Confused if you should go for the Premium plan of Jasper or the Boss Mode plan? Want to know how Jasper Recipes work?

Create entire blog posts with Jasper in a single click? needs no introduction as the industry favorite in AI content writing tools. The tool gets a load of constant updates as the developers continuously look to improve and introduce new features. The Jasper AI Boss Mode is one of these newly introduced powerful features.

Your content creation process will never be the same again after you purchase the Boss Mode, and this article is all about how that change will happen. Read on to find out how you can make original content at the touch of a button and much more with the Jasper Boss Mode.

What is the Jasper AI Boss Mode? – Jasper AI Boss Mode Review

Jasper AI Boss Mode

The Jasper Boss Mode in its full scale is a recent addition to the long-range of features Jasper provides. It can be described as an extension of the Long-Form Assistant, which had been available in Jasper for a while, but that would be an understatement.

As many of you may know, the Long-Form Assistant is a very formidable tool that can generate many types of relevant content well and was a big selling point for Jasper at launch. The Boss Mode takes this even further by eliminating the constraints of templates and use cases and introducing a level of personalization and convenience that we have never seen with an AI.

It is called the “Boss Mode” because it works similar to how your boss instructs you to write a piece of content or how you instruct your employees to generate content. It really is that simple.

Let us look at some actual commands that users have used in their blog post workflow to understand this more clearly.

It should be noted that you have to place your cursor at the end of the command and press CTRL+Enter (CMD+Enter for Mac users) to run the command.

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Jasper AI Boss Mode Features – How does Jasper AI Boss Mode Work?

Following are the key features you get with the Jasper Boss Mode plan. 

1. Increased Character Lookback

In the Boss Mode plan, Jasper's AI copywriting assistant will read 2000-3000 characters above where your cursor location is on the document. While the Jasper AI looks back, it gains context and understanding from previously written sentences to continue generating original and relevant content. That is known as character look back. This feature is really beneficial for more intelligent AI copy generation when using the Jasper writing assistant. Without the Boss Mode, Jasper AI only provides a maximum lookback of 600 characters.

2. Workspace Documents 

In the Boss mode of Jasper, you can generate different parts of the content on Jasper in other templates. For example, if you need to write a Blog post and there is only one template that you can use for the blog introduction and the other one that you can use Jasper for the blog conclusion.

Plus, you also get different templates to construct the body of your blog post. You can also combine all types of content into a single document. This feature of Boss Mode Plan can really help you to combine all your scattered content into a single folder.

3. Jasper Commands 

With Jasper commands, you get the ability to direct the AI to write precisely what you want. We will be discussing a detailed review of Jasper's Commands later in this article.

4. Unlimited Runs

With the increased character look back, the Jasper AI Boss Mode also provides you with unlimited runs of AI copy generations, so you don't have to worry about generating numerous copies and also regulating the word limit.

5. AI Outputs

If you have too much content and want it to be organized, this Jasper AI Boss Mode plan feature is convenient. You can easily save different projects in different folders, so there is no mix and match of your content, and they remain well-organized.

6. 25+ Languages Content Generation

With Jasper, you can write content in more than 25+ different languages and even translate content from one language to another in minutes. This feature is really helpful for multilingual content generation, and language now does not remain a barrier for you even if you do not know the language.

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💡 How to Use the Jasper AI Boss Mode? – Jasper AI Boss Mode Review

Boss Mode users can just open a blank document inside Jasper and get it to write anything they want, from a blog post outline to a video description (50+ Short-Form Copywriting Templates and Commands) instantly.

Jasper AI Boss Mode Review

For Example: Suppose you want to write an article on “How to Earn $500 a Day?” then you can use the following commands to generate a complete article faster than any other content writing tools or even an experienced writer at times.

Essentially, you can see how using the commands available to Boss Mode helps users optimize the blog post workflow for you and your team by providing you a head start with a solid headline, an intro paragraph, and so much more.

Using Jasper Recipes, these same commands can be strung together to generate the entire blog post. As we said earlier, it is a feature where you can order Jasper like a boss, fulfilling its tagline of being your personal assistant as a copy or content writer.

There are many video tutorials uploaded by the user community where you can see this tool working its magic in front of you.

Must Try Commands in the Jasper Boss Mode

The commands system for generating content is much more efficient and diverse than the standard templates and use cases offered by other AI content writing tools. Below are some commands that can really make a difference to the speed and quality of content you generate with Jasper AI. Jasper is constantly updated with new Jasper Commands as the platform gets better at understanding what you need to create each day.

Although you will find a massive list of Jasper Commands that Jasper will understand, here is a list of Boss Mode Jasper Commands that are great depending on the type of content you wish to create. All these commands are taken from the Jasper documentation available directly in the blog post editor.

Also, to run these Jasper Commands, you have to type out the command and make sure that your cursor is at the end of the command, and then you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Enter” to run it on Windows or “Cmd + Enter” to run it on a Mac. 

