Do you want to create your affiliate program to manage your affiliates?

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Now you can easily share the love with your affiliates with amazing tools to manage your affiliates as you want.

Here we have tracking software that allows you to create customized tracking software where you could reward, track & offer incentives to your affiliates with easy to use intuitive dashboard.

In this article, we have shared the✅ latest Tapfiliate Review with its Discount Coupon Code updated for 2024 that provides a seamless experience with multi-functionality tracking software.

Get insights into the features & pricing offered by this tracker with our special review. You can check out all the features, reasons to choose in this post & if you like it, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

About Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate Review

Tapfiliate is for those who want to manage their affiliates on any platform, including e-Commerce & SaaS.

Want to see how it works effortlessly?

Step 1: Whether you are using WordPress, Shopify, or any other platform for your website, you can easily integrate this software in minutes.

By using one of their modules, guides, or manual installation, you can seamlessly integrate this tool with over 30 platforms.

Step 2: Now start recruiting affiliates. You can do it by inviting them through URL, manually, SSO, or even through the API. You can select affiliates manually based on their experience.

Start sending emails from Tapfiliate or using your existing marketing tools by creating drip campaigns.

Step 3: Give your affiliates a piece of cake so they could promote your brand. Prepare banners, affiliate links, creative videos/images, and specially designed social posts to leverage your affiliate’s traffic.

You do the hard work with complete brand control, but your affiliates share & promote your brand easily.

👉 Reasons to Choose Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate Promo Code

You could never imagine a tracker bigger & better than this. Want to know why millions of users, advertisers & brand agencies use their affiliate tracking software?

Here are some top reasons that ensure your business is in good hands. 

Affiliate Autopilot: Share your love with your affiliates by providing them all the provisions to promote your business in their personal affiliate dashboard.

Stunning tracking links: If your brand is glazing, then why won’t your tracking links be as beautiful as your brand? Your affiliates will love it!

Promote around the globe: Let your affiliates promote your brand with their own special codes anywhere & everywhere. They are the ones growing your business, so reward them for their efforts.

Increase social sharing: Today's word of mouth is social sharing, so enhance your social marketing skills and spread the word to grow your business.

Keep Performance track: Get insights into how your affiliates are performing and know what’s working & what’s not.

Integrate with multiple platforms: You have massive integration possibilities with easy to use API/webhooks/Zapier hookups.

💹 Which Platforms are possible to Integrate with Tapfiliate Affiliate Tracking Software?

There is a wide variety of affiliate software offered by Tapfiliate. 

No matter which platform you use, you are always covered by its vast service.

  • Ecommerce affiliate software

Are you running an ecommerce site?

You can grow your business on a global scale with their affiliate software easily integrated into an ecommerce platform. For eCommerce websites, they offer affiliate software for Shopify, WooCommerce, Lightspeed, Magento, Prestashop, and Ecwid.

  • Most Popular

Some of the most popular platforms that millions of users around the world for designing their website or online payments from their website are also covered by Tapfiliate. You can get Tapfiliate affiliate software for PayPal, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

  • Subscription

Affiliate software is also available for Stripe, Memberful, Cratejoy, and Moonclerk.

✅ Top Features Offered by Tapfiliate

You have all the features to expand your business on a global scale. Boost your income with these easy to use iron-clad features yet under the same roof.

  • Grow your business with social media with rich content promoted by your affiliates. This could be done by offering them special coupons & referral links, banners, or shareable social media images/videos so they could promote your brand in any way they want.
  • Get the white label dashboard to give a personal touch to your brand. A branded dashboard with your own brand & domain name increases the efficiency & boost confidence in your affiliates. It supports up to 6 languages.
  • 34 super easy play 7 play integrations available.
  • Give your affiliates something to cheer about. Award one-time, monthly & fixed or percentage-based commissions based on product or category.
  • Based on how your affiliates perform, you can also offer performance bonuses for top performers of the year.
  • Automate your task with Zapier, approve commissions manually or automatically.

