Are you tired of creating poor social media campaigns? We know the pain of how difficult it is to engage potential leads to your brand. If you want to grow your brand to the next level, VYPER is the best solution where you can grow your audience email lists, increase engagement and boost your total sales!

If you are looking for the best viral marketing solution, then this VYPER Review is here for you! With VYPER, you can now easily create successful viral contests as well as engaging giveaways on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

VYPER is one of the most popular social media giveaway tools where you can grow your social media followers as well as increase your conversion rate with referral traffic. With the new VYPER 2.0 now, you can create viral contests on social media with amazing design as well as you can choose multiple templates, landing pages, sign-up forms, as well as engaging pop-ups to keep your audience more engaged with the right incentives!

VYPER has really helped me to increase my referral traffic with highly engaging campaigns, which in turn increased my social media followers like never before! Whether you are a startup, influencer, or agency, VYPER can be the best solution for you!

So, let’s get started with VYPER Review, where we will discuss, the features offered by Vyper, the pricing plan, pros and cons of VYPER, and VYPER alternatives!

VYPER Quick Overview

Let’s have a quick glance at VYPER below:

CategoryViral Marketing Tool
Supports DevicesWindows
Language SupportEnglish
Pricing ModelFree Trial, Subscription
Customer TypesSmall & Medium Businesses,
Large Enterprises
Key FeaturesViral Leaderboard Contest
Customizable Templates
Mail Integrations
Fraud Detection
Confirmation Emails
Contest Embed
CSS Modifications
Language Translation
Social Promotions
Best Suited ForStartups
Customer SupportLive Support

What is VYPER?

Vyper Review

VYPER is one of the best viral marketing tools that helps you to create engaging social media campaigns as well as giveaways, referral programs, and viral contests.

Whether you are an influencer, agency, eCommerce platform, or creator, this tool can be the best solution where you can customize your social media campaigns with interactive audiences like never before!

The best news is you can try for FREE, where you can boost your brand's online presence with interactive giveaways and loyalty programs. Moreover, this giveaway tool also helps you to create eye-popping campaigns to increase your followers and skyrocket your total revenue! With the all-new VYPER 2.0, you can now easily create viral campaigns and contests.

And what more? Now you can adjust the designing part of your viral contests, where you can set the fonts, header area, button options, and more. Take advantage of pre-made templates for viral contests, loyalty programs, and leaderboards.

There are also outstanding display modes to create eye-popping landing pages to increase customer engagement, sign-up forms, and widgets. VYPER also lets you provide the right incentives to your audience base where they can collect reward points that boost the engagement and conversion rate!

How to create a viral contest using VYPER?

Well, hope you understand what VYPER is all about. But it would be great if you knew how to use this viral marketing tool for your social media campaigns.

Here, we will show you a live example of how you can create a viral campaign with the use of VYPER. You just need to follow the simple steps below:

  • First, you have to visit the official website and create a free account by clicking on the “Try It Free” button
VYPER free trial
  • In the next step, you have to select the pricing plan you want to choose and sign up for a free account.
VYPER Pricing
  • Then, in the next step, you have to fill in the details required to sign up for the free trial, such as your full name, email, and password. And after that, confirm by clicking on the “I’m not a robot” button and hitting the “Get Started” button
Sign up to
  • Before you log in, you have to choose the industry that you want to run the campaign for and how you get to know about VYPER and click on the “Submit and Proceed” button
Register to VYPER AI
  • Now you have to select the “New Campaign” tab, and choose the campaign type as well as the template from the list
Viral Contest Page VYPER
  • Once you choose the template for your campaign, you will find customizable campaign details to edit your campaign Contest
  • After this, you have to click inside the VYPER tool to open the visual editor, where you can customize the text color, font, and background color Gift Winning
  • Now you have to complete the sign-up template and click on the “Thank You” tab Signup template
  • In the next step, you can add or edit bonus actions that will help your customer base to earn more points/rewards. You can also add or edit rewards for your viral contests or giveaway programs
Landing page Designing by
  • Now, you have to move to the next tab which is the “Settings” tab where you have to set your campaign settings, such as tracking codes, email integrations and settings, cheater security, and other advanced features Campaign Settings
  • After modifying all the campaign settings, you have to click on the save button and move to the “Launch” tab
  • Next, in the Launch tab, you will see a checklist from which you must check the required items to launch your campaign. It includes the start and end date of your campaign launch, time zone, meta tags, and more
Vyper Launch Checklist
  • Congratulations! You are all done with your campaign. For better analysis, you can click on the “Results” tab for detailed campaign analytics
VYPER Campaign results

What are the Benefits of using VYPER?

