Your search for a lightning-fast web hosting provider ends here. Dive deep into this Exclusive Stromonic Review because, trust us, they got a lot on the table for you. From domain services, hosting services, cost-effective cloud services, to reliable dedicated services, you name it, they have it all!

Gone are those days when brick-and-mortar businesses ruled the world. Now it's all digital. In this era of digitization, a website is what speaks weight about a business/brand.

And when it's about a website, next comes the question of which service provider to choose? One decision of choosing a web hosting service provider can make or break your business. Let's understand how! Because, to be honest, there are thousands available in the market.

Stromonic Review

Founded back in 2017 by Natan Ray, Stromonic is a premium managed, budget-friendly WordPress hosting solution provider based in India. The company is run by young professionals who are extremely passionate about their work. And not just this; every individual behind Stromonic aims to take charge of all your server management work so that businesses just focus on their core operations.

There is something very unique about Stromonic compared to other hosting service providers. Because from the launch itself, the brand has been competing with their competitors' with its price to the value proposition. According to the founder, Stromonic is the first India-based cloud platform to integrate Google cloud services successfully. So what's interesting about this?

Because of the custom cloud, Stromonic can give stability in performance. So, if you are someone looking forward to investing in ultra-fast website speed performance and powerful web server security, Stromonic has it all.

Stromonic has been offering multiple feature-rich services to its users. Out of which, the best-selling is the exclusive WordPress hosting solution powered by Google Cloud+ Litespeed. So if you are someone who enjoys managing servers all independently, Stromonic must be your choice. And if you are someone owning an E-commerce store and have been struggling with sudden load spikes during sale days, Stromonic hosting services would help you with that too. The platform uses a Google cloud load balancer for distributing the spikes.

To know more about these features, don't miss out on reading the further exclusive details we got for you!

About the founder – Stromonic

Natan Ray is the Founder and CEO of Stromonic, having years of experience working in the web hosting and data center industry. He is a certified Machine Learning Engineer of Google Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services. Additionally, he even has extensive technical knowledge in CloudLinux, Litespeed, Google Cloud, DNS Management, Network and Load Balancing, Softaculous, Jetbackups, Adobe Spark, WordPress CMS, and much more.

Before heading to why you must consider Stromonic for your hosting services, let's just understand why picking the best one matters more. There are already a plethora of web hosting service providers available, but can a business trust everyone? Not really!

Stromonic Reviews

While running a business online, one must think about investing in the best web hosting service provider, and the major reason behind this is solely – Speed and Security. But what more businesses get by choosing the best providers are:

Also, if you choose the best hosting service provider for your business, your servers will be managed by a bunch of experts. All in all, the above-mentioned benefits will not just keep your business secure but even save a lot of your time which you utilize to concentrate on your business growth.

Stromonic is one such premium Web hosting service provider that offers the above-mentioned benefits to its users. To help you understand better, in this review, we will be covering all the major features of Stromonic, followed by how well is the customer support and its pricing plans.

Not just web hosting, Stromonic even offers its users a variety of hosting solutions. You can pick any of their solutions according to your website needs, and if you are unsure which one would be perfect for your business, the Stromonic team will help you with that. Here's a quick sneak peek into Stromonic's hosting services for you to check before heading to features of each:

Stromonic Review Features

Web Hosting: If you have just started out your business and are looking forward to buying a domain, this service by Stromonic will help you build and run your website.

Reseller Hosting: Are you interested in providing solutions or getting into this hosting business? Well, Stromonic got you covered with this too. Stromonic is now offering special plans for resellers which you can resell to multiple customers at a higher profit margin.

WordPress Hosting: With no doubt, WordPress sites work effortlessly in the market. And if you are someone on a quest for WordPress hosting services, Stromonic got you covered with that too. They provide fast, easy, and secure managed WordPress hosting in minutes.

Managed Cloud: Are you interested in cloud servers and want to get one for your business? Well, Stromonic also offers managed cloud hosting with dedicated virtual resources for your business. All of this is proven to improve performance and reliability.

Stromonic web-based and WordPress hosting features:

Google Cloud: We all know Google cloud is popular for its ultra-fast speed, performance, and security. And only a few web hosting service providers were able to adopt Google cloud for their services, out of which Stromonic is one among them (first in India atleast).

Transmail Service: Transaction email, also known as Transmail, plays a crucial role for any business. Even though many web hosting service providers don't give this major feature importance, Stromonic is still offering Transmail service to its users. And since Stromonic's in-house developers develop this feature, the team guarantees 100% mail delivery of your business emails.

