Are you looking for a tool that can help you elevate your writing game? If you are looking for a tool that can help you with your writing, such as emails, blogs, and even social media captions, I have got something for you; the tool is not just an ordinary tool but also a content creation assistant in itself.

In this article, I'll be reviewing one of the best AI-powered tools that have gained some popularity in the past few years, Writecream!! In addition to that, we'll look after some of the excellent features (old and v2 features) that make Writecream a better choice among others.

So let's take a look at what Writecream is and its features, making it an excellent choice to go with.

Writecream Review

Writecream is an AI-based writing tool that can help write sales pitches, emails, blog post ideas, captions, etc. Among all the factors, one of the factors that grabbed my attention was its icebreakers, and the Writecream enables you to write LinkedIn outreach, Image icebreakers and even Audio icebreakers. Quite impressive, right?

Well, I have tried a few AI based writing tools in the past, and being honest, Writecream is different, and the features and tools offered by it have made it quite famous among marketers, startups and enterprises. Writecream has recently been helping me as an AI based blog writer. We will discuss what makes it a standalone tool compared to other AI based writing tools available.

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Writecream: A fantastic AI content creator

I have used a few tools in the last couple of years, and to be honest, one or the another lacks something, but Writecream has leveled up the standards compared to other AI based tools. To get a more in-depth analysis of what makes Writecream a top-tier player, let's take a look at the different types of writing that can be done using it:

  • Icebreakers

This was something that was quite a deal when compared to other AI based tools available in the market. Let's look at what type of blog articles and icebreakers can be delivered by Writecream; the icebreaker basically refers to the words/phrases that deliver a soothing and relaxing impression over the audience.

While using other AI-based writing tools, this feature was missing, and I guess this might be one of the features that has made it what it is today. In addition to the info mentioned above, let's take a look at what are the type of icebreakers delivered by Writecream or the areas where you can use this ice-breaking tool:

  • SEO and Copywriting

While writing any blogs or articles, these words can be beneficial in delivering the type of audience that can benefit you. I don't need to brag about the importance of SEO and the use of correct keywords, but having an AI based writing tool that can help you deliver SEO-based content pieces, can be a real deal. These tools can help deliver much more value while writing long-form content. In addition to all this, let's take a look at what features/tools are offered in SEO based copywriting by Writecream:

  • Articles and Long Writing

This can be a real deal for writers and bloggers; I understand what it's like when you have just run off an idea and don't understand what else could be written into those blog posts. Writecream can help you with writing forms such as:

  • Digital Ad Copies

If you are a marketer or a seller, you can understand how much importance does having an engaging ad outline can do, It won't be needed to tell you how engaging ad copies can attract more customers, but it is pretty impressive that an AI based tool like Writecream can deliver such engaging contents. Writecream can help you in delivering:

  • Video and Audio-Based Writing

This feature was one of my favorites, a standalone feature in my perspective; if you are looking for a tool that can help you with audio titles, video titles and even voiceovers over text, Writecream is all set for you. Let's take a quick look at the features available in audio and video-based writing:

  • Social Media Posts

Writecream can help write social media content. If compared to all the other options available, social media captions are a bit common, but Writecream has taken this to another level as it offers:

You might be wondering what's left after getting along with all the primary features mentioned above; well, there's more on the table. I'm pretty amazed by these standalone features by Writecream, where most of the AI based writing tools focuses on the basic functions; Writecrem has taken this to another level, enough of keeping you guys under darkness and let's take a look at some of the standalone tools and features that make Writecream a top-tier league player in AI based copywriting tools.

Writecream Reviews

Where most of the tools do not offer this feature, Writecrem offers a Chrome extension that can be helpful in several things, which include editing your blog articles on the go using the Chrome extension on WordPress or even on your LinkedIn messages, cold emails and much more. One of the other major benefits that I noticed while using Writecreams Chrome extension is ice breakers; these ice breakers can be used for several things, including sales emails, LinkedIn, and much more.

To be honest, this pretty much blew my mind as there are not any AI writing tools in the market that have launched their mobile app, to my knowledge. Well, there can be one or two, but this can turn out to be a game-changer for Writecream as you can great quality delivered at your fingertips.

Think about this as a plus point which includes writing something on your system and then continuing that on your mobile app. In addition to all this, just in case you are not a white mode person, Writecream offers a dark mode as well.