VYPER is loaded with exclusive tools that can help you to create, manage and launch viral campaigns like never before! So, let's see what are the benefits of using below:

  • VYPER helps you to grow your referral traffic and engage a wide range of audiences using viral giveaways and contests as well as loyalty programs which in turn boost your conversion rate.
  • Allows you to create campaigns with pre-made templates and also add or edit bonus actions and rewards that help you to capture quality leads for your campaigns
  • Increases the engagement rate and saves time for both newbie and professional users
  • With VYPER you can create highly interactive and eye-popping landing pages that let your users pay more attention to your campaigns. I really love the customization options
  • This viral marketing tool is one of the best solutions for marketing agencies to create viral campaigns using the visual design editor. In this way, marketers can create eye-catching designs for their audiences
  • VYPER allows you to analyze the success rate of your campaigns with the use of pixel tracking. Moreover, you can also measure the campaign performance, the source of traffic, and total revenue through Google Analytics
  • You can create a wide range of marketing campaigns to skyrocket your profit and sales. For better engagement and reach, you can create loyalty programs, referral marketing campaigns, product launch campaigns to boost your product sales, and more
  • This tool is the ultimate solution for email automation for viral contests. Provides better integration for your social media campaigns and email marketing campaigns.

Types of Campaigns you can create using VYPER

Well, as you already know how incredible a tool VYPER is, the next question that comes to mind is, what are the types of campaigns you can create with this viral marketing tool? To help you out, here we have listed the 8 different use cases of

Viral Contests or Giveaways

To increase your social media followers, it is always a great start to create viral contests or giveaways on social media platforms. In this way, you can boost your audience's engagement rate and also the likes, comments, and followers as well.

More customers will be attracted in order to win rewards which will generate more leads. I am impressed with this method, as it will increase your brand value with a high level of engagement.

User-Generated Content Campaign

This type of campaign, basically helps you to engage your targeted customers or followers to generate content that can increase your brand value. For example, you may ask to review a product, and it will be listed on your product page or a branded reward.

In this way, you can increase your product reach to your users and attract more leads to your product page.

Referral Program And Combo Reward

If you want to build a loyal customer base, this campaign can help you as it allows you to combine both rewards and referral programs. You can reward your customers if they purchase from you, and also they will be rewarded if they refer your brand to their friends or close ones.

This type of marketing campaign can increase your brand value and also improves bonding.

Milestone Contest

This kind of contest is really engaging for the customer base, which increases the brand value and the customer engagement rate as well. For example, here, you can set points for the number of items purchased from your brand, and the rewards are given on the basis of the points earned by each customer.

It's amazing, right? In this way, users have the tendency to gather more points by purchasing more, which boosts your conversion rate. Users can also add bonus actions or bonus rewards for earning more points.

Reward or Loyalty Program

This type of campaign is usually for increasing brand engagement and customer retention. If any customer buys from your brand, they can collect points for their purchase. Those points can be redeemed later on for rewards such as promotional codes or discount codes.

It helps you to build brand value with extensive customer engagement and convert users to loyal customers.

Pre-Launch or Waitlist Campaign

This type of campaign program can be highly beneficial if you want to create hype for a product before you launch it! In this way, you can get more people involved in the waiting list for any kind of product or application. So, the more people join the waiting list; the more rewards will be rewarded to them.

In this way, you can see how the early-access campaign can boost your email list and the also the downloads before launching any product.

Referral Or Ambassador Program

This is another excellent campaign type that can be used to convert your customers to brand ambassadors. Here, your customers are rewarded with points if they refer your brand to their friends or family members.

Using this referral program, you can boost your brand reach and also build a loyal customer base, as more and more users will engage with your brand.