LiteSpeed Server: LiteSpeed Server, also known as (LSWS), is the top most popular web server, estimated to be used by 10% of the websites all across the globe to date. Stromonic has been using LiteSpeed webserver instead of NGINX on their platform for years now. This server increases the performance and scalability of web hosting platforms. The best part is that the server can serve thousands of clients simultaneously with minimum load on memory and CPU.

Daily Backups: All the web hosting and WordPress hosting plans by Stromonic come with a daily backup feature. This feature freely does daily offsite backup so that users don't lose any data because of external/internal issues and can restore it all with a single click.

So, with Stromonic plans, if you accidentally delete any database, email, or file, you can get it back quickly with just a click.

MariaDB Database: MariaDB is the latest and upgraded version of MySQL that offers improved speed as compared to the latter one. So, if you are running an Ecommerce site, then MariaDB is something important for you to consider.

Google's QUIC and HTTP/3: Google QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is the latest protocol developed by Google to make the Web more secure and faster for users. It accelerates HTTP traffic and makes the connection highly secure to use. Many businesses have already been using QUIC for a while now, including Instagram, Uber, Facebook for their web apps.

AI-Powered Anti-Bot System: Stromonic AI-powered anti-bot system quickly detects malicious behavior patterns and blocks bad traffic. The major benefit of using Artificial Intelligence for your hosting needs is it quickly analyzes data from multiple centers. And after analysis, it makes sure to automatically stop unwanted bots.

Free Wildcard SSL: A Wildcard SSL is popular for its ability to secure an unlimited number of subdomains on a single certificate. This SSL works perfectly for those who own or manage multiple sites or pages on the same domain. Hence, with the Stromonic Web hosting package, users also get access to a regular one and a Wildcard SSL, all for free.

Cpanel Access: So, whenever a user buys any specific plan, he/she gets access to its own dedicated control panel. With this panel, users can easily manage their entire website, emails and FTP accounts. Not just this, for EverCloud Pro and EverCloud Plus packages, Stromonic provides an extra option to add additional domains and create independent websites.

Stromonic Pricing

Stromonic offers three different pricing plans for its web hosting service. All these plans come with a different set of features. But there are a few common things included in all the plans.

Like, free domain service, 99.99% uptime, multi-code support, one-click staging, daily backups, managed security, DDoS protection, pre-installed GIT, Transmail service, SFTP user access, and the incredible speed of Google. Talking about the plans, here are the three Stromonic Web-hosting plans for you to choose from:

StromBolt: $29.95/month (Special Price)

  • 5 WordPress Sites
  • 10 GB fast SSD Space
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • 25,000 monthly visitor
  • 1X basic power

StromBolt Plus: $59.95/month (Special Price)

  • 10 WordPress Sites
  • 20 GB fast SSD storage
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • 50,000 monthly visitors
  • 2X turbo power

StromBolt Pro: $89.95/month (Special Price)

  • 15 WordPress Sites
  • 30 GB fast SSD storage
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • 100,000 monthly visitors
  • 3X Superpower

This special price by Stromonic is available for just a limited time period. After renewal, all the plans will be again priced at $5.95/month, $9.95/month, and $13.95/month, respectively.

Stromonic even offers a reseller hosting service, and the feature here provided is the same as the ones provided for the web hosting service. The new ones are cPanel and WHM, and unlimited databases.

Jumpstart: $4.95/month

  • 40 cPanel accounts
  • 80 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certificate

Jumpstart Plus: $7.45/month

  • 60 cPanel accounts
  • 120 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 2 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certificate

Jumpstart Pro: $9.95/month

  • 80 cPanel accounts
  • 160 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 3 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certificate

This special price by Stromonic is available for just a limited time period. After renewal, all the plans will be again priced at $19.95/month, $29.95/month, and $39.95/month, respectively.

The Stromonic WordPress hosting pricing plan is similar to the Stromonic Web hosting pricing plan. The only additional feature added here is one-click WordPress access, 24/7 site monitoring, and AI anti-bot system.

Stromonic values customers more than anything, and thus their customer satisfaction rate by now is 97%, which is incredible. Talking about the support team of Stromonic, the individuals some developers are experts in their field and are aware of the know-how of websites, plugins, themes, and much more.

Stromonic Customer Service

So if by any chance you get stuck in between, you can contact the team through email, live chat, telephonic, or ticket support. The team often responds to issues within an average time of 15 minutes.

Now, if looked into the customer service of major web hosting service providers, they don't have experts helping you around with queries. Instead, system admins are set up to resolve customer issues, and most of the time, these admins refer users to self-help articles and blogs to solve basic issues.

