Are you looking for ultimate tools for success as a seller on Amazon? Well! On Amazon, 2.5 Million plus Sellers are looking to outrun other sellers; this genuine and honest Viral Launch Review will help you to thrive and succeed on your e-commerce online selling journey.

Currently, the World’s Largest E-Commerce Platform Amazon has more than 12 million products. All these products do more than 100 Billion businesses all over the world. And, being a part of Amazon isn’t so easy. To achieve success by hook or by crook, you need to follow all strategies, methods, tools, and needful software.

That’s where the Viral Launch comes in to play. Embedded numerous features, tools, and services enable each seller to increase its revenue by more than 6-figure. Here, I will be discussing a lot of things about Viral Launch as I came to know after using it.

Let’s see the Viral Launch review in detail that includes Viral Launch pros, cons, alternatives, pricing, and features.

What is Viral Launch? – Viral Launch Review in a Nutshell

Viral Launch Review

Instead of using different-different tools and applications separately, a group of the expert seller of Amazon comes together to create new software with all integrated solutions.

This new online system that integrates each tool and software to become the ultimate toolkit for Amazon seller is Viral Launch. Moreover, this software suite allows everyone to find the best products, hot keywords and helps to rank the products higher and faster as well.

Now, understand how to utilise the Viral Launch in a nutshell.

How Viral Launch Works on Amazon? – Viral Launch Reviews

Viral Launch is a simple and very powerful tool to analyse the Amazon marketplace. As it integrates each kind of useful and feature-rich software and tools; it provides a seller to find each problem solution from one place.

Viral Launch Reviews

Starting with Viral Launch requires signup and access to the features of the different packages with different Viral Launch pricing. On successful signing up and becoming a member, you can access the Viral Launch dashboard instantly.

Taking advantage of Viral Launch features, you need to implement the tools effectively. Unlike other Amazon selling and multi-utility tools, it provides the user with a user manual guide book. In this guide book, the step-to-step guide is easy to use. As the instructions to be followed is very simple and point-to-point.

Once the tool is set-up, go to the dashboard and access the specific tool that offers functions you want to use. However, Viral Launch Extension is the best features that make it different from its competitors. Viral Launch extension features allow you to find profitable niches and products that you can target as a seller on Amazon.

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Key Features of Viral Launch – What is the Use of Viral Launch?

Now, let’s analyse the Viral Launch features in detail. Till now, you come to know that Viral Launch is the tool-kit with the integration of different tools and software. Now, take a look at the different features that help every seller to be at the top of the Amazon platform.

1. Viral Launch Product Discovery

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Success on Amazon as a seller means choosing the right and best products for the selling account. That's where Viral Launch comes Product Discovery feature comes into play. This tool by Viral Launch is easy to use, and you can find reliable products and then beat the competition by finding product opportunities faster. The data provided is highly accurate, which makes it the best Amazon product finder. You can even filter and get precise results and find the products which exactly match your business goals.

The product discovery feature dynamic approach helps you decide and find the best and perfect products. It evaluates parameters like Sales Volume, Categories, Brands, Reviews Amount, Seller Numbers, and many others.

What are the features of the Viral Launch Product Discovery Tool?

  • Gives you personalized results 
  • You can do faster results 
  • Results are Data-Based Accurate
  • It saves time, and you can find winning products easily. 
  • It also comes with more innovative sourcing. 

2. Viral Launch Marketing Intelligence – What is Viral Launch Marketing Intelligence?

Viral Launch Marketing Intelligence

So Viral Launch basically is an advanced Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup tool by which you get unparalleled insights about how your competitors are performing. Knowing market information isn't such an easy process. It requires days of experience in market presence, but you know this tool is created by the best & experienced Amazon Sellers. So, the market information comes to you only after the subscription.

You simply have to enter a product ASIN in order, and you will get an enormous list of them where you will get data such as top-performing keywords, and also the ability to track and analyze and much more. You can also track the keyword rank along with the sponsored ad ranks, prices, reviews, search volume and many more aspects that to in a single row.

What are the features you get with Viral Launch Market Intelligence?