This campaign is pretty much familiar with the Milestone program, but here users need to climb to the top of the leaderboard and unlock each level so that they can earn more rewards from the users who are below them.

It is really fun to engage in this type of contest, and it boosts your social media followers and increases brand visibility. Customers can unlock rewards such as free products, discount coupons, and more.

VYPER Key Features

VYPER offers a wide range of features that help you to increase your brand engagement and boost your revenue to the next level! Let's discuss what are the key features of below:

10X Faster Visual Designer

The viral designer is one of the most amazing features that helps you to create eye-popping campaigns with an elegant design! The visual editor is very simple to use, and with its help, you can change the text size, font color, and background color that suits your brand.

Moreover, you can also create interactive landing pages, thank-you pages, and sign-up forms. Another thing is, VYPER provides you with pre-made customizable templates that you can use to grow your social media followers and boost your conversion rates!

Customizable Templates

VYPER offers pre-made customizable templates for different promotional campaigns! The best part, the campaign templates are so unique and tech-savvy that save you both time and effort. You just have to enter the details of any campaign, and this tool will provide you the template for your contest, for a pre-launching product, or any kind of winning campaign as well!

Email Integration

VYPER also integrates with email marketing platforms, which means now you can easily create social media campaigns and integrate with popular platforms such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, EmailOctopus, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, GetResponse, and more. Now you can send follow-up emails to your customers to notify them about your viral contests and giveaways which will help you boost your brand value to a new height!

Modern Design Options

With this viral marketing tool, you can enjoy an extensive range of modern designs that helps you to engage more users in your viral contest. The best part is all the designs are supported by both desktop and mobile devices, which will boost your brand. It allows you to design templates for images, giveaway contests, and more. You will get multiple templates to create a landing page, contest widgets, or sign-up forms.

Template Bonus Actions

This bonus actions feature can help you to add or edit bonus actions inside the dashboard. You can also create personalized bonus templates. This increases the engagement rate of your users, and they will perform more to increase their bonus points. In this way, you can increase your brand reach and visibility and build good customer relations towards your brand.

Brand Personalization

VYPER's campaigns are highly customizable that suit your brand value and needs. It allows you to change the color of your brand images, fonts, and videos, and you can add the countdown button to use for human needs only. This feature is really awesome, as you have to enter some campaign details, and this tool will do the rest for you!

Cheating Detection

With the cheating detection feature, now you easily spot and identify the fake users, and can easily eliminate them from participating in your contests and giveaway programs. also shows you the cheater percentage that can help you to detect the cheaters and add reliable users for your various campaigns. If you are looking for an advanced content tool that can detect cheaters, is the go-to tool for you!

Supports Multiple Devices

VYPER supports both mobile and desktop devices, and all the campaign designs can be easily switched between multiple devices! It allows you to create promotional campaigns by just clicking on the preview button, or you can adjust the size of the button.

Different Display Modes

VYPER comes with in-built 3 different display modes that help you to create engaging campaigns without having any technical skills! Amazing right? You can easily create eye-popping landing pages, embed sign-up forms, and also create contest widgets to run your campaigns!

Reports and Analytics

The reports and analytics feature helps you to analyze the performance of your campaigns and also allows you to add Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics, which helps you to track the referral traffics, bounce rates, page views, and more. This will help you analyze the total sales and revenue earned from each viral campaign.

Loyalty Programs

The rewards and loyalty program feature helps you to retain loyal customers. The more they purchase from you, the more rewards and points they will earn. Moreover, customers can also redeem their points while purchasing. So, it helps you to build a strong customer base and boosts your brand value.

Pixel Tracking

This feature is really impressive as it helps you to target your customers in a more personalized way. If you add Facebook Pixel ID, you can easily view the activities of your visitors, and this helps you to send customized email follow-ups and boosts your marketing campaigns. To avail this feature, you have to upgrade to paid plans.

Social Proof

The social proof feature helps you to boost the number of registration for your viral campaigns. For example, anyone filling out the sign-up form can view the total number of previous sign-ups, which can help them understand that most people are coming to your sign-up page and will build trust among them.

Hosting Options

VYPER also helps you to form your hosting page, or you can embed it as a widget or can create your own website. But if you want to remove the branding from your giveaways or landing pages, you have to upgrade to the paid plans.