And with Stromonic, this is not the case. Even if the customer rings them up, the developer listens to the queries and walks along with you throughout the process and helps accordingly. Instant support is much needed for customers who don't have any knowledge about web-hosting; great applause to Stromonic team for such premium, crown-level customer service!

The 45-Day Return Policy by Stromonic!

So, now comes the most frequently asked question customers often ask before subscribing to any web hosting service provider plan. And like most other providers, even Stromonic offers a risk-free 45 days money-back guarantee to its users. This refund policy is just for the new clients and not for the existing ones renewing their plans. When it comes to VPS hosting and Cloud servers, Stromonic offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Users must contact their billing department 30-15 days before their renewal date. The team will get back to you for the verification process before the cancellation takes place. If the user wishes to cancel any hosting plan where the free domain name was included, the team will deduct the domain registration fee (around $14) from the final refundable amount.

Apart from hosting services, Stromonic even offers users exclusive domain services. So whether you want to find a perfect domain name for your business or want to transfer your domain, with Stromonic, you can do it all. Here are some benefits of choosing Stromonic for your domain registration:

Stromonic Domain Services

With Stromonic, you can find exclusive domain names at an unmissable price range. Talking about domain transfers, you don't even have to pay a penny for this service; with Stromonic, it's very quick and easy.

Stromonic as a web hosting service provider truly came a long way. It has built customers from different corners of the world who are highly satisfied by the team's service. Not just this, Stromonic has data centers located in the US and India.

Stromonic Review Services

If you have still not understood how beneficial Google cloud storage is, we'll make you understand it all in short. All the cloud hosting services by Stromonic are built at Google Cloud Infrastructure for higher performance and scalability. And this is what makes the service provider stand unique from its competitors.

Google cloud storage is known for its capability to store big data with higher efficiency. Users can perform multiple operations at the same time with high performance. And as we already know, Google is committed to constant development so that users don't really have to face security and speed issues at any hour of the day.

Apart from scheduled and emergency maintenance, Stromonic guarantees 99.99% uptime, which is well tested and true. If this doesn't happen in your case, the team even commits to credit 10% of the monthly fee for each hour of a network interruption. And this certainly shows how confident the Stromonic team is with their services.

Coming to the question of whether you need to trust their services for the long term? The answer is DEFINITELY YES!

What is Stromonic and what services does it offer?

Stromonic is a managed web hosting provider offering services like web hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and domain registration. It provides fast and secure hosting solutions for businesses.

What are some key features of Stromonic's WordPress hosting plans?

Stromonic's managed WordPress hosting includes features like free CDN, free SSL certificates, daily backups, staging environment, integrated caching, one-click WordPress installs and updates, WAF protection, and 24/7 expert support.

How does Stromonic ensure reliability and security?

Stromonic utilizes multiple security measures like SSL encryption, firewalls, DDoS protection, and intrusion detection to secure hosted websites and data. It also provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee backed by an anycast network and redundant infrastructure.

What pricing plans does Stromonic offer for WordPress hosting?

Stromonic offers three managed WordPress hosting plans starting from $29.95/month. All plans include optimized servers, NVMe SSD storage, free migration, and a 45-day money-back guarantee. Plans differ by allowed sites, bandwidth, and storage limits.

Why choose Stromonic over other web hosts?

Key reasons to choose Stromonic include excellent performance from a custom cloud infrastructure, unrestricted resource usage, tier-less 24/7 expert support, flexible scalability to handle traffic spikes, and affordable managed hosting suited for any business.

Stromonic Facebook Group

Stromonic Twitter Group

To conclude, we believe Stromonic to be a feature-packed, Budget-friendly and highly reliable web hosting provider. And we are saying this because of several reasons, out of which the major one is Custom Cloud, which Stromonic uses for its services. They have built their CDN to boost website speed globally. The 99.99% guaranteed uptime Stromonic offers is insane; it handles load all awesomely and gives amazing speed all the time.

All in all, Stromonic is everything you would need in your business journey. From dedicated support to high-quality speed, you name it, and the developers do it all for you. Whether you are a beginner confused about what goes into critical hosting-related service, or an expert in this field, you would never get disappointed with the team (and we are saying this from our personal experience).

As rightly said by the team, “Stromonic is powering creators to grow,” and there's more to come in the near future. The next-generation technology for your website is just a tap away; avail Stromonic services now. And if you have already been using Stromonic for a while now, your views are always welcome in the comments below.😊

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