Hey, sports fans! If you love everything about sports as much as I do, then I've got some exciting news for you. Have you ever considered making money from your passion for sports? Well, now you can through sports affiliate programs! These programs allow you to earn commissions by promoting sports products on your website or social media.

Whether it's team jerseys, equipment, supplements, or event tickets – you name it, there's likely an affiliate program for it.

The sports industry is absolutely massive, valued at over $600 billion globally. As an affiliate, you get to tap into this huge market. All you need to do is showcase relevant products to your audience and sports-loving networks.

When someone makes a purchase through your link, cha-ching, you earn a commission! With some strategic promotion, these programs can become serious money-makers.

Let me tell you about some of the best sports affiliate programs to get you started on your affiliate journey!

How to Find the Best Sports Affiliate Programs?

When evaluating sports affiliate programs, you'll want to carefully assess several key factors to identify the most lucrative and reputable options.

First, look at the commission rates and payment structure. The highest-paying programs offer commissions of 10-20% or more on sales. Check if they pay per click, per lead, or per sale, and the minimum payout threshold.

Next, research the merchant's reputation and the quality of products offered. Bigger brands usually convert better, but you can find good niche programs too. Make sure to explore the tools, banner options, and marketing assets provided.

You’ll also want to understand the cookie duration and tracking methods. Standard cookies last 30-90 days, crediting you for referred sales during that window. Robust affiliate platforms feature real-time reporting and analytics to optimize promotions.

Finally, niche relevance is key. Consider your audience’s interests to selecting sports supplements, apparel, or betting programs. Joining related affiliate networks like ShareASale can expand your options.

Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate programs using these criteria helps maximize your sports affiliate earnings over the long term.

30 Best Sports Affiliate Programs 2024

Best Sports Affiliate Programs

The sports industry continues its immense growth, expected to reach over $623 billion globally by 2027. In the US alone, the sports market generates over $500 billion in revenue annually and shows no signs of slowing down.

As sports betting legalization spreads and new leagues launch, sports fans have more ways than ever to engage with their favorite teams and athletes. Given the passion and loyalty of sports fans, affiliate marketers have a prime opportunity to capitalize on this booming industry.

Now let's explore some of the best sports affiliate programs to promote.

Note: We won't include networks in this post. That will come later. so for now, we'll be talking about individual companies and their respective affiliate programmes.

1. Nike11. Skechers21. Leather Head
2. Adidas12. Mountain Hardwear22. Sports Memorabilia
3. Fanatics13. Fan Duel23. Total Gym
4. Under Armour14. Paragon Sports24. LeftLane Sports
5. American Golf15. Callaway Golf25. Eastbay
6. Dick's Sporting Goods16. Fabletics26. Al's Sporting Goods
7. GoPro17. RDX Sports27. Hidrate Spark
8. Fitbit18. OnlineSports.com28. Gainful
9. Puma19. Chrip29. Alienware Affiliate Program
10. New Balance20. Osmo Nutrition30. Yeti

1. Nike


One of the world's most recognizable brands around all athletic equipment being a Nike affiliate, allows you to be a front for some of the most sought-after products in the world.

As a gigantic corporation, they ensure all their advertising partners are well informed about profitable products and give out handsome timely payments.

Media brokers, loyalty, search, content, community, cashback, and discount code promotions are encouraged, and behavioral and email-targeted advertisements are forbidden. You can get a commission of up to seven percent on every sale.

This depends on how their executives view your promotional channel in the approval process. Cookie and payout periods also vary depending on if you're deemed an incentive or non-incentive publisher.

Please note that you can't use any brand names and trademark info as PPC keywords.

2. Adidas

Adidas Affiliate Program

The good thing about Adidas is that along with being a well-recognized brand, their range of products is also very diverse.

One of the most varied ranges of athletic and leisure clothing is essential in helping you benefit significantly from becoming an Adidas affiliate. After you submit a detailed application to join their program, you will receive a prompt reply in under 48 hours

All referred sales come with a 7% commission for the affiliate under a 30-day cookie period. Like Nike, you cannot use Adidas brand names and trademarked info in PPC advertising.

