Finding the best product to sell can be a real challenge. Amazon sellers may not know how to find the best, most profitable products to sell.

Well, we can help you find the winning products using Helium 10 in just a few clicks!
In this article, you will learn how to search for products on Pinterest using Helium 10.

Use Helium 10 to Find Winning Products on Pinterest Trends

Yes, Pinterest! It is a goldmine to find trending products for sellers to get a leg up from their competition! Pinterest is a great source to find winning product ideas if used correctly. So, in short, you can use Helium 10 and Pinterest to make $$$.

Read on to know-how!

Helium 10 Review

It claims to be the “industry's first all–in one Amazon software solution.”

With its wide range of features, Helium 10 tools help merchants improve their Amazon-powered business by offering them products and services to manage their online store, analyze sales performance, track inventory levels, optimize listing content, and generate leads.

Helium 10 offers over twenty different features for online marketers to use when they're selling online. These include everything from email marketing services to payment gateways.

Helium 10 is an all-in-one toolset designed specifically for Amazon sellers who want to get started selling online. It includes everything from basic keyword research to advanced SEO techniques like link building and content creation.

Click here to sign up on Helium 10, the best Amazon seller tool to grow your business.

You get access to 20+ tools that include:

Helium 10 is an entire suite of tools designed specifically for Amazon sellers.

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As discussed above, Helium 10 offers a wide range of tools aimed to help optimize your Amazon selling journey. These tools serve various objectives like product research, keyword research, product listing optimization, analytics, operations management, and marketing. Let's have a look at some of the tools Helium 10 has to offer:

Helium 10 Coupon
  • Black Box allows you to search for over 450 million items within seconds.
  • Misspellinator allows you to check for frequently misspelled words and compile them into pre-made lists. They're filled with misspelled words that would be beneficial for you to target.
  • Cerebro reveals your competitor's keywords in one simple click. Cerebro analyzes successful listing pages and explains why they're performing so well. Then, you can use the same blueprint again and improve upon it to outperform your competitors.
  • The Index Checker ensures that you're visible for every keyword used in your product description in Amazon searches. It ensures that you appear in Amazon's index so that people searching for your product find you. It also allows you to check which keywords your competitors are targeting, so you can use these insights to improve your own keyword strategy.
  • Alerts inform you if there is anything unusual happening on your account.
  • If you want people to leave positive feedback for your business online, then its follow-up emails tool is an excellent way to get them! In addition, by collecting data through email marketing campaigns, you'll be able to improve the quality of your customer experiences and keep buyers engaged for longer periods of time.
  • The Profit Calculator shows you where you stand financially at any given time.
  • The Frankenstein tool lets you organize and process your keywords to be ready for use when needed.
  • The Refund Genie automatically sends refund requests for eligible products purchased by Amazon customers. Typically, the refund process is complicated and tedious; however, Refund Genie makes things easier by automatically doing everything for you.
  • With the Helium 10'S Mobile app, you can keep an ear on your Amazon business and get alerts no matter where you're at from the convenience of your mobile phone. With Instant Notifications, you'll get immediate alerts when something goes wrong with your account and can check your earnings at a glance.
  • With Market Tracker, you can customize market reports for any industry to get an accurate picture of where you and your competition stand. You'll get regular updates from the Market Tracker, which means market changes never catch you off guard.
  • Trendster helps you find new product ideas by analyzing current market conditions and predicting future trends. You can even compare different markets for similar products.
  • Use Magnet to find hundreds of thousands of highly relevant keywords. Simply type in one keyword, and Magnet will quickly create an extensive list of related and actionable keywords for you. These include keywords, similar products, and so on, which competitors may use.
  • In addition to all of that, Helium 10 calculates the profitability of potential new products by calculating their dimensions, FBA fees, and shipping costs.
  • The Inventory Protector shields your inventories by limiting the number of items each customer can buy at once. So that you don't run out of anything, keep everything stocked up at once.
  • X-Ray gives you revenue estimates, sales trends, and pricing so you can make an informed decision as to whether a product is worth selling on Amazon.
  • Use ‘Scribbles' to automatically track the keywords you'd like to be included in your product listing. It makes finding those must-have words easier than ever before! Every time you write an ad for one of these keywords, it disappears off your “Keywords To-Do List.”
  • ‘Portals' allow you to easily direct people who visit your site from any location straight to your products.

And MANY more!

Finding new products ideas can be difficult, especially when you have a hundred more things to do as a seller. Still, with Helium 10, you can use the Pinterest Trends spinners on your dashboard to trigger smart searches for keywords related to trends on Pinterest. This makes researching products MUCH easier. Here is a step by step guide on how to use it:

Step 1: First, you need to log onto your Helium 10 account. Then proceed to scroll down your dashboard, where you will find the ‘Research a Keyword‘ widget.

Helium 10 account

Step 2: You can prompt the spinner tool to find a new keyword trending on Pinterest by clicking the refresh option. What's more, you can hit refresh how many times you want.

Find a new keyword trending on Pinterest

Step 3: Every time you hit refresh, the spinner tool finds a new keyword that is trending from Pinterest Trends.

Finds a new keyword on Pinterest Trends

Step 4: You can click refresh if you can't find a relevant keyword on your first try. This will prompt the tool to find another keyword for you. Something might not catch your interest right away, so you may need to refresh a couple of times to find what you might like.

vFind a relevant keyword on Pinterest

You can use this widget for many things, including using the Demand Analyzer tool, accessing trend graphs off Pinterest, reviewing top products on Amazon that have the same keyword, and more. You can also research keywords by clicking the search button present in the top corner in the right of the widget page.

