DUBAI, UAE – The dawn of the next transformative chapter in artificial intelligence is here, as Dubai readies itself for the prestigious TimeAI Summit. Slated for October 4-5, 2023, at the iconic Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center, this summit promises a grand confluence of global AI influencers, industry stalwarts, and enterprising pioneers.

TimeAI Summit

Looking forward to the TimeAI Summit Dubai, the event will be holding more than 3000 attendees for 2 days, with 120+ journalists, and 85+ Countries. Some of the popular companies which will be the center of attraction at the event will include Microsoft Azure, Emirates, Warner Brothers, Twitter, and many more.

AI: The Force Driving Tomorrow's Innovations

The omnipresent force of Artificial Intelligence redefines boundaries, turning tech paradigms on their heads. Its unrivaled prowess in deciphering patterns from vast data sets, culminating in astute decisions, has ushered in new eras across sectors – be it healthcare, finance, or education. In today's rapid-paced digital era, aligning with AI isn’t a choice; it's an imperative.

Dubai: The Nexus of AI Evolution

Epitomizing cutting-edge advancements and audacious innovations, Dubai's relationship with AI isn’t merely functional—it’s foundational. Its transition into an AI epicenter is a manifestation of its unwavering commitment to technological excellence. Through TimeAI Summit, Dubai further amplifies its mission to be the nucleus of global AI progression and synergy.

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Spotlight of the TimeAI Summit

A roster of the globe's most revered AI aficionados is set to grace the TimeAI Summit. These luminaries will decode the AI enigma, elucidating its future trajectory across different domains.

Meet the Luminaries: TimeAI Summit Speakers

At the heart of the TimeAI Summit lies its exemplary panel of speakers. These global thought leaders are poised to unveil their insights, shaping the narrative of AI’s future. Get acquainted with these AI Luminaries:

TimeAI Summit Speakers

Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem (Affiliation: Government of Abu Dhabi)

Dr. Alkeem's contributions to the field are unparalleled. With an impeccable blend of academic prowess and practical expertise, he's steering AI initiatives that echo far and wide.

Vladimir Nikolenko (Affiliation: Accenture) 

Vladimir is reshaping how we perceive digital currency and assets. His tenure at Accenture has been marked by pioneering strategies and transformative leadership.

Fred Sun (Affiliation: Tencent Cloud International)

Recognized as a strategist par excellence, Fred Sun's vision and strategic foresight are driving Tencent Cloud International's ascension in the cloud computing landscape.

Lennix Lai (Affiliation: OKX)

Lennix, the Global trade czar, is making waves in the trade sector with his innovative approaches and disruptive strategies. At OKX, he spearheads initiatives that redefine trade dynamics on a global scale.

Martin Hanzl (Affiliation: EY Law)

Martin, a tech futurist, delves deep into the nexus of technology and law. His insights at EY Law are helping frame a future where technology serves, abides, and evolves within the legal framework.

…and this is just the beginning! The TimeAI Summit is graced by many more luminaries, each bringing a unique perspective and vision to the AI tapestry. Stay tuned to witness the confluence of the greatest minds in the AI industry.

Networking Opportunities at TimeAI Summit

The TimeAI Summit is more than sessions and speeches; it’s an ecosystem where innovation sparks and collaborations burgeon. Attendees are poised to forge invaluable connections, seeding partnerships that could redefine the AI frontier.

Considering the media coverage, the TimeAI Summit will hold International media coverage from some of the biggest media companies around the globe, these include CNN, Bloomberg, Fortune, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Business Insider, MarketWatch, and many more.

About TimeAI Summit

TimeAI Summit is not just an event; it's the heartbeat of the rapidly evolving AI industry. Whether you’re an AI aficionado, a visionary leader, or a curious enthusiast, this summit offers a vantage point like no other.

A nexus for AI trailblazers, tech mavericks, and budding entrepreneurs, the TimeAI Summit is where the future of AI is envisioned, explored, and exemplified.

TimeAI Summit Tickets: Your Access to the Future of AI

Dive into an immersive AI experience with our ticket options. Each tier offers unique opportunities tailored to optimize your TimeAI Summit journey.

Standard Ticket

Sale Price: $199
Full Price: $799
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What's Included in the Standard Ticket?

  • Identified as an Attendee
  • 2+ days of engaging with 40+ speeches, panels, and interviews
  • Engage in live speaker Q&As
  • Access the vibrant conference hall, the bustling expo hall, and the entertaining entertainment area
  • 1-on-1 networking opportunities with elite AI companies and a diverse pool of 3,000+ attendees
  • Refresh with complimentary beverages

VIP Experience

Sale Price: $1,099
Full Price: $2,999
Discount: Save a whopping $1,900!
Discount Countdown: Ends in 1 Day 14 Hours

Exclusive VIP Benefits

  • Recognized as a VIP
  • Hassle-free experience with the Special VIP Registration desk
  • An invite to the Prestigious VIP Networking Dinner
  • Network with the crème de la crème: TimeAI Summit keynote Speakers, VIP guests, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, chosen media personalities, influencers, decision-making C-level executives, and elite investors from Dubai
  • Delight in the VIP lunch & networking with a special international buffet exclusively for VIP attendees
  • Premium VIP seats in the conference hall ensure you don’t miss a thing
  • Enjoy special treats in the conference hall
  • Standard Benefits (Included)

Note: The tickets are limited and the discounts are even more so. Book now and ensure you're part of this monumental AI convergence!

Event Details

  • Event: TimeAI Summit
  • Date: October 04-05, 2023
  • Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center
  • Hashtag: #TimeAISummit
  • Contact: TimeAI Summit Contact Page

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