Won't this be great if you could aggregate all your traffic data from all different platforms in a single place? Seeing all your traffic from different places simultaneously but in an organized manner sounds acceptable to me.

Well, WeCanTrack can manage all this data in a simplified manner but are you well known for all the features and tools offered by it?

Don't you worry; I have got you covered; in this article, we'll cover all the features and tools that make WeCanTrack an excellent affiliate click aggregation system. This aggregation tool lets you combine all the data (affiliate clicks) obtained from different sources such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and even TikTok Ads. An excellent solution for keeping all your affiliate data managed in a single place.

Let's take a glance at, what is WeCanTrack, and what are the features and functions delivered by it?

WeCanTrack Review

Suppose you are someone who is into affiliate marketing. In that case, you might understand how important it is to manage your links, data, and traffic to have a better overview of where all the data is coming from and make your marketing strategies likewise.

WeCanTrack is an affiliate clicks aggregation tool that combines data from different traffic sources and gives you an overview of how and what should be done to expand your network and make better profits. Well, affiliate aggregation helps in many ways, as better management helps deliver better and more strategic marketing and promotional operations.

Breaking up the data and understanding the sources can help deliver benefits in many ways. WeCanTrack enables you to deliver data-driven from different sources in a single place with proper management.

Let's take a quick look at the data integration (200+ Integrations) around which WeCanTrack works; some of these platforms are mentioned below:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook
  • Data Studio
  • Google Ads
  • Data Studio
  • One Dashboard
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Tiktok Ads Integration and much more
Game-Changing Snapchat Ads Integration

Well, this was a surprise to me, as there are a lot of affiliate tracking platforms that offer Snapchat Ads; if you are looking forward to getting along with around 200+ integrations, including Snapchat Ads, WeCanTrack might be the right place for you. As per my own experience, I have used several tools, but Snapchat Ads is a bit new in the business, and WeCanTrack can be counted as one of the early players in the game.

These integrations are really the upside of how the tool delivers to the users. In addition to this, where most of the tools and affiliate marketing platforms don't offer several integrations, WeCanTrack offers extra integration like TikTok Ads and much more. As I have mentioned above, the integrations here are great, but let's take a quick look at the features and tools to better understand how these integrations work.

As a marketer and a user, the type of data I was offered was really great, I have been into a lot of affiliate networks and tracking platforms, but the data that WeCanTrack offered was just great. But for your better understanding, all are the features and tools offered by WeCanTrack:

Data Station: Since I have mentioned above about the integrations offered, I don't think I need to mention them again, but the data collected from all these platforms help in better setup and data management since no manual report setup is required; everything is organized on your fingertips.

Reporting and Data Processing: Due to vast network integration, the output of your site's data will be delivered to one station with a clean dataset and will then be processed & structured so that a nice overview of the entire website can be created and seen. The website connection with WeCanTrack automatically creates and uses unique IDs as an attribution of data conversion to traffic data.

Data Tracking: Data tracking can be counted as one of the biggest factors for making WeCanTrack the tracking platform it is today. It uses and collects data from different sources such as API, Postbacks, Scrapes, etc. All this data and google sheets can be added to get that single database, or we can say everything on the screen; it takes a few minutes to make everything over the dashboard (all the conversions on the dashboard) with a full overview.

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Data available in detailed overview:

Daily Sales and Commission: The dashboard shows the graph, which gives you a better overview of how your affiliate sales and commissions are working daily.

Advertisers Report: The advertiser's report lets you get along with information such as the advertiser's name, sales executed by them, commission, sale amount, and commission rate; well, these all data can help understand how your advertisers are performing.

Best Performing Affiliate Networks: This section shows you different labels such as the networks which are performing this, the sales, and the commission performed by them; in addition to this, the section also shows % changes.

Revenue Tracking Solution by WeCanTrack: As I have mentioned prior, the interface and the dashboard on overview let you come along with all the tracking in terms of the affiliate program and sales revenue, giving an overview of all the sales and commissions being performed.

Other Details: There are other details available such as best-performing network accounts, best-performing tags, highest transactions, landing page performance, highest declines, advertiser declines and decline rate, and much more.

Targeting the Right Audience

WeCanTrack lets you see how your visitors move through the funnel and where they drop off. It will allow you to retarget the right audience and pick up lost users who abandoned your funnel. This helps in better retargeting and converting the customers into potential customers.

Automated Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising has never been easier and more effective. And with machine learning by Google and Facebook, you can target the right users by using the most efficient bidding strategies to maximize your ad spending. This can be helpful in various ways when all this is synchronized with audience targeting and other features.

Funnel Optimization

As a client, you will be able to register and analyze website transaction data to identify areas that may need improvements.

