Are you looking for the Best Vietnam Proxies? If yes, then you have landed in the right place! Today, we will list some of the best Vietnam proxies in 2024, that help you access sites in Vietnam!

Using the right Vietnam proxy server, you can easily replace your real IP address with Vietnam from the comfort of your home!

In the present scenario, it is very common that your IP address gets tracked and this deprives you of the content you are looking for. So, imagine if you are outside Vietnam and want to have access to the localized content which you are not able to as your geo-location has been tracked by those websites.

Here comes the need of using secured Vietnam proxies. There are a large number of servers and proxy service providers available over the internet, but we have listed the top websites which can deliver you secured and reliable proxy service according to your needs.

So, let's get started with the best Vietnam Proxy Servers. We have listed the top providers in terms of their features, pricing, and quality support.

Why should you use Vietnam Proxy Servers?

You are searching for a reliable Vietnam proxy server, as you want to hide your original IP address with a Vietnam IP address, right?

We all know that websites can easily detect your traffic and deny your access as IP addresses provide all the information about your location. So, using the right Vietnam proxy server, you can easily browse from any country you want, and get instant access to Vietnam's localized content such as the latest websites, streaming and gaming sites, and other blocked websites as well.

Choosing the right Vietnam IPs is quite a reliable thing and protecting your data increases their need and demand. With the use of Vietnam proxies, you can easily pass the geographical restrictions and also get access to restricted sites as well. These proxy servers have also established them as a valuable tool for businesses for smooth workflow with a high degree of privacy, compared to other proxy providers for a designated location.

Top 6 Vietnam Proxy Providers

Here, we have compiled the best Vietnam proxy servers of 2024. We have researched and listed them in terms of their reliability, scalability, and security. So, let’s get started with the top providers:

1. Bright Data

Bright Data Proxy

Bright Data is one of the leading Vietnam proxy servers and provides you with accurate data for your business needs. It is one of the popular choices for developers with a pool size of 72 million IPs and allows you to target various IP locations in terms of city, state, and zip code.

This proxy server is 100% reliable and provides you with secured protection against your data, which includes GDPR, CCPA, and the EU data protection regulatory framework as well. Moreover, using this Vietnam proxy you can hide your online data as well as your real identity. This ensures that your data is safe and the risk of getting hacked is also reduced.

Apart from this, Bright Data has extensive bandwidth limits and 20,000 businesses trust this platform. They provide the largest geo-location coverage and also help you to get instant access to restricted websites as well. Bright Data is overall the best server due to its best ISP performance as it helps you to use IP as long as you want for your data collection.

Bright Data provides 4 proxy services, which include residential proxies, ISP proxies, Datacenter proxies, and mobile proxies. They provide 24/7 live customer support for all your queries.

Bright Data Features

  • Provides you with unlimited scaling and customizing options all over the world
  • Best IP provider with a 99.9% success rate
  • Provides you with free proxy managers for speeding up your projects
  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA data security
  • Helps you to get the most secure and reliable data with faster results
  • Compatible with scraping browsers with web unlocking functionality
  • Easy-to-use interface for new users
  • Offers free trial for 7 days.

Bright Data Pricing

Bright Data offers different pricing plans for various proxy services. So, you can choose according to your industry needs. The best part is, this server offers you a 7-day free trial. The Growth Plan costs $500 and Business Plan costs $1000.

  • Residential Proxies: For the Pay As You Go Plan, costs you $15/GB, For Growth Plan, it costs $11.48/GB, the Business Plan costs $10.13/GB and the Enterprise Plas is the custom plan.
  • Datacenter Proxies have different pricing rates such as for Growth it costs $0.083/GB, and for Business, it costs $0.077/GB.
  • ISP proxies have also different pricing rates such as Growth Plan costs $11.25/GB, Business Plan costs $10.05/GB.
  • Mobile proxies also have different pricing rates such as for the Growth Plan costs $30.60/GB, Business Plan costs $27.00/GB.

2. SmartProxy


SmartProxy is one of the most premium proxy servers that helps you to access local data from residential IPs all over the world. They use the most secured IP addresses that help you to get reliable data from 195+ Geo Locations which include both US states and cities.

