Thrilled about the Discussion Session by Conversion Club Spain, AW 2023? Well, the Conversion Club is thrilled to announce its upcoming Discussion session Affiliate World (AW) 2023 event in Barcelona, Spain. This unique gathering, specifically designed for Affiliate Marketers, will feature a discussion session and an affiliate drinks meetup later, providing a platform for networking and business growth.

Let's take a deeper insight into what the Discussion Session by Conversion Club Spain 2023 holds.

Discussion Session by Conversion Club Spain 2023

The Discussion Session by Conversion Club Spain, AW 2023 (Barcelona), is set to take place on July 12, 2023. This session will be a key opportunity for affiliate marketers to share their insights, learn new strategies, and move their businesses forward. The discussion will be led by industry leaders, offering a unique chance to learn from case studies and firsthand experiences related to Google Ads. The speeches by these dignified guests will even feature social media impact and realities in 2023.

Discussion Session by Conversion Club Spain

Following the discussion session, attendees will have the chance to join the affiliate drinks meetup on July 13. This social event will provide a relaxed atmosphere for networking, deal-making, and team-building. It's the perfect setting to meet potential partners, discuss business opportunities, and forge new connections within the affiliate marketing community.

About Drinks Meetup by Conversion Club 2023

Drinks Meetup by Conversion Club Spain

The two-day Affiliate World conference will uplift the business growth and will even be one of the best summer meetups. The Affiliates drinks meetup, scheduled to happen on July 13, right after the Discussion session will strive as the largest arena to meet and greet the world's top affiliates and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

This will be a networking party that will have the sponsors and the visitors, all on one common floor. A perfect gathering specifically built for networking and scaling up the business in 2023, along with excellent entertainment & drinks and a relaxed atmosphere helping you to connect with the industry experts.

Brief on What is Conversion Club

The Conversion Club, a trusted agency in the affiliate marketing industry since 2012, is excited to host this event in Barcelona, a city known for its vibrant culture and dynamic business environment.

The club's executive director expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming event, stating, “We are looking forward to welcoming affiliate marketers from around the world to Barcelona for this unique event. It's an opportunity not just to learn and network, but also to experience the vibrant culture of this amazing city.”

The Conversion Club AW 2023 Barcelona event is expected to be a major highlight of the affiliate marketing calendar in 2023. With its combination of insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and social events, it's an event that no affiliate marketer will want to miss.

To learn more about the Conversion Club AW 2023 Barcelona event, visit the official website. Registration is now open, and early bird tickets are available for a limited time.

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