Do you need assistance in creating effective Snapchat ads that appeal to your target audience? We have the best Snapchat Ads Spy Tools to help you boost your ad performance.

You know, Snapchat is a great platform for businesses to reach younger demographics. As a result, the demand for effective ad spy tools has grown significantly.

These Snapchat Adspy tools enable marketers to analyze successful campaigns, find hidden gems, and improve their ad strategies. In fact, Snapchat reaches 90% of the 13-24-year-old population and 75% of the 13-34-year-old population in 20+ countries.

This highlights that Snapchat is a goldmine for Media buyers and internet marketers. With proper Snapchat Ad intelligence, you can learn to create killer ads and motivate your audience to take action.

👻 Snapchat Ads Explained

Snapchat ads are full-screen advertisements that users see sandwiched between organic content. These ads can be an image or video, ranging from 3 to 180 seconds long, with a 9:16 aspect ratio and a minimum resolution of 1080x1920px.

There are seven Snapchat ad formats, each offering creative possibilities. These ads look like organic Snapchat content and are a great format for many objectives, from brand awareness to driving a specific action

Snapchat Ads can be targeted based on location, demographics, predefined audiences, and custom audiences. You can refine custom audiences using tools like Snap Audience Match, Lookalike Audiences, and more.

Benefits of Snapchat Ads for drop shippers and E-commerce

Snapchat ads can be a great source of income and a stream of revenue for your e-commerce business. They offer a unique opportunity to connect with a younger demographic, as Snapchat is filled with 13 to 25-year-olds. This makes it an ideal platform for promoting products that appeal to this age group.

Snapchat ads can be particularly effective for dropshipping businesses. For instance, Collection ads, which showcase your products in a video or picture and allow you to feature four clickable product tiles along the bottom, are used for e-commerce sales conversions. To use this format, you need to upload your product catalog to Snapchat Ads Manager.

Moreover, Snapchat ads can lead to significant revenue if used correctly. There are success stories of stores that went from zero to $20,000 in a month using Snapchat ads.

Industry Leading Snapchat Ad Spy Tools in 2024

Discover the most effective Snapchat ad strategies with our top-picked spy tools in 2024. Analyze successful campaigns to uncover hidden gems and gain a competitive edge using these powerful solutions.

1. Minea


Minea is a top notch Adspy tool for analyzing online ads across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat, making it an ideal choice for Snapchat Ads Spy.

With a large database of e-commerce ads, a product placement spy tool, and the capability to monitor major e-commerce stores, Minea helps businesses find the best products to launch and the most effective creatives in their niche.

Key Features of Minea

Comprehensive Ad Analysis

Minea's ad analysis feature allows users to discover the best ads of the moment and their niche, providing valuable insights into the marketing strategies behind the success of top players in the industry.

Large Database of E-commerce Ads

Minea offers an extensive database of e-commerce ads, enabling users to find high-potential products and stay up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies of the biggest brands.

Product Placement Spy Tool

Minea's product placement spy tool allows users to monitor product placements on various platforms, including Instagram and Snapchat, providing valuable information on winning products that may not be found in Facebook ads.

Monitor Major E-commerce Stores

Minea enables users to analyze and monitor major e-commerce stores, learning from their competitors' mistakes and standing out in the market.

Minea Pricing

PlanPrice (per month)Features
Lite€0250 Research Credits, Facebook Ads, Advanced Filters, Chrome Extension, Influencer Research
Starter€49All Lite features + 10,000 Research Credits
Premium€99All Starter features + 100,000 Research Credits, Shop Analysis, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads

Pros and Cons of Minea

2. AdsReveal

AdsReveal among best Snapchat Ads Spy Tools

AdsReveal is the one and only Snapchat ad spy tool designed to help marketers and advertisers leverage the power of Snapchat's advertising platform.

AdsReveal offers a comprehensive database, frequent updates, a user-friendly interface, and advanced filtering options, allowing users to find successful and profitable products on the Snapchat ad network quickly.

Additionally, the tool allows users to save landing pages for further analysis and optimization.

Key Features of AdsReveal

Comprehensive Database

AdsReveal boasts an extensive database of Snapchat ads, allowing users to access a wealth of information on successful campaigns and products. This feature is particularly beneficial for Snapchat Ads Spy, as it enables users to identify winning strategies and replicate them in their own campaigns.

Frequent Updates

The tool is updated regularly, ensuring that users have access to the latest and most relevant ads on the platform. This is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising.

User-friendly Interface

AdsReveal's interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Filtering Options

The platform offers a range of filtering options, allowing users to narrow down their search results based on various criteria, such as ad format, country, and keyword. This feature is particularly useful for Snapchat Ads Spy, as it enables users to focus on the ads most relevant to their target audience and objectives.