Another major feature that makes an AI based writing tool is the plagiarism checker; think of this in a situation when you can create or generate some excellent write-ups, long-form content, etc. and might get content that is plagiarized, and now you'll be getting along with a third-party application or tool to get all your plagiarism getting checked. Well, thankfully, Writecream comes with a plagiarism checker that can be used to make your original and generated content plagiarism-free.

One of the major reasons why I liked Writecrem is its custom-built tool, you can make your own different custom tool; all you need to do is get along with some input and output examples and congratulations, you are all set with your custom made tool. Custom recipe can be an excellent feature that can be used for several things, including profile description, message replier and much more.

One of the major factors that make Writecream an excellent choice in my perspective is its headline generator; while most the AI based copywriting tools focus on short and long-form content, Writecream has offered a headline generator that can be used for creating engaging headlines in few seconds.

All you need to do is enter the piece of text that you want, and Writecream will get you a headline generated; this standalone feature can be excellent for a number of reasons which include blog headlines, titles, and sections headings and much more.

Well, this is where most of the AI-powered copywriting tools lack, where they might be able to deliver great value in English-based content creation but would lack a lot when it comes to other languages, and this is where Writecream has flourished well. Where most of the tools offer a limited option for languages, Writecream offers more than 75+ languages being supported. All this is possible because of the new upgrades that Writecream has done recently; they have released a v2 of the language that can help deliver output for different language options.

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Well, this can be considered as an upgrade that can help give better outputs. Writecream has upgraded with this long-form editor that can offer some great features, including a completely new interface for summarizing, expanding, and rewriting the content. If we dig a bit deeper, the long-form editor v2 offers some excellent features, which include:

  • Formatting Option: This option can be considered as one of the best options in terms of delivering better formatting features which can help in changing the font color, alignment, background highlights, inserting images, videos, links, special characters, and emoticons.
  • Expand Option: The expand option can be an excellent feature for expanding different short-form contents in order to get more out of it.
  • Rewrite Option: Well, this rewrite option is pretty much similar to the rephrasing option available in some of the best AI-powered writing assistants; this can be an excellent feature for making things work along with different aspects of getting more out of something.
  • Plagiarism checker tool and much more.

As I already mentioned in the earlier section, summarizing the content is considered as one of the primary upgrades which were shown in the v2 long-form editor. And having a summarizer tool can be considered as one of the important tools that can help in summarizing blog articles, essays, letters, research papers and much more.

This can be considered as an excellent thing overall; Writecream has added more than 50 tutorials that can be used to make things great in terms of learning, just in case you are not well known with the tools and other features of Writecream you can use these tutorials to get the best out of it. These tutorials can be called an excellent way of making things great for use cases. You can even access tens of brilliant tutorials, including “create an audiobook for free using AI,” “Writecream's Value Proposition tool,” and much more.

As I have already mentioned earlier, Writecream has made some excellent upgrades that can help make things excellent in terms of optimization and bugs. Upgradation can be considered as one of the major aspects of making a tool grow among customers, and having an upgraded system can help in several things, such as creating a bug-free application; this, as a result, can help in several things which include giving a better user interface and interaction.

One of the main features that can be used in Writecream is its content creation in short-form; you can generate some excellent short-form content within a few clicks; this includes a 5 step process for content creation in less than 30 seconds. This feature can be used for a number of things which include content creation for blogs, social media, articles and much more. The Writecream works on a 5 step process, including entering the topic, selecting among the variety of ideas, generating intros, generating outlines, and the last one being ‘write the article.'

After looking at all the features/tools offered by Writecream, it is pretty clear why it has acquired such a massive user base. If talking about what made me use Writecream was its ice-breaking tool, I have used some of the AI based writing tools in the past, but none of them were close in terms of features that Writecream offers.

Since I was talking about the features and tools that Writecream delivers, it is worth noticing that the new update with a number of features such as formatting option, Chrome extension, mobile app, etc., has just worked like a cherry on the top.

Now after looking at the standalone features offered by Writecream, let's have a quick peek around the pricing plans offered by it:

Writecream Pricing

As in my opinion, the tools and features offered under every plan are all set to get along with almost every kind of writer, digital marketer or business, but if you are not fully satisfied with what they offer, you can try the custom plan and get a tailored plan all for you.

