If you are into the studies of Artificial Intelligence, AI For Marketers Summit, a virtual conference is the best place for you. Here you can learn a lot about how to use AI tools with proficiency and also optimize the marketing strategy.

Here the event is divided into two parts, the pre-summit workshop, and the actual general summit. The pre-summit workshop is set to take place on November 14, whereas the General Summit will be held on 15 and 16 of November 2023.

About AI For Marketers Summit 2023

AI for Marketers Summit 2023

The virtual summit AI For Marketers will be having its workshop sessions on September 13 and 14. These will be a 30 min session of panel discussion and live chat stream. Followed by 15 minutes of live audience Q&A with the guest speakers.

Then in the month of November, continual three days will be dedicated to learning and engaging with AI tools and technology. On 14 November, one can attain the Pre-Summit Workshops and on 15 and 16 of November the general summit will take place.

With having a really interesting list of speakers, who will surely make you learn a lot about different industries, and will share their eye-opening strategies to target AI marketing. Learn how to grow your brand through the technology of AI with these profound speakers.

Also, the event has got a number of sessions where one can learn about the changing tides in the market. Learn about the new and emerging technology by the company Microsoft itself.

The best part of this event is that as it is taking place virtually, anyone who had missed the live stream can re-attain the session for up to 6 months.

What can you expect from AI For Marketers Summit 2023?

Hear from senior leaders from various industries and listen to their brand's emerging story. How they started their journey and what all investments they made in AI while being on their way. Get to know the deepest secrets about how the AI technology is transforming marketing strategies.

While attending the event, one can also gain practical knowledge and skills which can be immediately applied into the work performance. With all of that, also get expert feedback to help refine your strategies.

The event will also portray how and when to capitalize on AI through hands-on workshops and understand the areas of marketing AI that have the biggest impact. And while all this is already on the list learn the ins and outs of generative AI as well.

Speakers at AI For Marketers Summit

The biggest names from the industry have already been included in the huge list of guest speakers. These speakers are here to make you learn about the in-depth research of AI and how they conquered what they believed in their specific niche.

Patricia Mestre, the Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft Portugal is one the guest speaker on the list which also includes Vince Venditti, Chief Marketing Officer at American Residential Services, Lynn Fischer, Chief Marketing Officer at XO, Kaycee Kalpin, Chief Marketing Officer at Premier Inc. as some of the other prime speakers.

Speakers at AI For Marketers Summit

Schedule of AI For Marketers Summit 2023

This event is set to have a workshop session set for November 14 and a general summit that will take place on November 15 and 16.

Workshop schedule: November 14

The workshop is divided into two segments, the Morning training, and the Afternoon training.

Speaking of the morning session which starts at 8 am PT will talk about AI as your collaborative partner, where one can learn about unleashing the power of ChatGPT in Sales and marketing. This session will be done by Josh Blanton from Vividly. Whereas the afternoon session that starts at 12 pm PT will explain How and where to capitalize on AI, this workshop will be done by Joe Lalley, where the visitors can work on their curiosity about Artificial Intelligence.

General Summit: November 15 and 16

The first day of the event will begin with the welcome remarks by Summit Emcee and will lead to the session on How AI is Changing the Game for Marketers. The second event will be the Spotlight event on Thought Leaders.

After a break of 30 mins, a session on Generative AI and Content Marketing: How to Maximise for Strategy, Opportunity, Ideation, and Consideration will take place. Following this will be AI within the social intelligence space.

The final section of the event will have another thought leader spotlight, after which a panel discussion about integrating AI with marketing operations. Using Conversational AI to Enhance your customer service strategy will be held right before the Panel discussion about the strategic implication of AI in Marketing.

On the second day, the first session will begin with the topic of Responsible AI: What marketers need to know about emerging AI regulatory Frameworks, leading to Thought Leader Spotlight.

After a break one can have the opportunity to learn about Customer Journey automation, then the role of AI in SEO. These two sessions will lead to another session of Thought Leader Spotlight, after which will be How AI can help you make the most of your advertising.

The final two acts of the event will be Building Brands for the Health Sciences Schools at the University of Pittsburg Using ChatGPT and a panel discussion on the future of generative AI in Marketing.

Tickets for AI For Marketers Summit 2023

The tickets for AI For Marketers Summit 2023 are available in different price ranges in which you can have an add-on for the pre-summit workshop session for $199.

AI For Marketers Summit Tickets 2023
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