Still, wondering how to make money by thinking about money? Sounds dreamy, right? But not now, because with investing in affiliate programs, you can REALLY make money by just TALKING about money. Check out the best investing affiliate program of 2024 and start out your affiliate journey now!

Personal finance or investing is the new hype word. No wonder it has been there for quite a long period, but the attention these words are getting now is amazing. Every individual out there is thinking about investing, mainly for a goal, for travel or leisure purposes, or for long-term plans. Whatever the reason would be, investments are not going to end any sooner, and so is the hype of the investing affiliate industry

In fact, if looked at specifically, investing is a great niche to serve in 2024. As an individual, you will be changing the lives of so many people. You will be helping people become better at managing and investing their money. You will not just be a great impact-maker, but even a great individual too. 

After all, investment affiliate programs solely talk about money. Every day you will learn a lot of new stuff you might not have ever imagined, and you will be able to monetize your learning in the best possible way. 

But why investing affiliate programs only?

Out of so many reasons we have already discovered by now, the major one is the commission itself. A lot of investing affiliate schemes pay individuals upto $70 for just a sale. Imagine you making just ten sales in a month and earning $700 without working for eight long hours. 

Do you still need more reasons? 

Let us know a single person around you who has never spoken about investments or starting out his/her investment journey. No one, right? 

Thousands and millions of individuals across the globe want to invest their hard-earned money with utmost security. A quarter of them is well aware of how investing works, but others literally don't even know where to start out. And here's where your assistance would come into the picture. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you have already started out a blog page about investing, you should definitely check out this list of top 16 investing affiliate programs to monetize your words; hurry up!

17 Best Investing Affiliate Programs 2024 (Highest Paying)

Investing Affiliate Programs

Remember that investing affiliate programs are nowhere similar to financial affiliate programs. In fact, it's one of a few handful categories that fall under financial programs. The rest are bank affiliate programs, credit report affiliate programs, and budget tracking affiliate programs. In this list, we have made sure to bring out only the best investing affiliate program; there might be a few other ones for you to get more options, so let's dive into it!

1. Bitbond Investing Affiliate Program

Bitbond Investing Affiliate Program

Bitbond is completely into loans and has already provided a huge amount of loans to small and medium-sized businesses over the years now. Basically, it offers quick financial assistance in the form of peer-to-peer business loans. Their process is extremely easy, and almost every business with a great idea can get a loan from them. 

What makes Bitbond stand unique in the financial market is they do transactions with bitcoins. Hence, whatever the location of the small business is, they will be able to quickly lend the amount and use it as soon as possible. 

Yet another best thing about Bitbond is it never penalizes businesses for early repayment. In simpler words, Bitbond offers maximum flexibility as an investor, and that's the reason why many small businesses vouch for it at any hour of the day. 

As far as loan approval is concerned, any amount is financed within 30 minutes. And when it comes to how affiliates are paid, the commissions vary. If you refer Bitbond to any borrower, you will earn 5% of the investment you help to generate. The percentage might be different for borrowers and lenders. You will have to sign up to know in detail.

Bitbond even offers banners to affiliates to put on the website. Hence, as an affiliate, you will not even have to work on images here; they will provide everything to you. 

  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Payment mode: Bitcoin

2. Forex Mentor Affiliate Program

Forex Mentor Affiliate Program

The foreign exchange industry is known to everyone, but the one who made the most out of it was Peter Bain. He was the one who spotted major issues in the forex industry and guesses what? He founded Forex Mentor, one of the kinds of business ideas that caught the quick attention of many people. 

Coming back to the issue Peter Bain spotted, he saw that individuals are charged a hefty amount and were being misled over the years. For that reason, Peter started out in a teaching and mentoring group. A group of seasoned experts who help every individual learn the ins and outs of forex. It's a highly specialized program and needs much attention and discipline from the viewer's/learner's end. The techniques taught in this course mainly focus on forex and then trading. 

