Bringing forth the greatest opportunities for the Finance sector as well as a number of other businesses, Fintech Festival Thailand 2023 a global series of networking events will be held on 27 and 28 September in Bangkok, Thailand this year.

It will gather a number of people from across the world as well as Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

About the Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

FinTech Festival Thailand 2023

With covering a wide range of industry topics such as Banking, Payments, Personal Finance, Insurtech, AI, Digital assets and WEB3, Blockchain, Exchanges, Regtech, Roboadvisors, P2P, Investments, Trading and Cybersecurity and more, the event will provide a comfortable space of global FinTech community to network, engage and collaborate.

One can witness a number of leading FinTech companies as well as businesses to build up their networking. Also, one can easily expect more than 15,000 participants from all over the world.

Speaking of the location this fintech event has chosen, it is a pioneer in Southeast Asian countries. It has got all the newest technologies to improve as well as expand the country’s technology.

If you are a modern FinTech company from Thailand or anywhere near it, this is the best place to be at. You can get yourself indulged in the latest talks about the FinTech industry and get the best-known and unknown highlights that will trigger your inner enthusiasm for this particular industry more. 

This is certain that the world FinTech community will be gathered under a single roof of Fintech Festival Thailand 2023. This is where a number of upcoming talents will also be showcased while also discussing the latest developments and ideas in the industry.

Who should attend Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

The best and the most opportunistic place for the whole FinTech industry, especially if you are a startup, a leading international brand, or an industry giant you should definitely attend this event, with multiple business development opportunities.

As an attendee, you can get the latest industry news, and get to know about the ongoing developments. One can also meet the top government leaders, regulators, financial service leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Also, as a company owner the Fintech Festival Thailand 2023 will serve you plenty of networking opportunities with the most vital elements. Get in touch with the most experienced people who will be available at the event.

If you are an investor or a startup this event will have some of the most quantified business and networking opportunities with some of the most diligent fintech developers. Have a pleasant time, meet and greet with these industry leaders while discussing future trends and cooperations.

Speakers at Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

From the founder and group chiefs as well as the CEOs the speakers list keeps on going. Myrtle Anne Ramos, the founder, and CEO of Block Tides, PlaceWar, Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, Founder & Group Chief Executive officer at Bitkub, Axel Winter, the CEO of Pivot Digital, and more are some of the speakers that will take the stage at Fintech Festival Thailand 2023.

Speakers at Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

Schedule of Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

Although the main event will be on 27 and 28 of September, the Welcome Party will be held a day prior on September 26. This welcome party has been specially arranged for the VIP ticket holders and will be held at the Royal Paragon Hall.

The first day of the event, September 27 will begin with the opening ceremony and will lead to a panel discussion on the topic of The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Fintech: How are advancements in AI and machine learning changing the landscape of fintech.

Similarly, a lot many keynote sessions will be held throughout the day. Another section of a panel session on the topic of The Future of Payments: How Will Digital Assets Transform the Industry will be held by Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa and Ryan Liew.

One can also be a part of Analyzing the geopolitical implications of cryptocurrency, and exploring its potential role in shaping international relations and more of such interesting topics on day one of the event.

Day two, September 28 will begin with the topic of Emerging Investment Trends in Asia: What are the emerging investment trends in Asia and how are they impacting the investment landscape in the Web 2 and Web 3 space? This will be one of the other most intriguing topics that will be held all throughout the event.

Another such topic would be about “Discussing the potential of smart contracts to automate the fintech industry and examining the challenges and opportunities.” and “Every company can become a fintech company. What support is needed, and how can regulators or governing bodies help to support the infrastructure that is needed?”

On both the day the event will end at 17:30 wrapping up all the tiredness.

Passes for the Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

The passes for this upcoming awesome event are available in four different price ranges that cover different activities of the event. You can grab a pass as per your need and interest and enjoy Fintech Festival Thailand 2023.

Passes for Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

EXPO Pass: This exclusive pass bestows entrants with access to the Exposition hall, affording attendees the opportunity to delve into the realm of cutting-edge fintech solutions and innovations. It further encompasses ingress to Workshop halls 1 and 2, facilitating attendees in immersive sessions that provide profound insights into industry exemplars.

STANDARD Pass: In addition to the EXPO and Workshop privileges, the STANDARD Pass endows its bearers with entry to the Conference hall, paving the way for active participation in intellectually stimulating dialogues. STANDARD Pass holders will also be bestowed with an attendee's satchel and a comprehensive compendium of the conference's agenda.

BUSINESS Pass: Those in possession of the BUSINESS Pass are privy to the entirety of STANDARD Pass benefits, augmented by exclusive privileges, including Business registration access, premier Business seating within the Conference hall, entree to the Welcome Party, ingress to the Networking Hall, and an esteemed seat at the Gala Dinner.

VIP Pass: The VIP Pass, the zenith of the FTF experience, encompasses all attributes inherent to the BUSINESS Pass. Additionally, VIP Pass holders are granted VIP registration access, premium seats at the Conference, access to the F&B lunch hall, and foremost priority access to all social soirees.

Venue of Fintech Festival Thailand 2023

The venue for this year's Fintech Festival Thailand has been chosen to be Royal Paragon Hall, 5th floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center. This particular venue is regarded as the top conference hall with the best amenities available for any type of conference and expo.

FinTech Festival Asia 2023 powered by Exness

The upcoming FinTech festival is powered by Exness, which is a pioneering global multi asset broker founded in 2008. The renowned company is widely known for its commitment to ethical and innovative marketplace solutions. 

Talking about it, Exness is the largest retail broker in the industry. Here, Exness is one dedicated firm that is shaping the future of finance through its technological excellence and global collaboration.

Festival Endorsement

The Fintech Festival is proud to have garnered support from esteemed organizations, including the Tech Fintech Association (TFA), Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), DIFY, Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM), Women in Blockchain Asia, EPA Asia, Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, Malaysia Blockchain Association, Malaysian Youth FinTech Association (MYFinT), and the Blockchain Council of the Philippines. These esteemed entities have lent their endorsement to elevate this festival to unprecedented heights.

FinTech Festival Asia 2023 Sponsor Support:

Powered By: Exness
Diamond Sponsor: FBS
Official Partner: Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co
Platinum Sponsor: Headway

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