Efficient client interaction plays a vital role in the proper functioning of every business.

As per stats on Uberall, any business needs to respond to at least 30% of reviews to out-do their competitors. But another stat on Womply mentioned that 75% of businesses do not even respond to customer reviews.

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That is a major loss for the company and occurs majorly due to improper CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

I present to you, Thryv! A one-stop cloud-based CRM solution for small business owners.

Thryv Review

As a business owner, you need to have everything organized; however, small business owners try and take matters into their own hands instead of delegating the tasks due to less profit margin.

The different verticals such as invoicing, managing customers, responding to proposals, etc., involved in a small business can be managed by Thryv. You can view your pending estimates, pending invoices, paid invoices, payment history, appointments, available clients, and much more in one place.

All you need to do is download the Thryv App or open the Thryv website using your web browser. Log in, and check your dashboard. Sadly, this efficient CRM software for small businesses is available only in the US but soon will launch. It’s that easy!

Let’s discuss in-depth about

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s always good to seek help. Understandably, small businesses and even start-ups do not have a huge budget to outsource different departments. That’s where Thryv comes to the rescue.

Below are the best features of Thryv CRM software that you must know about.

1. CRM – Customer Relationship Management

While generating leads is an important revenue-generating aspect of every business, it’s also important to stay connected to potential clients. They are the ones who return if their experience with the company is satisfactory.

Customer Relationship Management

To do so, the company needs to respond to their reviews, quotes, query & complaints. Thryv CRM tool allows you to manage all of this at the click of a button.

From creating custom response templates to checking insights on your leads, Thryv has everything you need to maintain an effective relationship with your current and future clients.

A plus for healthcare businesses is that all of their features support HIPAA compliance guidelines. Click here to check all features of Thryv’s CRM feature.

2. Manage Payment & Sales

If a small business does not keep track of invoices of payments, expenses, and sales, they cannot survive for long. Thryv solves this issue as well.

The CRM software’s strict encryption makes transactions secure for customers and the business.

Manage Payment & Sales

Moreover, their commission for credit card payments is quite competitive, hence, suitable for small businesses. You can accept and send payments via:

Send estimates, get overdue payment reminders, and create invoices for the smooth functioning of the business. You can also offer your customers an arrangement to book packages in advance via Thryv’s payment feature.

3. Marketing On Auto-Pilot

With Thryv, you don’t need to hire a separate marketing team because this CRM software for small businesses automates the entire process.

Following up with potential clients is one of the best marketing campaigns ever. By sending personalized messages such as ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Thank You,’ ‘We Miss You,’ etc., businesses greatly impact their clients.

Marketing On Auto-Pilot

Thryv lets you view your contact list on a single page, and you can use the CRM tool to create such message triggers required for efficient marketing.

You can schedule announcements, promotions, and create call-to-action buttons and send them to all of your business contacts at once. The mode of marketing they offer are:

Moreover, you also have the facility to check the campaign analytics such as clicks, views, and conversions using Thryv’s Marketing automation feature.

That way, you don’t just save your precious time. You ensure that you do not miss anyone out.

4. Increase Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most inexpensive and fastest way to connect to people. Small businesses can connect their Social Media handles to their Thryv account.

The benefits of using Thryv’s social media feature are:

Thryv has a content team that small businesses can take advantage of. All you need to do is get a social upgrade by getting in touch with Thryv’s customer support team, which is available 24/7 for the client’s support.

5. Managing Your Business Reputation

Even one bad review can be a huge setback for a small business. According to Speigel, more than 90% of people read customer reviews before they buy anything.

In case a company has two reviews, out of which one review is a negative one, their overall score changes to 2.5-star. That can generate a negative point-of-view.

Business Reputation

To keep the company’s reputation in check at all times, Thryv has a built-in system that you can use to send feedback emails to your contacts. Request more reviews, and make up for the apparent bad comment to rebuild your image using reputation management by Thryv.

Moreover, Thryv’s clients can respond almost as soon as a review is posted for their company. By sending a notification to your mobile phone, Thryv App helps you regulate good and bad comments.

6. Create Mobile-Friendly Custom Website

Users love it when the technology related to purchases, membership, etc., is quite easy. Thryv offers their clients an interactive online presence where they can get listed on 60+ websites.

Moreover, a client portal for small businesses is also a part of the online presence feature. That means your customers get to log in, send messages, book, pay, buy or even get directions via the website you create using Thryv.

With their 24/7 customer support team, the entire process becomes fairly simple.

You can also get faster approval to get listed on Google My Business, where potential customers can find your business easily.

Thryv offers unmatched SEO features for their client websites which also helps businesses get ranked on top when searched for on Google.

7. Manage Bookings, Schedules & Appointments

Starting from team schedules to adhering to client appointments, small businesses have to be diligent if they want to get ahead in the competitive environment. Thryv ensures that you get regular reminders regarding all your appointments and bookings.

Manage Bookings

Your company staff can also make use of Thryv CRM software for small businesses, right from their smartphones. Businesses can communicate about events, classes, training, etc., on time to generate maximum revenue out of their clients.

Staying organized has never been easier using Thryv because of their appointment booking feature.

8. Scope of Improvement

Everything houses the potential to improve, and so does Thryv. Some of the areas where they can improve are:

9. Let Other Countries Get The Benefits Too

Launching the CRM tool for small businesses in other major countries can lead to more businesses choosing Thryv.

Since it is only available for US citizens, small businesses in other major countries such as UK, Canada, India, etc., miss out on the wonderful options provided by Thryv. But needless to say, the rate at which they are building their presence in the USA will soon launch the software in other countries.

In the next part of the article, you will know how the pricing process works for Thryv.

It seems lengthy, time-consuming, and confusing. Although their team responds within 24-hours to every quote sent to them, they may lose out on potential clients who have a time-crunch.

Thryv Pricing

You can always contact Thryv’s customer support staff to clarify any doubts; however, a fixed pricing process seems to be the norm that most of their competitors follow.

How Does It Work?

Thryv sets custom pricing based on specific business requirements. There is a possibility that their client doesn’t need a specific feature that they offer. In such a case, the package of the CRM tool is decided accordingly.

They also provide the option to upgrade the features at any time their client asks for it.

Below is a simple process to show how this software works.

👉 What is Thryv?

Thryv is a secure end-to-end client experience platform designed for small companies to help you get the Job, Manage the Job, and Get Credit so you can reach more clients, remain organized, and get paid quicker, all from a single page, at any time and from any location.

👉 Where can I find out what packages a client has purchased?

Purchased packages can be seen on the client card's “Payments” tab.

👉 How can I keep track of the services that have been used in a package?

The Payments tab on the client card indicates which services a customer has utilized and are still available in their paid packages.

👉 What are the contract terms for Thryv?

Thryv provides a 6-month compulsory term subscription with auto-renewal. You have the option of paying semi-annually, which gives a 5% discount, or monthly.

👉 Who uses Thryv?

The most common users of Thryv are from Small Businesses & Marketing & Advertising industry.

Thryv is undoubtedly one of the best CRM software for small businesses. Not only do they help you remain organized, but they also make it easier for you to check the progress of your business.

By choosing Thryv, my life has become simpler, and my sales have become higher. That’s why I chose to review this exceptional CRM tool so that you can get all the facilities to run your business smoothly and efficiently.🚀🚀

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