As far as the commission of affiliates is concerned, they are paid 30% per sale. However, this program is very much niche specific. Hence the conversion rate is a bit low. Giving a rough picture, as an affiliate, you will be making $9 – $10 for every 100 visitors.

  • Commission Rate: 30% of a sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

3. Wall Street Journal Investing Affiliate Program

Wall Street Journal Investing Affiliate Program

Wall Street is the name that gives goosebumps to a lot of investors, and we bet you are one among them. Basically, this journal started out as a series of daily news bulletins that quite often covered everything about financing and investing. NY stock dealers were the ones who used to buy this journal to get daily news about the market. 

Started out in 1889, and today, Wall Street Journal has expanded to be one of the best seller papers in the US. As mentioned previously, the readers of this journal are businessmen, traders, and investors, having a typical household income of $200,000 and above. And these individuals often do not care much about the subscription price; they just need quality and updated content. 

That being said, as an affiliate, you can refer to Wall Street Journal via your affiliate ID. With every successful subscription, be it online or print membership, you will be earning $30. 

The best thing about the Wall Street Journal affiliate program is that the brand speaks for itself, and the reputation the journal has is the best in the US. You don't have to market it; you just have to reach out to the right audience. 

  • Commission Rate: $30 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 7 Days

4. Motley Fool Affiliate Program

Motley Fool Affiliate Program

Motley Fool is one of the oldest programs, and literally, it has been around since the initial internet days, like in 1993. The founders of this program were two brothers, Tom and David Gardner. Their aim was to help individuals get clear ideas about investment and financial management

Tom and David were so much into an investment that they didn't care about the name; they just wanted to eliminate the dread people had about investing. Back then, they reached out to individuals personally and spoke about savings and finances, even when the other person was hesitant to speak about it. 

As of today's date, Motley Fool is one of the highly recognized brands in the investment area. Because of this much popularity, becoming an affiliate of Motley Fool would bring you many commissions. Roughly, you can expect $100 per transaction as the commission

  • Commission Rate: Varies (not an exact number available, but still, one can expect $100)
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days

5. Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Ally Invest is the perfect investing affiliate program to sign up for in 2024. It provides investors with two investment options – a self-directed portfolio and a managed portfolio. The managed portfolio services by Ally Invest are the most popular ones. Over here, investors pay a fee, and the manager invests the amount carefully in selected bonds or mutual funds.

Investors can begin their investing journey for as little as $100 with Ally Invest. If they truly want to control their holding and have much information about investing, they can even construct their own investing plan. However, Ally Invest does assist every investor with any direction they choose. 

Since Ally Invest is a popular brand name in the market, you must sign up for this program. Over here, as an affiliate, you will earn money in two ways – $25 for each successful lead generated and $50 every time someone sets up a new direct trading account. The EPC is almost $800 here. Hence if you run this affiliate program on a blog, you will earn a good amount of money. 

  • Commission Rate: $25 and $50
  • Cookie Duration: 45 Days

6. New Frontier Data Affiliate Program

New Frontier Data Affiliate Program

The legalization of cannabis is the new talk of the town, and everyone is pretty much excited about it. In fact, the gross worth of this industry is predicted to be around $57 billion in the next 10 years. And when it comes to New Frontier Data, they offer investors information about the new and next hidden gold rush. 

In fact, the data presented by the team is much targeted to a specific niche and is highly accurate. It is mainly for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios. As an affiliate, you can promote this program on your blog to investors who are looking to invest in a specific niche. 

The commission you will be earning here is 15%, which would be anything around $7. However, New Frontier Data even sells reports that cost investors $3,600, so if you are lucky enough to get one, you will earn $540 with just a sale. 

  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days

7. Peer Street Investing Affiliate Program

Peer Street Investing Affiliate Program

As mentioned in the name itself, this program allows individual investors to put their money into real estate loans. There are several lenders available on this platform. The investor can either put all of its money to one lender or can spread it to different other loans available. Later, the investor will start earning money when the borrower starts receiving payments. 