Using this proxy server, you can easily avoid restrictions as well as geo-location blocked as they offer 50 Million Proxies with huge pool sizes. Moreover, SmartProxy offers you a rotating proxy network that helps you to get a new IP address for different connections that suits your business needs.

The best part is, this proxy server is very flexible with all devices and compatible with Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. They have very fast response speed for both residential and data center proxies. It lets you target 700+ ASNs with the use of mobile proxies.

SmartProxy uses real IP addresses and also provides 100% control of all your proxies and transmits your data with secured protocols and provides you unlimited connections and GBs! SnmartProxy uses scraping APIs and integrates with various other third-party software services to ensure that your activities are not detected by large websites with a 100% success rate.

SmartProxy Features

  • Offers 50M proxy network for targeting 195+ geolocations as well as bypassing CAPTCHAs and IP blockage.
  • Flexible pricing plans with a 99.47% success rate
  • Fast and reliable IP addresses for both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Helps you to hide your identity from large websites
  • Provides unlimited connections with the fastest speed to automate your data
  • Rotating IP helps you to get instant access to geo-restricted content
  • 24/7 top-notch customer support available
  • Provides you with free tools such as X browser, Address Generator, Chrome Browser extension, and more
  • Offers a 3-day money-back guarantee option

SmartProxy Pricing

SmartProxy offers flexible pricing plans, according to your business needs. The pricing plans can be varied according to GBs and the traffic you are getting. The best part is you are getting a money-back guarantee for 3 days and your subscription will be renewed once the trial period ends!

The Residential plan starts from $8.5, Mobile Plan starts from $21, the Datacenter plan starts from $10, and the Dedicated DC plan starts from $7.5. SmartProxy offers different plans including the Pay as you go along with monthly and annual billing options as well.

3. Oxylabs


Oxylabs is another best Vietnam proxy server, that helps you to get access to localized worldwide content and you can now bypass large websites blockage. Moreover, this server has the largest pool size of 100M IP addresses and 2M+ Datacenter proxies for faster data collection.

Oxylabs provides the fastest connection, with high downloading speed with uninterrupted data access all over the internet. This platform is a reliable option and provides you with scraper APIs such as SERP Scraper API, E-Commerce Scraper API, Real Estate Scraper API, and Web Scraper API and also supports various languages that help you to scale your business to a new level!

Moreover, Oxylabs also provides you with a free Chrome extension that works with any proxy provider you want! This server also allows you to access the data from restricted geolocations with the use of residential ISP proxies. And users can get the most reliable data as they maintain proper protocols such as HTTPS, and SOCKS5 while extracting data from the web.

Oxylabs proxies are trusted by top businesses, and some of the common uses are email protection, in-depth market research, review, price monitoring and so much more! They have also integrations with third-party servers and also help you to manage your data usage as well. Oxylabs provides your dedicated support team with round-the-clock service, as well as a live chat option for quick responses to users' queries.

Oxylabs Features

  • Offers 100M+ residential proxy network
  • Includes scraper IPs to collect data for your web scraping projects
  • Helps you to filter IP addresses from mobile by country as well as ASN
  • Allows you to manage your mobile proxies without any IP block.
  • Provides you additional security for scraping data using HTTPS protocols
  • Provides full proxy usage statistics in detail
  • Includes flexible rotation options
  • Hassle-free integration with 3rd party servers
  • Offers 2M+ dedicated Datacenter proxy pools
  • Includes zero bandwidth and unlimited concurrent sessions
  • High uptime of 99.9%
  • 24/7 excellent customer and live support

Oxylabs Pricing

Oxylabs has quite expensive pricing plans compared to other Vietnam IP providers and the main reason they include advanced features which are not available on other servers. Moreover, they offer registered companies to request a free trial.

Residential proxies start from $15/GB, Mobile proxies start from $22/GB, Rotating ISP proxies starts from $340/mo, Shared Datacenter proxies start from $50/mo, Dedicated DC proxies starts from $180/mo and SOCKS5 starts from $15/GB.

4. IPRoyal


IPRoyal is one of the most trusted and flexible Vietnam IP providers for startups and large businesses. Using this IP server, you can target 8,056,839 IPs worldwide. Plus, this server helps you to get reliable data using rotating residential proxies, from all over the world.

