Are you struggling for creating better copies and content for your blogs websites and day-to-day productivity? Then TextCortex AI has got you covered! Whether you are a content writer or looking to create an Ad campaign, it takes a lot of effort to create effective & engaging content for your audience, right? TextCortex is the game-changer for all marketers, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and copywriters to write better and more engaging content every day!

In this TextCortex Review 2024, we will help you to understand how you can improve your creative writing ability through the suggestions generated by AI. With this tool, you can save your long hours creating content for your website, blog, social media ads, and more! What I liked the most, is you can create amazing content at the same cost that would take to hire copywriters.

TextCortex is the ultimate tool for your writing needs and helps you to make your content more authentic and creative from start to finish like never before!

With TextCortex, you can rewrite your content, paraphrase any text, and improve your fluency with appropriate tone and style! Wondering, what's more, you will be getting with TextCortex? Read our TextCortex review till the end to discover what are the TextCortex features, TextCortex pricing plans, TextCortex alternatives, and more!

So, let’s jump straight to the in-depth review of TextCortex to help you decide why you should get this software for your copywriting needs!

TextCortex Review: What is TextCortex in a Nutshell?

TextCortex AI Review

TextCortex is an AI copywriting tool that assists you to write creative & engaging content for your website, blog, social media, ads, and more. With this tool, you can create email copies for your targeted audience with unique and custom-fit texts for marketing and other usages!

This tool helps you to generate product descriptions, marketing content, and more to help businesses integrate creativity. Moreover, you can also collaborate with TextCortex to streamline your workflow anytime, anywhere!

TextCortex helps you to grow your business fast with SEO-optimized blog posts, email descriptions, email copy, high-performing ad content, engaging social media copy, and text generation API!  With TextCortex’s browser extension, you can create content in any textbox with the latest AI generation capabilities. TextCortex's AI algorithm helps marketers, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and copywriters to do more with their content every day. The best part is, this tool helps you to create content just like human creation and is completely unique!

TextCortex AI tool supports more than 20 languages which include English, Dutch, German, Ukrainian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Apart from this, there is a variety of templates and features which ranges from paraphrasing tool to text summarizer to youtube description generator and more than 60 templates that suit your business needs.

If you compare TextCortex AI with other copywriting tools over the market, then you will find it is a lot cheaper than its competitors such as Jasper, Simplified, Copy AI, Rytr, and more. TextCortex is an extremely powerful tool where you can unlock premium features where you can highlight your text, rewrite the content and create content according to your needs.

This AI copywriting tool also offers free rewriting tools where you can rewrite your sentences, essays, emails and so much more. Free summarizing tool where you can extract long-form content in any textbox. Free YouTube description generator to create catchy & SEO-optimized descriptions for your YouTube channel in a matter of seconds!

Latest TextCortex Coupons and Promo Codes 2024

Want to save some extra bucks on TextCortex? Check out the below listed TextCortex coupon codes and offers to get the highest discount on its plans.

Here is a saturated overview of the TextCortex features and specifications which can be considered while choosing TextCortex as your AI-powered content-generating companion.

TextCortex Overview & Specifications

TextCortex Benefits for Copywriters and Marketers

TextCortex Dashboard

TextCortex offers you various advantages to increase your productivity by creating SEO-optimized content in seconds! Here are the top benefits of TextCortex below:

  1. Zeno Assistant: With Zeno Assistant, you can create blog posts, essays, and articles and write anything you want in their creator suite. It allows you to:
    • Analyze meeting notes to generate the next steps, instantly.
    • Write a summary in 30 seconds, not in half an hour.
    • Surface what’s important from research, sales calls & more.
  1. Rewrite your sentences: Using TextCortex, you can rewrite and paraphrase your content in various ways Moreover, you can improve your fluency with appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style within seconds! Now you can:
    • Type down the sentences that you want to rewrite
    • Highlight the content and rewrite it as per your needs
    • Replace the best option with your content
  1. Simple Interface: TextCortex comes with an easy-to-use interface where you can find the best keywords for your content. It comes with NLP (natural language processing technology) that provides you with accurate suggestions without any extra effort needed.
  1. Grammar & Spelling Fixer: TextCortex enables you to your grammatical mistakes and helps you to summarize longer texts into short summaries with key points. Now you can make your content longer and add new sentences on top of your content.
  1. Value For Money: TextCortex is an all-in-one AI copywriting software that is highly suitable for all business sizes and is highly affordable for marketers! No need to break the bank for getting this tool and is much more cost-effective compared to other copywriting tools on the market.
  1. 25+ Languages: TextCortex supports 25+ languages where you can create content in any textbox using the latest AI generation capabilities and helps you to highlight your content and create engaging content with this AI tool!
  1. SEO-Optimized Blog Posts: This AI writing assistant helps you to create engaging SEO-optimized content & plagiarism-free high-quality articles to attract more quality leads and increase sales to boost your productivity to the next level.
  1. Product Descriptions: It enables you to generate attractive product descriptions within seconds and in this way, you can increase your conversion rate for eCommerce platforms to get tons of visitors to your product pages.
  1. Engaging Email Copy: With this tool, you can easily write unique and engaging emails that can bring you massive open & reply rates with more conversions like never before!
  1. High-performing Ad Content: TextCortex AI allows you to generate unique high-performing advertisement copies that help you to increase your click-through rate (CTR) and boosts your conversion rate to the next level!
  1. Engaging Social Media Copy: Social media presence is a vital part of all businesses. With the use of TextCortex, you can write creative copy that increases engagement with your target audience and boosts your brand's online presence on various social media channels.
  1. Text Generation API: It allows you to easily integrate TextCortex API into your interface and generate content within a matter of seconds!
  1. Automated Tools: Now you can automate your content creation as well as email marketing with just a few clicks and create ad campaigns that can cater to the need of your target audience with the use of fully automated tools!

