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Originality AI is the best AI Content detection tool, it can easily find out whether an article is written by a human copywriter or an ai copywriting tool.

We know, you know AI content writing tools are now the talk of the town. Tools like ChatGPT are generating engaging and informative content within seconds – claiming it all to be human-like, and yes the content quality is awesome. But let's not forget the potential plagiarism issues that come with AI generated content. Here's where an AI detection tool comes into the picture. Similar to AI writing tools, AI detector tools are capable of detecting AI content within seconds

We can say AI is killing AI here, jokes apart… let's explore what AI content detection is, the best AI content detection tools, and how can you make your content unique with these AI detection tools! (We have some truth bombs for you). Also what about search engines? Are they in favor of AI content writing tools?

Not really! Because even search engines want their visitors to get information that is legit and human written.

But does this mean you can't use AI writing tools for content marketing? Again, Not really!

Reason being, to be in the market, you have to make use of technology that is building the market. You can't get rid of AI, but instead, you can use AI smartly to get your work done quicker than before.

Try generating content from AI content writing tools (not the popular ones, but the best ones) and with AI content detection tools detect the generated content.

In this way, you will actually be taking help of AI for both content generation and detection part (THE SMARTER WAY), you will get human-like content that will not only serve your readers with the information they were on a search for, but even the search engine won't be able to detect whether the content was written by you (or by AI).

Let's not forget the sudden algorithm updates and penalties search engines come up with every month and week for websites. What if the next month they start penalizing website owners huge dollars for every content generated using AI? WHAT IF?

So, here's a list of best AI content detection tools that will help you stay future-proof and authentic in the long run!

Best AI Content Detection Tools of 2024

#1 Originality.ai

Originality.ai Review

To start off the list the best way – we can't miss out on Originality.ai. This AI content detector is literally doing wonders for months now. Ever since ChatGPT came into existence, Originality.ai is there to detect the AI written content easily and quickly. No matter how many words you want to check, this tool is for everyone – whether it's a blog or an entire website, copy and paste the words or links here, and let the master do the work for you.

Best Originality.ai Features

  • Can detect content from every model, like GPT-J, GPT-NEO, GPT-2, GPT-3, and GPT 3.5 (supports every Natural Language Processing models)
  • Almost 94% accuracy
  • Easy to access dashboard (works effortlessly on any desktop and mobile versions)
  • My team feature available for large businesses who want to detect bulk contents quickly
  • Website scan feature available for website buyers who want to scan a website before making any purchase
  • API access available

Feature of Originality.ai that we liked the most

There's an Originality.ai chrome extension available for users to explore the AI detector tool in real time while using any other AI content generator tool. So whether you are using Writesonic, Jasper, or Rytr for content generation, use the extension and check out the words in real-time. Additionally, the tool even detects plagiarism, quite a WIN-WIN.

Originality.ai Pricing

For the first few checks, Originality.ai is available for free. For further checks, you will have to pay $0.01 for 100 words, that's close to about 10 cents for a 1000 word article.

#2 Writer AI Content Detector

Writer AI Review

Yet another top AI content detector tool available out there is Writer AI, and why it's our #2 is because of several reasons. The major one being, Writer AI itself is an AI content writing tool that has been generating content for enterprises and agencies for years now. However, the founders have recently come up with its own detector, now available for everyone. From Chrome, Figma, to Contentful, Writer AI smoothly integrates with these third party platforms.

Best Writer AI Detector Features

  • Beginner friendly user interface
  • Gives best writing insights
  • Dedicated AI detector available
  • Businesses can automate their whole content strategy part
  • CoWrite tool available within the software for users to train AI based on their specific requirements

Feature of Writer AI detector that we liked the most

Writer AI as compared to other detector tools offers multiple AI writing solutions, the detector being the best one. There's even a free trial available which we believe is the awesome part.

Writer AI Pricing

Writer Ai Pricing

Apart from the free trial period, Writer AI even offers premium services with its paid plans, the Team Plan will cost you around $18 per month, and for the bulk detection part you can contact the team and they will build an enterprise plan for you.

#3 Giant Language Model Test Room (GLTR)

GLTR Review

If you are on a search for a legit free AI content detection tool, GLTR is all that you will need. The tool is best popular for its capabilities to examine text generated through the GPT-2  language processing model. Launched in collaboration with MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and HarvardNLP, GLTR is the best free AI detector that you can start using by just clicking on the Try Our Demo button available at the bottom of the website.

Best GLTR Features

  • Has access to the GPT-2 117 Million language model from OpenAI
  • Built for GPT-2 generated content detection
  • Highest accuracy
  • Can scan GRE text with utmost accuracy
  • Can detect AI generated content in scientific papers

Feature of GLTR that we liked the most

Shows detailed information about generated text – which part exactly is generated by AI, hence editing becomes a lot easier.

GLTR Pricing

No paid plans, available for free, for everyone.

