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In this AppSumo review, we will be taking you through all the unanswered questions of this platform. You will get be getting a complete overview of what the deals are and how do they work.

Detailed AppSumo Review

AppSumo Review

AppSumo is nothing but a marketplace for businesses to get access to lifetime software deals. You can think AppSumo as a Grabon coupon platform, but for marketing and startup nerds.

New deals are added weekly to the website, where you can expect to save anywhere from 50% OFF to 99% OFF on your favorite marketing platforms.

AppSumo's founder, Noah Korgan, initially started AppSumo as a side-hustle. It quickly caught traction in the market, especially when they began to use the services of a professional copywriter for their email blasts. But with the amount of response from the hungry nerds make it popular in no time.

Without a doubt, there is a consistent hike growth with AppSumo, so the type of lifetime deals you will expect to see comprises tools that can help you build a better site.

You can also expect to see various marketing tools, including social media and content marketing. This is excellent news for all the people who have just started with their online business and are searching for multiple marketing tools. The more tools you purchase via AppSumo, the more discounts you will get.

AppSumo Reviews

However, keeping the AppSumo business model in mind would be beneficial; you will not find companies like Microsoft or Adobe on their website. That being said, you will be pleased to see the number of companies that AppSumo manages to grab a great deal in.

Famous companies like Techsmith and Depositphotos comes to mind, which have had deals on AppSumo before.

AppSumo negotiates deals with vendors based on the particular size of the AppSumo audience, which directly represents publicity and immediate capital injection for the startup.

Is AppSumo Legit? | AppSumo Review

AppSumo is a trusted source for all buyers for getting their favorite software at a lower price. If the buyer is unsatisfied with their order, they can always request a refund.

The AppSumo team initiates the refund immediately without asking any questions. You can ask for a refund for upto 60 days after your purchase.

The risk to a buyer AppSumo is relatively zero, and there is no doubt that this platform is 100% legit. However, there is a specific cost to the app vendor because they have to give most of their profit to AppSumo(upto 70%) for promoting their software. This is enough to explain why AppSumo has a revenue of 8 figures.

In case if the startup has not done their due diligence, they could get overwhelmed with new clients and support requests with a bit of monetary return.

Exclusive AppSumo Coupon Codes & Lifetime Deals 2024 (💯 Verified)

There are multiple AppSumo deals and Coupon codes; you only need to know where to look. The first place where you will find codes typically for 10% OFF your cart is through AppSumo NewsLetters.

However, if you want a guaranteed 10% OFF with every purchase, it required you to be a member of their AppSumo Briefcase or AppSumo Plus memberships (more on that shortly).

Join the AppSumo Plus Program and start racking your rewards today:

AppSumo Plus

What are the benefits you get with AppSumo Plus?

Best AppSumo Deals & Coupon Codes 2024 (Don't Miss!!)

1. ShortPixel


As you all might already know, ShortPixel is the best image compressor platform. It instantly reduces all heavy and bulk images to load your site pages fast and improving the page and site loading speed.

The most excellent part about ShortPixel is that it compresses all types of popular formats (WebP, PNG, PDF, GIF, JPG) by up to 90% without compromising the quality. This platform is used by almost every other digital marketing or blogging company.

ShortPixel can compress the image individually from the media library. You do not have to wait for the optimization process; the add-ins in the background compress all the photos without your knowledge.

The AppSumo deal for ShortPixel include:

2. KnowLocker

AppSumo Review 2024 | Save 98% OFF with AppSumo Deals 1

KnowLocker is a platform that centralizes all of its users' knowledge into a single location. The KnowLocker tool makes each article, text, video searchable useable, and more for your team.

KnowLocker has all the information, and you can easily share that with your team and people.

The best thing is that you can quickly turn off your files right from Dropbox, Google Drive, MS Word, Gmail, Slack, Excel, and social media right into actionable articles.

Another great thing about KnowLocker that the knowledge exchange is automatic and intelligent. Furthermore, the system immediately recommends information and content that the users can share with others.

