“To have security, plan ahead”. These are the words from a wise man and are true to the best of our knowledge.

Without planning for your security, whether it is your house or an office, you might end up in a no man’s land. Without taking precautions about the security of your personal belongings, there might always be someone ready to steal your property by hook or by crook.

Securing your property ensures a good sleep at night and a blissful morning to start planning for your future works.

People nowadays install CCTV cameras at their homes and office to detect an anonymous person entering into their corridor or a burglar trying to steal their expensive belongings. This has now become an essential component in every house and office.

But what if someone steals crucial information from your personal or business website?

Have you thought of a solution to keep the bad guys away from stealing your client’s important information?

In this review, you will find some of the cheapest and best list of Top 3 SSL Certificate Providers with global recognition. This SSL can be attached to any website, especially if it is an ecommerce, government, or banking related website where security is the major concern for their customers.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a certificate that protects your site by thwarting hackers and malware, thereby keeping your site secure, safe, healthy, and running all the time hassle-free.

We did in-depth research on which companies provide the best SSL in terms of price and its value, and after all the hard work, we prepared a list of top 10 SSL providers. Although there are many more in the race to make sure you don’t get confused with a lot of names, we sorted out to bring you only Top 3.

So, if you have started a new website or have an existing one, then choose the right SSL from the list shown in this review.

Before going through different SSL, providers let us know a little about SSL and how it protects your website.

What is SSL?

SSL attached to any website gives access to a high level of 128 to 256-bit encryption when data transmission takes place between the web server and web browser.

Some important factors to be considered while selecting SSL of your choice are: Security level, Seal of Trust, Compatibility with browser and its version, Activation time, Policy of refund in case a user is not satisfied with its performance, Warranty amount, Support in any case anything goes wrong, or SSL is deactivated.

SSL is a strong and unbreakable bridge that connects a web server and a browser with a secure connection. Upon installation of SSL, padlock and https protocol are activated that forms a secure connection between both the browser and the server.

SSL certificates are used for binding a domain name, server, or hostname and the information associated with it like online transactions that include payment through credit cards or wallets, important data transmission, and login credentials on the website that require the user to register with their details.

Upon successful installation of SSL, all the traffic and data between the web server and browser becomes secure, just like you put money in a safe locked with password protection. Here you don’t need to enter any password, and your site automatically gets a lock as soon as SSL is activated.

If you want to notice the changes on your website after SSL installation and activation, then remember your site’s address will change from http to https, and a padlock will appear in the address bar just before https. On some websites, the address bar changes to green depending upon the type of SSL installed on that particular website.

A website’s address bar changed from normal to green indicates that the site has installed Extended Validation SSL. The benefit of installing Extended Validation SSL is the name of the legal name of the company owned by the website owner.

This kind of SSL is used only if the website owner has huge business and a renowned name in the market as it is costly, and not everyone prefers to buy it.

Top 3 Best SSL Certificate Providers (Updated 2024)

Top 3 SSL Certificate Providers


The name itself suggests that it provides cost-effective and cheap web hosting, domains, and SSL solutions to all users around the world.

NameCheap Logo

But cheap doesn’t mean its value is low, NameCheap always focusses on providing cheap yet quality services with powerful servers backed by a powerful team ready to serve you at any time you want.

Types of SSL offered by NameCheap

  • Comodo Positive SSL Certificates: $7.88/year

This SSL is the cheapest in the market, and therefore it is meant for those who have just entered the business with very less information or don’t have many transactions.

NameCheap SSL Certificate

Personal blogs and low-level website can use this certificate hassle-free at inexpensive cost. This SSL offers Domain Validation, Warranty upto $10,000, online validation process hence paperless, Valid for One Domain Name, Static Site Seal so your customers trust you and a 15-day money-back guarantee.

  • Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard Certificate: $167.50/year

If you run an ecommerce website, company, NGO, or government, then this type of SSL is best. It provides 256-bit encryption, Wildcard, and administrators can secure an unlimited number of subdomains of a single domain.

