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The cloud computing model was developed to answer many user complaints about the lack of storage on their devices.

Essentially you get access to an ample online disk space where you can easily store your data without using up any of your device storage.

Over the years, cloud providers have grown beyond this simple small function to provide a host of services like using their cloud server as a web hosting provider.

There are a lot of cloud storage platforms in the market, all of them increasingly complex. Don't worry; we have filtered through hundreds of products in the market to two of the best tools in the market. 

UpCloud and Vultr are some of the most feature-rich cloud platforms that you can get today. We will be comparing the two so you can see which single provider fits your needs the best.

Let us understand a little more about how cloud infrastructure works before getting to our detailed βœ…UpCloud Vs. Vultr comparison.

UpCloud Vs. Vultr

Many times if your device or website appears laggy, it is because your storage or server has too little storage space left.

We're sure someone must have recommended you free up space by uploading everything to the cloud in such a situation. What we're trying to understand here is what that exactly means?

Cloud Storage

Your cloud storage folder is part of the dedicated servers meant for your data securely stored online. What sets apart the top providers in the market from the rest is the various speed, security, and accessibility tools they provide as part of their disk options. 

You have to ensure that your cloud service provider's disk storage is always accessible whenever you need it. If you're unable to access the files you couldn't delete when you ran out of storage space when you needed them, then that is as good as having deleted them.

You also have to ensure that they have excellent customer support because you will be backing up your important data or your whole website on their servers. You need to ensure that they will be available if anything goes wrong or you have a pertinent query.

There are many other factors that you have to take into consideration before you upload your important data to an online server so read carefully as we compare two of the best cloud platforms in the world,i.e., UpCloud Vs. Vultr.

UpCloud Promo Code

Founded in 2011, UpCloud is designed for businesses and individuals who want to take control of their business or personal data.

Offering block storage, software-based networking, cloud servicing with data centers across six countries is the UpCloud model.

Let us go over what are the features that they offer to get a better idea about the kind of provider it is;

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UpCloud features
  • Custom Server Images:

You can use these images to create new servers with your old configuration. You can also easily mirror your new server with an existing one directly. This also allows you to bring over features and customizations from your old servers to your new server in a hassle-free manner.

  • Initialization Scripts:

Ensure you don't waste any time in the initial process of setting up your server with this feature. They are ready-made programs that can get your server up and running in a much more efficient way.

All the tedious aspects of starting with a new server are taken care of so you don't have to spend time filling in repetitive info, changing the same settings, importing data points multiple times, etc.

  • Metadata Service:

This is an innovative customer support feature. You can ask all doubts about the service from within the service itself. The feature is constantly being updated, so if your query is not answered once, you can rest assured that it will very soon. 

  • Time Zones:

Maintaining proper timezones across servers split across timezones is a task we all struggle with. By including this feature, you can easily manage all your websites in a much more optimized way.

  • SSH Keys:

This is UpCloud's in-house authentication process. A robust code with a two-factor authentication system ensures that your servers are always secure.

  • Maintain the same IP address:

Create or reinstall servers while maintaining your original IP address.

UpCloud claims that their MaxIOPS storage is twice as efficient as standard SSD hosting. In detailed testing, it was found that their claim is not entirely valid, nor is it completely false.

UpCloud MaxIOPS Block Storage

The time to load is lower at 6.8 seconds (the average being 8.1 seconds), but if their claim were correct, then the time would be under 4 seconds.

The content which can be stored in MaxIOPs storage can really benefit from this tool.

As we mentioned earlier, your cloud server provider needs to have excellent customer service because you're trusting them with a critical responsibility.

UpCloud Customer Support

UpCloud offers 24×7 customer service on email, phone calls, training programs, and ticketing. The average response time for their customer support is satisfactory, but there is some room for improvement there.

If you have basic queries, then you will get them resolved relatively fast.

As UpCloud offers various services, we will not be covering the pricing details of all of them. To check the prices of services not mentioned here, go to their official website.

UpCloud Pricing

These are the pricing plans for access to their Cloud Servers differentiated by storage capacity on offer. All storage caps mentioned below are MaxIOPS storage.

Vultr Review

Launched in 2014, Vultr aimed to become the most user-friendly cloud storage and management platform globally. Their 19 data centers are spread across the US and major cities worldwide so that users from across the globe can claim their services without any speed issues.

Simplifying and speeding up web deployment is another crucial part of their vision which they have achieved successfully.

Let us go over some of the top features which have ensured Vultr's leading position in the market across seven years of being in the business.

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It should be noted the Vultr offers all the features that we mentioned while covering UpCloud's features.

The features mentioned in the list below are the ones which only Vultr offers.

Vultr features
  • Hosting Options:

Instead of offering a single host, Vultr provides its users with a range of hosting options.

  • Cloud Compute:

You can use this host tool to instantly deploy a server from any of the 15 countries that they function in. Root access, API access, custom operating systems, and a cloud panel full of additional features are available to you on this instantly deployed server. 

  • Bate Metal:

This is an ideal tool for users running web apps or websites that are very resource-heavy. A straightforward cloud server-based option for hosting can also be efficiently utilized if you do not have much experience with the same. All contents and features can be customized easily according to your preferences. 

  • Dedicated:

You can choose from their different servers to use a specific server to create a set kind of webpages and choose the package corresponding to those needs.

  • Block Storage:

This is for users whose main priority is ensuring that their data is secure and easily manageable. You will never lose an ounce of data even in the event of a complete server collapse, and your data is stored in a server that is three times as secure as the standard disk space.

Despite the added security, there is no effect on the disk performance, so this is the ideal option for all users if you can afford it. 