You can use sub-affiliates to make the sales, but you have to be upfront about the sub-affiliate's traffic source to get this facility. You get paid on the 20th of the following month after every sales lock date.

3. Fanatics


Fanatics is a brand that capitalizes on the passion of sports fans for their favorite players, teams, and sporting events. You get a massive 10% commission on your every referral, which results in a sale with a seven-day cookie period.

All actions you generate come with a one-month lock period. It should be noted if you have a proven record of sales in this vertical, you can forego their monthly payout system and use a custom payment option that suits you best.

They even offer a daily payment system via direct deposits after verifying your expertise in the business. The approval process requires you to submit your website and concerned details, which will be reviewed further.

Excellent addition to the Fanatics affiliate program is that they provide you with some tracking software that you can use to track the real-time status of every referral effectively.

4. Under Armour

Under Armour

By overall scale, Under Armour is the second most popular footwear, sports, and casual wear brand in the US, after Nike. Under Armour has a very dedicated user base which can help you get sales quickly. Monthly payout options along with sophisticated affiliate partner tracking software.

This software also includes several performance optimization features that can tell you how you can get better results with your campaigns. The commission is set at 5% for every sale with a 30-day cookie period paired with cross-device tracking.

If you use brand details or trademarked info in paid ads and use email campaigns, search ads, or media brokers, you will not receive commissions on sales generated from any of them.

Loyalty, coupon codes, community, and cashback modes of promotion are encouraged. If you get it approved from them beforehand; you can also use behavioral targeting promotional means.

5. American Golf

American Golf

We have all witnessed a massive rise in the popularity of golf in 2020. This is an ideal time to join the affiliate program for Europe's largest golf retailer and benefit from the still-soaring popularity of the same sport.

Their commission rates are different for different affiliates as decided after the approval process. The rates start from a minimum 6% payout in a 30-day cookie period.

You will be provided deals, banners, and product feeds regularly to keep your campaign running smoothly with minimal effort.

6. Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

One of the leading retailers of all goods around athletics and sports, they maintain a firm footing in the sale of footwear, apparel, sports equipment, and all things sports.

It should be noted that all affiliates who want to join their program have to be located in the US. You will have to apply to join their program through the Impact Radius affiliate network.

One of the benefits of being aligned with Impact Radius is that you can get daily updates on the number of clicks gained, impressions gathered, and total commissions earned.

The cookie period is set at 14 days, with monthly payouts of 5% commissions on all referred sales.

7. GoPro


As you may know, the primary operation of GoPro is to develop high-quality action cameras, video editing tools, and mobile applications.

Your job is to market these content creation-related products to users whose lifestyles are based around sports or those who lead active lives, which they want to document.

For example, individuals interested in adventure sports and gym buffs.

All applications are approved (or not) within 24 hours of application. Every full purchase gives you a 5% commission, and you can track these commissions and other important data with their in-house tracking solution.

You get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month if you have a minimum $25 payout pending on those dates. PPC ads cannot include brand or trademark info.

8. Fitbit


Fitbit commands the lion's share of wearable fitness products and the connected health and wellness tech industry at a whopping 72%.

In these verticals, it even surpasses Apple and Samsung. Only US and Canada-based affiliates can apply to their program.

After you submit a valid website, it will go through their approval process. After you join their affiliate program, you can earn a minimum of 3% commission on every sale. This commission rate goes up as you generate more volume of sales.

Even though the starting rate might be low, the possibility for growth here far exceeds most affiliate programs in this list and the world. All promotional banners along with cross-device tracking functionality are available for you to use here. 

9. Puma


One of the leading global brands in sports accessories, apparel, and footwear, Puma affiliates are primarily engaged in promoting exclusive deals, special offers, sales, and other similar events.

After the approval process (which ends in under 24 hours), you will be allotted a commission rate that will increase as you generate more and more sales for them. The minimum payment limit is set to $25 for their bi-weekly payments.

