Looking to level up your game in writing with a perfect AI writing tool? , or are you stuck between an extensive list of writing tools that claim to be the best?

Well, I have got something for you, an unbiased Writesonic review. In this article, I'll mention some of the standalone features and give you an overview of what makes Writesonic an excellent option to go ahead with.

To be honest, I have come across a number of tools that deliver AI-based writing services and claim to be among the best available in the market while being useful for marketers, content writers, agencies, well almost everyone who wants to generate engaging content. But, before hopping into the standalone features offered by Writesonic, let's understand who can use these tools and how you can elevate your game in writing with them.

But before diving deeper into the article, I have got some of the ways that can help you get some extra savings on your chosen plan offered by Writesonic.

Detailed Writesonic Review 2024 (Your AI Assistant for Writing)

The customer reviews and the ratings received by Writesonic make it pretty clear that the tool is a reliable option among many users. While exploring different sites and reviews, I was pretty much tempted by the comments that Writesonic was getting.

Writesonic has received around 5000+ reviews with a 5-star rating. In addition to the ratings and reviews that I mentioned, Writesonic has been delivering its services to around 150,000+ marketing agencies, com brands, agencies, and freelancers as well. Some of the companies that are using Writesonic are Evernote, Salesforce, Schneider Electric, Biosynth, and many more.

Writesonic review
Who can use Writesonic?

Literally, anyone, the features, and tools that I'll be mentioning later in this article will make almost everything clear for you. If you are looking to improve your writing skills with AI (Artificial Intelligence), maybe Writesonic is made for you. Writesonic offers various services and tools such as SEO meta descriptions, Articles, Blog posts, Blog Ideas, Intros, emails, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and the list goes on and on.

Writesonic can be an excellent tool for many; some of them include marketing teams, eCommerce brands, agencies, and even individuals who want to make better pieces of writing, making it a good way around the audience/readers. One of the main reasons Writesonic has made its way to the top is its technology, the GPT-3 tech, this can be counted as one of the most advanced AI writing available, but since I'm mentioning tech over here, GPT-4, which is an upgraded version of GPT-3 may be later used in it.

🤔 Savings on Writesonic Plans

👉 How to Activate Writesonic Annual Plan? (Complete Steps)

Getting started with the Writesonic Annual plan can help you save a couple of bucks while using the services offered by Writesonic. Opt-in for the Writesonic annual plan to enjoy considerable savings on services in blog post writing and all the services offered by it. Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate your Writesonic Annual plan.

Key Features of Writesonic | Writesonic Review

As a person who was always looking for a tool to make my articles and writing pieces a bit more attractive, Writesonic worked pretty well for me. Let me give you a quick peek at different writing pieces that can be used with Writesonic. It can help you with Website copy (Landing pages, SEO meta descriptions, Headers), Articles and blogs, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Sales emails, and the list goes on. Let me give you a quick peek at different writing pieces that can be used with Writesonic.

Writesonic Reviews

Features and tools offered by Writesonic

Well, I need to mention that the features offered by Writesonic are pretty much great in every aspect of writing, but what are these tools? Writesonic offers different tools that can be used and embedded with almost every type of writing type, and Writesonic lets you explore tools like:

Articles and Blogs

This section can be considered as one of the most used tools by users consisting of freelancers, agencies, and com brands. This feature gets expanded into different sections: AI Article Writer (Best quality, fully automated), AI Article Ideas, AI Article Intros, and AI Article Outlines.

I guess I don't need to deeply get along with these features and tools. Still, to give you an overview of the services offered by the Article and Blogs section in Writesonic, let's get started.

You can access:

  • AI Article Writer (Basic & Fully Automated): From my experience with the tool, this tool can be categorized as one of the best features available on Writesonic; it offers you to get along with a 4 step process; these steps involve:
  • Step 1: Come up with ideas, insert the keywords/topic you want to write about, then select the suitable title you want to write on, and you are done with the 1st step of the article title.
  • Step 2: Generate an intro (This won't require efforts of typing the words as you did in the 1st step, Writesonic gives you a bunch of intros, select the one best suitable for you)
  • Step 3: Get an outline (After getting done with the 2nd step, the 3rd step will enable you to get along with a bunch of outlines on which you might want to work on, just select the one best suitable as per your writing needs, just click on write an article)
  • Step 4: Generate your draft article (Voila!! After clicking on the Write an article button, you can view a full article written with Title, Intro, Outline Sections and Full Article as well)
Writesonic Review Articles