The best thing about Peer Street that catches the attention of most investors is it allows them to choose their investment based on asset class, lender, and geography. They only have to invest a minimum of $1000 to get started. 

Peer Street offers affiliates $30 for every successful account creation and $100 if the referrals fund that account. 

  • Commission Rate: $30 – $100
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

8. Money Metals Exchange Affiliate Program

Money Metals Exchange Affiliate Program

Founded back in 2010, Money Metals Exchange Program was started for investors to help them learn about volatile financial markets. It was even founded for individuals who don't have much knowledge about FIAT money. That being said, the Money Metals program is completely into the precious metals industry. 

Hence, instead of stocks and bonds, investors here get an option to purchase precious metals. If not done for investment purposes, the investor's often pass out these metals as a keepsake to their children and grandchildren. 

As an affiliate, if you own a blog where you cover different areas of investments, this would be something new to your audience. Over here, you would be paid $16 for every successful sale. And if there are any precious metals available, you might earn a few dollars more.

  • Commission Rate: $16 per successful sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

9. Zacks Trade Investing Affiliate Program

Zacks Trade Investing Affiliate Program

If you wish to promote a global investing brand, then Zacks Trade is the program you would ever need. This platform has a worldwide presence since it's a global internet broker built for active traders. It offers services like portfolio rebalance, probability lab, basket trader, market scanners, and more. 

Any investor by the Zacks Trade platform can trade in over 90 exchanges in 19 countries. The best part about the platform is it is best suited for every kind of trader, learners, beginners, professionals, or even seasonal traders. There is an android app available and multiple training courses for investors to learn the ins and outs of investing. 

The best thing about Zacks Trade that would catch the attention of your reader/audience is that stock trading over here starts from as little as $0.01 per share, and the minimum trade amount is $1. 

For affiliates, you will be paid a commission when a new customer opens an account with Zacks through your affiliate ID. There is no compensation for lead generation; you will be paid $70 for new account creation only.

  • Commission Rate: $70
  • Cookie Duration: 7 Days

10. Robinhood Investing Affiliate Program

Robinhood Investing Affiliate Program

After the Zacks Trade Investing affiliate program comes one such similar platform, Robinhood, this platform has made investing easier for everyone over the years now. They are a popular online brokerage that has been offering commission-free investing to help get investors in motion. They even provide multiple tools to investors to help them learn the basics of investing. 

Once the investor signs up, they will get their first stock for free from Robinhood. For new investors, using this platform is extremely easy. And for affiliates, you can share this platform on your blog where you are talking about easy-to-understand online brokerage platforms for beginners. 

The commission paid to affiliates here is $4 for successful signup and $16 if the investor funds its account. 

  • Commission Rate: $4 – $16
  • Cookie Duration: 7 Days

11. Coinbase Investing Affiliate Program

Coinbase Investing Affiliate Program

The cryptocurrency industry is now at its peak, people are rushing to invest there, and Coinbase is one such crypto brokerage platform that is trusted by thousands of crypto traders. Its excellent UX and reliability often catch the attention of first-time users within seconds. However, when it comes to picking up affiliates, Coinbase is very much selective about it. Hence, if you run a blog that is dedicated to crypto, the chances of you getting a chance to become an affiliate of Coinbase is more. 

You can even check out alternatives like Binance if you are already into crypto. Binance offers recurring lifetime commissions on trades made by traders. 

  • Commission Rate: 50% for the first three months
  • Cookie Duration: Not mentioned yet.

12. Rocket Dollar Affiliate Program

Rocket Dollar Affiliate Program

A half popular out there is thinking about their retirement funds, and only a few platforms are available out there that really talk about it. Rocket Dollar is one such platform that helps investors create self-directed retirement accounts. It's extremely easier to use, and investors can literally invest in whatever fund they like as long as it's acceptable under IRS guidelines. 