(The commands are divided by different popular content formats)

1. Blog Posts

2. Advertisements

3. Video Creation

4. Copywriting Formulas

5. Boss Mode Specials

Why Should You Get Jasper AI Boss Mode Today?

The Jasper AI Boss Mode is a very worthy purchase. In our extensive use, the following things about the Boss Mode are the ones that appealed to us the most:

Jasper Pro Unlimited Vs. Jasper Boss Mode

The Pro Unlimited plan is the most premium plan below the Boss Mode plan for Jasper AI subscribers. Here we are going to take a brief look at what are the extra features the Boss Mode packs over the Pro Unlimited.

These features are:

What are the Types of Content You can Generate with the Jasper Boss Mode?

With Jasper AI, you have infinite possibilities for what kinds of content you can generate after understanding how to use the software properly. Here we are focusing on some popular uses to give you an idea of how this tool works.

Jasper Templates

Blog Post Ideas: If you feed in your main keyword or the name of the niche you're looking to target Jasper, can give you blog post ideas on that keyword. These ideas are researched to ensure they are the topics that will get the most attention in that niche.

You can enter new niches or get fresh content ideas for the niche you seem to have run out of ideas in very easily with this feature.

Blog Post Title: Get headline ideas for an article or a blog post instantly. The hours you while away looking for that headline that will get you the CTR you want can now be put to better use.

Blog Post Outline: A blog post outline is essential to keep your work schedule on track. Establishing a good outline before you start writing makes you work faster and write more and better blog posts. If you provide Jasper with a title and the concerned command, you can get the complete outline quickly and start writing.

Blog Post Introduction Paragraph: The right introduction makes or breaks the success of any article, blog post, or literally any piece of content. Writing a good introduction is a skill gained by experience, but with Jasper, you don't have to worry because it can give you the perfect intro paragraph for a title or a topic.

Article Brief: Content Briefs are important to delegate writing tasks between your team and also for your own understanding and writing flow. Aside from that, with the Boss Mode, you can generate a content brief on a topic which you can paste into the Long Form Assistant in Jasper itself to get a full article.

Blog Post Conclusion: Just like having the proper intro paragraph is essential, ending your article the right way is a big part of leaving a lasting impression on your reader. Again Jasper, a tool developed under the supervision of expert copywriters, can compensate for experience. Use the honestly summarize command with your blog title to get the most effective conclusion for your article.

YouTube Video Intro Script: Even in video content formats setting the right tone with your introduction is vital to keep your viewer engaged. By adding your video title and using a Boss Mode command, you can get an intro script for your next video ready before you can set up your camera.

Answer Any Question: A common practice is to start blog posts with some rhetorical questions. Headers also often involve questions. If you want content surrounding these questions or just general content on a frequently searched query, you can copy-paste the question in front of the command and get your answer and some content to go with it in one click.

These are just a few of literally infinite ways to use Jasper. You can read a hundred articles about the Boss Mode, but our advice would be to head on over to Jasper and take advantage of their free trial to get the experience we have been raving about throughout this article.

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🤖 How to Use Jasper Recipes with Jasper Boss Mode?

What if we tell you that there is a way by which you can add all these Jasper Commands to your editor automatically as a template that you can use every single time, depending on the type of content you need?

Well Yes! The Team at Jasper has a solution to this called Jasper Recipes!

Jasper Recipes are nothing but predefined workflows that contain a list of commands that help you to create your content repeatedly faster. You just have to run the Jasper commands, and you will get most of your content completed. But do remember that you have to keep your Boss Mode activated since Jasper Recipes uses Jasper Commands. If you are on the Jasper Starter Plan, you cannot use Jasper Recipes.

Jasper.AI Recipes

In order to use Jasper Recipes, you first have to go to the Recipes Tab in your dashboard.

After this, you will see a list of featured Jasper Recipes to choose from.

So to use any one of the Jasper Recipes with Boss Mode, you have to hover over the recipes you want and choose “Open recipe.”

After you choose, you will be brought to a page showing you all the predefined Jasper Commands in a box, and you will also get to see a video showing how you can use those recipes.

To run your recipe, click the “Run” button. As you click the run button, the Jasper AI will now duplicate the recipe and place it in the long-form editor automatically.

Wasn't that easy? Well, after this, you can run each of the Jasper Commands with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter on Windows or Cmd+Enter on Mac as you see the magic of Jasper AI and how it writes excellent content pieces for you. Also, if you want to get access to even more cool Jasper Recipes, you can join the Official Jasper Facebook Group.

How much is Jasper AI Boss Mode? – Jasper Starter Plan Vs. Jasper Boss Mode Plan

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

The Boss Mode of starts at $99/mo. The starter plan of Jasper starts at $49/mo.