Research Method One

  • Helium 10 allows you to access trend graphs for a keyword specifically for Pinterest by clicking on Open in Pinterest. From here, you can either run Helium 10's Demand Analyzer tool, or you can simply dive deeper into Pinterest itself.
  • The next thing you will need to do is click on the Chrome Extension that is named Analyze Product Demand on Amazon. This tool will help give you results on the search field of your Pinterest trending keyword.
  • You can then click See Analysis.
  • Demand Analyzer then does a keyword search on Amazon for you and estimates the monthly search volume. In addition, it shows the most popular searches related to the searched keyword and lists the best-selling items from each category.
  • You can also directly access the Black Box Niche tool to research potential products. To do that, simply click on the See all top products link.

Research Method Two

  • If you return to your dashboard and see an interesting keyword, you can then go ahead on the Search button.
  • The widget will then give you the top competitive keywords by displaying them below the spinner for quick access.
  • You can search on Magnet with advanced capabilities by clicking on ‘Dive deeper in Magnet.' You can easily find the link under the top five related keywords. Type your trending keyword into the filter that says ‘Show Phrases That Contain,' which is available under ‘Advanced Filters.'
  • You can use Magnet by clicking on ver to the header of the Search Volume column on your screen. This will let you access all the top searched keywords related to your trending Pinterest keyword directly on Amazon.
  • When you find an appealing phase, all you need to do is click the icon at the end of the said word. It then opens search results for the specific keyword on Amazon.
  • You can then scan your search result to see how saturated the market is for the specific keyword. If you see that there is space for you to compete in the specific market, you can then run the X-Ray tool to see the sales of the particular products.
  • After gaining access to the X-Ray tool, you can simply scan through the page to find a product of interest. When you do find something that piques your interest, simply select it and run your keyword research.
  • This is where another tool called ‘Cerebro‘ opens up. It searches the ASIN for all related keywords. You can set filters that get results as per your specified criteria.
  • Cerebro displays all the vital information you need while deciding whether the product you have chosen has potential or not. It searches through everything from search volumes to the number of products that compete, and more then it forms each keyword's Cerebro IQ Score that gives you a clear idea of how profitable a potential product idea might be.

After doing either of these methods, if you are still unsatisfied with the results, you can still go back to your dashboard and run the Pinterest Trends wheel.

Pinterest is predominantly a very visual platform. With Pinterest, unlike Google or Facebook, where it's primarily text or a mix of both, respectively, it's images—not words—that are the main attraction for most people who use the site.

Pinterest Trends

You can pin any image from anywhere online into an individual board within Pinterest. If you want to see specific pins from certain board members, you can click through to their profile page and look at their pinned items. If you want to find new boards, you can use their searches to look for specific board names.

For us to understand Pinterest's reach, we need to know some basic statistics. A rough breakdown of these numbers shows that there are approximately 175 million active monthly users, one billion-plus board pages, 50 billion-plus pin posts, and two-thirds represent brands and products.

In other words, lots of people use Pinterest, so there's plenty of stuff to get inspired by. You can use keywords both individually and bundle them together for searching on Pinterest. In addition to providing similar categories for its users' searches, Pinterest offers the same type of suggestion boxes as its Lens feature. You can specifically search for what you want or use the lens feature.

It may not be unique, but it's an interesting variation of something that could be modified, improved upon, or produced some kind of product. You could either ignore the sub-categorizations if they don't seem relevant to you or just pick one category at random.

✔What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is the smart, easy-to-use platform for Amazon sellers that helps them to manage all their Amazon listings, sales and orders in one convenient dashboard. With Helium 10, you can grow your Amazon business online with ease.

✔ How much is Helium 10?

Helium 10 offers very flexible pricing plans that suit every person's needs. Following are the major pricing plans offered by Helium 10.
Starter: $39/mo
Platinum: $99/mo
Diamond: $199/mo
Elite: $399/mo

✔ How to use Helium 10 for free?

If you are not ready to purchase any of the Helium 10 plans, you can even use Helium 10 for free. Helium 10 offers a free version to all its new users that allow them to test its features for free.

✔ How to use Helium 10 for product research?

The amazing features offered by Helium 10 are Black Box, Trendster, etc., which helps you to find winning products and product niches with less competition. Black Box only takes a few seconds to tell you the profitable products that meet your criteria. One can even install the Helium 10 Chrome extension that helps them to maximize their selling opportunities.

✔ How to use Helium 10 Chrome extension?

The user first needs to download Helium 10 Chrome extension and sign up for a free plan to start using it. Use Helium 10 Chrome extension to get complete insights about the marketplace that help you to scale your Amazon business. There are around 600,000+ sellers who are using Chrome extension. Following are the significant benefits of using the Helium 10 Chrome extension:
1. It boosts your productivity.
2. It allows you to quickly find winning products.
3. Estimate your profitability with the help of a profitability calculator.
4. You can easily discover Suppliers on
5. It helps you grow traffic to your listings.

✔ Can I get any working Helium 10 coupon codes?

Yes, Use the above-mentioned Helium 10 discount coupon that helps you to enjoy the maximum discount on Helium pricing plans.

Pinterest is an incredibly powerful tool for selling products online. It's just not used enough by most people. On Pinterest, buyers tend to be highly engaged, so they're likely to buy from you if you offer them something relevant.

People who use Pinterest tend to spend money when consuming content there. In addition, lots of people use Pinterest specifically to find inspiration for buying stuff. You can use this to your advantage by tapping into this goldmine and effectively finding ideas that might generate tons of profit for you.

Helium 10 makes the search for products on Pinterest even more effective by offering you an array of tools that laser focus your efforts and provide you with what you're looking for.

I hope this article helps answer some questions about using Pinterest for optimizing your search for profitable products on Helium 10.🤞🤞

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