Are you looking for a video ads spying tool? Want to keep an eye on your competitors and be known about their video ads?

I guess I have got something for you. The video ad spying tool we'll be talking about is Video Ad Vault, a tool that has constantly been working for video ads campaigns and management; basically, the tool gives you an overview of how to work along with the video ads. Check this âœ…Video Ad Vault Review that includes detailed insights about this powerful YouTube ads spying tool. The Video Ad Vault has the largest searchable collection of YouTube video ads and landing pages.

So, in this article, I will be trying to clear all your doubts that you might be encountering while searching for those suitable video ads and spying tools. We'll be clearing up the features and functions that Video Ad Vault can deliver.

In addition to the features and functions, I'll also be enlisting some of the coupon codes that might help save you a couple of bucks. So buckle up, and let's get started!!

Video Ad Vault Review

As a business owner or an individual who is indulged in marketing and advertising, or even a businessman, you are well versed with how much the content strategy means. While getting along with the tools, you are pretty familiar with how useful these tools are in advertising. Different business owners or marketers use different advertising strategies, but in recent times, video ads have come a long way in terms of advertising strategies.

A lot of advertisers have recently switched on using video ads on YouTube, the tools have been delivering a lot in terms of advertisement, and I'll be tracking down how you can use Video Ad Vault in order to get ahead of your competitors in video ads and getting along with better video content.

Video Ad Vault is a tool with the most extensive searchable YouTube video ads collection. This database of video ads can be beneficial in understanding how a particular trend or the top advertisers are working along with their video content. As I have mentioned above, the tool is a database for the video ads and an ad spying tool; this tool enables you to understand the data and get along with how a particular video advertiser or the video content is performing on YouTube or other ad platforms.

Later in this article, we'll be tracking down the features and built-in tools that Video Ad vault uses to maximize the ROI on your video ad campaigns. So, let's take a look at what features are offered by Video Ad Vault and how they will help you in overcoming the competitors that are outperforming you by any means.

After getting to what is Video Ad Vault, let's take a look at key features of Video Ad vault that might be beneficial in terms of ad campaigns and everything. So, let's get started with the features:

Discovering Opportunities with Video Ad Vault

This feature is listed on the first on the features list because the information it provides can be beneficial in many ways; the tools enable you to along with better search options in an advanced manner. Let's take a deeper dive into what discovering opportunities mean; the video searching enables you to get better searches along with the video ads under smart filters while providing you with information such as domain, countries, views, likes/dislikes and much more, so basically an overview of how a particular video is performing.

A powerful search engine in Video Ad Vault helps you find the best ads to look over. You can search by video title, description, channel, a list of websites or even URLs that are connected to their landing page. Well, the video collection is pretty huge, and you can explore different categories alongside the platform.

The Smart Browsing mode lets you quickly sift through recently viewed ads, ads just published, etc. These filters enable you to refine your search to get only what is relevant.

Spy on your competitors with Video Ad Vault.

Video Ad Vault gives you access to a list of the top advertisers in any country or a particular region. You can find them based on the number of unique video ads seen or their total number of views, likes/dislikes and other data. The details and filters available help you understand the hidden data insights that make your competitors outrun you in terms of video ads.

Spy your Competitors

You can easily search for all the video ads that a certain advertiser has on our platform. This is quite helpful as you don't need to figure out which ones are available.

Video Ad Vault Detailed Insights

The tools and insights can be really helpful in many ways as you get an in-depth analysis of how a certain video or advertiser is performing. Video Ad Vault lets you get information for a video regarding title, link, thumbnail, published and last seen. They also show a better overview of how a certain video is performing in terms of views. From my experience, this analysis can be really helpful in delivering better ROI on your Ad campaigns.

Well, in addition to the features mentioned above, Video Ad vault offers some other key features as well, so quickly, let's take a look at what are the key features that Video Ad Vault offers:

Well, this feature enables you to save ads for future references; this feature can be really helpful in creating a better video strategy and working accordingly so that you can outrun your competitors. From my perspective, accessing a whole new collection of content that can later be used in Ads campaigns and making marketing strategies can be a game-changer.

I consider this as a crucial factor in making a tool accessible to all without any hassle, as the tool is 100% cloud-based, so you can easily access the tool on your PC or laptop on the go. As I have been using many tools in recent times, having a 100% cloud-based tool can be really helpful as it won't be needed to do any installation or anything.

Everything is accessible without any hassle.