Save Landing Pages

AdsReveal allows users to save landing pages for further analysis and optimization, helping them to improve their own campaigns and increase their chances of success.

AdsReveal Pricing

PlanPriceAds per QueryAd Details per DayUsers per AccountSupport
Starter$55/mo250501Standard Support
Premium$110/mo7502001Standard Support
VIP$220/mo20005002Premium Support

Pros and Cons of AdsReveal

3. Similarweb


Similarweb, an industry-leading competitor analysis tool that furnishes precise insights into website and app performance, diverse traffic sources, as well as an extensive range of organic and paid keywords.

As a comprehensive tool, it helps businesses make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition and optimize their digital marketing strategies.

One of the key benefits of Similarweb is its ability to assist in Snapchat Ads Spy, allowing users to analyze their competitors' advertising strategies on Snapchat and gain a competitive edge.

Key Features of Similarweb

Traffic Analysis

Similarweb offers in-depth traffic analysis, enabling users to understand their competitors' website performance, traffic sources, and audience engagement. This feature is crucial for businesses looking to improve their online presence and stay ahead of the competition.

Organic and Paid Keywords

With Similarweb, users can access detailed data on organic and paid keywords, helping them identify the most effective keywords for their marketing campaigns. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to optimize their Snapchat Ads Spy strategy.

Free Access and PDF Export

Similarweb allows users to access its platform for free, providing valuable insights into website and app performance. Additionally, users can export the data to a PDF file for further analysis and reporting.

Similarweb Pricing Plans

PlanPrice (Billed Yearly)Websites Results per ReportKeyword Results per ReportAdditional Features
Starter$125/user/month1001,000Access to Similarweb Academy, Email, and chat support.
Professional$333/user/month5005,000All features in Starter, Access to Similarweb Academy, Email and chat support
TeamCustom10,00050,000All features in Professional + 10 custom industries, 3 custom website segments, Folder/subdomain analysis, API access, Full-service onboarding, and Dedicated account manager.
EnterpriseCustomUnlimited150,000All features in Team + 50 custom industries, 50 custom website segments, Unlimited viewers, Faster API, Conversion analysis, Top 10,000 pages per website, More security (SSO, log files, etc), Custom insights and reporting, and Data extraction support.

Pros and Cons of Similarweb

4. Dropispy


Dropispy is a powerful tool for spying on Snapchat Ads, offering a comprehensive solution to uncover winning products, analyze competitors' ads, and study successful online shops.

With a database of over 50 million e-commerce ads and thousands of new ads added daily, Dropispy provides valuable insights to help you stay ahead of the competition and boost your profits.

Key Features of Dropispy

Large Database for Snapchat Ads Spy

Dropispy's extensive database of e-commerce ads allows you to spy on your competitors' Snapchat ads, providing valuable insights into their strategies and helping you identify winning products for your own campaigns.

Successful Ads Analysis

Discover trending ads backed by social proof and real-time data, enabling you to identify successful strategies and replicate them for your Snapchat Ads campaigns.

Efficient Search and Advanced Filters

Search by keywords and filter by ad type, country, creation date, platform type, and more, allowing you to find the most relevant ads for your Snapchat Ads Spy needs.

Winning Products Discovery

Dropispy helps you find new products, ideas, niches, and markets worldwide, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition in your Snapchat Ads campaigns.

Shop Spy Tool

Dropispy's Shop Spy Tool allows you to study the best dropshipping stores and analyze their winning ads, providing valuable insights for your Snapchat Ads Spy efforts.

Dropispy Pricing Plans

PlanPrice per MonthCredits per MonthUnlimited DownloadsAdvanced FiltersAccess to Shop Spy ToolRecent Ads
Pros and Cons of Dropispy

5. Ecomhunt


Ecomhunt, the quintessential product research platform for Dropshippers, provides an all-encompassing suite of tools and resources essential for running a highly successful online store.

It helps users discover and analyze top-selling and trending products for their online stores. The platform is curated by professional researchers who handpick winning products and post them on the platform, providing users with valuable information such as Snapchat Ad information, product images, suggested selling prices, possible profits, and more.

In addition, Ecomhunt offers a range of tools to gain insights into competitors' marketing strategies, product placements, and traffic sources, allowing users to make informed decisions about their own advertising efforts.

Notably, Ecomhunt offers a contact point and expert consultant named Jack Kaching, who handles all dropshipping and platform-related questions. Users can access the consultant on Facebook Messenger to ask any queries, making the platform an active and responsive product research tool.

Key Tools Offered by Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt Live

Ecomhunt Live allows users to discover the hottest products selling on the platform in the last 24 hours, along with additional valuable metrics. This tool helps dropshippers stay on top of the latest trends and make data-driven decisions about which products to sell.

