Are you looking for the best ways to monetize your website traffic with the best traffic source?

Native advertising is one of the major traffic sources as compared to other traffic sources that have strict policies and do not provide quality traffic. These advertising sources are sometimes not genuine and fumble when it comes to delivering the best quality.

Native advertising, on the other hand, is a renowned and world-class advertising platform with advertisers from around the world and real affiliates, which is checked by a thorough process and only after verification of the affiliate, confirmation to join the native advertising platform is allowed.

Native advertising popularity has increased tremendously over the past few years and has become the top source of traffic beating all the other advertising platforms.

In this post, we have featured the ✅best ways to Create Native Ads updated for 2024 that help you to increase traffic on your website.

Have you ever heard about banner blindness?

If you are an experienced webmaster, then you must be knowing the term banner blindness, but if you are a newbie, then you should know this. Banner blindness is what caused significant loss to advertisers, and the best substitute for this phenomenon is native advertising.

Due to fewer sources, affiliates are in search of new traffic sources, and native ads provide the most popular traffic that is not at all similar to traditional ads and is very useful for brands that want to promote their products/services to users around the world.

What is Native Advertising?

Native ads are one of the famous traffic options for not just affiliate but brands, too, as it doesn’t look like traditional ads. You will find native ads on many blogs and websites. Some of the most popular sites running native ads include Huffington Post, Time, and more.

You may find thumbnails often on some websites displayed as “You might want to,” Especially for You and more such catchy phrases. These are the ways native ads are displayed to lure you into clicking on the ads and redirect you to the advertiser’s website. 

What makes native ads so beautiful is the fact that they appear to be in the interest of the audience and therefore has a huge impact on grabbing massive traffic. This makes it very effective. It gives the ultimate user experience, and the user doesn’t feel as if his/her time is being wasted. It just suits the content and is parallel to the needs of what the user is asking for.

Want to see some examples of real native ads and how they appear.

Have a look at it.

Native ads are engaging and increase user experience every time a user visits your website. Its catchy titles make it more interesting for users and strong surprise elements to spark interest in users.

Many reasons lead to rejection of your creatives by ad networks. Following the guidelines and rules may result in acceptance of your creatives and more chances of you earning huge as you get well versed with the ad network.

In pursuit of attracting massive visitors and making them click on the ads, most of the affiliates get traffic at a low price, but they forget to follow the ad network rule, which in turn leads to rejection.

This is not at all the ad networks' fault as they keep a check on every affiliate and advertiser. Not following the policies results in rejection, and your account is banned permanently. 

Rejection of your ads means working from scratch again, and this might take a lot of time to put your step back into the game where you left of. This is quite frustrating as it would take a lot of time and results in a huge loss.

So, if you want to be in the books of the ad network and make the best out of every ad, then don’t forget to follow the rules as it would increase your earning in multiples. has excellent relations with many major ad networks, and one of them is MGID. On our sincere request to MGID, the company is ready to share their policies and do’s and don’ts for affiliates who are new in this industry.

Below are the reasons that lead to ad rejection and the most common mistakes made by affiliates. 

These are some recommendations that apply to other native ad networks, and if you follow these recommendations, then there are least chances of your ads being rejected. 

Luck favors only to those who take risks and higher the risk higher the profit. With these guidelines, luck is always in your favor, so try your luck with MGID or any other ad network.

Best Tips To Create Native Ads For Traffic Monetization (Updated 2024)

Create Native Ads

Landing Page

When creating a landing page for your blog or website, you need to ensure it doesn’t have any vulgar image or language used on the page or even in the website URL.

If your blog or website is for every age group, then make sure it doesn’t contain anything limited for people below 18 years of age. This contains vulgar images or anything related to nudity.

Also, make sure there are no obscene images, any murder scenes, violent content, or anything that encourages war and aggression among your audiences.

Make sure you don’t make any false promises to reward for any product/service purchased with your affiliate link.

Never show logos of the company that you are not involved with or if the company is not involved with the product/service in any way. Displaying logos or emblems of any government authorities without permission might lead to suspension or any legal action against you.

If you are displaying any health or beauty related products/services, then make sure it doesn’t display the real doctors practicing medicine. Not just doctors but ensure not to display dignitaries, high profile celebrities, scientists, or any local or any internationally recognized face unless connected with the product/service.

Never copy the style of any other website by installing the same theme or images. In any way, your website landing page should be completely different and unique in itself.

Only legal content should be promoted, and this is the compliance department’s job to verify the legality of the content you promote on your website.

If somewhere promoting any product/service requires a license, then you should have it, especially when it comes to food-related products.

Right Information

Don’t make information in your title complicated. Make your title controversial as that makes it interesting for the audiences.

Less use of acronyms and spammy words like must, have to, need. Attract your audience, don’t repel them.

Don’t make false claims.

Avoid using unnecessary punctuation.

Don’t mislead your audience with fake information.

Avoid using offensive words against someone. You never know who your audiences like or dislike.

Image Quality and Title

Ensure the images you use are of high quality and do not blur if zoomed in. Place the content on the image if any properly and crop the image, so everything looks crystal clear.

Images should be relevant to products/services promoted with a logical reason. Anything irrelevant will lead to a bad impression on your audience, and you will go on losing your number of visitors.

When a title is shown, it should be in such a way that the minute the reader reads it, everything is understood as to what the content inside the title would be. If your title is not related to your content and you to mislead the audience, you use a different title, and then it is not acceptable.

Just for the sake of clicks using an ellipsis in the title is not a good practice. Your title should be complete and should give an idea to the audience of what you are trying to convey to them.

If you have visitors from different countries, then your ads should be displayed in multiple languages according to the visitor's place. In the case of MGID translation in 57 different languages are available.

If your ad is properly translated into the respective native language of the visitors, then your user will be converted into a subscriber.

Your titles should contain one killer word and then supporting words to highlight the main word. Some effective and clickable words that could be used in the titles are: amazing, best, free, easy, how much, jackpot, new, only, surprising, unbelievable, wondrous, and more.

🌟 Native Ads FAQ

What is Native in advertising?

It is the paid advertisement that matches the perfect look, feels, and function of the media format. It is generally seen on a social media platform or a webpage.

How effective is native advertising?

Native advertising is beneficial as compared to traditional display advertising. As compared to the banner ads, it drives a 9% lift for brand affinity. It is also more shareable than display ads.

What is a native ad network?

Native as the network is an online ad platform that matches advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space. It synchronizes ads with web content make it look like the organic content of a blog or website.

Does using native ads worth it?

It is very effective and works well if you want to increase your brand awareness. But at the same time, native ads do not go to work if you're going to create it to trick someone.

Final Verdict:

The best way to know the guidelines of any ad network is by contacting the manager of the ad network via chat, phone, or email. Knowing the network's guidelines before you start any campaign is always a wise man’s choice.

Simply following the guidelines will reduce the chance of ads being rejected and more chances to attain success rapidly. Time is precious, but if your ads get rejected, then this precious time will be lost, and starting from scratch to run the ad campaign will require more time. This not only wastes your time, but you lose your money and users.

Try MGID and start native advertising with a low budget and awesome features.😉

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