Wondering what could be the best possible way to reach the right customers with your best offers?

Just wondering won’t help you grow your business. You need to look out for innovative tools that provide awesome features that lead you to the path of success with guaranteed results.

An average person might receive between 80-100 emails per day. You receive these emails from marketers, agencies, freelancers, or maybe some startups who want you to choose their services and build relationships that last for a long time or endless.

In this post, we have shared the exclusive Snov.io review updated 2024, we’ll dig into the features, various plans & pricing, and reasons.

In the age of social media hype, there is a lot of need for email outreach by marketers, recruiters, and startup firms, and for this, a simple yet effective method to search for emails is necessary that helps to reach the right people in quick time and build strong relationships.

Now let us come to the breaking point of finding that tool that would help us to search the right people with the right emails.

We at AFFTweaks dig hard into every software/tool that we write a review for our readers because we want to provide our readers only the ones that benefit them instead of wasting time on reading.

About Snov.io

Snov.io Review

Snov.io is an excellent automation platform that helps to find potential customers, validate them, and email them with the best conversion rates.

Over 200000 users have already started using Snov.io tools and taken complete control of the lead generation process. This makes Snov.io one of the best email marketing strategy that benefits email outreach subsequently.

Some of the activities like link building, guest blogging, and more can be benefited wisely with an excellent email outreach plan.

Snov.io helps you search the email addresses of the right person, so you don’t end up sending emails to invalid email addresses and waste the energy that you spent in searching invalid email addresses.

Snov.io is a reliable and trusted email finder and validator tool that has helped millions in lead generation and to reach the right people with the right email addresses.

Snov.io is a Google Chrome extension with easy to use features that don’t require you to be a pro. So even if you are a novice, you could still get the best out of this tool. It fetches email addresses from different websites or LinkedIn profiles and provides only the correct ones. It doesn’t let your emails bounce as it is also working as an email verifier.

Gone are the days when you had to sit back day & night in search of the right email addresses. Snov.io does it for you with ease and simplicity.

How does Snov.io work?

You don’t have to be a technical expert to work with Snov.io tools. You need to download the Snov.io chrome extension.

Once you download it, you can see it at the top right corner of your chrome extension. Now, whenever you visit any websites or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can find email addresses, and from within the chrome extension, you can send introductory or promotional emails to the verified email addresses.

Snov.io Features at a Glance

  • Easy Email Search

This features helps you find emails anywhere. You can find emails by domain within minutes. Now you can explore up to 20000 domains at a time with bulk domain option.

You can look for companies by filter options like company size, name and more using the database. You might know the name and other information of your prospects but not the email, in that case Snov.io helps you know your prospects email.

Snov.io Feature

  • Email verifier

You don’t know which emails in your email list are invalid and you keep sending emails to these unknown email addresses. This increases the bounce rate and leads to account suspension.

To minimize your email bounce rate just upload your email list in the tool and verify the genuine email addresses. This way you can keep your email list clean and free from bounce.

If you are worried about the time taken in cleaning your email list then you are ensured to working with the fastest email verification speeds in no time.

Real-time verification delivers only fresh results with accuracy and speed. Free plan offers 100 free email verification per account.

  • Email drip campaigns

It requires a lot of time in sending business emails but you are lucky to find Snov.io that does it like a genie. By creating an automated email campaign you get complete control of your work and automated it accordingly.

With drag & drop email campaign builder you can maximize your profit and effectively manage your cold prospects. Never miss a lead.

Automated email triggering will help you negotiate with media agencies and affiliate marketers without wasting any time and closing the deal at the earliest.

Real-time statistics helps you get visual appearance of your performance and improve the areas where you are lacking behind.

  • Email Tracker for Gmail

Have you ever imagined what happens when you send an email from your Gmail account? You have no idea whether the email sent by you was opened or deleted without even reading a word.

With Gmail email tracker extension you get real-time browser push notifications as soon as the receiver opens your email or clicks on it. This way you can understand your recipient’s behavior and accordingly send emails to only those who are waiting for your messages.