Ecomhunt Tracker

Ecomhunt Tracker is designed to help users track the performance of any product on AliExpress and monitor its sales. This tool enables users to spot changes in product performance before anyone else, potentially finding a product that explodes in sales and being the first one to sell it.

Ecomhunt Lucky

Ecomhunt Lucky is a tool built for those who are struggling to choose winning products to sell. Users can generate a winning product idea with performance data, including order growth rate, top countries, monthly visits, and profit margin. This powerful tool allows users to quickly generate unique winning product ideas in just a few clicks.

Ecomhunt Classic

Ecomhunt Classic is an exceptional Ecomhunt tool where expert researchers handpick winning products and post them on the platform. This tool provides a curated list of top-selling products, saving users effort, and allowing them more focus on other aspects of their e-commerce business.

Ecomhunt Adam

Ecomhunt Adam is an AliExpress product research virtual assistant. It is an AI-powered search engine designed to help users find the hottest and most trending products to sell in their dropshipping stores. Ecomhunt Adam provides users with a regularly updated list of products that can be sold and tracked for performance.

Ecomhunt Extension

Ecomhunt Extension is a Chrome extension that allows users to hunt down competitor Shopify stores and Social Media ads with a single click. This tool helps users gain insights into their competitors' marketing strategies and product placements.

Ecomhunt Pricing

PlanPrice (Billed Annually)Key Features
Free$0Limited access to the winning products database, 10 live trending products, and 3 tracker sessions.
Basic$23/monthAll Free features + 2 years of winning products database, 50 live trending products, 10 tracker sessions, and Specific product data & analytics.
Pro$39/monthAll Basic features + Unlimited access to all features, 1-on-1 expert consultant, Full access to Dropshipping Masterclass, 80 live trending products, and 100 tracker sessions.
Suite$49/monthAll Pro features + Unlimited access to AliExpress info & extended product analysis, Unlimited access to a content library, Access to 3ET course, 120 live trending products, and 500 tracker sessions.

Pros and Cons of Ecomhunt

6. BigSpy


BigSpy is another top ad spy tool for marketers, advertisers, and search engine optimization professionals.

It helps users draw creative inspiration for their marketing campaigns by providing access to a massive database of over 1 billion ads across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, TikTok, Unity, and more.

Key Features of BigSpy

Multi-Platform Tracking

BigSpy tracks ads across six major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, AdMob, and more. This extensive coverage ensures that users have access to a wealth of ad creatives and strategies from various industries.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to search, filter, and analyze ads based on various criteria such as ad type, country, format, industry, and more.

In-Depth Insights

BigSpy provides detailed insights into competitors' ads, including engagement metrics, demographics, and landing pages. This information helps users understand their competition better and devise effective marketing strategies.

Users can easily search and filter ads by ad type, country, format, industry, CTA, date, and other criteria, allowing them to find relevant Snapchat ads quickly.

BigSpy Pricing

PlanPrice per monthFeatures
Free$0Limited access to Facebook ads, 5 daily queries, and 20 daily ad saves
Basic$9Access to Facebook & Instagram ads, 20 daily queries, and 25 daily ad saves
Pro$99Access to all platforms, unlimited queries, 250 daily ad saves, and additional features
VIP Enterprise$3600+ per yearAccess to all platforms, unlimited queries and ad saves, special team support, and more

Pros and Cons of BigSpy

7. PowerAdSpy


PowerAdSpy is an advanced ads spy tool that allows affiliate marketers to track their competitors' ad strategies on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

It helps users gain insight into their competition and improve their own affiliate marketing campaigns by easily applying their competitors' tactics.

PowerAdSpy is a very useful tool for marketers and businesses due to its user-friendly interface, Chrome extension capability, and real-time data availability.

Key Features of PowerAdSpy

Filter by Ad Positions

PowerAdSpy allows users to segment social ads based on positions, such as News Feed and Side Location, to analyze which ads perform well in their niche for better conversions.

Complete Visibility

The tool provides clear visibility of ad analytics by allowing users to visit live ad posts directly from the platform, enabling them to check real-time engagement and audience opinions on the ads.

Data from Millions of Ads

PowerAdSpy has a rapidly growing database with millions of ads from over 100 countries, allowing users to find the latest successful ads quickly.

Narrow Down Searches

Users can search for ads based on niche keywords, advertisers, and even competitors' domains. They can also visit top-performing advertisers and view almost all the ads they are running.

Bookmark the Best Ads

PowerAdSpy enables users to bookmark ads they find interesting or useful for future reference, eliminating the need to search for them repeatedly.

