Today, we're going to discuss a timely and relevant niche- solar energy. There are relevant solar affiliate programs that you can promote.

It is difficult to predict the future, but in view of increasing electricity bills and growing concerns about fossil fuels' carbon imprint, their appeal is unlikely to decrease very soon. This is causing numerous solar power brands to release portable solar equipment that individuals can use off-grid. This equipment includes solar panel chargers for smartphones, backpacks, tents, and more!

Portable solar power stations are gaining popularity in several regions due to their high demand and the ability to earn high commissions from the brands that produce them. These alternative energy sources are also becoming more cost-effective, which is an exciting prospect for affiliates who can partner with these programs to sell these products.

Also, considering the access to this energy infrastructure, it is gaining popularity all around the globe. And the more interesting fact is that by 2030, nearly 3/4 of electricity connections are projects to be off-grid. 

In short, Solar energy is the future of renewable energy, and it is also a quick and easy way to tap the energy using the sun as the source. So what this free source of energy brings forth the affiliate marketers? Well, let me help you with this. As said that this energy is the future, many affiliate marketers can tap the best solar affiliate programs as early as possible and earn high income from that. Also, it will also help you to make an impact on the growing industry and become an acting bridge between the producers and the consumers of solar power sources. 

And to guide you with these programs, we are here with our Top 14 Best Solar Affiliate Programs 2024, in which we have analyzed some of the best solar power affiliate programs and compiled this list. All the affiliate marketers must read on for more information and create new horizons and ways by which all of you can discover some of the best solar affiliate programs.

14 Best Highest Paying Solar Affiliate Programs 2024

Solar Affiliate Programs

1. SunJack

SunJack Affiliate Program

When it comes to solar technology, SunJack works with a variety of portable solar-powered solutions that include the world's most powerful solar charger. It makes charger components, high-efficiency solar panels with 2 Amps USB outputs, faster-charging batteries and other conventional components. With a SunJack charger, you can undoubtedly charge all of your portable devices at any place and at any time. 

The affiliate program of such a reputed brand is one of the best in the market for solar energy affiliates. And to make money, you can join the company's partnership programs. 

Affiliates can earn a 10% commission through the SunJack affiliate network. And if you can provide significant traffic to their website, affiliates can earn an additional 20% bonus from this solar affiliate program. In order to calculate commission accurately and with no defects, the cookie's lifespan is set to 30 days.

Well, all the new, as well as the old affiliate marketers, can take advantage of promoting all the activities of SunJack, like monthly contests and coupon offers, which can help in converting more leads. Plus, the company also offers specialized affiliate management staff that can help you boost your revenue from this affiliate program.

Commission Rate10-20%
Cookie Duration30 Days 

2. Solgaard

Solgaard Affiliate Program

Next on my list of best solar affiliate programs is Solgaard. They specialize in solar-powered and anti-theft backpacks, which they manufacture in-house. These backpacks have a Solarbank and Bluetooth speaker, as well as features like retractable cords and a laptop compartment that makes these backpacks worth the investment. Every backpack they make is designed to follow you on every adventure. You'll always be prepared for any outing!

This company has made a significant change in the world by using plastics instead of paper. Not only can they save more greenhouse gases, but they have also made their products that much more fashionable. They collect 5 pounds of ocean plastics for every single product they sell and recycle them!

Coming straight to the point, with Solgaard affiliate, affiliates expect a commission of 10%. As the Lifepack costs $165, you can expect $17.14 for each sale you refer. A person with disposable income and a desire for a greener environment won't mind paying for the products, even if they are expensive because they know that they are doing their part to contribute toward a more sustainable future.

FlexOffers is in charge of their affiliate program, which the company administers. One of the program's key features is that it uses a 90-day cookie, which allows for fewer promotional campaigns, resulting in less spam and more sales for everyone involved.

Commission Rate10%
Cookie Duration90 Days

3. Tesla

Tesla Affiliate Program

This brand needs no second introduction. Tesla's solar energy affiliate programs are a must-have for anyone interested in the solar power revolution. Elon Musk has transformed the company into one of the world's most valuable and innovative companies.