  • Control Panel:

The control panel is a vital part of using any cloud storage service as this is where you access all your disk options. The good thing about Vultr's control panel is that you can download, install, and use all the features from a single interface instead of accessing different options individually with their cloud panel.

  • Dedicated IP:

The IP address for your cloud storage folder can be customized to your personal preferences. Real dedicated servers are not available, but you can easily use public servers as your dedicated cloud provider if you set up your dedicated IP.

These are features not part of a category but made the user experience better in our usage of it.

Email hosting, CMS support, control panel integration, file management, bandwidth allowance, security tools, eCommerce integration, and security limits were features that significantly improve your overall experience withΒ Vultr.

Despite running a worldwide operation, Vultr ensures all customer queries are dealt with as soon as possible across regions.

Their official website contains hundreds of FAQs and guides, which are updated constantly to include new questions which come their way from customers.

Ticketing, email, and even social media customer support are available to all users. We can say that their average response time is best in class, having dealt with so many such cloud providers in the past. 

One of the more exciting things about using Vultr is that because they have created an active community of their users, you can ask fellow users about any issues you might be facing, and your queries can be resolved.

This also opens the door to making business connections or finding new features in the tool if you to maintain an active role in the Vultr community. 

It is a known fact that site speed is also a factor in getting your website to rank in search. Vultr is one of the best web hosts in the business, and it will surely give a bump up to your speed helping your content to rank up faster.

Vultr Coupon Code

In our review period, we installed WordPress on the $5/month plan and added some heavy plugins and high-resolution images.

The website loaded at incredible speed despite it being hosted on their cheapest plan. We further pushed the site with more plugins and some custom-made high-quality themes as well.

Tested across multiple fresh web pages using many industry reputed tools like WP Rocket, we were continually surprised with the results we were getting. The data transfer speeds are even higher in the bigger plans so that you will get even better service. 

It should be noted that loading a WordPress site on the server is a bit challenging if you want to add SSL and custom domains, but even then, the speed is not affected.

(If you want the pricing for web hosting solutions from Vultr, please check their official website by going to products, choosing the product you wish to, and clicking on view pricing of that webpage)

These are the pricing details for raw cloud storage divided by the amount of storage space available to be interacted with.

Vultr Pricing

You can quickly get a custom quote for any amount of storage and bandwidth that you want on the website itself. 

Now that we have gone over the salient features and demerits of both services, let us compile this information to understand better which tool can serve you the best.

First, let's go over the pros and cons of each software to give a concise look into which fits your needs better;

UpCloud Pros & Cons

Vultr Pros & Cons

From a pure range of features perspective, just the fact that Vultr includes all the features which UpCloud does makes it a more capable provider.

Despite having more features, Vultr still remains more accessible to use than UpCloud. The pricing plans are not very different, with specific plans being cheaper in UpCloud than in Vultr, but the fact that Vultr has more features balances it out. 

Vultr also offers better customer support overall if on-call support is not that important to you.

The MaxIOPs storage available exclusively on UpCloud is a little faster than the SSD solution offered by Vultr, but the facility is not necessarily useable in most web hosting solutions, so check their page before you take this factor into consideration.

If you consider the net value you're getting from a product, Vultr far supersedes UpCloud. Let's discuss which cloud services you should move to today in conclusion.

FeaturesUpCloud Vultr
Instance1 CPU, 1GB Memory, 25GB MaxIOPS1 CPU, 1GB Memory, 25GB SSD
Price (USD)$5/mo$5/mo
Disk I/O(sysbench, 4 KB random read)101206 IOPS91261 IOPS
Disk I/O(sysbench, 4 KB random write)31723 IOPS63251 IOPS
CPU(sysbench, 64 threads)695 events/sec451 events/sec
Memory(sysbench, 4MB write 100GB)34579 MiB/sec17336 MiB/sec
Official SiteπŸ‘‰ Visit UpCloud πŸ‘‰ Visit Vultr

βœ… What is Vultr?

Vultr is a cloud service provider with a global footprint specializing in high-performance SSD (solid-state drive) cloud servers. Vultr aspires to be the world's most dependable and efficient hosting service for developers.

βœ… What is UpCloud?

UpCloud provides an enterprise-grade cloud platform for SMBs. Fast and dependable cloud with 100% uptime and in-house support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

βœ… Is Vultr any good?

Vultr offers a fantastic support team that is both responsive and friendly. Vultr is also a moderately priced service.

βœ… Is UpCloud any good?

UpCloud is the most advanced and has the fastest response times of any website. All of the servers are readily deployable, simple to maintain, and the support is excellent.

βœ… Is Vultr IP static?

A static IP address, such as the one assigned to your VULTR server will never change. You'll always get a static IP address from companies like VULTR.

βœ… How do I cancel UpCloud?

The Customer can terminate the Agreement at any time by giving UpCloud 5 days' written notice.

The question which we started with was UpCloud Vs. Vultr. The answer to that question is very apparent now in the fact that Vultr wins over UpCloud, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the better tool for you. The ideal tool for you is the one that fulfills all your needs at the lowest price.

By this logic, if the range of functions that UpCloud provides is what your current needs are, then UpCloud is an excellent pick for you.

If you want a basic cloud-storage solution for your personal needs or your business is just starting out, you should consider UpCloud if it fits all your needs, given its slightly cheaper pricing.

If you're even an intermediate user with an established business or a new user who wants a complete range of features, check out Vultr.

If you can afford it comfortably, you can directly go with Vultr regardless of your technical background as the tool is also easier to use than other tools in the market.🀞🀞

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