All these steps are basically involved in the automated version of the AI Article Writer. In addition to all the steps, the main feature that turned my head towards the ease of using Writesonic was its in-depth analysis for writing the best possible writing pieces. The 4th step gets you along with features sections like:

  • Article Title (300 character limit)
  • Article Intro (1000 limit)
  • Article Outline with different sections
  • AI Article Ideas: This section/tool enables you to get along with different terms and services with titles that can be used for your article.
  • AI Article Intros: I guess you might have already guessed what this tool is gonna do? This section/tool enables you to get suitable and attractive intros for your website.
  • AI Article Outlines: This tool/section enables you to get ideas, basically the tools and services that are needed for Ideas and articles, you can get alongside different ideas/article sections that can later be expanded by Writesonic or even yourself (Use AI Article Writer Fully Automated for better results).

Digital Ads

This can be considered as one of the main features that make Writesonic a better choice to get along with. Having an impactful advertising and marketing campaign is a must in the current scenario. An attractive and engaging digital ad can be a great way of making your presence on platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linked Ads, Twitter & Instagram Ads (coming soon). Where most AI copywriting tools deliver social media posts, Writesonic offers more than that as you can get along with the Ad copies making it a top-tier AI copywriting tool in that aspect.

It is worth mentioning that Writesonic has recently come up with these new updates for generating Google Ad copies. The Google Ad Titles V2, along with Google Ad Descriptions V2, can turn out to be a game changer for internet marketers. If we consider the upsides of using some of the latest updates, it is worth mentioning that Writesonic does offer these tools that can help you efficiently elevate your marketing game.

Google Ads Title V2: The V2 is basically more and more oriented towards making things better for your marketing campaigns; the Google Ads Title V2 generator basically enables you to get along with more engaging titles and focusing to get more clicks on your marketing and PPC campaigns.

Google Ads Description V2: Another major aspect that is worth looking forward to is the description, as it helps create a better grip over the audience while making it more appealing so that the clicks are generated. The Google Ads Description V2 not only helps generate engaging content but also focuses on Google guidelines in order to generate high-quality copies for marketers.

Writesonic has made a pretty good place in terms of Digital Ads, and AI writing enables you to create engaging ad content that can help with ad content.

Website Copy

Writesonic also enables you to get alongside different aspects of website content. It enables you to get along with sections such as writing content for landing pages, features to benefit, headers, and SEO meta descriptions as well.

While coming across other AI writing tools, this was something that was missing, well, not wholly missing; some of them actually delivered the same tools and services but not up to the benchmark set by Writesonic. It wouldn't be wrong to say that writing content for the landing pages can be time-consuming; this is where Writesonic can be a great assistant for you and your writing.

Article/Blog Copy

This feature/section can be counted as one of my favorite and most useful features offered by Writesonic. I have already mentioned some of the standalone features such as AI Article Writer (both primary and automated), but the list of features in Article/Blog copy goes beyond that; some of the additional yet helpful features offered by Writesonic include content rephrasing and expansion, Article summaries, Readability checker, and Grammar fixer.

These tools and services can be beneficial in giving a better experience in terms of reading, meanwhile making it grammatically correct and engaging.

Suppose you are stuck with an idea, outline, or even a phrase, now what to do? And you are pretty much sure about running low on ideas to expand that content; thankfully, Writesonic will help you with that. The rephrase and expander might be a great asset to you in terms of writing. Overall, a time-saver for you.

eCommerce Copy

Writesonic offers some great features and tools that make eCommerce-related writing hassle a bit less, or should I say hassle-free?

Writesonic Review eCommerce Copy

From my experience around different sections of eCom, I'm pretty sure how this feature can help many eCom brands get rid of time-consuming writing practices. The eCommerce copy section lets you get along with Amazon product titles, Amazon product descriptions, Product features, Sponsored Ads and even your sales emails. This can be a great feature in terms of making your product titles and related descriptions more attractive for your audience. From my experience around different sections of eCom, I'm pretty sure how this feature can help many eCom brands get rid of time-consuming writing practices.

