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Synthesia.io has revolutionized video creation – with its AI-powered platform, anyone from individuals to companies can create attractive and engaging videos without having to be on camera. This makes it incredibly easy for users to produce amazing content quickly and efficiently. With respect to that, we'll also be having an overview of the features, tools, and other important aspects of Synthesia which are worth considering before you get along with this excellent AI-powered video generation tool.

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Synthesia Coupons and Promo Codes 2024

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What is Synthesia? Synthesia Review, Intro, Demo & Tutorial Videos

Synthesia is an AI-powered video generator that can work on multiple aspects such as different artificial humans, voice modules, backgrounds, and much more. All of these features offered by Synthesia.io can result in making things even better for businesses, media agencies, and marketers as well. One of the key features offered by Synthesia includes text-to-audio with over 120+ languages and 65+ built-in avatars. Now that, we have mentioned some of the use cases, let's take a deeper dive into the features and how you can use Synthesia for your business and marketing operations.

Synthesia Key Features

Synthesia can be an excellent choice for users to generate AI-powered videos for all business operations, here are some of the use cases you can look forward to:

Text to Video

One of the key features of using Synthesia is its access to deliver the video format output using text, this, as a result, can help in decreasing the reliability of audio and voice-over artists. Therefore, also decreasing the resources spent on these simple but important factors.

65+ Built-in Avatars

This is one of the primary features that help in delivering better results overall, having more than 65+ built-in avatars gives a wide variety of options to explore depending upon the type of video output you might be wanting to work on.

120+ language options

Having more than 120+ language options can result in delivering better output for different audience groups. As a business or marketer who is seeking to get into different audience demographics can utilize this feature for better targeting.

Custom Background Music

Synthesia offers this excellent feature for custom background music as well as using in-built background music. This way you can work on the custom background music and make your way around getting the best results possible.

Import Powerpoints

You can also work on importing PowerPoint and getting the best results possible for business presentations and showcasing your products.

Free Stock Images & Videos

This feature might not be considered among the standalone features offered by Synthesia but having access to free stock images and videos can result in better output with diversification.

Easy-to-use Interface

Synthesia has got this easy-to-use user interface which makes it a suitable choice for all types of users, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level person, using Synthesia won't be a tough choice to move ahead with.

You can also check out other features as well using the link mentioned below.

Synthesia.io Use Cases

As we have already mentioned above Synthesia.io can be a great tool for multiple use cases which includes making how-to videos, tutorials, and much more. Let's have a quick around them to understand how you can take leverage upon using Synthesia:


If you own a business or a YouTube channel, using Synthesia can be of great use to make your way around creating video tutorials under your category. This can help in covering a broader topic or creating brand awareness for your business.

Training Videos

Users can also generate training videos for different verticals, these training videos can be used for different verticals such as Sales, Onboarding, Compliance, Cybersecurity, and Technical aspect as well.

Product Targeting Videos

Users can also generate product-targeting videos that can help in making better brand engagement and business operations while getting the best results from per sales perspective.

Synthesia Pricing Plans

Synthesia Pricing Plans

Synthesia offers 2 different pricing plans including the Personal and the Corporate Plan, one of the plans is already tailored as per the tools and everything, whereas the other plan is more of a customizable plan. The plans are mentioned below:

Synthesia Personal Plan

The personal plan is basically an already-built plan and costs $30/month while giving access to 10 video credits per month. The synthesis personal plan gives access to all the features offered by Synthesia. Since this is more of a personal plan, it can be a good-to-go choice for people who have limited use of the tool and video generation.

Synthesia Corporate Plan

Just in case, you are not pretty much satisfied with the features that are offered in the Synthesia personal plan, you can opt for the Synthesia corporate plan, the additional features that you can get access to include the customized number of credits for video generation, plus users can also get priority support which was not available in the personal plan. Some of the additional features offered by Synthesia include:

  • All the features offered in Synthesia Personal Plan.
  • 25+ Premium built-in avatars.
  • Premium Shutterstock built-in avatars.
  • Branded Video share page.
  • Custom fonts
  • SAML SSO Support.
  • Upto 50 Slides per Video.

 Top FAQs on Synthesia Coupons & Promo Codes 2024

Why is my Synthesia Coupon not working?

You may be having trouble using your Synthesia discount code for a few reasons. Be sure to check if the coupon has expired since some deals are only temporary. Double-check that you have entered the correct code to avoid any potential mistakes. Additionally, make sure that the coupon applies to your current order for it to work properly.

How can you cancel your Synthesia subscription?

You have full control over your account and can make any change at any time; you can easily cancel or upgrade your account with just a few simple steps in the settings.

How to know if my Synthesia coupon code is authentic?

The surest way to verify a coupon’s legitimacy is to use it. When paying your bill, key in the coupon code correctly and you'll receive the stated discount if it's valid. This will help to guarantee its authenticity.

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Conclusion | Synthesia Coupons & Promo Codes

Synthesia is shaking up the way businesses craft videos, giving them access to a 120-language creator and the potential to save up to 80% of their time and budget. It's no surprise then, that it has been rated number one!

Take advantage of our exclusive promotional offers and unlock Synthesia’s power for yourself at a discounted price. Now is the time to make your video creation process more efficient and advance your business with the help of Synthesia AI. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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