#4 Open AI Content Detector

Open AI Review

OpenAI, the team behind the launch of the biggest and the most successful language processing model – ChatGPT, has come up with its very own content detector – AI classifier. For now, it's a free work in progress classifier, but the way the tool is able to detect AI written words within seconds is just amazing. The only downside of this classifier is it is not yet ready for the mass audience – we will have to wait a bit more time to actually use the Classifier.

Best Open AI Features

  • Can detect GPT-2 text quickly
  • Available for free
  • Simple and beginner-friendly interface
  • Far more accurate than the new AI content detector tools
  • Best for educators who don't want their students to use ChatGPT for assignments

Feature of Open AI that we liked the most

It's the interactive and beginner-friendly interface of Open AI Classifier we liked the most. The tool was launched very recently but the capabilities it comes with is just amazing.

Open AI Pricing

Available for free for the mass audience, but still is a work in progress.

Do you need an AI Content Detector Tool?

Well, above we tried our best to explain how you can generate AI content, and how AI content detectors can help you pass search engine guidelines. But is it really needed? Let's look at it this way.

Search engines like Google and Microsoft Edge have come up with several policies and guidelines when it comes to AI generated content. For example, two such principles set by Google are that the content should be socially beneficial, and must not create or reinforce unfair bias. If the search engine detects any of these issues, chances are your content wouldn't rank higher.

So, what AI content detection tool does here is it scans the content to check out whether it's generated by AI. If yes, it highlights the area (sections of the content) that is more likely generated by AI. As a reader, you can read and edit these highlighted sentences to make sure the content generated by AI passes the security guidelines.

But we aren't saying AI content detection tool is for everyone, instead you should give it a try if you are a:

Content Marketers – If you are someone who generates content on a regular basis and are looking forward to using AI for writing for your clients – AI detection tools must be in your toolbox. Through these tools, you can not only check your content quickly, but even by the help of API services can check content in bulk generated by your team.

Webmasters – If you are a website owner and have many writers writing content for your websites, AI content detector tools are a must for you. Also, you must use these tools for guest bloggers as well to maintain your website's authority (because someone else's mistake can actually ruin your business and vision).

Apart from these two groups, AI content detectors are even important for those who often buy ranking websites. Hence, before making a purchase you can actually check out whether the content which was previously published was not actually generated by AI, and whether it's a reliable investment for you or not.

Are AI Content Detection Tools Accurate Enough?

Just the way AI writing tools are not so accurate with the words generated, even AI content detector tools are not 100% accurate. And it's not us saying this, infact, the OpenAI team clearly mentioned on their website that – Our Classifier is not fully reliable.

Even the Originality.ai team has clearly mentioned that the tool is just 94% accurate on GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and ChatGPT, and there will always be some false positives and false negatives.

And again, if you are thinking to give GPTZero a try, in the main page itself you can see a text displaying that the nature of AI generated content is changing constantly, and the decision should not be taken on the basis of the tool alone, the decision-making approach should always be holistic.

How can you make your Content Unique with AI Content Detection Tools?

Now that you have explored the top AI content detector tool online, next comes the step of how best you can utilize the results to generate the best content.

Let's say you are using Originality.ai for content detection,

If your content is getting a good 85% score from the tool, you can make the changes in the highlighted part, and recheck the content again and again. However, we believe 97% to 100% a good score, so the closer you are to these numbers, the better your content quality would be.

Make sure to never publish the article that fails the content detection test. The higher the score will be, the higher will be the ranking chance.

Top FAQs on Best AI Content Detection Tools

What are the best AI content detector tools?

OpenAI, GPTZero, Originality.ai, Writer, and GLTR are the best AI content detector tools.

Is OriginalityAI available for free?

No, OriginalityAI is not completely available for free but it surely offers a few free credits to users to check out the tool's capabilities.

Who should use WriterAI?

WriterAI tool is a robust all in one AI powered software best suited for enterprises and agencies of different sizes.

Is OriginalityAI accurate?

Yes, the accuracy rate of OriginalityAI is 94%, and it is more accurate as compared to other AI detection tools.

How to detect ChatGPT content?

You can use OpenAI's New AI Classifier to check AI written text, or can even give GPTZero or OriginalityAI a try.

Conclusion: Should you give an AI Content Detection Tool a try? Ever?

If you are into the content marketing industry, you would know how important human readable content is – because at the end of the day whatever content you will be sharing is actually for HUMANS and not for MACHINES. Several AI copywriting tools out there like Jasper, ChatGPT, Writesonic, Rytr, Article Forge are popular for generating natural, easy to understand content pieces.

The answer to this question is a big YES. But never completely rely on these AI detection tools. In fact, if you are confident about your words, and you feel like the article is power packed with human touch, emotion, ingenuity, creativity, and is of superior quality, go ahead and post it. To the last, most of the AI content detection tools in this list are available for free, so why not give them a try? It would hardly take a few seconds, but in those seconds you can literally identify AI written words (or the words that are giving similar vibes) quickly, so make the FIRST MOVE!

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