In addition to that, one of the standalone features that gained my attention was its sales email. You can get a better overview of how engaging and robust your email should be, but at the same time, use keywords and everything in ways that stops you from falling into the spam folder. Seems like a pretty acceptable deal to me.

3 Steps of Writesonic to publish product descriptions & details

Writesonic's 3 steps easy process enables eCom brands and eCom sellers to get along with publishing product descriptions on the go. These 3 steps involve:

Describe: This step basically involves describing part of what your product is and what does it deliver? Basically, as an overview of the product, just write two lines for your product and let Writesonic's AI do the rest.

Generate: You only need to click on the generate button in this step.

Publish: After you are done with getting satisfactory results for your product title and description, you can edit, export, and publish your product on ecom platforms like Amazon, Shopify, etc.

AI Copywriting Formulas | Writesonic Reviews

Dissimilar to the AI writing tools available in the market, Writesonic enables you to work along with different copywriting formulas, which helps in making content more realistic and not the one written with AI with no emotions. Where most of the AI copywriting tools work upon giving a bunch of meaningful words, Writesonic delivers a human-like touch to the writings that can help in delivering better and more engaging content.

Copywriting formulas used by Writesonic:

  • Pain-Agitate-Solution:

This can be termed as one of the formulas that can help in creating a more engaging and problem-solving writing piece. Pain refers to the problems that your audience might be having, then comes the agitation referring to solutions to solve the problems they were encountering, and then comes the solution referring to how your product can help you in solving those issues that the audience was encountering. Basically, PAS (Pain-Agitate-Solution) enables you to get along with a description in a format that can solve your audience's problems or even address one and then solve it.

  • AIDA:

AIDA is another copywriting format that enables you to create more engaging content for your audience while targeting them for your business purposes as well (targeting potential customers); the AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, which has been a pretty good technique that delivers better results if used properly.

🔥 Languages to use in Writesonic

This was pretty amazing to know when I got used to Writesonic, and you can get along with 25 languages; English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, and the list goes on and on. While comparing to other AI writing tools available in the market, Writesonic was among few of the AI writing tools that offered different languages to get along with, that too with a human-like intelligence touch.

Well, having different languages available for different aspects of writing (types of content) can help in making things better in terms of engaging your audience/reader group.

Additional AI Copywriting Tools Offered by Writesonic

In addition to all the features and tools offered by Writesonic, here are some of the additional tools and features that can be helpful in excelling your writings; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Press Releases: This feature can be beneficial for marketing agencies and news agencies that also deliver press releases; this feature can help you make things better efficiently and effectively.
  • Growth Ideas: The growth ideas feature by Writesonic can help you in stepping up on the block that has been coming your way.
  • Personal and Company Bios: Writesonic can also help you in generating personal and company bios, so no more hassle around the bios and wasting time in generating them.
  • Product Names: As a business owner or digiprenuer, searching for creative product names can be a tough task, well, all that is now covered up using this new feature offered by product names.
  • Youtube Video Copy and Titles: This Writesonic feature can be beneficial for Youtubers or marketing agencies that are indulged in Youtube one way or the other, generating engaging youtube titles and descriptions that can turn out to be a game changer in the CTR of your videos.
  • Twitter Tweet Generator: The tweet generator is one of the latest features which is offered by Writesonic and can help you in generating engaging tweets with human-like touch.
  • Instagram Caption Generator: Similar to the Twitter tweet generator, Writesonic does offer an Instagram caption generator that can help you make engaging Instagram captions that can help you in grabbing more audience.
  • Full Article Paraphraser: In addition to AI article writer 3.0, the full article paraphraser can be helpful in rephrasing the whole article in a single go; as a result, this can help in changing the voice or changing the framework of how the content was made.
  • Bulk generation of Content: Writesonic also enables you to get along with the bulk generation of the content; this, as a result, can help in saving more and more time overall.

Train with Writesonic

What if you are not well versed in using any AI writing tools, even though the interface offered by Writesonic is pretty straightforward, but still if you can't follow it or get stuck with some questions? Then?

Writesonic has got you covered, and the tool lets you learn more about Writesonic and understand how you can use those standalone features offered by it. In order to learn more about the tool, you can learn about it by clicking on the tutorial option available on the homepage. These tutorials can help you in understanding things such as digital ads and how to make them, writing tools, website copy, and almost everything else.