  • You can compare products 
  • Do product research
  • You also get listing optimization
  • You get the top-performing keywords
  • Hourly Keyword Tracking 
  • You can do ongoing monitoring as well
  • Plus, you can also capitalize on keyword opportunities
  • Index Checker 
  • Sponsored Rank Tracker

From where do the Viral Launch Market Intelligence's sales estimates come from?

The best thing about Viral Launch is that it has access to the billions of real Amazon data points spread across all categories. Their Data scientists have crafted a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the most accurate Amazon sales estimates by which its user get actual real-time and historical sales numbers.

Isn't it exciting and amazing features of Viral Launch?

It provides a real-time and dynamic analysis of the Market with consistent insights flow.

3. Keyword Research Tool of Viral Launch

Keyword Research Tool of Viral Launch

What consumer searches for are the prominent question. Once you know this, then it is almost like seeing the future and growth. And the Keyword Research Tool plays a vital role in the growth of your business on Amazon. Similar to the Google Keywords Research tool, it finds the exact keywords that product buyers search for. You don't have to browse through your various keywords as this feature will find hundreds of best working keywords with the help of the advanced relevancy filter.

We feel that this feature can increase your sales with the many hidden keywords your competitors are missing. It would also improve your SEO, and you can easily create powerful Amazon SEO Listing.

What are the features you get with the Keyword Research Tool of Viral Launch?

  • Historical Search and Volume Trends
  • Capitalize right on the low competition keywords
  • Amazon Search Volume Data
  • Reverse Market lookups
  • Integrated with Viral Launch Software

Using this feature, the growth of selling accounts on Amazon increases steeply.

4. Competitors' Intelligence Tool of Viral Launch

Competitors' Intelligence Tool of Viral Launch

Spying or monitoring on rival's performance, then, Viral Launch is best. It doesn't only monitor but notifies you almost instantly whenever any favor shifts for or against you. It also looks for competitors' strategies and helps you know their keywords. This helps you in complete and absolute growth.

You can quickly know which keywords are driving sales for the top sellers in your market and also track the top-selling products. This feature is most helpful when you are just beginning to source your product, and you are watching out for significant market changes. You can check out which keywords your top competitors are using and ranking for and also identify all the opportunities to claim the market, especially where they are prioritizing relevant keywords.

Is the Competitor Intelligence the same as from a reverse ASIN tool?

Well, we do feel that Competitor Intelligence is different from the reverse ASIN tool as it not only does a full reverse ASIN lookup plus a whole lot more. Also, this tool is a full-fledged competitor tracker and analyzer. It helps you to find the keywords your competitors are ranking for and also the keywords which they can rank for and are missing. This can be a crucial opportunity for you as you can use those and stay ahead of them. It also allows you to track and receive alerts from your competitor's metrics around keyword ranking, reviews, sales, and more.

5. Viral Launch Keyword Optimizing Tool

Viral Launch Keyword Optimizing Tool

Viral Launch provides you with the best keyword optimization tools out there in the market. This tool also helps get keyword insights, Amazon SEO and listing optimization.

This tool brings in a package consisting of the Listing Analyzer, Keyword Manager, and Listing Builder. In this, the listing optimizer tools perform a complete analysis, revealing how products mainly compete with your competitors in the market.

Features of Viral Launch Keyword Optimizing Tool

  • Advanced Keyword Insights
  • Content Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Intuitive Keyword Tracking
  • Interactive Keyword Bank
  • Automated Keyword Discovery
  • Provides you with helpful Keywords Metrics
  • Listing Optimization Score

6. Viral Launch Product Launch

Viral Launch Product Launch

This service of Viral Launch is not included in the main scheme, but if you have to launch a product, its initial sales are something that everyone is curious about. With this service of Viral launch, you can just sit back and see the traffic that comes on your new product.

By using this service of Viral Launch, you can place your product ahead of an exclusive group of over 350,000 Amazon shoppers! The team of experts at Viral Launch has broad experience in driving external traffic to your Amazon listings. They also increase your brand’s visibility by bringing more traffic to your product pages.

In this service, every launch package will include unlimited coupon giveaways so you can win in any situation, no matter which market you are in. Also, it is pretty easy to set this thing up, and you can even you can schedule your set-and-forget promotion on the platform.

