Wondering whether Traffdealer is the right choice for you or not? Well, in this Traffdealer review, we'll be looking forward to what Traffdealer has to offer and how it can be an excellent choice for your affiliate marketing operations in the adult dating, iGaming, and Finance niche. Not only do they offer some excellent services for affiliates but you can also get along with better flexibility for traffic sources including Banner/native, Push, Social media, Pop-under, Google, and SEO. This, as a result, can be an excellent thing for making things even better from a promotional point of view.

The Traffdealer is an affiliate network offering multiple offers over Dating, iGaming and Finance verticals as their primary verticals to focus on. They have been in the industry since 2016 and performing really well for affiliates. Now that we know what Traffdealer offers, let's get started with an in-depth Traffdealer review to understand the features, commission, and everything else that can be important for an affiliate to look after.

Why Choose Traffdealer? Traffdealer Review

Traffdealer Affiliate Review

Traffdealer can be an excellent choice for affiliates as it can help you with a number of things including multiple verticals being available, this gives a wide range of options to affiliates to look after. The affiliates can also get:

Primary Verticals OfferedAdult Dating, iGaming, and Finance
Minimum Withdrawal$20 to $100
Payment FrequencyNet-7, Net-15, Net-30
Commission TypeCPL, CPA (DOI & SOI available)
Payment MethodsPaxum, Capitalist, USDT, BTC, WMZ, WIRE
  • Weekly Payments: Getting weekly payments can be one of the most excellent features that Traffdealer has to offer, in general, most of the affiliate networks offer monthly payments along with high payout options, well, Traffdealer offer very flexible payout option as compared to other affiliate networks in the same ecosystem.
  • Minimum Payouts: The Minimum payout offered by Traffdealer is only $20, the weekly payment option with only a $20 minimum payout is making Traffdealer a good-to-go choice among affiliates, as compared to most of the affiliate networks available in the market.
  • CPA Offers: Traffdealer offers quite a variation when it comes to CPA offers, these CPA offers include SOI (Single Opt-in Option), DOI (Double opt-in), and CPS (Cost per Sale) which give affiliates some excellent options to explore.
  • All Geos: Traffdealer accepts affiliates from all the Geos making it an excellent choice among affiliate marketers around the globe. As an affiliate, having availability across all the geos gives a better opportunity in terms of promotional activities.
  • Variety of Smartlinks: The option to get along with a wide variety makes Traffdealer an excellent choice overall. Using smartlinks is a great way to increase engagement and can be used for many purposes. Smartlinks can help increase engagement by providing users with a specific call-to-action that leads them to a website or landing page. This call-to-action can also provide users with a coupon, special offer, or other valuable information. Smartlinks can also help businesses reach targeted audiences by providing users with the option to share the link.
  • Exclusive offers: Traffdealers offers a wide range of offers that makes it an excellent choice overall. As an affiliate, choosing a network that provides exclusive offers can be a great upside. As a user, if you look into the exclusive offers, smartlinks, $20 minimum payout, and weekly payouts, all combined can be really helpful overall for affiliates.
  • Highest Payouts: Having highly competitive payouts can be considered among some of the important factors that affiliates look into, well, Traffdealer has covered that parameter as it offers the highest payouts under some of the offers and verticals.
  • 24/7 Support: Traffdealer offers 24/7 customer support, if we compare most of the affiliate networks in the adult dating vertical, most of them do not offer 24/7 support. Well, you don't need to worry about that aspect as it has emerged as a reliable network in terms of support.
  • Offer types: Traffdealer can be an excellent choice for beginner-level affiliates; the minimum payout, 24/7 customer support, and exclusive offers make Traffdealer an excellent choice.

Various Verticals Offered by Traffdealer:

As I have already mentioned above, Traffdealer is an excellent choice for affiliates that are focused on certain verticals including adult dating, iGaming, and Finance. Even though they offer some excellent services in terms of adult dating verticals, you can explore other verticals as well as they have some excellent offers in Traffdealer as well. Below mentioned are some of the primary verticals that Traffdealer works on:

  • Dating Vertical: The Dating vertical has been one of the primary verticals when it comes to revenue generation since Traffdealer offers exclusive offers, the weekly withdrawal, and CPA offers make Traffdealer an excellent choice overall.
  • iGaming Vertical: Lots of money to be made in the iGaming niche, especially in Mobile Affiliate Marketing, since consumers like to gamble on the go. Mobile Publishers can earn big payouts from these offers, which are also supported by huge companies. You can promote gambling-related offers through the iGaming Niche Affiliate Programs. You may earn big commissions with these offers, and you may also be able to earn consistently.
  • Finance Vertical: No doubt that the Finance vertical offers better ROI as compared to most of the verticals since Traffdealer gives exclusive offers and high commissions, exploring around Finance vertical over Traffdealer can be an excellent choice to move with.

How to Sign up for Traffdealer? (Step-by-Step Guide)

The sign up process is pretty simple, this basically includes:

  • Apply for Traffdealer affiliate and answer some questions, after some time the affiliate network will approve your account and you are all set to earn a high commission.
  • It is worth mentioning that, Traffdealer can temporarily withhold or deny acceptance to the Affiliate for any reason and at any time without being or becoming liable towards the Affiliate in respect thereof.

Top FAQs on Traffdealer Review 2024

Is the Traffdealer network good for the adult dating vertical?

Yes, Traffdealer is an excellent choice among affiliates that seek to work along with the adult dating vertical, the exclusive offers and high payouts can be considered among some of the key features to look after in terms of affiliate marketing.

What are the different types of commission type offered by Traffdealer?

Traffdealer is a CPA network and offers commission types including CPA, CPL, and CPS; these also include Single opt-in and Double opt-in.

Does Traffdealer have offers in the crypto vertical?

Yes, Traffdealer also works on the crypto vertical as well with great offers while accepting all the Geos.

Conclusion: Should I Choose Traffdealer?

Traffdealer is the perfect solution for New Affiliates/Beginners who want to start with affiliate marketing. Their vertical is Dating, but they also provide Gambling and Crypto. As a result, Traffdealers accept all GEOs, all devices, all traffic sources except fraud. They're dedicated to partnering with affiliates in a manner that provides the best possible terms for a win-win partnership. They offer a range of smartlinks and CPLs that will be attractive to beginners and top affiliates. As soon as you sign up and answer a few questions, you're finished as an affiliate. They also offer personalized support in communications and payments.

So, getting along with Traffdealer can be good choice overall, and specially if you are someone who working in dating vertical, getting along with Traffdealer can be a good choice to move on with.

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