Snov.io Plans & Pricing

Snov.io is currently offering 10% OFF on all of its plans, so hurry up and start finding the right emails with the best lead generation deal. 

Snov.io offers a free plan with 100 credits per month, but the free plan always comes with limited features. So if you want more features for better lead generation, then choose any of the four paid plans.

Snov.io Pricing

S plan: The regular price of this plan is $29, but if you grab the deal, then you get 10% OFF, so the price reduces to $29/month. If you choose to pay annually, then you have to pay $312, and you get 1000 credits a month for a year. 

With this plan, you get email drip campaigns, 1000 unique recipients, unlimited email accounts, email finder, 500 bulk domain searches, 1000 single domain searches, 1000 verified emails from social sites, free technology finder, email validation, 2000 email addresses verification, and CSV export.  

M plan: This plan costs $49 per month, but with the 10% OFF deal, you get this plan at only $39 per month. If you choose to pay for this plan annually then this plan costs $468 as a one-time payment.

For a one-time payment for this plan, you get 5000 credits per month for one complete year.   

This plan gives you email drip campaigns, 3000 unique recipients, unlimited email accounts, email finder, 2500 bulk domain searches, 5000 single domain searches, 5000 verified emails from social sites, free technology finder, email validation, 10,000 email addresses verification, and CSV export.  

L plan: Not satisfied with the medium plan or have some more requirements to be fulfilled? Get the large plan with a 10% OFF deal at just $60 per month, and if you pay annually for this plan, then you get 25000 credits per month for a year at just $828 as a one-time payment.

Along with email drip campaigns, you will also get 10000 unique recipients, unlimited email accounts, email finder, 12500 bulk domain searches, 25000 single domain searches, 25000 verified emails from social sites, free technology finder, email validation, 50000 email addresses verification, and CSV export.

XL plan: Extra-large is always better with extra features and extra benefits. Why not choose a plan with more credits and more email verifications. For this, Snov.io offers an XL plan at $125 per month, originally $139 per month.

If you want to save more and get more credits, then choose to pay annually as a one-time payment at just $1500 and get 50000 credits per month for a year with access to all the tools and features.

In this plan, you get email drip campaigns, unlimited recipients with no restrictions whatsoever, unlimited email accounts, email finder, 25000 bulk domain searches, 50000 single domain searches, 50000 verified emails from social sites, free technology finder, email validation, 100000 email addresses verification, and CSV export.

The free plan comes with 30 drip campaigns and 50 monthly credits so you could try out all the features and tools.

All the tools are available in all the paid plans and freemium. You can use your credits whichever way you like.

You don’t need to provide your credit card details till the time you are using the free plan. Once you decide to upgrade your plan, only then you will have to enter your credit details for payment.

Payments at Snov.io are accepted via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB, PayPal, and more depending on your location.

If you have further queries, you can always reach the support team via chat or email, or you can also check out the knowledgebase. 

🌟 Snov.io FAQ

How do I use Snov.io?

You need to target various email addresses from the different web with Snov.io email finder chrome extension. When you install an email finder, you will automatically see SNOV.
1 Collect email addresses from any website
2 Click the Snov.io icon.
3 Select the emails and save them into a prospects list.

Are collected emails safe?

The email address which you collect from the different social networks is pre-verified. You can also use a built-in email verifier in order to check emails collected from other resources. 

Does Snov.io charge for duplicates?

No, Snov.io does not charge for the duplicates email address.

Can I buy email lists from Snov.io?

No, Snov.io does not provide email lists. You can use the Snov.io email finder tool that helps you to create your own targeted, verified email lists.

Conclusion: Snov.io Review Updated 2024

Snov.io is one of the best lead generation tool that offers professional email search to get business emails from LinkedIn.

If you are seeking for professional profiles, then this tools extension will help you fetch just the right profiles you are seeking for.

To check what technology is being used by your competitor’s website, you can use Snov.io free technology checker and know about the technology used by the websites.          

Wouldn’t you try a cold outreach platform like Snov.io to reach the right people and save your time? Time to save your time and money and get only verified email addresses with Sonv.io😊

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