Viral Launch Uber Launch

This service comes at a one-time cost of $200 and is known as Uber Launch by Viral Launch. You get features like One Time Launch, Real-Time Giveaway stats, Next-Day expedited Scheduling, Extremely helpful customer services and many more.

7. Viral Launch Listing Optimization

Viral Launch Listing Optimization

This feature is a highly reliable Amazon Product Listing Optimization Service by Viral Launch. With this feature, you can quickly maximize your keyword exposure and increase your conversions.

With this tool, you can quickly maximize keyword exposure in order to increase the rankings and conversions as well simply. Viral Launch has powered this service with data and experience running over more than 30,000 product launches. With this tool, you can certainly increase your conversions as they give you expert copywriters who actually know how to sell on Amazon. You can really improve your brand with this tool.

So what can you do with Viral Launch Listing Optimization? 

  • You get an Optimized Product Description.
  • You can be Optimized “About the Product” (Bullet Points)
  • You also get suggested Back end Search Term Submission
  • You can also do a conference Call With Our Branding Expert
  • Product Presentation & Brand Analysis
  • Content Designed which will Drive Clicks & Ranking

Does Viral Launch help you with your listing needs? 

Viral Launch also offers seller coaches, and you can contact them at The brand does like to help sellers identify the strengths and weaknesses of their listing. They will never direct you to a service that you do not need and nor will they try to upsell any of their packages. 

8. Space Managed Service by Viral Launch

Space Managed Service By Viral Launch

With this service of Viral Launch, you can quickly boost your visibility and sales right with marketing automation. It is a robust sales and ranking engine that appliers holistically so that it can drive the organic and PPC results on Amazon. Make no mistake; it is more than just a PPC management interface as it leverages more on data expertise and technology so that it can quickly implement all the latest Amazon advertising tactics and help you achieve your goals.

So what are the benefits of this Viral Launch Service?

  • It would maximize your profit
  • It will increase the organic sales
  • It features custom reporting and updates as well
  • Gives you amazon insights into your brand
  • Drives keyword ranking 
  • Creates and executes campaigns 

9. Viral Launch Product List Builder & Analyser

Viral Launch Product List Builder

Using the List Builder & Analyser feature, you can build a competitive, converting, and ranker listing on complete analysis. With this feature, you can make your listing creation process much easier, and you can even develop an SEO-optimized listing that would maximize your keyword ranking in the Amazon search results.

This feature has a built-in scoring which keeps track of used and unused keywords for you and also displays critical metrics like opportunity scores and search volume. Being a top-ranking and converting seller is a dream of every seller. And, this feature will surely help you to become one.

So what do you actually get with the Viral Launch Product List Builder?

  • Interactive Keyword Bank
  • Helpful Keyword Metrics
  • Listing Optimization Score
  • Integration with Other Tools

10. Viral Launch Product Kinetic PPC

Viral Launch Product Kinetic PPC

With this feature of Viral Launch, Amazon sellers can automate their advertisements. Amazon offers a pay-per-click advertising system where third-party sellers bid on keywords. But with this feature, sellers can automate their Amazon pay-per-click ads. These automated rules are surrounded by your ad budget and do not exceed a limit. These automated results help to control your ad budget. You can also get to see keyword suggestions on your ad campaign and can also monitor its performance.

To make your ad campaign a successful one, Viral Launch extracts statistical data which gives you critical metrics like impressions, click-through rate and conversion rate all in one place. These metrics can help you better understand your ad performance, and once these metrics are positive, then you can set the Kinetic PPC to run automatically.

This tool can be a complex one for the newbies, but Viral Launch offers a free setup call. You just have to dial a trained specialist who can help you set up your first five automatons. After this, you can slowly become familiar enough with this feature.

11. Viral Launch Product Split Testing

Product Split Testing

This feature of Viral Launch enables you to know after a test that proves the response of products from two or more options. It also optimizes the bullet points and wording within the copy of the product description.

The platform has its robust “Set and Forget” platform, from which anyone can easily find the price, title, image and description, which will make their ad most economical than ever.

The listing Dojo is an Amazon split test platform by which you can test different items on your list to optimize sessions, profits and sales. You can even try 7 variations of each title, price, image and description for your ad. Also, you will see how it described how each tested variant improves/decreases clicks, conversions, sessions, gross revenue and net income.

