool you think would work better.

Instead, you can invest in something which has already proven to be the best in business.

Here are some of the benefits you will get while using this tool:

  • Interface

Here, you have sections that automatically show you hot products, so you do not need to search for products manually.

After logging in, you will see a dashboard that makes it easy for you to do a task.

  • Winning Products
Winning Products

Below the report is a list of products, and specific details about them.

You can view the monthly page visits for that product, then the price, and then you can also see how much the product is earning per month.

As you can see, if there are huge sales numbers and the product is selling, you may want to sell the same product.

The challenge is that there may be many sellers selling the same products. The trick is to find a way to compete against them, like lowering your price or giving discounts.

  • Smart Score on Web
Smart Score on web

A box on the left side shows you the Smart Score and the average monthly web searches.

In this example, the Smart Score is 83, and the average monthly search for the phrase dog collar is 12 467.

A Smart Score is usually rated from 1 to 100. It is a mathematical formula with something to do with the number of searches for a product and how many stores carry it.

You want to have a product with a high search volume but a lesser number of sellers.

The higher the smart Score, the better.

  • Filter Options
Filter Options

There aren't many options to narrow your search on ShopInspect. The two basic filters it offers are the capability to choose a category.

And the second one is the capability to search for products using their keywords too. This feature is known as Product Search.

And with the product search addition, you can also search for stores' names.

Key Features of EcomHunt

EcomHunt is already in buzz in the dropshipping business and always has been. But what makes this a hit? Well, you are about to get to know more about it by reading the following features.

  • Product Title

This is the actual product name and the SEO title of the product. That is, what people will search for while looking for the product.

With the well-written product title, your products will have the chance of ranking higher for the product keyword on search engines and invariably boost your traffic and conversion.

  • Filter Options

Searching for the hot product on Ecomhunt is more comfortable, thanks to the numerous filters to narrow your research.

You can pick from numerous categories of products. The types are in alphabetical order.

Also, you get to filter the products based on the offer type, free plus shipping, funnel products, and retail price.

Also, you can filter your result based on the order in which the products were added. Similarly, you can seclude the output to show products added within a time frame.

For this filter, you have four options; the last seven days, the last 14 days, the last 30 days, and last month.

You also have the option of product searching using their keywords.

  • Product Description

Ecomhunt offers a well-written product description that's optimized for search engines. However, copying the product description might be a not-so-good idea since everybody else has access to it.

Instead, you could use it as an inspiration to write better product descriptions on your dropshipping store for your products.

  • Product Engagement on Social Media

The product engagement includes all social media reactions to the product. That consists of the total likes, shares, comments, etc.

  • Supplier Linking

Links to suppliers are the links that ways you to the actual product from the supplier. This feature is limited to the paid users only.

  • Facebook Ads & Targeting

This is another paid feature of Ecomhunt, and this is good for those with little to no experience with Facebook ads.

  • Instagram Influencing

Potential Instagram influencers can be used to promote your dropshipping product at a more affordable price than Facebook ads.

This is usually great for those just starting with dropshipping and who don't want to spend more marketing.

Using Instagram influencers saves money and usually converts much faster when you do your influencer niche research well.

ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt: Pricing Plans

Now, we will look at the pricing plans of both these platforms one by one.

ShopInspect Pricing

The good thing is that ShopInspect offers a free trial that lets you do three searches for free. If you choose to sign up for an account, you'll still need to. You've to pay a monthly fee after your free trial is over.

ShopInspect Pricing

For both types of membership, there are no differences in the services that you get. It's just that if you go for the annual plan, you will save a lot of money. If you're in doubt, first try the free trial edition and then test how you can find trendy items with it.

Ecomhunt Pricing

There are two membership plans with Ecomhunt: the Free Plan and the Pro Plan.

Ecomhunt pricing

The free membership plan allows access to the users for two products daily but with limited data.

The updated products are released to the free members on the third day, rather than their found date. The free members will have to update their accounts to access complete product data and information released every day.

The Pro Plan members have access to everything on Ecomhunt. They get to know complete product information, such as links to stores that are already selling the products, targeting a specific product, ads videos, Facebook ads, and more. The Pro Plan will cost around $29 a month.

ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt: Customer Support

If you run into any tech issue or have some problems, how fast can you reach customer support?

Both EcomHunt and ShopInspect do handle this in a similar model. They have an AI chat button on their site alongside a support email to reach out to them.

Apart from that, there's no other way to reach out to their customer support.

ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt: Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of ShopInspect

Pros & Cons of EcomHunt

🌟 ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt FAQ

👉 What is ShopInspect?

ShopInspect is an internet program that searches the internet for terms you specify. You can use the tool to look for products or retailers, generating a report for you.

👉 What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is software that is regularly updated with new products. It let us know about the most popular Shopify-related products.

👉 What is ShopInspect used for?

ShopInspect is Ecommerce Software. ShopInspect offers the following functionalities:
SEO Management
Channel Management
Inventory Management
• Returns Management
Email Marketing
• Catalog Management
• Customer Accounts
• Multi-store Management
• Order Management
• Product Configurator
• Shopping Cart

👉 Does ShopInspect provide API?

No, ShopInspect does not provide API.

👉 How much is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt pricing plans are simple to make it easier. We offer one FREE program with some limited features and a paid one for only $29 monthly. We currently offer a 30% discounted price instead of $29, only $20 monthly for early adopters!

👉 Can you cancel your Ecomhunt subscription?

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time, 100% risk-free.

Conclusion: ShopInspect Vs. Ecomhunt 2024 | Which one should you choose?

Well, all comes down to this. Which platform is better?

Well, if you ask us, then we have mixed opinions.

Ecomhunt offers a much cheaper plan as compared to ShopInspect. But ShopInspect provides more features than Ecomhunt. This is a tie. ShopInspect is suitable for experienced dropshippers. When they want to update their drop shipping game, then they must opt to ShopInspect.

However, EcomHunt is excellent for beginners. Even if you know nothing about dropshipping, you can start selling from EcomHunt today. Ecomhunt needs minimum supervision, and minor technicality is necessary while handling it.

ShopInspect, on the other hand, is a little more complex. And one must already have experience in dropshipping to understand its integrations.

We hope that our face-off between ShopInspect vs. Ecomhunt will help you make an informed decision about your business.

If you have any doubts about a dropshipping platform or ShopInspext or EcomHunt, you can ask them in the comments section below.

Until then, keep selling and keep thriving. We will see you again in the next article.🙂

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