TextCortex Features: What Are You Getting Inside?

TextCortex offers various features that help marketers to optimize their content for better visibility and boost their organic traffic. This tool comes with extensive features that are discussed below:

1. Zeno AI Writing Assistant

Zeno AI Writing Assistant by TextCortex

Zeno AI writing assistant helps you to automate your tedious work where you can create something new or you can summarize what is more important to you. You can add it to your Chrome browser it is completely free! Zeno will help you to analyze meeting notes to generate the next steps, write and summarize content within 30 seconds, and also helps you to outline what is vital from your research, sales calls, and more!

2. Multiple Integrations

TextCortex has integrations with various platforms such as LinkedIn where you can create & generate marketing copies, create AI writing templates on Twitter, create beautiful emails on Microsoft Outlook, create beautiful articles on your Medium editor, make edits and rewrites on your Overleaf dashboard, create meeting agendas summarize lengthy texts with Notion, create YouTube video descriptions, create beautiful emails on Gmail, streamline your workload in your Opera browser, Microsoft Edge browser integration, Google Chrome integration, Groove integration with customized email templates, Google Docs integration to work smoothly on Google docs.

3. ZenoChat (ChatGPT Killer)

ZenoChat by TextCortex

ZenoChat AI works in a similar manner to ChatGPT and it allows you to chat anytime using their sidebar on any website. Now you can use ZenoChat anytime you need and it will remember your past dialogues and delivers answers with your dialogue.

4. Available In 25+ Languages

TextCortex AI content writing tool supports 25+ languages and helps you to promote your business anywhere you want! Whether you want to reach your potential customers or create high-converting emails this tool will help you to build good relations with your customers. No need to learn languages which is not familiar to you!

5.   Voice Activation

TextCortex Text to Speech AI feature helps those who have problems on focusing written text and people with visual or reading impairments. It also makes the job easier for second language learners. You just need to highlight any sentence or paragraph that you want and click on the speaker symbol and the AI will do the rest!

6.   Browser Extension

TextCortex Browser Extension

TextCortex comes with a browser extension that helps you to write better, and faster from everywhere you want! With this Chrome extension, you can write any content with the right words which is easy to read. Get custom word counts and better page optimization that helps you to generate high-quality pages without any manual effort. This browser extension is highly profitable for online content creators, marketers, social media marketers, and bloggers to make your content stay ahead of the competition. Automate your workload by simply highlighting your text, using one-click features, and in this way, you can improve, rephrase and expand your writing instantly.

7. 60+ AI Writing Templates

TextCortex AI Writing Templates

TextCortex offers 60+ AI templates for your copywriting process. This feature provides you with multiple templates to make your content more professional & productive!

Free Online Grammar checker tool that instantly correct grammatical mistakes, TikTok caption generator to create engaging TikTok videos, Zeno ChatGPT, Online Text to Speech AI tool, Writer's Unblocker for creating productive content, Zeno Mode Assistant to smooth your content writing process, AI writing assistant, AI Tone Changer to create high-quality writing with human-sounding output.

Support Email Generator to turn bullet points into well phrased emails, Product Description Generator to create SEO-optimized content & product descriptions for better conversion for your eCommerce platforms, Marketing Copy Generator for generating high converting ad copies and stunning Facebook Ad Copy Generator to create high-converting ad campaigns for Facebook and instagram.

Sales Email Generator to create unique emails for better engagement, Instagram Caption Generator to create engaging content for your Instagram account, Blog Post writer for high-quality blog posts, Blog Title Generator for unique, catchy & SEO-optimized blog titles, Paraphrasing Tool to rephrase your content, Text Summarizer to extract long-form content, YouTube Description Generator to create SEO-optimized description for your YouTube channels.