Train with Writecream

If you go for the free plan offered by Writecream to get used to the interface and features offered, but still, after all your trying, you find Writecream difficult to use. Here comes the training part; Writecream offers an excellent training program so that you won't be left out from using all the features and tools. Training program by Writecream offers:

  • Training Videos
  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • Live sessions

As per my perspective, you won't be seeking help to get with Writecream as its user interface is very easy to use but if due to any reasons you encounter any issues while getting along with Writecream, just take a look at the training videos, Documentation, and everything is set for you.

Additional features to scale up your content output:

The features and tools offered by Writecream are great as per my personal experience, but in addition to that, the tool also helps you by delivering:

  • Sentence formatting: Well, sentence formatting can be a fantastic tool while writing long and short-form content.
  • Grammar checks: Delivering a writing piece with correct grammar can help get better audience engagement, as no one likes content with any grammatical errors, grammar nazis, right?
  • Rephrasing and autocorrect: Well, autocorrect and rephrasing have scaled up my writing game; just think about writing long content, and suddenly you find a lot of errors in spelling; this can be time-consuming if you have a tight deadline.
  • Tone checking: Well, different type of knowledge requires different types of tones while writing, as sometimes you have to get along with content that is informative and sometimes the one with a casual tone; the tone checking can help you in keeping the right track, whether you are delivering the right idea to your readers.

Writecream Reviews & Testimonials

What is Writecream used for?

Writecream is the best AI copywriting tool that will automatically create sales emails, content posts, digital ads copy, articles & blogs and other targeted marketing content for you. With Writecream, you can write a personalized introduction for your email that helps you to increase your sales.

Does Writecream offer any video tutorials?

If you are new to Writecream and do not know how to use it, then you can check a bunch of videos available on its YouTube channel.

Can I use generated content by Writecream for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use all the content generated by Writecream for any purpose. You are free to use Writecream content for commercial purposes.

How many languages does Writecream support?

Other than English, Writecream supports around 75 languages.

Can I try Writecream for free?

Absolutely! Writecream offers a free plan that allows all its new users to create a free account. The free plan of Writecream gives 20 Credits (~40,000 characters) to the user that helps them to test this amazing copywriting tool.

Does Writecream offer any refund policy?

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its pricing plans. If you are not satisfied with its features, then you can ask them for a complete refund within 30 days after buying its plan.

Is Writecream Worth money?

Absolutely! Writecream is the only AI copywriting tool available in the market that helps you build tailored introductions for Cold Emails that helps you drive more sales for your business. Apart from cold emails, Writecream also helps its users to generate quality content for blogs, articles, landing pages, ads copies, and many more. Writecream is available with new advanced features as compared to other AI writing assistants.

Why should I use Writecream?

There are various reasons that make Writecream the unique copywriting tool. To avoid your email from going into spam, it helps you to create a personalized introduction for your email/message. As we all know that writing a fresh blog article is very difficult, but by using Writecream, you can generate 1,000-word blog articles from scratch in just 30 seconds. You can even generate content for backlinks, Quora, etc., with Writecream.

Is there any Writecream lifetime deal?

No, Writecream does not offer any lifetime deal. But if you want to save money on its pricing plans, then check the above-mentioned Writecream discount coupons.

Can I get any working Writecream coupon codes?

Grab the above-mentioned Writecream coupon that helps you to get the maximum discount on all its pricing plans.

What are the top alternatives for Writecream?

If you are looking for the other top Writecream alternatives, then check the below list:
1. Jasper
2. Rytr
3. Copysmith
4. Anyword
6. CloserCopy

Writecream Facebook Group

I have been using Writecream for quite some time, and the changes I see in my writing pieces are remarkable. After using several tools and software that somehow offered the same features (not totally the same), Writecream has won it.

The content output delivered by Writecream is just remarkable, the tone checker, the SEO-based copywriting, and even the Ads and cold emails; Writecream has been delivering something that might not be found in most of the AI based writing tools in the market.

As an alternative to Writecream, other tools like Rytr and Jasper have delivered a near-to-good experience in AI-based writing. Still, in my perspective, Writecream has won the game with its excellent AI content creation. As in my opinion, Writecream is worth giving a shot; their free plan helps you get along with the user interface and features so that you won't be just blindly using the tool or spending your money across the plans offered by it. In conclusion, Writecream has been an amazing tool for me.

I guess the features and tools offered by Writecream can be beneficial in delivering the best possible results to you as it has been delivering to me, and hopefully this article has cleared some of the questions and doubts that you might be having for Writecream.

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