Are you looking to build a website for your business? You might want to build an ecommerce website or an educational website. But the big question is how this can be possible with easy means.

In this article, we have shared the ✅Verified 10Web Review with discount coupon updated for 2024, which is one of the best CMS service providers.

While building your website, you will face many issues, such as the time consumed and the resources spent. You might have to hire a developer for designing your website from scratch, and this means spending too much on them. 

Then there are other issues such as your web hosting provider that did not offer you the right hosting as per your website requirements, and your site always slows down or faces a lot of downtime due to server issues. Security is a major concern if your website requires visitors to sign up and ask for their details.

And last but not least, after spending so much money on incapable hosting and a developer, your site doesn’t rank on Google, and all your effort, time, and money go in vain.

10Web Promo Code

If you want to leave your stressful life and run your website hassle-free with excellent plugins, security, uptime guarantee, and Google ranking, then 10Web is one such WordPress Website Builder that offers all the tools to bring your site up and to run in minutes at an affordable cost.

About 10Web

10Web Review

10Web is amazingly all in one WordPress website builder, offering tons of solutions to build a great website in minutes. It provides a super-fast and secure Google Cloud to host your website, elementor with widgets to design a beautiful and awe-inspiring website, and premium plugins for enhanced features to boost your website ranking and 1-click installations of third party apps.

Since it offers WordPress website solutions you will get numerous templates to design a beautiful website, backup service so in case your data is lost you can retrieve all the information at one-click, security that includes free SSL certificate to encrypt your information, so no one hacks it, speed optimization so your site page loads faster and your visitors would love to scroll through all the pages.

It also provide SEO service, so your site gets recognized by Google and increases your ranking in Google search engine, analytics & reports to get detailed information on your website performance, and 24/7 technical support to resolve your technical issues on time.

10Web has been in the industry for a decade and has hosted more than 1000 websites. People love their service, and therefore, it has over 20 million + downloads. By partnering with Google, it ensures its customers to provide the most secure platform for hosting any website and cutting edge technology for providing the highest quality.

10Web offers a free seven-day trial to test its services so you can sign up for free and start building your website with easy to use website builder and support tools. In minutes you can design your website with blazing fast speed and secure hosting and grow your business by ranking high on Google.

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Services Offered by 10Web

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

10Web offers the fasted and most reliable Managed WordPress Hosting powered by Google Cloud with a seven days free trial and no credit card required during sign up. This WordPress hosting is 3x faster than another hosting, guarantees 99.9% network uptime, and ensures a higher ranking on Google.

If you are having trouble migrating your website from current hosting, then 10Web does this for free with no additional cost.

Features of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Since Google Cloud powers this hosting, it offers super speed and super security.
  • Before you make your website live, you can test the changes by cloning your site and finally making it live to your visitors.
  • With various data centers in 4 continents, the data transfer time between the user and the server is minimal. Your website is hosted on the nearest data center to your location for the utmost speed and minimum redundancy.
  • Backup can be taken regularly with restore points that can be accessed from the previous ten days.
  • SSD powered hosting that gives the highest performance and 2x faster than other storage discs.
  • You are caching one of the factors to speed up your website and rank high on Google. At 10Web, you get NGINX FastCGI caching to boost your website speed and ranking.
  • For adding more speed and faster page load time, 10Web uses an LXD container and the latest version of PHP that offers bolt speed to your website.
  • With auto migration, you can migrate your website at one-click to 10Web super-fast managed WordPress hosting and see the difference with your own eyes.
  • Easy scaling allows you to upgrade your website when more visitors visit your site.
  • HTTPS instead of HTTP ensures your customers that your site is malware-free, and thus 10Web offers a free SSL certificate to keep your website safe.
  • WordPress Website Builder

Are you finding difficulty in building your own WordPress website?

Here’s a great solution to all your worries that doesn’t take too long, doesn’t require you to spend too much money and doesn’t need to you invest a lot of time in finding the right plugins.

10Web WordPress Website Builder is powered by elementor and is the quickest and simplest way to create a stunning WordPress website in minutes with drag and drop builder. Just sign up without credit card and start your free 7 days trial today.