Powerful Search Algorithm

The tool allows users to search for popular keywords, phrases, and terms within ads and sort them by date, shares, likes, and comments to find the best ads for their campaigns.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price

Pros and Cons of PowerAdSpy

How do Snapchat Ads Spy Tools Work?

Snapchat ads spy tools are built to monitor and analyze ads on the Snapchat platform, providing valuable insights into competitors' advertising strategies.

These tools collect data through various methods, such as web scraping, API integration, and user behavior tracking, to help users find and test products for their own Snapchat ads campaigns.

Key Steps and Techniques

  • Monitoring and analyzing ads: Snapchat ads spy tools analyze ads on the platform, identifying trends, top-performing ads, and competitor strategies. This information helps users understand what works and what doesn't, allowing them to optimize their own campaigns accordingly.
  • Web scraping: Web scraping involves extracting data from websites, including ad content, images, and metadata. Snapchat ads spy tools use web scraping to collect information about ads on the platform, such as ad creatives, targeting, and performance metrics.
  • API integration: API (Application Programming Interface) integration allows Snapchat ads spy tools to access and retrieve data directly from Snapchat's servers. This enables the tools to gather real-time information about ads, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions.
  • User behavior tracking: By tracking user behavior, Snapchat ads spy tools can identify patterns and trends in how users interact with ads. This information can be used to optimize ad targeting, creatives, and overall campaign performance.

Snapchat Ads vs TikTok Ads (Which is Better for Dropshipping?)

When it comes to Media buying, Snapchat and TikTok are two platforms that have gained significant traction in recent years. Both platforms offer unique features and targeting capabilities that can help internet marketers reach their desired audience.

Here's a detailed comparison of Snapchat Ads and TikTok Ads for you.

1. Targeting Options between Snapchat & TikTok Ads


Snapchat allows advertisers to target people who've engaged with their ads, using data from their ad account, a campaign, or an ad set.

The platform enables targeting based on location, demographics (age range, gender, education, income, marital and parental status), and predefined audiences (what customers like to do, where they like to go, and where they shop).

Snapchat also offers custom audience options, such as Snap Audience Match, Lookalike Audiences, Mobile App Custom Audiences, and Pixel Custom Audiences, which allow businesses to reach previous customers, customers similar to existing ones, and those who have interacted with their app or website.


TikTok Ads Manager supports a wide range of targeting dimensions, including audience, interests, behaviors, demographics, location, language, household income, and spending power.

It also allows targeting based on device connection type, operating system, device model, carrier, and internet service provider. TikTok offers advanced targeting features like Smart Targeting, which includes Targeting Expansion and Automatic Targeting, to reach a larger audience who are more likely to convert.

2. Ad Formats in Snapchat & TikTok Ads


Snapchat offers ad formats like Single Image or Video Ads, Collection Ads, and Story Ads. Single Image or Video Ads are versatile formats that can be used for any business objective, from awareness to purchase.

Collection Ads showcase multiple products with four tiles that people can tap to get more information, creating a smooth shopping experience. Story Ads allow advertisers to reach people with a series of up to 20 Single Image or Video Ads.


TikTok supports both image and video ad formats. The platform offers various ad placements, including TikTok In-Feed Ads, Interstitial Ads, Video Ads, Banner Ads, Native Ads, and App Open Ads. The video ad specifications vary based on the ad placements.

3. Audience Engagement in Snapchat & TikTok Ads


Snapchat boasts a daily active user base of 238 million. The platform's targeting capabilities allow businesses to connect with Snapchatters based on their online and real-world interests and behaviors. Snapchat's ad formats are designed to get attention and lead to action, making it an effective platform for affiliate marketers.


TikTok has over 830 million monthly active users, providing a colossal audience for marketers. The platform's advanced data-fueled tactics allow advertisers to refine their targeting and reach relevant and receptive audiences. TikTok's ad formats are designed to be engaging and interactive, making it a powerful tool for affiliate marketers.

We can say that both Snapchat and TikTok offer robust advertising platforms with a range of targeting options and ad formats.

The choice between the two largely depends on your specific marketing goals, target audience, and budget.

Final Note: Our Analysis

After thoroughly studying these top Snapchat Ad Spy tools in the market. Our findings have revealed that the ad tech industry is rapidly evolving, with businesses constantly seeking innovative ways to reach their target audience via Snapchat and stay ahead of the competition.

Without any doubt, It is important for businesses to target younger demographics to stay ahead of the curve. Snapchat Ads provide an ideal platform for reaching this audience, and the right Ad Spy tool can be a game-changer in understanding and implementing successful marketing strategies.

As a final note, we encourage you to test each Snapchat Ad Spy tool to gain a deeper understanding of the best Snapchat Ad Spy tools for your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition.

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