This SSL is a business validated certificate that provides validation of the organization behind the website. Due to the high level of validation provided by the OV, this certificate requires business registration after verifying your business profile and legal documentation, a Company representative holding a designation.

This SSL offers Organization Validation (OV), $250,000 warranty, unlimited subdomains of a single domain can be secured, Dynamic Site Seal that can be placed anywhere on the website, Processing within two business days if all documents are submitted and a 15-day refund guarantee.


“Don’t teach fathers how to make babies.” The big daddy is always on the top of the list, whether it comes to a domain, hosting, or security of your website. 

GoDaddy is the most famous and popular domain registrar in the world with cheap domain names and hosting solutions. But the renewal rates are a little higher.

But that doesn’t matter as if you are a newbie, then GoDaddy is the right choice to host your website with the cheapest hosting with a domain name free at just $1/month. 

At GoDaddy, you can find multiple SSL certificates at the best price with the best features in the town.

All SSL certificates offered by GoDaddy include SHA-2 and 2048 bit encryption, Google search ranking booster, 30-day refund policy, unlimited server protection, dedicated round the clock security, reissue anytime, runs on any browser, security seal displayed on the site and protection of all primary domains.

Types of SSL offered by GoDaddy

  • Protect One Website: The cost of this SSL is $5.34/mo and secures one website.
  • Protect Multiple Website (UCC/SAN SSL): The cost is as low as $13.34/mo and secures up to 5 websites.
  • Protect all Subdomains (Wildcard SSL): This will cost $24.67/mo and secures one website that will use all its subdomains.

All of the above SSL include SHA2 & 2048 bit encryption, which is the best match on earth anywhere.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate

These are available in DV, OV, and EV SSL certificates, but EV is not available in Wildcard SSL. EV SSL is a unique certificate that turns the browser green whenever a user visits your website. 

Your Google ranking gets a boost as users trust websites with SSL attached to it, and this can be seen with http changing to https and a padlock.

So with SSL, you not only protect your site but also get recognized by Google that pushes your rankings, leaving your competitors behind.

This little green lock ensures your visitors that your site is protected with SSL, and users make up their minds to provide their personal information or shop anything using credit cards or payment wallets.

Let’s Encrypt

If you don’t have money to buy an SSL certificate, that doesn’t mean you can't have one. One of the best and free SSL certificate providers is Let’s Encrypt, which is run and managed by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). This certificate is an open-source and automated for the benefit of internet users.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

This certificate can be used by every website owner with a domain name without paying a single penny. So a trusted certificate at zero cost is the icing on the cake. 

Everything takes place automatically, right from configuring it on the server to renewals every year. It doesn’t require you to invest your time as everything is taken care of by the software running on a web server.

Let’s Encrypt offers complete transparency so that anyone can inspect the certificate issued or revoked. It is an open-source available for anyone for automatic issuance and renewal, and even others can adopt this.

🌟SSL Certificate FAQ

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a security protocol used by many people for establishing an encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server. The primary role of an SSL certificate is to ensure that all the credential data passed between the web browser and web server remains private and secured.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

If you have a website, then it is important for you to have an SSL certificate. No matter what type of website you have, a simple blog or e commerce website. It becomes essential for you to install an SSL certificate.

Why is SSL essential?

The primary purpose of installing an SSL certificate is to encrypt and secure sensitive information sent over the Internet. Additionally, it is important to install SSL because it provides authentication, trust, PCI compliance.

Do SSL certificates expire?

Yes. If the validity period of your SSL Certificate is over, then it expires. The validity period is of 1 or 2 years for all the SSL certificates.

Conclusion: Top 3 SSL Certificate Providers – 2024

As rightly said by a wise man, We live in a world that has walls, and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns. SSL is just like a man standing with a gun and shoots all the malware and bad guys trying to attack your site and harm it in every manner possible.

Choosing the right SSL for your site will keep your site always safe from the attackers, and you can have a good sleep without worrying about the night attackers.

I hope this review was good enough to explain to you about SSL and its benefits.

Do try one of the SSL mentioned in this review and share your experience with us and others.😊

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