The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam is a one-stop pit to meet with great minds from multiple industries. To have yourself indulged in the technological advancements, and to get to know the marketing developments in the current era do join the most innovative summit of the year.

Taking place on 19 September, you can join the live stream link and be a part of the future of marketing technology. The event is scheduled according to the Vietnam Time zone and will begin at 1 PM till 5:10 PM.

About The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam

The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam

Connect with the top minds of the industry and have a great opportunity to experience invaluable advancements in the field of technology as well as marketing. When you become a part of this upcoming event, you join the force that stays ahead of the curve.

The best part is that you can find yourself in, which are the most inspiring speeches by profound industry leaders. These leaders will be the ones to highlight the stories that made them the way they are now and put their companies ahead in the game. Know the strategies and the best innovative ideas that can change your life forever.

If you are someone who thinks of yourself as a tech-savvy person and are the adopter of tomorrow's solutions, this will be the best place which one usually calls a “Dream come true”. Get introduced to instant solutions, unprecedented access, and the best technology to match the future.

And if you have a business, brace yourself because this will be a summit that will have your mind filled with ideas of customization, connection as well as cohesion.

What can one expect from The Virtual MarTech Summit?

The Virtual MarTech Summit, Vietnam will be delivered through fireside chats. It is scheduled to have the most intriguing panel discussions as well as some great expert talks. Listen to the most intelligent thought-leaders who will cover industries most cutting-edge topics including MarTech Stack, Revenue Generation, Content Marketing, Personalisation, along with Digital Sustainability, and a lot more. 

Speakers of The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam

The event is set to hold the best panel of speakers, who have a vast range of mindsets. These are the speakers from various industries and the most regarded CEO’s and directors of a number of firms. Meet professionals from companies like Schneider Electric, Hanwa, SIEMENS, and even Carlsberg.

Speakers at The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam 2023

Schedule of Virtual MarTech Summit

The event will begin with a mind-blowing Panel Discussion on Innovation and Thriving in Marketing Transformation. This is where you can get a hold of key consumer behaviors driving the increasingly critical need for MarTech: seeking immersive experiences; seamless journeys online and offline, before, during, and after purchase; and branding being made personal.

Also, learn through the case studies from leading marketers on how to create a cohesive MarTech strategy that focuses on high adoption across the business, building cross-functional capabilities beyond platform investments, linking to business strategy, and leveraging test and learn.

Next, you can witness the keynote presentation on Building up user habits in different platforms to connect your brand content to customers, followed by another panel discussion on How to embed customer centricity into 360 marketing campaigns & omnichannel experiences.

You can also give yourself a wide knowledge of How to validate customer behavioral data to align with your marketing strategy, through a panel discussion.

Then one can witness a fireside chat on Unleashing the power of open-source media data for strategic decision-making, how media data can inform strategic decision-making at all levels of an organization, how to pair media data together with other forms of first-party data to enable clients to see their world clearly? And how can such insights be used to identify opportunities for growth, mitigate risks, and improve overall business performance?

Moving towards the end, the event will have a set of panel discussions on “When ChatGPT Meets Marketing Cloud” and “Utilising Social Media Platforms to Promote Brand Affinity: Partnering with Customers as Brand Influencers.”

These two sections will cover How Social Hub.AI (based on innovative technologies such as cloud-native, OpenAI, and Web 3.0) adopts CRM, CDP, and MA-integrated design? How to help brands build omnichannel consumer operation capabilities? Cases of its innovative applications: Interactive data insight; Multi-round social communication; Fully personalized content; AI Call based on the customer journey and the changing role of customers as brand advocates, promoters and upsell enablers on multiple platforms as well as curating the right social media platforms to create community stickiness and loyalty, respectively.

Tickets for Virtual MarTech Summit

The passes for this amazing event are available in four different ranges. Choose the one you think fits the best on your personal end and do be a part of this breathtaking event.

Tickets for The Virtual MarTech Summit 2023

We at AFFTweaks are honored to be a media partner of The Virtual MarTech Summit, and we wish to see you in the upcoming virtual summit real soon. 

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