Pepperjam-powered tracking software is provided to you for free. You get access to many offers exclusively for their affiliates, but please ensure that no paid search engine ads include direct product links or trademark bids.

10. New Balance

New Balance

New Balance is a multi-billion dollar footwear and clothing goods retailer and manufacturer that operates in over 120 countries. Affiliates are offered the opportunity to work with them to promote their sports and wellness-related products.

You have to sign up for their program from the Rakuten Linkshare network.

You can be based anywhere, but you must ensure your campaign appeals to a US audience as the company primarily ships these kinds of goods within the US only. The average revenue from every click among members of this platform is 40 cents in the 30 days when the cookie is active.

Recurring commissions start from a minimum of 2%, which increases if you display an excellent sales record or generate a lot of value for them after you join. The dedicated program managers deal with all affiliate inquiries.

11. Skechers


Skechers is one of the most widely recognized performance wear and premium footwear retailers across the world. All promotion types are valid, but PPC advertising is not allowed.

All sales on tracked links in 30 days provide you a commission between 5% to 10% on each sale. All offer links are optimized for both mobile and desktop users, so all your users have a good experience while purchasing.

One of the best things about the Skechers affiliate program is that their executives are always open to discussing and creating better marketing strategies for you or those you think can benefit other affiliates.

12. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear is one of the biggest performance gear and clothing manufacturers for outdoor athletes and adventure sports enthusiasts.

The cookie duration is 21 days, with commissions going up to 10%. The average order value is around $140, with a daily feed showing how your campaign is performing and how you can further optimize it.

Mountain Hardwear provides you with all the necessary marketing materials, promotional tools, exclusive offer deals, and a dedicated manager to handle any inquiries you might have after that.

13. Fan Duel

Fan Duel

FanDuel is a fantasy sports service that allows users to earn real money. Historically, fantasy sports leagues have created a lot of value for affiliate marketers, and Fan Duel's affiliate program is a favorite among members of this community.

You earn a CPA-based commission for every referral ranging between $25 to $35. You make 35% of the revenue your referrals generate under a RevShare commission capped at $1000 for each referral every month.

This payment recurs for the first two years of play.

All marketing materials and business insights reports are provided to you by them directly. 

14. Paragon Sports

Paragon Sports

Paragon Sports is one of the oldest premium retailers of sports apparel and equipment. Established in 1908, they have kept up with the times, and their affiliate program is one of the most sought-after in the world.

They offer an 8% commission for all sales in the 30 days the cookie is tracking your conversions. You can design creative banners and marketing materials in their app itself custom-built for your audience.

They have a dedicated affiliate management team and provide detailed, informative reports and real-time tracking of campaigns.

15. Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf

One of the top manufacturers and golf equipment retailers globally, Callaway Golf sells a complete range of golfing gear.

For every sale, you make of their balls, clubs, golf clothing, and other accessories, you get a minimum 6% commission (which goes up to 9% as you grow in sales).

If you earn a minimum of $25 every month, you become eligible for their monthly payouts. They have partnered with third-party tools to provide tracking solutions and generate sales reports.

16. Fabletics


Fabletics is a corporation that sells workout apparel to all genders and all ages. Started by famous Hollywood Actress Kate Hudson and backed by a massive eCommerce platform, converting customers to their products is a relatively simple task.

Marketers in the active lifestyle niche can earn a flat $15 commission on every sale they make in 20 days. It should be noted that only initial transactions are valid to earn commissions with a ten-day lock period.

You get paid on the 15th of every month, provided you do not engage in keyword bidding and don't use brand names and trademarks. Pop-up and pop-under promotional material has to be approved in advance before publishing

17. RDX Sports

RDX Sports

RDX Sports is a brand that provides premium quality and best-in-class design and technology fitness and sporting gear and equipment. Endorsed by some of the biggest names in the MMA and boxing world RDX Sports is a household name for many sets of customers.