In addition to everything else, you also get access to a training section that offers you an easy-to-understand overview of Long-Form Writing Assistant and AI Article Writer 2.0. You can also have access to different tools and benefits such as Facebook Groups, Trial packs, and even write a review.

Latest Writesonic Features and Tools added in 2024

The data listed above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features Writesonic has to offer. Some of the features that Writesonic already provided are content generators for both short and long formats. In addition to all this, you may generate product descriptions, social media posts, sales emails, and more. For freelance writers and marketers, these features can be beneficial. The most recent Writesonic features include:

Writesonic Features

The Song Lyrics Writer: One of the latest features that we have got over here is the Song lyrics writer, in addition to all the features that are mentioned above, the song lyrics writer can be considered as one of the most creative features that enables you to make lyrics for a song, so basically, now you don't even need a lyricist for writing lyrics for a song, now even song lyrics can be made using Writesonic's AI.

Stories Creator: Storytellers, marketers, and anyone who wishes to compose compelling narratives should seize this opportunity. With Writesonic's story creator, you can construct gripping narratives that motivate your target audience to take action immediately. An excellent feature that makes Writesonic a good-to-go option is the story creation, as it lets you get stories created for yourself. Getting along with this excellent tool can be really helpful in a number of ways, so no more hassle around the writing block while using Writesonic stories creator.

Apps and SMS notifications: One of the prime factors that can help in marketing is the SMS and App notifications, as they enable you to get along with better engagement with the audience, but making appealing copies for SMS and App notifications can be a difficult task in itself, well, Writesonic offer this excellent feature in order to move aside the block that has been coming in between writing engaging copies for Apps and SMS notifications.

Twitter Tweet Generator: With respect to generating content using AI, Writesonic offers some outstanding options. You can use Twitter tweet generator to make better tweets and reach your audience more effectively.

Instagram Caption Generator: If you're a marketer or a social media marketer, you can benefit from creating a great caption on Instagram.

Question Generation: There are several other recent features in AI copywriting tools that aren't present in most of them; question generation is one of them. It can be beneficial in several ways if you are a content writer or a business owner seeking to develop content for their clients or their own business.

Active to Passive Voice Converter: The Writesonic service enables you to create more engaging content by converting active voice to passive voice; this function can also be utilized to accomplish the same objective.

Full Article Paraphraser: Prior to now, Writesonic offered paraphrasing for phrases and phrases, but full-article paraphrasing was missing; however, now it provides full-article paraphrasing, which can be beneficial in several ways for freelancers and writers.

Bulk Generation of Content: Having bulk content generated can make things more compelling and efficient. This is one of Writesonic's newest features.

Photosonic AI Art Generator: This is the latest feature offered by Writesonic, which lets you create art using artificial intelligence. You just have to provide detailed input about how you want AI to create art for you, and the rest of the tool will take care of it.

Photosonic AI Art Generator

This is a web-based tool where you can create realistic images by providing simple text descriptions and using the state-of-the-art image AI model. And this model is based on latent diffusion, which is a process that gradually transforms a random noise image into a coherent picture that matches the input text. You can easily control the generated images' quality, diversity and style by simply adjusting the descriptions and rerunning the model.

You can efficiently utilize this feature to generate inspiration for your creative projects by visualizing your ideas and exploring different scenarios or concepts or simply having fun with AI. Plus, you can also use Photosonic to enhance or modify existing images by adding text annotations or filters. And the best part about these AI Art generated images is that you get the full rights to use the photos as long as you follow the rules and terms of service.

For the initial part, Photosonic is free to try with 10 image generation credits that you can use to create up to 20 images from any text description. And if you wish to get this feature for unlimited image generation, well, you can upgrade to a premium subscription for a low monthly or annual fee or purchase pay-as-you-go credits. Plus, you can also earn more credits by sharing Photosonic with your friends and inviting them to join the app.

In short, you can use this feature to create landscapes, animals, objects, characters, scenes or anything that you may imagine, and then customize them with numerous attributes and details. Even modify a few of the existing images by adding text annotations or filters.

Here is an example of a Monlisa Carrying a Cat picture which we generated from Writesonic Photosonic AI Art Generator.