As of now, Rocket Dollar offers self-directed IRA and solo 401k accounts. And when it comes to products, they offer a core product for $15 and a gold one for $30 per month. 

Since the platform is not so popular among global audiences, you will have to promote much as an affiliate. The efforts you will have to put here would be comparatively more, but the commission you will be getting for a successful sale is 12%.

  • Commission Rate: 12% per successful sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

13. eTORO Investing Affiliate Program

eTORO Investing Affiliate Program

Yet another popular investing affiliate program of 2024 is eTORO affiliate program. Basically, it's a social trading platform that allows investors to invest in cryptocurrencies, very similar to CoinBase. The best thing about this trading platform is it offers beginner investors a demo account, where they have $100,000 to invest anywhere. With this, they can actually learn how the crypto space works and practice different trading tactics.

If you have a blog completely dedicated to cryptocurrencies, your audience will appreciate this eTORO program much. You can help them make good investments with your blog, and it's completely free to use. 

As compared to CoinBase, the commission rate eTORO offers is pretty good. They give every affiliate $120 for each new signup. The trick here is that the member must deposit a few amounts into their account for you to get your commission.

  • Commission Rate: $120 per signup and money deposit 
  • Cookie Duration: 45 Days

14. M1 Affiliate Program

M1 Affiliate Program

M1 is a popular investing platform that allows investors to personalize their investment strategy according to themselves. They can construct pie charts of different companies or funds and then invest accordingly. Moreover, they can compare 6,000+ stocks here with the help of charts and graphs, all with just a click. 

M1 is quite famous among a lot of investors who love to do their research on their own before investing in any stock or ETF. The main reason behind this is they have over 80 properly designed pie charts for investors to pick from. They can rebalance their pies and portfolios and can even buy fractional shares. 

Promoting M1 is not even very tricky; just the word fractional shares will get much attention from users. As far as commission rates are concerned, you will be getting $80 for a successful sign-up, and this program is managed by FlexOffers.

  • Commission Rate: $80 per sign up
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

15. TradingView Affiliate Program

TradingView Affiliate Program

Have you ever thought of a social network site dedicatedly to traders? If not, TradingView is what we are talking about. As of now, this platform has more than 30 million members and gives users access to readable charts and screeners. It even gives a technical analysis of all the stocks and funds in the most creative way. 

Beginners can use TradingView for free. However, for premium features, users will have to buy any of the packages. The minimum package would cost them around $14.95, and it goes upto $59.95 a month. 

As far as TradingView promotion is concerned, it's an excellent program to advertise. Even referrals get $30 after signing up, and affiliates get upto 30% lifetime commission, as long as the referral sticks to the platform and buy more plans.

  • Commission Rate: 30% Recurring commission 
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days

16. Golden Eagle Affiliate Program

Golden Eagle Affiliate Program

If you have an audience that is pretty much interested in buying coins, in fact investing in metal coins, then the Golden Eagle platform is best for them. This online shop basically offers 5,000 unique items for investors to invest in. For example, they offer 1 oz silver bars that would cost investors just $20, or a kg bar that would cost the user anything about $50,000.

Many users have been investing in metals for a while now, like silver, gold, and platinum, for as little as $50. As an affiliate, you will be getting $15 for each successful sale done. Even though the team claims that they offer $1,200 to affiliates for huge purchases by investors, many haven't received it yet. 

Other than this, affiliates are also paid $50 extra for transactions above $5,000. 

  • Commission Rate: $15 per sale + $50 on huge transactions 
  • Cookie Duration: 15 Days

17. Acorns Affiliate Program

Acorns Affiliate Program

Last comes the most popular investing affiliate program, Acorns which is best suited for beginner investors. If you have an audience that has just started out their investment journey and is finding it difficult to know where to invest, this platform invests investors' money on their behalf. 