If you join their affiliate program, you can earn a 3% commission on every punching bag sold and a massive 10% commission on all other sales. Their minimum payment threshold is set at $100, and payments are structured monthly.

The company provides you with the best SEM keywords for various products but does not allow you to link products directly.

Paid advertising using the RDX sports brand name and trademark and promoting products using cashback and shopping reward programs is also not allowed.

18. OnlineSports.com


This is a website frequented by sports enthusiasts who want a good deal as they provide the best prices for a variety of sporting equipment, apparel, other gear, and even jerseys.

A minimum 10% commission is provided for sales made in the 60-day cookie period. The average order value goes up to nearly $125, and you also get real-time metrics, commission tracking, and other critical business data from their integration with Commission Junction and ShareASale.

Each visit starts a new 45-day period of recurring commissions. As their brand value is not as significant as other brands in this list, you might have a little difficulty making sales, but if you make your audience aware of the right deals on their page, you can earn up to a 14% commission on large sales.

19. Chrip


Chirp is the world's foremost provider of back pain relief solutions. Their affiliate program is mainly based on marketing the Chirp Wheel and other related products to users who have very high-functioning lifestyles so that back pain never slows them down.

You get a direct 12% commission on all sales you generate for them in their cookie period of 30 days. As you grow in performance numbers, you can negotiate with their executives for higher commissions.

It should be noted that all Chirp products come with a 60-day return period, so all commissions are processed and approved after 75 days.

Refrain from any PPC bidding and trademark usage of any kind. Get paid on the 20th of every month, with payment processing done by ShareASale.

Banner creatives and custom tracking codes are available for you to engage and track all your referrals

20. Osmo Nutrition

Osmo Nutrition

Osmo Nutrition offers hydration and recovery products to athletes and active individuals. You get a minimum 10% commission on all sales under a 30-day cookie period.

They provide all concerned marketing tools like banners, logos, and official promotional sheets. Tipalti-powered payments occur every 23rd day of the month.

The minimum payout is set at $25 with instant payouts via PayPal. Other payment modes take a couple of extra days to process sometimes.

21. Leather Head

Leather Head

The company's vision is to create heirloom-quality sporting gear and equipment. Their authentic leather products stand out from the mass-produced nature of most goods available in the market today, and you can quickly generate sales on these products.

You get a direct 10% commission on all sales in a standard 30-day cookie timeframe. The average order value is around $150.

Combined with the high commission rate, it is worth going through getting approved by ShareASale to become a Leather Head affiliate.

22. Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

As the name suggests, the online store deals with selling prized collectible items to users. All 500,00 items in their inventory are completely certified.

They also come with a Sports Memorabilia Guarantee of authenticity. As you will be selling collectible items and not regular sporting gear, this program holds a certain edge over others as the customers are actively searching for the things you will be selling.

Their affiliate program is invite-only. Still, you can try contacting their executives with your website's details to enter.

ShareASale powers its affiliate program, and if you get inside, you can earn a 12% commission (3% if you run coupon or deal websites) on some of the most high-value products in the industry. The cookie life is limited to 30 days.

23. Total Gym

Total Gym

Total Gym is a company that aims to provide home gym equipment that serves multiple purposes at once. This means all four of their signature products help you achieve various fitness goals by using a single machine.

Trusted by over 4 million users as of yet and powered by Commission Junction Total Gym is a sale waiting to happen in any fitness-related audience.

In the 45 days of the cookie duration, you earn a 3% commission on DVD sales, a 5% commission on core building sales, and a 7.5% commission on all full home gym machine sales.

As the products are somewhat on the expensive side but very appealing to all fitness enthusiasts, even with a few sales, you can earn quite a bit of income from being an affiliate for Total Gym

24. LeftLane Sports

LeftLane Sports

Leftlane is a members-only online community that deals in sporting goods on a flash sales model. This leads to a pricey situation for consumers but makes for a very promising opportunity for you.

They curate their product line from over 1600 of the best brands in the world and sell them at deeply discounted prices, always creating a massive rush between consumers.

