The best one in the field of Blockchain, Wiki Finance Expo 2023, the world's best and leading finance expo is set to be held in the month of Nov 2023. This most awaited fintech expo, will be taking place in Sydney, Australia, on November 16, 2023. 

Targeting a large number of audience, Wiki Finance Expo Sydney will have you discover the future of fintech through its various amusements.

While at the expo, you can learn about Web3 cycle, tokenization, NFT, DeFi, and also about Build and Buy strategies. To have your mind filled with the most latest tech news and insight directly fed to you from the fintech industry, have yourself registered today.

The Financial fair will even have over 50 speakers, more than 100 exhibitors, and attendees above 10,000.

About Wiki Finance Expo Sydney

Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023

Gathering the best in quality resources from all of the finance and technology industry, and also connecting the global exhibitors, Wiki Finance Expo Sydney has always been at the top of its niche.

It has always attracted the start-ups, big enterprises, project owners, investors as well as practitioners who hold a great place in the field of blockchain. The event has also housed some of the greatest individuals who belong to the field of fintech and forex.

By giving out a number of cooperation opportunities to the people belonging to almost every industry, the Wiki Finance Expo Sydney has made its place on top, in the hearts of its visitors and delegates.

Wiki Finance Expo Sydney is not just something that showcases talks about Finance, technology or topics surrounding it; but also has been regarded as the best conference brand that has attracted people from various regions.

The fintech expo has covered a number of audiences from Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Hong Kong, and even Bangkok.

Who should attend Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023

Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023 will have a number of industries covered that will cater to the best of interest for people belonging to various niches.

But if you are someone who is into the fintech industry, or an enthusiast of the blockchain industry, crypto, WEB3.0, NFTs, and Metaverse you should have your time at this radiant event portraying a number of activities.

Along with that, the event will also have something special for those who are interested in digital assets, forex section, ESG, and online trading and will provide a great experience to retail brokers.

Speakers at Wiki Finance Expo Sydney

Wiki Expo has always brightened up the best individual speakers, who have always had great knowledge about their particular field. Following a list of past speakers, it is assured that even this year it will have its panel filled with delegates having great experiences to share and fill the eyes of the attendees with bright light.

Menexenia Tsaroucha, ESG expert at UBS, Dr, Yu Jianing, digital economist, Metaverse and Web 3.0 expert, Hassan Ahmed, country director of Coinbase Singapore and Rory Moore, Forbes 30 member, United Nations Youth representative are some the previous speakers that Wiki Finance Expo has had.

Speakers at Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023

Tickets for Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023

The tickets for Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023 are yet to be up for sale, but you can register yourself on the official website.

By registering yourself you book a slot to attend the most anticipated event in the financial industry. If you were looking for a sign to have your bags packed and visit Wiki Finance Expo 2023 this is it.

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