TextCortex 100% Free Tools

TextCortex Free Tools

TextCortex AI helps you to optimize SEO-friendly content for search engine result pages. It is one of the top 200 hottest European AI startups that reduces your computation time and footprint. Here are the free tools that TextContex offers:

1. Free Rewriting Tool

TextCortex offers free paraphrasing tool that helps you to rephrase your content in any textbox. This Ai powered rewriting tool enables you to rephrase any text, and rewrite any article that you want! No more worries about finding the right words for writing any email copy, for any product description, or for starting any new blog post! Get the best writing quality for your content. Transform your ideas into high-quality content by simply highlighting your text, and clicking on the paraphrase feature and it will deliver you the best output ever!

2. Free Summarization Tool

TextCortex Free Summarization Tool

TextCortex AI summarizing tool helps you to extract long-form content into short paragraphs with bulleted points. Now you can save time when you create long-form articles, and documents by listing down the main points as per your needs. If you have long texts and want to summarize them into important points you just simply highlight your text, click on the summarize feature and get the output within a matter of seconds!

3. Free YouTube Description Tool

Free YouTube Description Tool by TextCortex

With TextCortex AI, you will get a free YouTube description tool that helps you to create eye-catching & SEO-optimized descriptions for your YouTube videos, using this AI writing content. With this YouTube description generator, you can create engaging YouTube descriptions in seconds! Automate your work where you just have to enter the YouTube video title, then simply insert your target audience and create eye-popping video descriptions at scale!

Textcortex Students Program

TextCortex Students Program offers you 1 month of TextCortex Premium Account for free! It makes the job easier for students, where you just have to highlight your text, and they will provide you with the best suggestions.

To get the benefit of their Students program, you have to apply for your student mail, then you have to tell TextCortex what are you using it for and you will get free access to a 1-month TextCortex premium and get instant access to the student network and create exclusive content!

TextCortex Creator Partnership Program

TextCortex Creator Partnership Program

TextCortex's Creator Partnership Program is specially created for creators to provide the best value for preparing partnerships together. This AI tool helps you to educate entrepreneurs for improving their content writing process. This program is coming soon, and you just simply fill up a survey to get instant access.

TextCortex Developers Program

TextCortex's Developer Program is coming soon for Developers which is built on top of their API. Now you can improve your writing process and rewrite sentences to inspire writers to move beyond writer's block. Just simply fill out a survey to get instant access!

TextCortex Developers Program

TextCortex Pricing Plan (Upto 50% OFF Deal)

TextCortex AI Pricing Plans

TextCortex offers 4 pricing plans which are the Free Plan, Pro Plan, Business Plan, and Team Plan which provide you lifetime access! Let's see what are you getting with each plan in detail:

1. Free Plan ($0/mo)

The free plan is free to use and includes limited features for daily use. It is best suited for creators, marketers, and students. The Free Plan includes:

  • 10 Creations per day
  • ZenoChat Feature
  • Rewriting & Rephrasing
  • Extend your text
  • Email writer
  • No credit card required

2. Pro Plan ($19.99/mo)

The Pro Plan is basically suited for individuals and businesses who create content regularly. This plan includes:

  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • Unlimited creations
  • Creation and translation in 25+ languages
  • Up to 200-word creations at a time
  • Summarizer
  • Tone changer
  • 5+ more Features below
  • Money back guarantee for 5 days

3. Business Plan ($49.99/mo)

The Business Plan is best suited for professional content creators who generate content every day. This tool includes:

  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Unlimited creations
  • Up to 300-word generations at a time
  • Up to 1900-word rewrites at a time
  • 80+ AI Writing Templates
  • ZenoChat – Web Search Feature
  • Unlimited Customizable AI Personas
  • 12+ more Features below
  • Money back guarantee for 5 days

4. Team Plan ($ 2699.40)

The Team Plan is specially designed for a team of creators with discounted pricing. For 5-19 creators it will cost $$44.99 USD/month/user, For 20-49 creators it will cost you $42.49 USD/month/user, For 50+ creators it will cost you $39.99 USD/month/user.  If you add more team members, you will get more discounts on your billing. Save up to $300 with the Team Plan!

The Team Plan includes:

  • All Premium features
  • One payment
  • Centralized billing
  • Discounted Pricing

Who Can Use TextCortex AI?