FeaturesJasper Starter PlanJasper Boss Mode 
Words Per month20,000 Words50,000 Words
Number of User LoginsUp to 5 usersUp to 5 users 
Writing LengthShort CopywritingLong Copywriting
Input LengthGood ContextGreat Context
50+ TemplatesYesYes
25+ LanguagesYesYes
Jasper CommandsNoYes
SEO ModeNoYes
Project FoldersUnlimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerNoYes
Revision HistoryNoYes
Supporthey@jasper.aiPriority – 3X Faster Response Time
Content SearchYesYes
Favorite OutputsYesYes
Auto SaveYesYes
OnboardingLive Group Video CallsLive Group Video Calls
Weekly Job Board PostsYesYes
Jasper CommunityYesYes
Training BootcampYesYes
Get Jasper CertifiedNoYes
New Bonus! GrammarlyNoYes
Get Jasper Starter Plan NowGet Jasper Boss Mode Now

The starter pack is for very basic users with a relatively small word credit limit, but you can get a decent amount of utility from the Pro Unlimited plan.

The critical difference between the Boss Mode and the Business plan is paying a slight price difference; you can get a complete writing solution and never have to think about your AI writer again as the Jasper Boss Mode is simply the best tool available right now.

Using the free trial to experience the benefits we have talked about can better help you decide which plan works best for your needs. The cost-effectiveness of the Boss Mode cannot be debated as it is a single software that can bring a level of efficiency to your workflow, which is not humanly possible.

Tips & Tricks for Jasper AI Boss Mode – Secrets that no one will tell! 

Following is a list of Jasper Boss Mode tips and tricks which can help you on your journey of how you can use Jasper Boss Mode like a BOSS and write swiftly.

Jasper Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + Shift + EnterYou can run Jasper Command and keep the Jasper Command visible on the page after running it.
Command + EnterRun a Jasper Command
Command + JWith this command, Jasper will compose output based on the length you have selected in the editor. 
Command + KYou can see Jasper Command history from which you can also run previously used commands.
Command + ZUndo
Command + /Re-Run the Last Command

Jasper Shortcodes


By using three asterisks in a row, the Jasper long-form editor informs Jasper not to read any content before those three asterisks. So this can prevent Jasper from generating any sort of duplicate content.

Jasper Transition Words

These Transition words are the key to letting Jasper generate the type of content that you require. 

Suppose you are the leader of our group, and if you cannot handle the group, then there can be conflicts within the group. The same can happen when Jasper generates a lot of content.

But if you know how to guide Jasper, then the AI-generated output it produces can be of more excellent quality. You can use these transition words to help guide Jasper in the right direction. If something is specific that you want Jasper to write about, you can be even more specific with these transition words.

Following are some of the Jasper Transition Words

  • As a matter of fact…
  • For example…
  • Lastly…
  • In my experience…
  • Some of the main benefits of [topic] are…
  • First of all…
  • In conclusion…
  • To summarize my point…
  • In other words…
  • Another example of [topic] is…

You can use these transition words while you create any type of content with the Jasper Boss Mode, which will drastically help your writing flow, making it much better and will also keep Jasper in check and on the right track.

Try Jasper Boss Mode today

Jasper AI Boss Mode Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Jasper AI User Reviews

Top FAQ on Jasper AI Boss Mode

What is Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper Boss Mode is a new plan that allows you to become Jasper's boss. Like a boss, you can tell him to write whatever you want. It will help you write faster and produce better results.

What is the cost of Jasper AI Boss Mode?

Boss Mode costs $99 per month and allows you to order Jasper to write whatever you want.

Is the content from Jasper original?

Jasper creates original content that does not repeat itself and passes plagiarism tests, resulting in 99.99 % original content that is free and clear for publication.

How can I use Boss Mode with team members?

The pricing of Boss Mode starts at $99/mo for 5 members (50,000 words/mo).

How many languages do Jasper support?

It supports over 25 languages, including French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, and Slovenian. Swedish, Chinese, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, and other languages

What are Jasper Commands?

In the Jasper AI Boss Mode plan, you can create AI-written content by giving some specific commands to Jasper which are known as Jasper Commands. There are various types of commands, and you can use any of them in the Jasper document editor. All these commands can help you generate different types of content in a short time. Also, you can refer to the Jasper Boss Mode explanation above in this article.

How can you use Jasper Boss Mode?

So to use Boss Mode, you have to write a Jasper command in the document editor and hit the CTRL + Enter on Windows or CMD + Enter on Mac to activate the command. Also, currently, there is no limit to what you can ask Jasper to write.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

The Jasper Starter plan starts at $49 per month. Or, you can sign up for yearly billing at a starting rate of $40 per month and get 2 months free. The Jasper AI Boss Mode plan, starts at $99 per month. Similar to the Start plan, you can sign up for annual billing at a starting rate of $82 per month with 2 months free.

Conclusion: Jasper AI Boss Mode Review – Activate Boss Mode to Write 5x Faster!

Jasper has been the unchallenged king of all AI content writers in the market. The Boss Mode is an attempt at taking that supremacy even further, and this attempt is successful beyond a shred of doubt.

The speed, quality, and efficiency that the combination of the two brings to a variety of workplaces cannot be ignored by anyone who wants to continue being a content creator in the future because this is the future of content creation.🚀🚀

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