Who should use VYPER?

VYPER has covered a wide range of businesses that helps you to boost your brand value. This tool creates promotional campaigns and offers rewards and loyalty programs. So, here are the industries that can use VYPER:

  • Ecommerce Platforms where you can track your sales and boost your revenue
  • Brands where you can grow your email lists by signing up for newsletters
  • Agencies where you can deliver services such as following various social media platforms
  • Startups to build your strong customer base
  • Influencers where you can increase the number of followers on Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, and more
  • Creator, where you can increase the subscribers list on your YouTube videos and get more likes and comments on your YouTube videos.
  • Events where you can increase more attendees and increase the likes on your Facebook pages
  • Software Applications where you can increase the number of downloads
  • Gaming Industry to increase its viewers and subscribers on YouTube streaming

VYPER Pricing Plans

VYPER Pricing Plans

Now comes the most vital part of this VYPER review, where we will discuss the pricing plans of VYPER. Do you know what? VYPER offers a free trial until your campaign is not activated and two paid plans which are Enterprise and Agency Plans.

Want to know the good news? If you choose VYPER's annual pricing plan, you will get a flat 50% OFF which means you can use them for 6 months for FREE!

The best news is there are no restrictions on using VYPER tools, and you will get a 15-day refund guarantee which is really impressive.

Both plans are designed for various business needs, so let's see what features you are getting with each plan.

1.   Enterprise Plan ($149/mo)

The Enterprise plan costs $149/month and is designed for serious marketers. If you choose the annual pricing plan, it will cost you $75/month (50% Off, which is free for 6 months)! This plan includes features such as allowing you to remove the VYPER Branding, helping you to use your own domain or subdomain, allows you to get 30K leads each month, and you can also track $30,000 in revenue per month. All these features make it an amazing deal. Just grab the Enterprise Plan today!!

2.   Agency Plan ($299/mo)

The Agency Plan costs $299/mo, where you can use VYPER for up to 10 different brands for multiple client projects! If you select the annual pricing plan, it costs you $150 (50% Off, which is free for 6 months)!

This plan includes all the features of the Enterprise plan and helps you to generate up to 120k leads per month, and you can also track up to $120,000 revenue in each month. Plus, VYPER allows you to create 10 different sub-accounts for all multiple clients.

VYPER Pros & Cons

Now let’s move on to the PROS and CONS of VYPER:

FAQs on VYPER Review

Does VYPER support Google Analytics or Pixel tracking?

Yes, of course! VYPER supports both Google Analytics and Pixel tracking for all your viral contests and giveaways. You can track and monitor the performance of your campaigns, bounce rates, referral traffic, and your ROI.

Does VYPER integrate with other tools?

Yes, VYPER integrates with major email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, GetResponse, AWeber, Klaviyo, and many more.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the tool?

Yes, of course! VYPER offers a 15-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied using this tool. No questions asked.

Can I run a contest on my own domain instead of VYPER?

Yes, but you need to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan, which allows you to create your own subdomain and remove the VYPER branding from the landing page.

What type of rewards does VYPER offer?

VYPER provides you with various types of rewards program, which includes free products, discount coupons, content, prizes as well as points for your purchases.

VYPER Alternatives & Competitors

Are you looking for the best alternatives? Look no further! Here, we have listed the top alternatives to VYPER that work in a similar manner to Some of the competitors may lack the features that are offered by VYPER. Here are the top alternatives:

Final Words on VYPER Review

This is the end of this VYPER review, hope you have taken your decision whether to get this viral marketing tool or not! If you ask me about my personal experience, I will definitely recommend you to get VYPER today!

To be honest, I have been using VYPER for 1 month, and it meets all the requirements for generating quality leads from social media promotional campaigns, viral contests, and giveaways!

The best part is, VYPER is a highly effective tool for all marketers, agencies as well as large enterprises. If you want to create highly converting viral campaigns, then this tool is a must-have solution!

Lastly, if your entire business is highly dependent on generating leads from social media campaigns, then get today!!

Thank you for reading this article. Still, have any doubts or questions? Feel free to drop them in the comment box below. Don't forget to like and share our VYPER Review.

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