Tesla sells solar roof tiles, solar panels, powerwall batteries and, of course, electric cars. So you can expect synergy between the products. There is no complication to Tesla's partner referral program. For every Tesla sold by a person you refer, your Tesla will get 1,000 miles of supercharging for free.

Customers who purchase a Tesla solar panel from your company will earn up to $400 in commission. After using your referral link, this commission is paid when the customer activates the solar panels or solar roof. In addition, they will also receive a $100 reward for their individual effort.

Also, if any merchandise is returned under Tesla's return policy, it would be disqualified from the referral program and would not be eligible to be referred. Here is something interesting, if you have the Tesla App account, you can share the Tesla referral link with others that can help you to follow the status of your incentives.

Commission Rate$100 or 1,000 miles
Cookie DurationTBC

4. LuminAID

LuminAID Affiliate Program

The first interesting thought that I liked about this brand is that it was established in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. 

At that devastating time, Co-founders Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork realized that the food and medical aid supplied was massive, but there was no way of providing light. They developed a way to provide light by using nano lights to charge the batteries of all devices near them, as well as luminescent paint, which they applied on the ground.

Determination drove the co-founders of LuminAID to develop a truly innovative product that is both lightweight and rechargeable, making it possible for those who need light the most to have access to it. They were on the path of creating LuminAID, which is a lightweight, rechargeable portable light which is made from sustainable materials. So now, when the lights go out due to any reason, it does not become a crisis any longer, and people no need to rely on kerosene lamps and candles for illumination. 

LuminAid is an excellent brand for solar-powered products. They offer a range of lightweight and portable lighting solutions that can be taken with you on camping trips, in the backcountry, or at work. Their flagship product is the PackLite Hero, which is a 6-inch x 6-inch x 6-inch cube. It comes with a USB charging cable and has four LED lights powered by solar power.

So the affiliates need to sign up first with the AvantLink network to promote their products. And after this, if your application is approved by them, you can get a commission of 8% per sale

Commission Rate8%
Cookie Duration30 Days

5. AcoPower

AcoPower Affiliate Program

AcoPower, a California-based company, has been providing portable solar power products to a diverse audience for fun outdoor activities and communities in need of emergency power. They have a wide range of products, including off-grid solar panels, solar-powered coolers, generators, controllers and inverters.

The Affiliates can sign up for the AcoPower program directly on their official website and start earning a 6% commission on every sale. Their products lie in the price range from $5-$5000, which is a wide range and also a great opportunity for the affiliates to promote their various items. 

The brand also has unique products that include a solar-powered cooler fridge and solar kits specifically designed for RVs. The affiliates can take these products into the market via promotion and boost their revenues

Commission Rate6%
Cookie DurationNot Listed

6. Soliom

Soliom Affiliate Program

Soliom came about in 2016 when the market had no good solar video security products. Old security cameras were impossible to wire or had to be changed often. Soliom is dedicated to making devices that are eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and cost-effective.

Soliom produces a smart doorbell that gets its energy from the sun. This may seem like a gimmick, but it is far from it. Using Soliom, you simply don't have to worry about wiring your video doorbell for power. And you also don't have to worry about power outages as this device is not connected to the grid. It also makes solar IP security cameras by which you can monitor your home from any corner of the world. 

So what this innovative company offers in terms of its solar affiliate program? The answer is quite simple. All the affiliates would be paid an 8% commission for every referred sale, with the average customer spending a little over $200 per transaction. So you can conclude that for every hundred visitors you send their way, you can get paid $35.

Commission Rate8%
Cookie Duration60 Days

7. SunPower

SunPower Affiliate Program

SunPower is a brand that has been in existence for decades in the business. The brand has over 35 years of dedicated solar experience and is among the only U.S.-based solar company that's been around longer than our 25-year warranty. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, they offer a diversified portfolio of leading residential and solar storage solutions. They also make use of the world's highest efficiency solar panels that feature SunPower® Maxeon® cell technology. It also has received more than 1,000 patents for solar innovation. 

Talking about the affiliate program, SunPower affiliates get paid $75 per confirmed appointment sent via your affiliate links. The best thing as an affiliate manager I found is that you get paid even if the customer doesn't buy anything.

