Attention all adtech visionaries, innovators, and enthusiasts! Get ready to mark your calendars for an event that will shake up the digital advertising landscape. Introducing World AdTech Day, a global celebration debuting on March 27, 2024, that recognizes the tireless efforts and groundbreaking achievements of ad tech professionals worldwide. It's time to unite and applaud the adtech community's rapid growth and ongoing contributions to the industry.

Join us as we come together to share knowledge, foster innovation, and shape the future of digital advertising. Let's make World AdTech Day a celebration to remember!

The Concept of World AdTech Day

World AdTech Day 2024

World AdTech Day signifies the evolution of advertising technology into an expansive field that requires a diverse set of specialized professional skills. The event highlights the crucial role played by adtech professionals in fostering productive collaborations, developing user-friendly digital products, and maintaining ethical online marketing practices.

On March 27, the goal is to unite as a supportive and vibrant adtech community, consisting of professionals, practitioners, educators, and enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the scope of digital advertising. There is a place for every adtech market player, from ad exchanges to affiliate networks, media buyers to PPC managers, and large teams to passionate individuals.

Prominent leaders in the adtech sector, including RichAds, CrackRevenue, Evadav, Keitaro, MyLead, Binom, Yellana, CPV Lab Pro, Bemob, TrafficShark, TrafficStars, EMEC EXPO, and others, have already expressed strong support for World AdTech Day.

World AdTech Day 2024: Make Your Contribution

Celebrate World AdTech Day 2024

World AdTech Day is extraordinary in many ways, including the diversity of participation options. You don’t need much to take part, and even if you haven’t considered what you can bring to the table for the celebration, we are here with a handful of easy ideas.

Spread the word

The simplest way to join in is by posting on socials. Actually, it isn’t even that important what exactly you post as long as it's in unison with adtech: workplace selfie, team video, completed milestone, hilarious meme, or your adtech to-do list. Just don’t forget to add the official #WorldAdTechDay hashtag!


If you want to show off your belonging to the global adtech community, don’t hesitate to display the official celebration logo or badge on your website or socials. We even designed special cards for your stories; check out the website!


Educational activities can also be a part of World AdTech Day! All webinars, live streams, and workshops dedicated to adtech topics will be an asset to the professional World AdTech Day events list.


This one is plain but crucial. Not a single endeavor in the adtech industry would survive without connections. Dedicate World AdTech Day to networking events, whether you want to create one or participate in an existing one.

Praise and innovate

All efforts should be rewarded, so show some admiration for unrivaled adtech innovations, be they breathtaking marketing campaigns or technological advancements in advertising. If you feel like it, showcase your own breakthrough, too!

The Spark Behind World AdTech Day

Have you ever wondered who ignited the flame that led to the creation of World AdTech Day? Look no further than Adsterra, a global advertising network with a decade of experience in the industry. The Adsterra team recognized the lack of a unifying celebration that brings together the diverse adtech community and decided to take matters into their own hands.

As the driving force behind World AdTech Day, Adsterra aims to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone's contributions are valued and celebrated. While Adsterra may have lit the initial spark, they don't claim sole ownership of the festivities. Instead, they encourage and appreciate the involvement of the entire adtech community, welcoming events and initiatives from all corners of the industry.

The primary goal of World AdTech Day is to inspire and motivate individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of adtech. By promoting community involvement and recognizing the outstanding contributions of adtech professionals, Adsterra hopes to create a platform that showcases the industry's innovative spirit and collective growth.

End Note

On March 27th, 2024, the adtech world will unite in a global celebration of innovation, collaboration, and unwavering passion. This is your chance to be part of a movement that will shake up the digital advertising landscape. Whether you choose to spread the word on social media, host an educational workshop, or showcase your groundbreaking ad tech solutions, your contributions will be celebrated and amplified.

Join forces with industry leaders, rising stars, and fellow enthusiasts as we come together to shape the future of ad tech. Let's make World AdTech Day a resounding success and a testament to the incredible talent and creativity that drives our industry forward. The stage is set – it's time to make your mark!

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