In addition to all the key features we have talked about, keeping an eye over the top video ads can be a beneficial factor in many ways, as you can look out for the top videos and work accordingly depending upon the data and insights available. As I have mentioned above, with the advanced search option, you can also better analyze how specific videos perform at your location or lookout for video ads that are performing on top of your location.

Having the largest database for the YouTube ads is not enough as the database is getting updated every second. A new ad is listed or added every minute in your region; well, thanks to Video Ad Vault, they update any videos or changes that might have occurred in the database. The update is performed every hour to get out of the league while campaigning or creating that suitable content strategy for yourself.

Analyse Watched Channels

Similar to the functions mentioned above, you are aware that Video Ad Vault enables you to get an overview of saved ads for future references. Still, the watched channel analysis helps you analyze a channel and work accordingly.

The feature lets you get known with any video uploaded on the channel you have listed. This lets you get known with all the ads that the channel might have advertised/added. As a result, you get to monitor all the ads by any selected channels on the go and a single screen.

Bonus Office Hours

In addition to the features that Video Ad Vault offers, they also offer something complimentary that can be really helpful in understanding how to perform video ads, making strategies and much more.

Video Ad Vault Bonus Office Hours

As the tool is developed by TubeSfit, as a complementary features/tool, Video Ad Vault offers weekly coaching calls that can help you in understanding how to make better strategies; they also offer assistance and coaching for landing pages, video ad campaign reviews, video ad script review and much more.

From my perspective, these weekly coaching calls can be constructive in making better strategies for your Ad campaigns. It can be a great deal, as these bonus office hours cost around $97/month and are completely free while opting for the Video Ad Vault plan.

The addition to the features and everything, now let's take a look at the pricing plans offered by Video Ad Vault. Unlike other ad campaign tools, Video vault only offers a single plan, which can be chosen monthly or yearly. As much as I have used other platforms, the single plan can sound a bit non-tempting.

Video Ad Vault Pricing Plans

Still, it is a great deal as you don't have to check out different plans to get better credits or unlimited use, which is not the case in Video Ad Vault, as you will be getting a single plan option that offers everything that the tool has to offer.

The monthly plan costs around $97/month, where you can access all the features offered by Video Ad Vault, it also claims to have no setup fees or contracts, which is great, and the same goes for the Video Ad Vault yearly plan which costs around $997/year, where you can be saving around $167 while opting for it, you can use our links and coupon codes to get the best possible deals for yourself.

✔ What is Video Ad Vault?

Video Ad Vault is a powerful YouTube ads spying tool that allows users to discover the trending YouTube ads and landing pages. Online advertisers can use Video Ad Vault to find new strategies and opportunities to dominate their competitors.

✔ Can I try Video Ad Vault for free?

You can not try Video Ad Vault for free as it does not offer any free trial to its new user. If you are looking to use this amazing YouTube ads spying tool, you can purchase its Monthly plan that costs you $97/mo.

✔ Is Video Ad Vault worth the money?

Yes, Video Ad Vault is the ultimate YouTube ads spying tool that has a powerful search mode that one can use to quickly discover thousands of video ads along with channels, domain names, URLs, etc. The potent ability of Video Ad Vault also allows you to check top advertisers and their ads globally.

✔ Does Video Ad Vault require any software installation?

You do not need to install anything as Video Ad Vault works directly on PC and Mac. It is cloud-based software, and to access this software, and the user only requires signing up.

✔ Is there any active Video Ad Vault coupon code?

If you are looking to save some money, then use the above-mentioned 100% verified Video Ad Vault coupon code that helps you to enjoy massive discounts.

✔ What is the other best Video Ad Vault alternatives?

If you are looking for the Video Ad Vault, check the following list. Following are the best YouTube ad spying tool that helps you to build a winning YouTube campaign.

Now after considering all the features, tools and plans offered by Video Ad Vault, let's talk about whether you should be opting for the tool or not.

From my own experience around ad campaigning tools, getting a tool that can help you get alongside the video ads and analyzing how your competitors are performing was much awaited. There are hundreds and thousands of tools that can help you understand Ad campaigns around Facebook Ads, Google Ads, but getting a tool for YouTube Ad campaigns that, too with analyzing your competitors, is excellent.

In addition to that, the features and plans offered by Video Ad Vault are great as a user, as after checking out other platforms available at this time, Video Ad Vault really won the game in terms of video ad campaigns.

Overall, Video Ad Vault can be helpful in terms of video ads spying on your competitors' ads and much more. Hopefully, this article has cleared some of the questions and queries you might have regarding Video Ad Vault!!

Have a great spying session!!

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