In this post, we are sharing Zoolz discount coupon codes to save your 💲💲💲 money and important data.

Losing your data more often due to hacking or system breakdown or any technical issues is common nowadays. Sometimes your hard drive might get bad sectors or get corrupted, and all of a sudden, you are in misery as you lost all your data.

Hence, there needs to be a solution to keep your data in a safe vault from where you can access it whenever required. Keeping your data in a secure vault also ensures the security of your data and keeps the bad guys at bay.

The safe vault we are talking about is the cloud storage where you can keep loads of data in TB in safe hands. Zoolz has embraced cloud storage and allows you to take advantage of the highly secured cloud storage for a lifetime.

About Zoolz Cloud Storage

Zoolz Discount Coupon

Zoolz is a pioneer in providing cloud storage, striving to provide effortless, secure, reliable, and affordable cloud solutions for everyone around the world.

It provides a simple yet effective platform to back up your data on the cloud and then access it at rocket speed as and when required, cluster free.

More than 3 million users across the world trust Zoolz for its reliable and encrypted cloud services. With its intelligent platform, it structures all the stored documents, images, videos, etc. and analyzes it, making it simple for you to locate and retrieve the data on to your system.

Zoolz Coupon Codes: Save Data, Save Money

Zoolz always has top priority to make its cloud services affordable and reachable to every corner of the world. May you be an individual or owner of a company, Zoolz has all the affordable pricing solutions for you. Sneak a peek into the following Zoolz coupon codes and back up your data at a dime.

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It is compatible with Windows XP, Macintosh OS x 10.7 or later with minimum 512 MB RAM and 200MB hard disk.

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Zoolz and BigMIND Products75% OFF
Local Backup Software at Zoolz 50% OFF
Genie Timeline at Zoolz50% OFF
Genie Backup Manager 50% OFF
Intelligent Backup 40% OFF

Why Choose Zoolz Cloud Storage?

  • You don’t need to be a pro or tech-savvy to operate the Zoolz platform. Just upload your data on the cloud and focus on other important aspects of your business. No worry, no headache.
  • It works smartly, just like a search engine. If you are in an important business meeting and need the file right in front of you in seconds, then you need to type the name, and Zoolz will automatically search the related file without wasting your time.
  • You can stream videos without a break without any buffering. Upload enormous videos and watch it hassle-free. It supports multiple formats such as HD, 4K, 3D, mp3, and many more.
  • Its Optical Character Recognition software minimizes the time constraint and automatically converts scanned documents into searchable data, thereby allowing you to continue with your workflow.
  • It analyzes the images uploaded and provides filters for better search results. Filters such as camera type, resolution, location, color, etc. help you in organizing in a better way.
  • If you are thinking that storing your data on cloud would be costly, then Zoolz ensures you that the prices are affordable without sacrificing the intelligent features that keep your data secured and easily accessible.
  • It guarantees 99.9% SLA without any disturbances and minimizes the downtime. Therefore, it keeps your data transfer smooth and hassles free.
  • With 15 years of experience in cloud solutions, it has been successful in making millions of customers around the world. Some of its clients include Harvard University, DELL, Acer, etc.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud Features

Zoolz offers an extensive set of features that makes your cloud life simple and effective.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

Some of its features include: Content search, media aware, A.I photodetection, facial and photo recognition, OCR, complete audit, SaaS file discovery, smart filters, tribrid technology, cold storage, remote restore, mobile apps, MS SQL backup, automatic protection, snowball, BYOHD and many more exciting features that you cannot resist.

🌟 Frequently Asked Question about Zoolz

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage refers to the kind of data that you to back up for archiving. It is perfect for businesses or enterprises that are looking to save their money by protecting their valuable data that is not used regularly.

When should I use Cloud Storage?

One can use Cloud Storage with archived data and the data that you do not require instantly. It is a very efficient and effective way to store rarely accessed data.

How do you use Zoolz cold storage?

1 Right-click on the Zoolz agent icon, which on the taskbar, then select the Open Dashboard option.
2 Click on Data selections and then choose the data that you want to backup. 
3 Click the Save icon.

How can I download Zoolz?

The following are the crucial links from where you can download Zoolz.
Zoolz Home:
2 Zoolz Business:
3 BigMIND:

Final Verdict: Best Zoolz Discount Coupon Codes 2024

Zoolz is a prominent cloud solutions provider, and with so many features implanted, it is worth investing in it. The pricing is affordable, and for any assistance, its technical staff is ready round the clock 365 days.

Trust and embrace Zoolz Intelligent Cloud storage solutions!😊

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