On average, if you look, booking 14 appointments per month for them would result in net revenue of over US$1,000 in commission which is amazing. Also, you have 45-days for your referral to book that appointment, so you don't have that much headache about any sort of hard-sell tactics.

Commission Rate$75 per appointment
Cookie Duration45 Days

8. Inergy Solar

Inergy Solar Affiliate Program

Inergy Solar, founded in 2016 and established with a mission to “deliver affordable power to the world,” is a company that has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. With their innovative technologies and top-notch customer service, they are a company that has seen tremendous success themselves. They are one of several companies that have offered a different, cleaner way. Their enterprise is unique in a number of ways, including how quickly they came up with their product idea and what they've done to get it on the market.

Inergy is different from others in the business as they are not trying to take over the consumer energy market. But they want to ensure that people get power, light and heat for their families. 

Innergy, a global solar energy company, runs its Innergy Solar affiliate program in-house, so there is very little detail available in the public domain. Though after much research, I found that affiliates make up to 10% commission on every referred sale. They have their entry-level solar panel costing $1740, so you can expect a $174 commission for you.

Commission Rate10%
Cookie Duration30 Days

9. GoGreenSolar

GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program

GoGreenSolar sells solar panels and kits made by their parent company, GigaWatt Inc. They are designed to be environmentally conscious and safe for our planet. Government and residential consumers benefit from their assistance in generating green energy, which lowers electricity prices. They can also reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting the need for more traditional energy sources with renewable sources. They also make custom design products like the SunJack portable charger and the SunPole grid-tied solar module, which are available on the company’s online store.

ShareASale is the one that manages the GoGreenSolar program. Affiliates can expect a 3 percent commission by selling GoGreen products, as well as access to creatives, data feed tools and reporting tools.

For affiliate convenience, the company provides them with dedicated affiliate managers who are able to assist them with any questions or concerns. Also, I found that the average order value of GoGreenSolar is $890, so with a 3% commission, you can still make good revenue. 

Commission Rate3% per verified sale
Cookie Duration30 Days

10. A1 Solar Store

A1 SolarStore Affiliate Program

A1 Solar Store has the components you need to get started with a solar installation – from essential components like junction boxes or wiring kits all the way up to high-end installations employing trackers so your system will last longer than just one season before needing replacement. The brand has a wide variety of products that include Solar Panels, Inverters, Wholesale Solar Panels, Inverters, Battery Charging Controllers, Energy Storage Batteries, and Solar System Addons. 

As far as the affiliate program is concerned, A1 Solar Store offers a 6% commission for every successful referral. On average, the Solar equipment cost of A1SolarStore is about $1700, so you can expect a revenue increase of $102, plus the solar PV system cost is about $6900, where affiliates can gain a massive $414 boost to their revenue. The one aspect that differentiates this solar affiliate program from the rest is that it has a massive 180 days cookie duration.

Commission Rate6% per verified sale
Cookie Duration180 Days

11. Goal Zero

Goal Zero Affiliate Program

Goal Zero was established in 2009 and since then has been a leader in innovation and design in the renewable power industry, focusing on creating efficient, quality products that empower people everywhere on their sustainable journey. Their founder's mission to create innovative, high-quality products is rooted in the sense of global responsibility and purpose. The brand's exciting story goes back to 2007 when Robert Workman was trying to provide Congolese families with a reliable power source. And that's how the Escape 150 was invented.

After this, the brand has enormously increased its Solar products. Now, they now make portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns and a full range of accessories.

Also, the best thing I liked about Goal Zero is that when your referrals make a purchase from them, they are not just getting their solar solutions but also contributing to a number of other worthy causes. They have an affiliate program for all the affiliates where they can get a commission rate of 5%, or approximately $17 per sale, based on their average order value of $350.

Commission Rate5%
Cookie Duration14 Days

12. Solar Direct

Solar Direct Affiliate Program

Solar Direct is based in Florida and is a renewable energy company that services both residential and commercial solar installation needs. The business was established in 1986 and has been providing its services to the public since then. The company has a wide range of products, including solar power pool heaters, battery storage, and water heaters.

