80+ Speakers, 120+ Countries, One Crypto Event 🌍

Let's crunch some numbers. Blockchain Life 2023, a crypto meetup of epic proportions, will host over 7000 attendees from 120+ countries. In two action-packed days, October 24 and 25, you'll get to hear 80+ speakers. You can scope out 150 booths dedicated to Blockchain innovations. And it's all happening in dazzling Dubai! This blockchain grand event will have 80 plus speakers along with 150 booths that will promote the upcoming technologies and ideas that embrace the Crypto and blockchain market.

Into crypto and blockchain? You can't afford to miss Blockchain Life 2023. Whether you're a developer, miner, government official, or a crypto newbie, it's your golden ticket into the crypto world.

About Blockchain Life 2023

Blockchain Life 2023

The two day crypto event has been specially made for blockchain developers, miners, government officials,  and everyone or anyone who wishes to learn and dig more into the crypto or blockchain niche.

Meet the CEOs of international companies and set up new partnerships, while also discovering the latest trends for the next bull run and ways of earning money. If you are a greenhorn in the industry you can defenietly begin your journey with this event, Blockchain Life 2023. You can easily grasp vast knowledge about the global crypto community and have the latest insights to shape your journey into the actual crypto market.

This event will also feature a number of investors who are out on the hunt for the best projects, with a great startup pitch. Here you can have your project funded if you have got the potential to drag the attention of investors wandering around the event.

Who should attend the event?

Blockchain Life 2023 is bringing forth many opportunities that will encourage startups from various industries and especially those who are in the crypto market. In the segment of Startup Pitch, Blockchain Life 2023 will give a great chance to the ones who wish to have their ideas funded by investors.

Here, in the Startup Pitch segment, all you have to do is talk about the idea and your startup in the most presentable manner and try to draw the attention of the investors.

Besides giving a number of moments to the startup owners, this event will also be of huge profit for Miners, Traders, crypto business owners, blockchain developers, and more.

Topics to be discussed in Blockchain Life 2023

The event will discuss a number of topics from blockchain, cryptocurrencies, mining, Web3, metaverse, DeFi, and more.

You can learn a lot about, Web3 and blockchain predictions for 2024 and further, Blockchain interoperability, Cross-chain as the future of blockchain development, Blockchain for governments: is it the taxpayer’s dream?, Banking on blockchain: the future of crypto assets in a regulated environment, Expanding telecom horizons: how blockchain platforms enhance telecom and media, Blockchain and the internet of things: how blockchain technology is accelerating the IoT economy, Blockchain's effect on business or how it is transforming digital marketing strategies, Blockchain UX and mass adoption: challenges and keys to improve user experience.

Along with all of that, the event will also have discussions over the Global crypto industry overview and must-know trends for 2024 and beyond, Digital asset management: how can your business leverage digital assets? Hard lessons we must learn. How not to be among FTX, 3AC, Luna, and Celsius, Blockchain: from the internet of information to the internet of value, Digital asset custody: solving security issues for institutions, Fintech revolution. Blockchain as a catalyst for disruption in the finance world, Best future crypto projects: coins that may boom in the near future, Trading and investment. Advice, tools, and recommendations from leading traders and top fund analysts.

If you want to learn about Web3 you will be exposed to the topics such as Visions for Web3. Bridging the gap between real and virtual, Web3 use cases & applications. Solving real business problems with blockchain, Web3 and cybersecurity. Unlock the power of Web 3 while facing new security risks, Web3 in finance: the future starts with infrastructure, The rise of Web3 in gaming, social media, and commerce. Along with all of that, you can also learn about Web3 and digital identity: empowering society in the digital age, The potential of Web 3 technologies to drive social change. Blockchain solutions for sustainable development, Web3 in government: transforming public services and citizen engagement.

Speakers at Blockchain Life 2023

The grand crypto event, Blockchain Life 2023 will have over 80 speakers who will be talking about everything related to crypto and blockchain. Starting the list with H.E Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, the list also consists of the industry's biggest names such as Segie Khitrov,  Founder of Listing.Help, Jets.Capital and Blockchain Life, Alex Chehade, Executive Director and General Manager of Binance FZE in Dubai, Dr. Xinxi Wang, who is the co-founder and director of Litecoin foundation.

Speakers at Blockchain Life 2023

Schedule of Blockchain Life 2023

During the span of the event, a number of panel discussions, key speeches, and live events will take place. Here one can listen to some of the top world speakers, who will share their experiences and talk about how the crypto market and industry are changing. A few topics will also focus on what measures can be taken while entering the blockchain and crypto industry.

The event will have a few discussions over Smart Crypto Trading: Can AI and Automation Help You Get Rich?, Evolution of Blockchain Technology. Key Trends That Will Dominate Blockchain Industry in 2024, Crypto Market Outlook: Insights and Forecasts From Top Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Regulation is Coming. Stablecoins, CBDCs, and Privacy.

Also, a few panel discussions will take place regarding the topics of Web3 Use Cases & Applications. Solving Real Business Problems with Blockchain, Investing in Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto Startups. Insights From Leading VCs, Making Money on DeFi: How to Generate Income and Major Risks to Know and More Than Just a Jpeg: Key Elements of Successful NFT Projects and Future of Tokenizing Real World Assets.

One can learn about The Rise of Web3 Gaming: Why GameFi Continues to be Immune to Market Downturns. Also, if you wish you can attend the segments on Exploring a New Reality: How to Enter the Metaverse as a Business and Navigate the Hype vs Reality.

With all about knowledge, the event will also have an after-party that will provide a huge networking arena along with a much-relaxed atmosphere.

What else can you expect from Blockchain Life 2023?

Blockchain Life 2023 presents a variety of engaging opportunities and highlights for attendees, such as:

  • An exhibition featuring over 130 leading companies, including WhatsMiner, Canaan, OKX, KuCoin, Bitmain, and Bitdeer.
  • A Startup Pitch competition with Tier-1 investment funds serving as jurors and attendees in the conference hall.
  • Networking 2.0, an innovative online app designed for finding contacts and job openings in the crypto industry.
  • A Speed Networking area and various other formats for establishing new connections.
  • A legendary AfterParty held at one of the world's best clubs.
  • Blockchain Life Awards 2023, is one of the largest independent awards in the industry.
  • Numerous side events take place around the main conference dates.

This event promises to be an excellent opportunity for both industry professionals and newcomers to network, learn, and explore the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Tickets for Blockchain Life 2023

For the 2-day event, there are three range of tickets available. These tickets are available for different prices and will grant you access to a number of events taking place at Blockchain Life 2023.

Tickets for Blockchain Life 2023

It's more than just an event.

  • Form partnership with international CEOs
  • Discover trends for the next bull run
  • Learn money-making techniques from the pros
  • Get all the latest insights and stats to boost your crypto game

Looking for investors? Got a killer startup idea? Blockchain Life 2023's got you. This is your shot to have your ideas funded by the sharks of the industry.

Are you ready to change your crypto journey forever? Time to roll up your sleeves and dive into the crypto action!

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