IPRoyal also ensures the fastest speed and data connection with the use of various data protection protocols such as HTTP and SOCKS at such an affordable price!

What we liked the most is, by using the Datacenter proxies now you can get unlimited bandwidth and there is zero chance of data getting lost or hacked. Plus, this server helps you to target 195+ geolocations as well as city and state targeting. With their sneaker proxies, now it is very easy to create multiple connections using different IP addresses, which will help you to hide your identity as well as encrypt your data from website bots.

You can also use IPRoyal's private proxies if you want to keep your identity hidden from online sites and this will help you scrap data with top-notch protection and reliability. Moreover, they have a beginner-friendly user interface which is pretty impressive. The best part is, they provide you 24/7 technical and live chat support for all user concerns.

IPRoyal Features

  • Helps you to have full usage control, and you can easily block any content or site as per your needs
  • Unlimited bandwidth with faster speed and zero load time
  • Additional security to protect your online data from hackers or any kind of breaches
  • Offers flexible pricing plans
  • 24/7 technical support agents
  • Flexible rotation and sticky options
  • Offers 2 million ethically sourced unique IPS
  • No limitations on concurrent sessions

IPRoyal Pricing

IPRoyal offers affordable pricing plans to scale your startup business. Here you will get cheaper proxy plans which are highly suitable for small businesses. All the proxy plans offer various features such as data never expiring, unlimited traffic, support SOCKS5, flexible rotation options, and more.

The Residential Plan starts from $7/GB, Static Residential Plan starts from $1.80/proxy, Datacenter Plan costs $1.39/proxy, Sneaker Plan costs $1.00/proxy, and Mobile Plan starts from $7 for 1 day.

5. Luna Proxy

Luna Proxy

Lunaproxy is one of the cheapest proxy servers that help you easily collect online data from geo-restricted websites with 99.99% accuracy which is really impressive!

Using their service, you can now avoid your IP from being blocked which also allows you to gather local data, and access localized websites, as well as you can also explore your competitor's performance.

Lunaproxy is one of the best residential proxy servers where you can target 195+ city locations, with 200M+ real IP addresses and it also reduces the risk of getting banned.

Moreover, this server provides integration with third-party services and ensures safe and reliable data for your business. Plus, this server can be used for various purposes such as market surveys, sneaker proxies, review monitoring, and so much more!

Lunaproxy provides both residential and static proxy with helps you to cover larger countries, high-level data privacy, and the fastest connection IP speed. The best part is, they provide a 24/7 live customer support team and you can also contact their Telegram channel.

Luna Proxy Features

  • Unlimited traffic with unlimited IP addresses
  • Residential proxy provides you with a private IP address, with a success rate of 99.99%
  • Offers unlimited concurrent sessions
  • 195+ country and city-level targeting
  • Hassle-free integration with third-party applications
  • Secured protection of data using protocols such as SOCKS5
  • Includes rotating residential IP addresses
  • No verification code is needed for extracting data
  • Allows you to use 200M+ residential proxies targeting various geolocations
  • 24/7 live customer support team

Luna Proxy Pricing

Lunaproxy offers affordable pricing plans for various proxies. You need to choose the right plan that caters to your business needs and requirements.

The Residential Proxy Plan starts from $0.7/GB, Unlimited Package Plan starts from $76/day, Static Proxy Plan starts from $1/IP.

The good news is, with the residential proxy you can save up to 73% OFF. If you sign up today, you can get 500 GB completely free!

6. Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies

SquidProxies is one of the biggest global proxy providers that provides both private and custom proxies to scale your business to a new level.

This proxy server is founded in the year of 2010 and they have wide coverage of various geo-locations such as the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and many more. Moreover, you can also use SquidProxies for any website as they provide good connection protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS.

They also provide dedicated IPs for instant access as well as the fastest speed, with unlimited bandwidth. You can also maintain your IP address using the static IP.

The best part is, no technical skills are required, as Squidproxies is very easy to set up, with encrypted data protection. The customer support team is really fast and responsive to all types of queries or concerns!