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that Writesonic will be delivering some new features and tools in near futur

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Now, we are all done with all the features, benefits, and tools offered by Writesonic, let's talk about the plans that Writesonic offers; Writesonic offers different pricing plans depending upon the need and type of the user, the pricing plan starts from $10/month (short-form) and goes upto $26.67/month (short-form). If talking about the number of plans that Writesonic offers, it offers a total of 3 pricing plans (including the free plan). You can also access the long-form plan starting at $13/month and going up to $666/month.

If speaking honestly, you can opt for the yearly plan that can save you a bit of money. And in addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that you don't need to waste your time in searching Writesonic lifetime deal as Writesonic does not offer any. At the same time, you can look after the Writesonic yearly plans, saving you some money while getting almost 2 months free. So rather than looking for an unlimited plan, you can look forward to getting a yearly plan which is a money saver.

From my experience with Writesonic and other AI writing tools, Writesonic can be considered one of the best tools to deliver a number of features and tools that can grow your game into writing. Well, if talking about the tools and features offered by Writesonic, you can write different articles such as Blogs, Posts, Articles, Digital Ads, Website copy, and much more.

Writesonic Reviews & Customer Testimonials 2024

Writesonic Coupon

Top FAQs on Writesonic Review

What is an AI writing tool?

AI writing tools are basically writing assistants/tools made to make you're writing a bit easier by offering features such as content ideas, long-form content, digital ads, and tasks similar to that; you can also get along with terms such as website copies (landing pages, SEO meta descriptions, etc.).

What is AI writing?

AI writing uses Artificial intelligence to complete writing tasks, meanwhile making it sound similar to any write-ups written by normal humans. This can be considered as a great way of writing content or completing any written tasks while saving your time and effort.

Is Writesonic an excellent tool to go with?

From my past experiences with AI writing tools, Writesonic can be considered as one of the best AI writing tools available in the market; long-form content writing, blog posts, short-form content, blog outlines, etc., are some of the writing tasks that can be completed without any much effort.

Can I make Digital Ads and Ecom copies using AI tools?

Making digital ads and Ecom can be considered as one of the primary services offered by AI tools like Writesonic; you can even get along with writing up digital ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) along with some other write-ups as well.

Does Writesonic offer free trials?

Writesonic offers a free trial with 6000+ word being offered, making it an excellent choice to get along with; if you are someone who is new to Writesonic and its AI writing, the free trial gives you access to all the features offered while choosing from 25 different languages available in Writesonic.

Does Writesonic free trial require any credit cards to get along?

Unlike most of the AI writing tools that require credit cards to sign up, for getting along with Writesonics free trial, the only information that you need to fill in the section with full name, email id and the password you want to set, and you are all done, you can also sign up quickly using options like signup using Google or Microsoft.

Writesonic Vs. Rytr, Which AI tool is best for generating copy?

Both Writesonic & Rytr are powerful AI-powered copywriting tools that offer the same features. Writesonic uses GPT-3 technology to generate quality content in a fraction of the time automatically. On the other hand, Rytr is the world's smartest writing assistant that creates high-quality content for anything. Writesonic is one step ahead as it includes all the tools for all kinds of business.

Writesonic Facebook Group

Writesonic Facebook Group

Writesonic Twitter Group

Writesonic Twitter Group

Conclusion: Writesonic Review 2024 | Should you really go for this AI copywriting tool?

Well, it can be said that Writesonic has made pretty much a good amount of reliability in the AI writing tools market. Writesonic can be a great tool that can help you write blog posts, articles, ad copies, long-form content, and much more (already mentioned above).

The GPT-3 tech can be considered as one of the main reasons that make Writesonic a great AI writing tool to go ahead with. From my experience with different tools working in similar spaces, Writesonic is working to give better results to users and focuses on delivering better in the future. For example, they are working deliberately to make better tech with time, and they have been working on upgrading their tech; they might be working on GPT-4, you never know?

In addition to all this, as a friendly piece of advice, I would highly recommend you to get along with the long-form yearly plan rather than going with the monthly plans, as you might get around 2 months of free service on the plan you choose at the same price which would be paid on monthy basis. Seems like a great deal to me.

Overall, the assistance offered by Writesonic is pretty great, as per the experience I have got so far from them.😊

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