Features of WordPress Website Builder

  • Create a stunning website with prebuilt beautiful templates. Select the one that suits your business and install it at just 1-click. Customize the template as per your need with drag and drop builder that allows you insert audio, video or image at any place on your website.
  • No coding skills are required as the easy to use drag and drop builder powered by elementor makes it easy to edit your website and in minutes your website is ready to be launched.
  • With front end editor you can customize the site as you want even after you have designed it from scratch to final stage you can later edit your website whenever you want.
  • Designing your website with WordPress builder offers super speed and optimized website that doesn’t leave a chance to attract any visitor.
  • Mobile users have increased rapidly and therefore 10Web WordPress builder offers templates that are responsive on all devices. It looks great and smooth even if a visitor browses your website on a smart phone or a tablet.
  • The editor is designed in such a way that you can navigate from one page to another seamlessly with the editor always on the page.
  • Not just the elementor but 10Web offers multiple widgets that optimizes your website for the best resolution and optimum speed.
  • Premium widgets included with the website builder include reviews carousel to show testimonials of satisfied users, flip box, countdown timer for indicating an upcoming event, call to action button to drive more visitors, pricing table to show different plan & features, share button to allow users to share your post on social media, customize the login form and make it creative, search bar to allow users to search any content on your website easily.
  • 10Web also offers premium plugins integrated with the website builder such as Gallery to display images beautifully, slider with different styles and effects, forms which can multi-functional, Google Maps to show your working location, Event calendar to organize and manage your events, Instagram and Facebook feed for more user engagement.

10Web Plans & Pricing

10Web cares for each customer and therefore provides monthly and annual billing. You can save more on annual billing, but you can start experiencing its services on a monthly basis, and once satisfied, you can bill annually.

There are three plans to fulfill your WordPress website needs. These are:

10Web Pricing

Personal Plan: This plan is billed monthly will cost you $25/mo, and if billed annually, it will save $5/mo.

This plan includes 30 connected sites, Managed WordPress Hosting, host one site, can handle up to 25k monthly visitors, 5 GB SSD storage space, Intuitive site builder, 30+ premium widgets, pre-built website templates with responsiveness, 50+ premium plugins, so you don’t have to find anywhere, backup and restore, SSL for utmost security, Caching for utmost speed, SEO to rank your site higher on Google, Analytics and reports to view your performance and know your users and round the clock technical assistance.

Premium Plan: This plan, if billed monthly costs $70/mo and annual billing, will save $10/mo.

This plan includes 40 connected sites, Managed WordPress Hosting, host three sites, can handle up to 100k monthly visitors, 10 GB SSD storage space, and all other features included in a Personal plan.

Enterprise Plan: This plan, if billed monthly costs $200/mo and annual billing, will save $30/mo.

This plan includes 50 connected sites, Managed WordPress Hosting, host ten sites, can handle up to 400k monthly visitors, 40 GB SSD storage space, and all other features included in a Personal plan.

🌟 10Web FAQ

What is DNS? What is it used for? 

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it is used to convert your domain name into an IP (Internet Protocol) address. The primary role of DNS is to maintain a directory of domain names. As we all know, it is easy for people to remember domain names and machines/computers like namely, IP numbers.

Can we see the performance benefits before pointing DNS to 10Web? 

Yes, you can copy your existing website on 10Web and check the performance and only point DNS when you are ready.

Which data center should I select?

You can select the data center, which is very closet to your potential or existing user base, so that users can retrieve information from it faster.

Does 10Web support multisite? 

Yes, 10Web offers multisite support, but it is now available for connected sites. 

Final Verdict: 10Web Review – 2024 | Should you go for it?

10Web is the world’s only all in one WordPress website builder with a gamut of features and premium widgets and plugins, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

10Web Care means they are always caring for your needs with fast response time less than 5 minutes, resolves any issue in at the most 24 hours, and ready to answer any WordPress questions anytime. 

Get online in minutes with stunning templates and easy to use drag and drop editor at the best price at 10Web. 😉

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