So what can you do with the Viral Launch Split testing?

  • You get in-depth statistics
  • Your sales and profitability will improve 
  • Gives you highly illustrative data
  • It has a simple and intuitive design 
  • It is a set-and-forget kind of a platform

12. Viral Launch FBA Calculator

Viral Launch FBA Calculator

FBA is an acronym that stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. It is a program by which third-party sellers ship goods through Amazon. As Amazon handles shipping, inventory and customer service for all the third-party sellers, this cost can vary on the weight or type of goods, so it keeps on changing, and this can be challenging for you to make an estimate. 

Viral Launch offers an FBA Calculator to help sellers estimate Amazon Fees. So by estimating your potential sales, you get various data points sourced from the Amazon marketplace. This information is handy in letting you calculate how much you should invest in product development while projecting sales estimates.

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Why Should You Use Viral Launch as a Product Research Tool? – Top Reasons to Choose Viral Launch!

Launching your products on Amazon can be a very critical aspect of any brand. A successful launch can help you to lead exponential recognition and growth, whereas an average performance can diminish the visibility of your products and can even restrict future sales.

So how does Viral Launch help you? Well, it primarily provides a platform from where you can launch your products to sell on Amazon. They will help you to find everything from finding the right keywords to determining your review goals with you every step of the way.

But before Launching any product, Viral Launch wants the sellers to determine key things about their product:

Product Keywords: This, as you know, is the main search term that customers will use to find your products on Amazon. So you have to work out and pick keywords that are relevant and not that competitive to rank for. 

Intuitive Dashboard: Viral Launch has made a dashboard that is easy to use and filled with powerful features. Sellers have to go through a simple process of selecting the plan, and then you get immediate access to your dashboard. You can take full advantage of what Viral Launch offers with this easy-to-use dashboard, and each tool has a specific approach and directions that must be followed to use the tool effectively. 

Chrome Extension: The Viral Launch Chrome Extension is easy to install and uses an extension, which is free, and instead of logging into the dashboard every time, you can use all the features of Viral Launch from the browser extension itself. This extension is a powerful one and gives you everything you need for successful Amazon product research.

So How does Viral Launch work?

Well, it has a straightforward way of working.

  • First, Find the product Ideas where you can filter the products and see the ones with high potential and a low barrier to entry. 
  • Then, you should choose your product and bring a 5-star product to life with market data, trends, and insights.
  • And now, you are ready to Launch and scale and make your products fly off the shelves with their Amazon SEO toolkit. 

With Viral Launch, you will definitely feel that your investment was certainly a smart one as you can pick products with high potential through in-depth Amazon analytics only found in Viral Launch software.

One of the significant benefits of Viral Launch is that you get all the tools in one place, and you don't have to worry about finding new tools. You get everything from product research to launching and scaling your business.

Also, Viral Launch is proud of the fact they have worked with thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who now own 7, 8, and even 9-figure businesses on Amazon.

Viral Launch Marketplaces – What Marketplaces does Viral Launch Support?

I assume you would say anywhere in the world. No! My friend, it’s not so.

Primarily, the Viral Launch tool-kit focuses on US-based citizens or audiences. And, in case you want to expand your reach to sell products on other marketplaces of Amazon then, check out these regional marketplaces.

 Viral Launch Marketplaces

Viral Launch Pricing Plans – How much does Viral Launch Cost?

All vital features and applications of Viral Launch come at a certain price, as everyone knows that nobody gives their services free. So, all the plans for Viral Launch come at a certain price. In case you want to use all plans, Viral Launch Free Trial with no credit card, then go to the official page and sign up.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Although Viral Launch has 3 different packages with a limited set of features and pricing, you can also get free access.

Does Viral Launch Offer a free Trail? Well, yes, It does offer a 14-day Free Trail, which you can utilize to discover the tool and see whether it suits your objective. Just to get free access to Viral Launch, you need to purchase the annual plans. Additionally, it offers 2 months of free usage without any Viral Launch Coupon Code.

Now, in a nutshell, let's look at the Viral Launch pricing.