This is an excellent opportunity for affiliates as you can earn a 10% commission on hundreds of nearly guaranteed sales in a best-in-class 60-day cookie life.

Leftlane is a user favorite for sports fans, so don't miss out on creating some guaranteed extra revenue for yourself.

25. Eastbay


Eastbay is a part of the Footlocker group of companies focused on fulfilling the sporting goods needs of individuals aged between 7-24 or, in their words, “the athletes of tomorrow.”

Affiliates can operate in 16 different product categories in this program and get a flat 8% commission on all sales. You can create a different sports store or get EastBay to approve your website for affiliate marketing. There are two significant issues here.

One is that the cookie period is a mere seven days, and the other is that a lot of your goods will be pitched toward minors, so you have to be very cautious of the COPPA or the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

26. Al's Sporting Goods 

Al's Sporting Goods

Al's Sporting Goods is a massive sports retailer catering to all sporting, and outdoor gear needs users might have. They encourage affiliates to push sales of outdoor activity gear like hunting and fishing equipment, but you can choose any product from their wide range of goods.

They source products from some of the biggest brands in the world, like Nike and Adidas, to create their product catalog, so you have a wide variety of high-converting products to pitch to your audience.

You earn a 9% commission on a platform where the average order value is over $120 over a 45-day cookie lifetime.

27. Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark offers a unique wellness product popular among health and wellness circles. They produce and sell a water bottle that keeps track of your water intake and also reminds you when you're not drinking enough.

It also pairs with your Apple Health, Google Fit, and other health apps to give you more insights. Powered by ShareASale, you get a 10% commission on all sales, but the con here is the short seven-day cookie period

If you have proven health-conscious individuals in your audience, market research has shown this product makes for a great impulse buy in those audiences.

28. Gainful


Gainful is a service that helps you find the protein powder that is the perfect fit for your particular physiology. You gain no value from chugging protein powder if it is not suitable for your body, and when the founders of Gainful found out about it, they did something about it.

They created a system where you can input info about your body type and get a custom blend of protein powder tailor-made for you.

You directly get $30 per sale, and this is an easy-to-sell product if you have the right traffic for it. A standard cookie duration of 30 days and an average purchase of $176 make the Gainful affiliate program ideal for affiliates catering to gym buffs.

29. Alienware Affiliate Program

Alienware Affiliate Program

Alienware is a popular gaming PC and laptop brand known for its high-performance systems designed specifically for gaming and esports. As an Alienware affiliate, you can earn competitive commissions between 1-6% on sales of Alienware's cutting-edge gaming PCs, laptops, monitors, and accessories. With many configs over $2,000, the average order value is high.

Alienware also provides affiliates with gaming news, product announcements, special offers, and assets like banners to help drive conversions. The cookie duration is 30 days so you earn commissions if someone clicks your link but doesn't purchase right away. Alienware is owned by Dell, so to join you apply on the Dell affiliate program site. Overall, Alienware is a lucrative tech affiliate program for esports and gaming sites or influencers.

To summarize key details: commission rate 1-6%; cookie period 30 days; high average order value; part of the Dell affiliate program.

30. Yeti

Yeti Affiliate Program

The Yeti affiliate program offers a competitive 4% commission rate on sales of their premium outdoor gear including coolers, drinkware, bags, and apparel. With an average order value over $100, commissions can add up quickly. Yeti is known for its rugged and durable products designed for outdoor adventures, making its affiliate program a natural fit for outdoor, camping, fishing, and hunting websites.

Key details of their Impact-powered program include a 30-day cookie duration to credit late conversions and exclusive promotional assets like banners and text links. You can conveniently track sales and access payments once earnings hit the $50 minimum threshold. Overall, Yeti's strong brand name combined with generous commissions and cookies make it one of the top outdoor and sports affiliate programs.

To summarize: 4% commission rate, $100+ average order value, 30-day cookie duration. Their niche focus and loyal customer base provide great monetization potential.