TextCortex is one of the most powerful copywriting tools on the market. It helps you create SEO-optimized content within seconds. It is the perfect tool for:

  • Content Creators
  • Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • YouTube Video Creators
  • New Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Facebook Ad Creators
  • Instagram Ad Creators
  • eCommerce Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • SEO Content Creators
  • And Many More

Pros & Cons Of TextContex AI

Though TextContex AI is a robust content creator tool, for all industries there are some positive & negative sides of this software that is better to consider before you buy this tool. Let's see TextCortex's Pros & Cons below:

Top FAQs On TextCortex Review 2024

Is TextCortex free?

Yes, absolutely! TextCortex offers a free plan, where you will receive 10 creations every day. If you want to enjoy more features, then you have to upgrade your plan with premium features.

Which languages does TextCortex support?

TextCortex supports 25+ languages which include English, Dutch, German, Ukrainian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and much more.

Which templates and features does TextCortex offer?

TextCortex offers more than 60+ AI templates that suit your needs which include a paraphrasing tool, text summarizing tool, YouTube description generator, rewriting tool, and auto-formatting tool.

How does TextCortex's pricing compare with Jasper (Jarvis), Writesonic, Copy AI, and others?

Compared to Jasper, Writesonic, and Copy AI, TextCortex offers affordable pricing plans and lets users generate unlimited content with their paid plans such as Pro Plan, Business Plan, and Team Plan. If you are looking for the cheapest tool, TextContex is the best choice.

Is the created text unique and plagiarism-free?

Yes, TextCortex generates 100% unique and plagiarism-free content for all users. This AI tool creates high-quality articles within seconds with complete accuracy like human-written content does!

I canceled my subscription, what happens to my account?

Once you cancel your subscription plan, you will get all the premium features available for the selected plan till the end of your subscription date, after that, your account will get the features of the free plan.

How are TextCortex's reviews on G2, Trustpilot, Capterra, and other platforms?

TextCortex has more than 200+ five-star reviews on various reliable review sites out there such as Trustpilot, Capterra, G2, TrustRadius, and more.

TextCortex Alternatives to Try in 2024

Are you looking for the best alternatives for TextCortex? Here we have listed some of the top alternatives to TextCortex that can be a good choice for your copywriting needs! Compared to TextCortex, the other copywriting tools have similar skill sets, but there are some differences in features & pricing. It is recommended to have an in-depth analysis before making your final decision!

Here are the top closest alternatives of TextCortex AI:

  • Jasper: Jasper has been a popular choice among marketers and bloggers for quite some time. Similar to TextCortex, Jasper also offers a Chrome extension that gives access to over 60+ AI templates on the go. Jasper also offers a 5-day free trial which can be used to get along with the features offered by it.
  • Copy AI: Copy can be considered as another TextCortex alternative that works in almost all similar aspects of content creation. One of the things which is worth mentioning over here is that you can get access to a free plan with 2000 words being generated per month, or you can also try out unlimited content creation for as low as $36/month.
  • Rytr: Content marketers and agencies that seek to generate content without any limitations can look forward to Rytr; as Rytr's unlimited plan is available at a cost of $29/month, giving it a try won't be unworthy. You can also try Rytr free plan if you are not sure that Rytr is going to be the right companion for content generation.
  • Anyword: Anyword has been in the content marketing industry for quite some time now, they have been operational since 2013, way before AI was even a thing; this as a result makes Anyword a trustworthy choice among marketers and bloggers. Even though it does not offer any unlimited plan, it does offer features like blog wizard which can be used for better long-form output.
  • Writesonic: Writesonic has been a popular choice among content writers and bloggers, one of the primary features that can be used is the article generator, as it can generate a long-form article while covering the required keyword on the go. Unlike other AI writing tools in the market, Writesonic offers 3 different content options in terms of quality including premium, superior, and ultimate quality for content generation. The price and word count might vary depending on the choice of quality.
  • INK: INK for All is one such AI writing tool in the market that can help in generating unlimited content at a cost of $39/month. The tool gives access to unlimited creations, articles, and AI Images on the go, which is pretty excellent as per the price point on which it operates. It is also worth mentioning that INK for All offers 130+ AI templates and supports 20+ languages for content generation.

Conclusion on TextCortex Review

If you are looking to create AI-generated high-quality content, then TextCortex is surely worth trying! TextCortex offers various features from rewriting your content, to rephrasing your content with auto-formatting and spellcheck features that can deliver the best results for your business needs!

I really liked how they generate SEO-optimized and 100% unique content with just one click! No need to check for their accuracy as it helps you to create high-quality articles for your readers without even compromising the quality score.

TextCortex is an excellent tool for all marketers, and online businesses to get the best results in real-time. So, if you are looking for an affordable AI copywriting tool for creating engaging marketing ad copies then I would highly recommend you to try TextCortex Free plan.

Still, have confusion? We are here to help you out with all your queries! Thank you for reading our TextCortex review, wish you GOODLUCK!

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