💰 Tapfiliate Pricing Plans

You will never find comprehensive pricing as offered by this super amazing software. We will discuss all the features associated with the plans in the next section.

Now let us take a look at the plans & pricing.

There are three plans to choose from. Choose your plan as per your requirement & budget. Don’t go for anything less!

You are paying for the finest features that you expect from the affiliate tracker.

Tapfiliate Pricing

Essential plan: This plan comes for $69/month. This plan includes commendable features such as:

Full 2-way API & webhooks, customizable cookie time, automation (Zapier, webhooks, emails), recurring commissions, advance social sharing, multi-language, multi-level marketing (MLM), item/category based commissions, coupons, 1000000 banner impressions, $0.09 is the banner impressions overage fee (per 1000), 200000 clicks, $0.45 is the clicks overage fee (per 1000), upto 1000 affiliates can be added, and also includes SEPA payout exports. 

Pro plan: If you want more powerful features, then you can upgrade it to pro. This plan will cost you $149/month and has the same features available in the Essential plan with some upgrade & additional features. These include:

2500000 banner impressions, $0.07 banner impressions overage fee (per 1000), 500000 clicks, $0.35 clicks overage fee (per 1000), 250000 conversions, $0.60 conversions overage fee (per 1000), 10000 affiliates, add team members (up to 5 allowed) for easy workflow, add a custom domain, offer incentives to affiliates, supports multi-domain, earn lifetime commissions by email/UUID, and custom fields.

Enterprise plan: If you are still hungry and looking for unlimited features, then go for the enterprise plan. This plan will suit all your needs to share your love with your affiliates with a seamless experience.

This plan costing will be given to you by contacting the support team. This plan, along with all the features included in the Pro plan, offers unlimited affiliates that can be added, unlimited team members, unlimited conversions, unlimited clicks, and unlimited banner impressions.

This plan also includes Single sign-on (SSO), premium support, custom success manager, custom verbiage, and MLM sales goals. 

All the plans can be used for free for a trial period of 14 days. During the trial, you can freely upgrade or downgrade without paying a penny.

You are not bound with any contract or hidden fees. You can anytime upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a plan except for the Enterprise plan. 

If you are expecting wondrous features not available in any of the plans and want to cancel it, then you will get a refund. You are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

When you upgrade your plan in the midway of using a lower plan, then your current billing cycle will be automatically upgraded.

You don’t have to pay any extra fees for upgrading your plan. You have to plan the price and continue using the services uninterrupted.

The best feature in the pro & enterprise plan is the team member. Here you can add team members to allocate the specific task to them. A team is always better than an individual when working on a large scale.

You have complete control over team members. You can add, remove, or even grant them permission to access what you want. Managing a team has never been as simple as now.

What if you exceed your limits?

In case your usage exceeds the defined limits in each of the plans, then you will be charged additional fees called an overage fee, as mentioned in each plan.

What are you waiting for?

🌟 Tapfiliate FAQ

What is Tapfiliate? 

It is an affiliate marketing software that is dedicated to online businesses in order to host their affiliate programs. It enables the advertiser to get referral links and various coupons that help them to track affiliate-driven conversions on their eComm or SaaS websites.

Can I mix features from different plans?

No, you can not mix features from different plans as Tapfiliate have separate features for separate plan to keep pricing simple, transparent, and fair for everyone.

Can I set sales bonuses?

Yes, you can set sales to bounce for your affiliate program. Well, one of the best ways to improve your program's overall performance.

Do you offer webhooks?

Yes, Tapfiliate provides a webhooks system which is a part of their Triggers feature. With the help of the developer, you can set this up.

Conclusion: Tapfiliate Review with Discount Coupon – 2024

Tapfiliate offers so many features that cannot be ignored by any serious brand that wants to have its own affiliate software.

You have Mailchimp integration that keeps your affiliates engaged with recurring newsletters.

Automation is what makes your work easy & super-fast.

Therefore tap the button and in a snap join Tapfiliate to manage your workflow!😊

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