The investor initially signs up and links their bank account; after the first purchase, Acorns rounds up the whole transaction to the nearest dollar. Later, it invests the spare change in a diverse portfolio. The family account of Acorns would cost an investor $5 per month and an individual account $1 per month. 

Acorns pay affiliates $80 for successful referrals, and no lifetime commission is available here.

  • Commission Rate: $80 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

How to Find the Best Investing Affiliate Programs in 2024: A Quick Checklist

If you have been into the financial affiliate niche for a while now, getting into investing affiliates would be much easier. However, if you have never tried this niche before, it'll be difficult to pick the right program that would best serve your audience. To make things easier for you, here are some basic yet important things to consider before choosing an affiliate program: 

  • Commission

Before signing up as an affiliate to any program, check the commission rates they offer. And to be on a safer side, do read out the terms and conditions as well. Some programs have different T&C for their affiliates. 

  • Payment Cycle

Yet another significant factor to consider is the payment cycle. If you are thinking of doing affiliate marketing for your living, you must not go broke. There are a lot of slow-playing companies which you must avoid at first.

  • Minimum Payout

Investment affiliate programs are difficult to advertise. You will have to learn a lot and invest your time into understanding the ins and outs of investment. Hence, the program you would be choosing must have high payout minimums so that you don't ever get broke in the journey.

  • Mode of Payment

The last yet the most important thing to consider is the payment methods. A lot of investment affiliate programs offer bitcoins (if you are interested anyhow). Mostly a major chunk of programs pay via PayPal or wire transfer. A few deposit funds automatically to the given bank account. One thing you can do here is ask the respective affiliate manager about the payment modes beforehand.

Is it possible to make money with investing affiliate programs?

Investment affiliate programs are definitely the best way to earn a good amount of money in 2024 and in the future. In fact, these programs are easiest to promote if you have the right audience that trusts your page/blog much. But you do have to remember that not every program mentioned in this list would offer outstanding commission from the start. A few programs mentioned need more leg work, you will have to promote much to earn good bucks.

Top FAQ on Investing Affiliate Program

What is an investment affiliate program? 

In an investment affiliate program, affiliates promote the company's investing services and earn commission on every sale.

How can I make money with investment affiliate programs? 

Investment affiliate programs can be a game changer for many affiliates, you just have to create quality content around investment products, services, and resources to your audience.

How can I qualify for an investment affiliate program? 

To qualify as an investment affiliate you must have a bit expertise in online content creation, investment strategies, and social media marketing. Any certificates in the investment field would be an added benefit.

What is the best investment affiliate program for me?

The best investment affiliate programs for every beginner and experienced affiliate are Bitbond investing affiliate program, Forex mentor affiliate program, and Ally investment affiliate program.

How can I promote investment affiliate programs?

There are several unique ways to promote investment affiliate programs, you just have to build a reliable audience and a strong social proof. High quality content on websites, blogs, or videos can even help you earn good money on auto-pilot after just signing up for an affiliate program.

Are there any best investing affiliate programs? 

Yes, there are a lot of best, high paying investing affiliate programs like Bitbond, Forex Mentor, Wall Street, Motley Fool, and more which you can find in this list.

Conclusion: Best Investing Affiliate Programs to Increase Your Revenue

When it comes to stepping into the investing affiliate program, you must know that leveraging the power of popular brands is the trick to grow. People out there are very much concerned about their hard earned money, they would never think of investing at a place nobody knows yet. 

Keeping that in mind, in this list of best investing affiliate programs we have just mentioned the most popular programs. And the best part, these programs give incredible commission rates to affiliates. Even if you have just a small size audience who are interactive, you will earn crazy commissions. If you have a mid-sized audience, then you can undoubtedly make an awesome living. 

Got luckier with this list? Make yourself luckiest by starting out your affiliate marketing journey now! 

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