Top Sports Niches for Affiliate Marketing

Revenue Change in Sports Industry

When getting started in sports affiliate marketing, it's important to identify and focus on specific niches that offer opportunities. Rather than promoting a wide array of sporadic products, concentrating your efforts in one or two key areas will help you better attract and serve a target audience.

Some top sports niches to consider for affiliate promotions include:

  • Fantasy Sports: With over 60 million participants in North America alone, fantasy sports now rival the viewership of actual professional and college leagues. Popular fantasy platforms provide ample chances to earn commissions on participant fees and related offerings.
  • Sports Betting: As more states legalize online sports betting, this niche continues explosive growth. Affiliates can earn generous revenue sharing by promoting leading sportsbooks and betting platforms through links, ads, and content.
  • Sports Equipment & Apparel: The steady demand for gear and apparel from fans and athletes presents a stable niche. Affiliates can partner with major brands or specialty retailers to drive sales through coupons, deals, and reviews.
  • Sports Nutrition & Supplements: The global sports nutrition market is projected to reach $35 billion by 2027. The active lifestyle category intersects fitness along with sports, opening up crossover promotional opportunities.
Global Sports Market Size

The sports betting and fantasy sports industries continue explosive growth, expected to reach over $200 billion globally by 2027. As more states legalize online betting, affiliate marketers have huge opportunities to capitalize on passionate sports fans.

Rise of Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports

With projected double-digit growth annually, affiliates should focus on partnerships with leading sportsbooks, daily fantasy platforms, and betting apps. Leveraging exclusive offers, reviews and content to drive registrations can earn high lifetime commissions.

Crossover Health and Fitness Niches

The global sports nutrition market also shows strong potential, expected to exceed $35 billion by 2027. Promoting supplements, fitness gear, and streaming services related to athlete training/performance allows expansion beyond hardcore fans.

Influencer and Content Marketing

Creating authentic connections through influencers and quality content builds trust to convert sports enthusiasts. Useful blogs, videos, podcasts, and social posts lead to monetization opportunities.

With the massive addressable market, loyalty of supporters, and variety of promotions available, sports remains a top vertical for affiliate marketers now and in the future.

How much do affiliate marketers earn per day?

Low-level affiliates earn up to $300 per day; intermediate affiliates make $300 to $3,000 per day; high-level affiliates earn more than $3,000 per day; and super-affiliates, also known as β€œgurus of affiliate marketing,” earn more than $10,000 per day.

What sports products can I promote?

You can promote a wide variety of sports gear and equipment like team jerseys, balls, bats, gloves, shoes, supplements, accessories, event tickets, memorabilia, and more.

How much commission can I earn through sports affiliate programs?

Commission rates vary greatly but are typically 5-20%. Some programs offer even higher rates around 30-50% for certain products. There may also be bonuses and recurring commissions.

What sports niche is most lucrative?

Major sports leagues like the NFL and NBA generate billions in fan gear sales annually. But niche sports can also be very profitable with less competition to rank for keywords.

How often are commissions paid in sports affiliate programs?

Most sports affiliate programs issue monthly payments once you hit the minimum payout amount, usually $50-$100. Some pay more frequently such as weekly or bi-weekly.

Wrapping Up on Best Sports Affiliate Programs

The critical factor behind the stiff competition between brands in the sports category is that sports fans are fiercely loyal and intensely competitive.

Creating your own sporting goods brand is a big challenge but benefiting from the lucrative affiliate programs of established brands is not.

Each program's wide range of products and services ensures that there is something for everyone to generate revenue from in the sports niche.

We have listed some of the best sports affiliate programs and offers that are available to you today.

You can generate many times the revenue that you usually would in other categories by working in the sports niche without increasing the amount of work that you have to do.

Please check all minimum requirements and essential details before you join a program to make sure you choose the right one for your needs and skill set.

Benefiting from the millions of passionate sports fans worldwide will surely make you a fan of the sports niche itself. Join the massive industry and carve out your place in it by joining the right program for you today.πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

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