Essential Package – $69/mo

Do you know that the ‘Essentials' plan is the perfect solution for Amazon product research? I'm assuming that you do know it. In case you don't know then, start exploring the pricing and feature with me now.

This essential plan costs $69 a month if you want monthly billings but kindly note that you don't get the Viral Launch discount. If you opt for annual billing, then you need to pay $58 a month instead of $69. Here, you also get extra 2 months free without any Viral Launch coupon code.

Viral Launch Essential Package Features: 

  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Advice & guidance
  • Browser research extension
  • Amazon product filtering
  • Global data

Pro Package – $99/mo

Do you want to sell everything successfully on Amazon?

Try this plan Viral Launch Free Trial, then go for a subscription because this Viral Launch plan is a bit more expensive than the ‘Essential' package.

As the ‘Pro‘ plan has all ‘Essentials‘ features with some extra and useful features as well.

  • Find Relevant Keywords
  • Automated Keywords Research
  • Up to 350 Top Selling Products Tracking
  • Maximum 30 Hourly Keyword Ranking Analysis
  • Daily up to 2000 Keyword Ranking Analysis
  • Maximally, 50ASINsListing Analysis
  • SEO Listing Copy
  • Automated Customer Reviews Requests

Opting for a ‘Pro‘ Monthly Subscription can cost 99 US Dollars a month. Also, you don't get any additional benefits. But, going for the annual Pro package will cost $16 less without any Viral Launch Discount Code.

Isn't it bewildering and beneficial for every Pro and Newbie Amazon Seller? I'll rest the case on you, is it or not?

You also get an additional benefit of using the Viral Launch for 2 extra months. Now, what do you have to say about this ‘Pro‘ plan?

Pro Plus Ads Package – $199/mo

Still getting 6 figure revenue and want to scale up your brand with advanced features? No worries! Viral Launch Market Intelligence toolkit has always been there at your service.

Upgrade the features of the ‘Pro‘ plan and add some features to it; there is your Pro Plus Ads package.

Now, let's see the features embedded in the Viral Launch Brand Builder Package.

  • Track Top- selling products – 1000 Products 
  • Analyze your ASIN's listing – 100 listings
  • Track keyword rankings daily – 5,000 keywords
  • Track keyword rankings hourly – 100 keywords
  •  Along with all the features of Pro Plan plus: 
  • Create & monitor Amazon ads
  • Fully automate your PPC strategy
  • Unlock in-depth PPC data & insights

To access all the above features, you need to purchase the Pro Plus Ads package. And, going with the monthly plan will cost you USD 199 per month without any benefit.

If you opt for a yearly package, then it will charge you 166 US Dollars.

Is the Viral Launch Chrome Extension Free? – Features of Viral Launch Chrome Extension

Viral Launch is quite a versatile platform that comes in two versions. The standard Chrome extension is among the easiest of the two. You can simply download the extension from the Chrome web store and integrate it with your Google Chrome browser.

With the Viral Launch Chrome extension, you can efficiently perform comprehensive market research on Amazon and get in-depth data on sales figures for various goods like monthly sales, historical data and much more.

You can be ahead in your research on the Amazon marketplace and get the most profitable products. The interface of this chrome extension is intuitive and well designed, and you find revenue forecasts and market analytics easily.

Even beginners who can use the Viral Launch Chrome extension can find it easy to use and start their journey of finding all the winning products on Amazon as it is designed for fast market research. You can quickly begin your product exploration journey with this extension and locate product ideas, keywords and also other elements which can help you expand your Amazon product research journey.

You will not feel the need to login into the Viral Launch dashboard as the Chrome extension allows you to go to Amazon to find products that you may be able to sell. We really enjoyed this extension as it was straightforward to discover new products from the Amazon marketplace and get great products that help you boost your revenue.

Viral Launch Affiliate Program – Expand Your Earning Potential

Viral Launch affiliate program offers a lucrative and recurring commission to all of its affiliates. All of its affiliates love the lucrative live time commission, and most of them know that their students are excellent Amazon seller tools that are a leader in the industry. Also, the best part is that anyone can apply for the Viral Launch affiliate program, so you simply have to fill out the short application and launch your students to success today!