The Solar Direct affiliate program is a simple and effective way to get introduced to an innovative business that offers a tiered commission structure, and affiliates are able to generate earnings ranging from 1% to 40% on over 650 products. Their affiliate program is on my list of best solar affiliate programs as the company specializes in large-scale solar installations, not like the small portable solar panels.

So you can say that their program is applicable to affiliates with a B2B audience in the commercial or residential real estate industry.

Commission Rate5% on all qualifying affiliate sales
Cookie DurationNot Listed

13. BioLite

BioLite Affiliate Program

BioLite Energy can be the perfect choice for going off-grid and has long been a favorite among outdoor recreation enthusiasts who want to explore their backyards. Larger groups of people can use it at once, or even individuals who are looking to enjoy their backyard. Its compact size allows it to fit in any backpack or pack animal easily. The brand makes a wide variety of products like solar stoves, solar panels, and solar lamps. 

Many customers rely on the company’s products for anything that requires high-quality power and reliability. Some examples of these types of customers are hikers, families with their children, and even people who host backyard barbecues.

The affiliate program of BioLite is managed by the CJ Marketing Network, which was formerly known as Commission Junction. Also, the average order value for BioLite is $175, so my dear affiliates, you can expect a 7% commission for every sale that has been verified. Plus, you also get a 30-day cookie lifetime by which you can generate good revenue without putting in any additional effort.

Commission Rate7%
Cookie Duration30 Days

14. Silicon Solar

Silicon Solar Affiliate Program

Silicon Solar, a research and development firm founded in 1999 by two Cornell University graduates, has grown to become one of the most innovative companies in the solar industry. It is dedicated to providing the latest innovations in solar technology for commercial and residential customers. With more than 20 years in the business, they have made a mark on solar innovations with all of their products. 

Their product line includes solar systems, lighting, panels, pumps, heaters, batteries and educational kits. This wide range of products can cater to requirements of residential as well as commercial plus government use as well. 

When the affiliates sign up as a Silicon Solar affiliate, they get tools that can help their journey of revenue growth. These tools include unique text links, banners, keyword lists, and an affiliate program newsletter that can keep all the affiliates up-to-date with their latest promotions and product updates. Plus, you can also get a big cut for every sale made by your referrals with a 1-month long cookie duration.

Commission Rate8% per sale
Cookie Duration30 Days
What is a solar affiliate program?

A solar affiliate program allows affiliates to promote products and services related to solar power via an affiliate link. If someone purchases the solar-related product or service through that affiliate link, you will get the commission.

How do I become the solar affiliate?

If you want to become a solar affiliate, you simply need to apply for the solar affiliate programs on their respective website. Once you get approved by them, then you can start promoting solar-related products through an affiliate link on your website.

How can I increase the solar affiliate income?

If you want to maximize your solar affiliate income, you need to start a blogging website based on the solar niche and then start building a traffic base. Provide relevant and useful information related to solar energy to your audience. In order to maximize your earnings, start promoting the highest-paying solar affiliate programs on your website.

What is the most profitable solar affiliate program?

Though here, we have listed the best solar affiliate programs that help you to monetize your eco-friendly niche to earn more money. Check the following list of best solar affiliate programs that you can go for:

1. SunJack
2. Tesla
3. A1 SolarStore
4. GoGreenSolar
5. Solgaard

Conclusion: Best Solar Affiliates Programs to Boost Your Revenue

So When I made my list of 14 best solar affiliates programs, I even came across many other solar affiliates as well, which might be better than the ones mentioned above. But all the mentioned ones in my list are trusted and verified ones.

Speaking about the solar power niche, well, this field will grow more as the energy demand grows in the coming years ahead. Solar power is quickly becoming an industry expected to grow in the foreseeable future since many people use it to be more environmentally conscious. In contrast, others use it for financial reasons. This industry includes many jobs and careers, making it a viable option for everyone.

And for all those who wish to earn a handsome amount of revenue from this niche, well, trust me, this field is the future, and the future beckons solar energy as the most renewable source of energy. So I would recommend you all to select any programs from my list of 14 best solar affiliates program and start earning now!

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