Single Station for All

Get rid of the manual reports, as you can get along with all the details such as reports, sales, commissions, and much more in a single place. This can also be considered as the best factor that has helped WeCanTrack become such a great tool; the detailed overviews can be really helpful in several ways.

Custom Data Attribution

The meta and the attributes collected by WeCanTrack for a user can be helped in delivering better reports and understanding how a certain affiliate campaign is performing. The link creation (Unique links) can help you understand how everything is going on without anything getting hidden from you.


This is one of the great features of this new system. So you can feed the WeCanTracks system with your content/product IDs, and we will be able to report to you about their performance via API. This will allow you to sort your website content automatically, provided that the click and conversion rates are good enough. So overall, you get better and well-managed website automation.

Negative Impact

Looks fine to me!! The WeCanTrack enables you to keep track of your decline & approve rates and can be current on whether an advertiser's status has changed. This is easier because affiliates don't have to wait months for something. These negative points can be very helpful in understanding how a certain link or operation is performing, including the downside of it.

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WeCanTrack Pricing Plans

After considering all the features and tools offered by WeCanTrack, then comes the pricing part; well, it offers 4 different plans made for different categories of affiliate marketers, the one plan that is the real deal-breaker is the free one; they offer a free plan with all the basic features and tools that can be used by beginners, as soon as you get known with the interface and the features/tools, just go for the plan which is suitable for you. So let's break these plans a little for better understanding:

I would also like to share that the pricing plans offered by WeCanTrack offer two different currency options; the one mentioned above is for the dollar, but you can also opt for the euro option if you are someone who deals with Euro. Well, these two currency options are not available in most of the affiliate tracking platforms; most of them offer dollars as a single currency to deal with, whereas the WeCanTrack offers both Euro and Dollars.

WeCanTrack Review & Testimonial
WeCanTrack Reviews & Testimonial

🙄Is WeCanTrack a reliable tool?

As we all know, the most frustrating part of being an affiliate is generating quality sales. With WeCanTrack, you'll get all the tools and affiliate data you need in one convenient dashboard to ensure a positive ROI. WeCanTrack allows its users to link all their traffic data and affiliate conversion in one single dashboard so that they can focus more on their promotion strategies and marketing outcomes.

❓Why should I go for WeCanTrack?

If you are an affiliate marketer, you don't have much time to track down all the affiliate networks you work with, their link IDs, tracking IDs, and other information. By simply using WeCanTrack, you can convert your advertising attribution data into traffic sources. With WeCanTrack, you can even integrate that data with other analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and many more.

🚀How does WeCanTrack help me to scale up your marketing performance?

Many people struggle to understand what their campaigns are doing and how they can optimize it. WeCanTrack is the best affiliate tracking tool that helps you to know what works for you and what doesn't. WeCanTrack offers you accurate & real-time data that allows you to make the right decision. With its attributed conversion data, you can easily enhance your marketing and campaign performance.

🌐How many websites does WeCanTrack allow me to connect to?

WeCanTrack allows its users to connect to unlimited websites. On the other hand, connecting many websites will not affect your pricing.

💻How many campaigns can I track through WeCanTrack?

The users can track as many campaigns as they want via WeCanTrack, and it will not impact their pricing.

💲What payment options does WeCanTrack support?

If you go for a monthly subscription, then add your credit card to their billing system. Contact their support team if you want to use other payment options.

🔎Can I try WeCanTrack for free?

Absolutely, If you are new to WeCanTrack and want to test drive all its features for free, then click here to start your free WeCanTrack 30 days trial. The free trial of WeCanTrack does not allow you to use BigQuery and Data Studio Integration features.

🔥Does WeCanTrack offer any discount coupons?

Yes, if you go for its yearly subscription, then you will save a flat 16.6% off on your purchase. Click on this link to activate our special WeCanTrack coupon code.

WeCanTrack Twitter Group

As per my personal experience, it is pretty sure that the tool can be really helpful in many ways as they offer around 200+ integrations; these integrations include some of the best integrations such as Facebooks Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Data Studio and much more.
Integrations are a good factor to go ahead with, but the tools and detailed overview of sales reports, commissions, and best affiliate programs and networks is the real deal; getting a full overview of how your network and affiliate links are working can be very helpful in obtaining better conversion rates, as you have everything in front of you.

From my perspective, everything is pretty in front of you as well, but WeCanTrack is very affordable and allows you to see the negative numbers. It's perfect for business owners looking for an affiliate tracking system with easy reporting on their website.

Overall, if you are looking for a better overview of how your marketing channels and affiliate conversions are performing, WeCanTrack is your product; the 200+ integrations can be really helpful in several ways.

Hopefully, this article will have cleared the questions you might have regarding the WeCanTrack affiliate tracking.🙂

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