You can use your affiliate link in your videos, emails, or on your website to drive traffic and sales to Viral Launch software and services. As someone makes a purchase through your link or with your code, they will get the discount, and you will end up with your commission.

How much can you earn from the Viral Launch Affiliate Program? 

The best answer would be LIMITLESS. Having said that, the Tier 1 affiliates can earn a 15% lifetime commission on the user’s net subscription, and the Tier 2 affiliates earn a 25% lifetime commission on the user’s net subscription.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Viral Launch Affiliate Program? 

All the Viral Launch affiliates are a top priority for the company. Also, the company ensures that it serves the highest-quality software and services so that you can confidently provide top value to your audience. 

High Commission Rates: Viral Launch offers some of the highest payouts in the industry. You can simply utilize your connections and audiences to get some serious money with each referral. 

Exclusive Crew Members: All Viral Launch affiliates are like an extended family, and they show their appreciation through prizes and early access to new tools along with exclusive demos.

Unlimited Earnings: In this program, the only sky is the limit of your earning potential. So you can undoubtedly earn thousands and even tens of thousands through the program. 

Premium Software & Services: Viral Launch is entirely focused on delivering the most high-quality software and services in the industry. They have a data-driven and customer-centric approach to their business model.

Viral Launch Alternatives – Viral Launch Closest Competitors

Viral Launch Vs. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout, as many of you know, is the closest alternative to Viral Launch. But Viral Launch, though, is budget-friendly and also offers more precise data and analytics.

Jungle Scout Review

In terms of Product discovery, Jungle Scout offers extensive product research and discovery tools. Also, the discovery interface is somewhat similar to that of Viral Launch. It provides you with an Amazon database and assesses thousands of listings in a relatively shorter time. Also, you get filters to apply for discovery in which you can filter by sales, reviews, sales, weight, rating etc. The same you can do with Viral Launch as well. 

Jungle Scout also delivers keyword research like Viral Launch, where you get comprehensive research. You just have to type in a seed keyword and select a few categories, and the app will automatically generate the list of relevant keywords for you. Plus, Jungle Scout also provides you with various metrics for every KW, including Broad Search, Exact match search volume, Recommended Giveaway, Exact PPC bid, Ease to Rank, and HSA bid.

Jungle Scout also provides access to their inventory management tools, whereas you don't get this on Viral Launch. Also, Jungle Scout has a user-friendly interface, just like the Viral Launch tool. 

In terms of pricing, Viral Launch is significantly higher than Jungle Scout charges. Jungle Scout pricing plans start from $39 to $99 monthly, whereas Viral Launch costs $69 to $199 per month.

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Viral Launch Vs. Helium 10

Helium 10 is another popular alternative to Viral Launch. Viral Launch only supports Amazon, but Helium 10 supports's third-party sellers alongside Amazon.

Helium 10

Both the product research tool offers extensive product research and discovery tools. With Helium 10, you also get a product research tool called Black Box, which is similar to Viral Launch Discover, where you can filter product ideas by multiple factors like rating, review, weight, price, category, images etc. 

The keyword research tool on Helium 10 is called Misspellinator. You can find the most relevant KWs for any product category, just like you can on Viral Launch.

Plus, the Helium 10 app has inventory safeguards that prevent customers from buying all your products, whereas Viral Launch misses out on a similar tool.

Talking about Listing Optimization, you can import listings or old listings drafts directly from your Amazon account into Helium 10 for optimizations. Further, this app also ensures that you get the proper keywords so that your customers can find you. Viral Launch also offers similar kinds of tools. 

When you compare both user-friendliness, the tools get identical scores. But some might notice that Helium 10 has more accessibility as it has both cloud-based platforms and mobile apps for iOS and Android. But Viral Launch has no mobile app.

Along with this, we must say that the customer support Helium 10 offers is poor compared to Viral Launch. You don't get options to get in touch with a live agent. You just get the FAQ pages and tutorials on which you have to rely upon.

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Viral Launch Customer Support – How is Viral Launch Customer Support?

Viral Launch offers a decent amount of support in various forms. You get 24/7 live chat support which is quite good. You also get a help center page where you can find all the basic answers to your queries.

