If you are on your journey to harness the very collective brilliance and meet the industry leaders who will be empowering innovations in the future, you should definitely visit The MarTech Summit. Taking place in Singapore on October 25 this year, this event will give you a chance to be a part of a breathtaking, in-person roundtable.

The event which is also being called as The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore has been specifically designed to have the brightest minds of the industry under one single roof. This event will provide a great culture to begin with your high standard networking and at the same time aim at the very bright future of your business.

About The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore

The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore

The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore will have a platform where you can have in-depth discussions with your future clients or business partners. And with that, you can also experience the refreshing styles of engagements, through the very exploration of themed topics of facilitated and interactive sessions.

The carefully curated agenda in the event will cover a wide range of subjects that also include customer data, demand, and also revenue generation. One can also learn about the topics such as breaking team silos & building alignment, MarTech tool advancements, and more.

While you attend this roundtable, you can exchange industry insights with similar-minded people. Grow your connections with the best in the field marketers and industry leaders. And that's not just it, you can also take your marketing strategies to heights and ensure the utmost engagement while maximizing the digital experience and marketing technology.

What can one expect from The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore?

The attendees can witness great industry speeches, with some of the most appreciated personalities. The industries that will be covered during the event are  Marketing & Technology, Digital Experience, Customer Experience (CX) & Engagement, Brand Loyalty & Retention, Data & Consumer Insights, E-commerce Marketing, Digital Strategy, Innovation, CRM, DXP, Automation, Digital Transformation & Growth,  Information Technology, SEO & SEM, AI, Social Media Marketing,  Hyper-Personalisation, DEX,  Omnichannel Experiences, Disruptive Technology, Data Insights, Content Strategy and also Digital Storytelling.

The MarTech Summit will focus on roundtable discussions between attendees and also the speakers. You can also experience the in-depth F2F networking. The curated format facilitates smooth interactions with speakers & attendees, making the whole event much worth it.

Topics at The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore

The topics that are about to be discussed at the event are revenue generation, MarTech tool advancements, customer data, and marketing strategy and execution.

One can also hear the influencing topics such as Connected Experiences with Disruptive Technologies, Sales Enablement, Brand Affinity & Sales Conversions, Video Marketing Strategies, Programmatic Media Performance, Proactive Customer Experience 24/7,  Digital Experience with Innovative Platforms, and Goal-based Marketing.

Also, get your brains attached to topics such as Digital Employee Experience Hybrid, In-Person and Virtual, Employee Advocacy, Business Sustainability, Digital Marketing Upskilling, Internal Communications and Workflow & Future of Work.

Along with the above-mentioned topics one can listen to Customer Behavioural Data, First Party Data & Cookieless Future, Customer Journeys Mapping, CDP (Customer Data Platform), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Omni-channel Personalisation, Single Customer View, as well as Customer Privacy.

When we talk about the business-boosting and marketing topics, one can attend topics such as Measuring and Maximising Digital Marketing ROI, Marketing Automation, User Generated Content (UGC) & Effective Storytelling, cross-channel marketing Campaigns, MarTech Integration, Brand Affinity, Small Budgets, Big Results and also Digital Transformation.

Speakers at The MarTech Summit

Previous Speakers at The MarTech Summit Singapore

The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore will be hosting a great set of speakers and that is for sure as the previous speaker's list confirms it.

Tickets for The MarTech Summit

Tickets for The MarTech Summit Singapore

The tickets for The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore, which is also the Roundtable event have two ranges of tickets available at present on their official website. These two tickets are the Summit Pass and the Vendor Pass.

Both passes are available with the Super Early Bird Pass discount that gets you a heavy percentage off of the actual price.

At present the Summit Pass is available for US$ 395 and the Vendor Pass is available for US $ 1,995.

We at Afftweaks are grateful for being associated with the fabulous event The MarTech Summit Revenue Generation Singapore. And we really wish to see you at the event and know your thoughts about it.

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