Squid Proxies Features

  • Helps you to hide the real IP address with the anonymity feature
  • Allows you to use IP addresses targeting various locations as well as sub-locations
  • Provides dedicated multi-Gigabit servers
  • Helps you to request fresh IPs per month
  • Offers private proxy servers with secured connections such as HTTPS and HTTP.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and includes dedicated IPV4s for faster speed and access to restricted geolocations
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Helps you to use it for personal usage only, can't be shared
  • 24/7 fast and responsive expert support

Squid Proxies Pricing

Squid Proxies offers different pricing packages for Private Proxies and Custom Proxies. So, to choose the right pricing plan, you need to decide the number of proxies for your business needs. You can use their custom package if you have a high demand for proxy needs for your business.

For 10 proxies, it will cost you $24/mo, for 25 proxies it will cost you $48/mo, for 50 proxies it will cost you $87/mo, for 100 proxies it will cost you $160/mo, for 200 proxies it will cost you $290/mo, for 350 proxies it will cost you $455/mo, for 500 proxies it will cost you $575/mo, for 1000 proxies it will cost you $910/mo.

How to Choose The Best Vietnam Proxy Servers?

Before choosing the right Vietnam proxy provider for yourself or your business, you should understand the different types of proxies available depending on your needs and preferences. If you want a high-speed server connection, then you should choose Datacenter Proxies. Residential Proxies are recommended if your business focuses on web scraping and wants to gather data, whereas the Mobile Proxies are basically for businesses that frequently change their IP addresses to avoid geo-location access.

So, here are some important points that you should consider before choosing the best Vietnam proxy servers:

  • Look for the reliability of the platform, by cross-checking reviews of experts as well as feedback from users before you decide to purchase a proxy server.
  • You should choose a server, that fits your business needs.
  • Analyze the features in detail, such as customer support, and pricing, as well as check the pool size. It is advised to test the proxy provider before you select the right one.
  • Always check the connection speed of the server, to understand if is it right for business or your personal use.
  • Check the geographical location of the proxy server if you want to get access to the restricted content of Vietnam.
  • Choose a proxy provider that protects your online data with a secured connection such as VPN, HTTPS, and more.
  • Lastly, you should not opt for free Vietnam proxy servers, as those can't be fully trusted and may cause a risk to your business data.

πŸ€” FAQs about Best Vietnam Proxies 2024

Is It legal to buy Vietnam Proxies?

Yes, of course! Using Vietnam proxy servers is completely legal and it depends upon the usage level. In case you have any doubt about the purpose of your using Vietnam proxies, it is recommended to have a proper consultation with your respective proxy server.

Are there any Free Vietnamese Proxies?

Yes, there are free Vietnam proxies available over the market. But we suggest you not go for the free proxy providers as they are risky for maintaining data privacy and that can make your entire device at risk. So, if you want to keep your data secured from hackers, never use free servers.

How to use Vietnam Proxies?

Well, using a Vietnam proxy server is very easy and simple to use! All you need is to enter a valid proxy address and port. As the servers are compatible with various browsers and applications. Each proxy provider may have different steps that you need to follow, but the overall setup process is pretty similar. So, in this way, you can easily get a proper IP address for Vietnam and get instant access to all localized and geo-restricted content.

What is the Difference Between Smartproxy Residential and Data Center?

Smartproxy residential proxy helps you to hide your actual IP address with another one, which restricts you from getting tracked by website bots and they will show another address that is not real. On the other hand, Datacenter proxy IP address actually tracks the main data center that is connected with the IP address.

Over to you

So, here we conclude with the best Vietnam proxy providers in 2024. We hope you have taken your decision to choose the right solution for your business!

As many users are still looking for a trusted proxy server for Vietnam, it can be confirmed the need is still there! Whether you are starting your business, or a pro marketer the right proxy server is really important for extracting data as well as getting access to restricted geo-locations which are earlier denied by web bots, while being able to secure the data as well.

So, after hours of research and testing, we have listed the top 6 Vietnam proxies which are trusted and have positive feedback as well.

Thank you for reading this article. If you still have any queries, please drop them in the comment box below. So, which is your favorite tool? Let us know your choice!

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