You also get free courses from Viral Launch regarding How to sell on Amazon along with Amazon PPC Playbook. There is also resource complete information in their blogs section, which is really beneficial for all the users. You also get free E-books which are equally beneficial.

We did find their customer support suitable. All the modes of communication mentioned are open and helpful. They also provide a free Amazon FBA calculator, which is beneficial for all sellers.

Viral Lunch Reviews – Viral Launch Customers Testimonials

Viral Launch Customers Testimonials

Top FAQ on Viral Launch Review

Is Viral Launch free for lifetime or not?

Of course, Not! Viral Launch is not free from subscription. But, it offers 14-Day Free-Trial for each package.

Is Jungle Scout better than Viral Launch or not?

Viral Launch & Jungle Scout, both have their insights. As per your need, one is best and others automatically become not useful. It is better not to compare with their advantage as per business requirement.

What is a Virtual Launch?

A virtual product launch event allows you to manage and expand the exposure of a new product or service to a worldwide audience through a content-rich online event that is both time and cost-effective.

Is Viral Launch good?

Viral Launch offers a light, easy-to-use chrome extension for product research. You could purchase several supplementary services from Viral Launch to have your campaigns managed by real professionals. The overall Viral Launch system is well-designed and intuitive.

Is the Viral Launch Sales Estimator accurate?

The Viral Launch market intelligence has the most accurate and recent sales estimates as Viral Launch is the most comprehensive and real-time Amazon Data space that is collected from leveraging access to the billions of Amazon data points. Also, it is the only product research tool that shows you trends across the entire Amazon market by which you can make informed decisions. Also, the company further states that there is no other product research tool that integrates estimated product sales with a complete FBA calculator and shows you upfront investment and projected profits as well. You can get the Viral Launch Sales Estimator access from its chrome extension.

Who is the founder of Viral Launch?

Viral Launch's founder and CEO is Casey Gauss. He has also won the Rising Entrepreneur Award during TechPoint's 20th annual Mira Awards gala honoring the best of tech in Indiana.

How to cancel a Viral Launch subscription?

Viral Launch has a hassle-free cancellation process. If you want to cancel your subscription at any time, you have to go into your launchpad and select the Account tab on the left-hand side. Then, in the drop-down menu, you can select Settings, which would take you to a page where you can click on the Billing tab and cancel by clicking the Cancel button. Your subscription would say, “Cancel at period end (date).” You can also cancel your account by submitting a request to 

How will you get paid from the Viral Launch affiliate program?

So as the user purchases an annual subscription from your link, you will be paid the commission in full at the end of the following month. For monthly subscriptions, you will be paid a commission at the end of each month until the time the user maintains their subscription. Viral Launch pays out commission on the last day of each month, where all the payments are made through PayPal.

What is the minimum payout in the Viral Launch affiliate program?

As described earlier, Commissions would be paid out monthly and once $200 or more is earned. Also, the earned commissions which are totaling less than $200 will roll over the next month and continue until the $200 threshold for payment is reached.

Where can you get Viral Launch legit coupons?

Right here on, you can get all the verified and legit coupons that you can use and safe on all the purchases made from Viral Launch. Also, all these coupons are 100% verified coupons exclusively for Viral Launch.

How to upgrade the Viral Launch plan?

It is straightforward to upgrade your plan directly via the settings button in your Viral Launch Launchpad. You can also contact the customer team at for further help.

Does Viral Launch offer a money-back guarantee?

Viral Launch does not offer any kind of money-back guarantee to its users on any of the given pricing plans; instead, it does offer a Viral Launch 14-day free trial which you can utilize primarily and see whether this tool works for you or not.

Conclusion: Viral Launch Review – Should you go for this tool?

So far, you understood and knew almost everything about the Viral Launch. Aren’t you?

Viral Launch is essentially a suite of tools, with multiple independent & integrated components to have collective goals. Hopefully! This genuine & descriptive Viral Launch’s review comes up to your expectation. As you have understood that it works as per its name. It gives your business and product viral in no-time with its quite reliable tools like Market Intelligence, Chrome Extension, and many others.

As it is a proven and reliable tool-kit for Amazon Sellers, so using it becomes automatically important for ground running.🚀🚀

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