The AppSumo deal for KnowLocker include:

3. EventsFrame


EventsFrame is for all the people who want to make the registration process of their events simple. It is a type of ticketing system that makes the registration process very easy and saves your time and money.

Once you get started with EventsFrame, you can quickly set up an event in minutes, and you can have your ticket sales through PayPal, Stripe, or the Braintree account on that same day.

The best part of this platform is that the co-founder of LeadPages is the CTO of EventsFrame. So, that gives you access to customize and easily create stunning ticket pages correct with structured text and images.

Organizers do not need advanced computing skills to build and manage events. All thanks to the user-friendly user interface of EventsFrame, the configuration part of an event only takes a few seconds. Once all the details have been entered, users can drag and drop the tickets on the screen.

The AppSumo deal for EventsFrame include:

4. AudioHero

Audio Hero

With the help of AudioHero, you get all the royalty-free music along with the sound effects. In simple terms, AudioHero is a library with 250,000 premium royalty-free music and many more things on the list.

The excellent part about this platform is that the navigation is straightforward here. You only have to set a couple of filters to get the exact track of what you want.

AudioHero also comprises a sonic search that enables you to drag and drop your file from your desktop to commence the audio-based search for similar music.

The AppSumo deal for AudioHero include:

5. vooPlayer


vooPlayer is one of the best professional video hostings solutions that offer legit video marketing tools and analytics that allow your business to grow in video marketing.

Although you need to pay $288/year to get a vooPlayer Pro License, with AppSumo, you only need to pay $79.

The AppSumo deal for vooPlayer include:

Other Top AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Deal NameCategoryLifetime PriceGet the Deal
Send FoxEmail Marketing Software$49Activate Deal
RytrAI Writing Tool$39 Activate Deal
AgiledManagement Platform$69 Activate Deal
Brilliant DirectoriesBusiness Directory$89 Activate Deal
WritesonicAI-Powered Copywriting Platform$59 Activate Deal
NiftyManagement Platform$59 Activate Deal
CrelloGraphic Design Platform$49 Activate Deal
WP ResetWordPress Plugin$49 Activate Deal
Promo RepublicSocial Media Tool$49 Activate Deal
SiteJetWebsite Builder$59 Activate Deal
SwipebucketInbox Reminders Tool$59 Activate Deal
QuuuContent Writing Tool$49 Activate Deal
Play.htText-to-Speech Converter$49 Activate Deal
VBOUTMarketing Automation Platform$79 Activate Deal
QwarySurveys Creation Tool$59 Activate Deal

🌟 AppSumo FAQ

✅What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a website that offering daily deals on digitally distributed products and online services. Noah Kagan, a serial internet entrepreneur, created AppSumo in March 2010.

✅Is AppSumo safe?

For purchasers, AppSumo is a trusted source for purchasing software at a lower price, and if you don't like what you got, you can receive a full refund within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked.

✅Is AppSumo real?

Yes. AppSumo is one of the most popular online stores for finding great deals on apps, software, and other digital products. ​

✅How do I get an AppSumo discount??

AppSumo is a company that offers limited-time deals on various software, online courses, and other digital products. Go to, Click on AppSumo Store and Grab the best deal & Save huge.

✅ What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus helps users enjoy special benefits such as giving access to KingSumo giveaway pro, getting an extra 10% off on every AppSumo order, etc.

✅ Are AppSumo deals worth the price?

Yes, AppSumo is a great platform to browse and purchase top tools and products at the best price. To get the best AppSumo deals, you just need to visit AppSumo official site.

✅ Does AppSumo provide any refund policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied or happy with the product, then AppSumo offers a standard 60-day money-back guarantee to all its customers. So check the above-mentioned latest AppSumo deals and try any product or tool for 60 days.

✅ How much money can I save by using your AppSumo discount coupon codes or promo codes?

Using our 100% active AppSumo lifetime deals, One can save upto 98% off on any purchase. Using the AppSumo discount code is very simple as you just need to choose your desired product and click on the Activate Deal that will automatically apply a discount on your purchase.

✅ How often does AppSumo add new deals and discount codes?

AppSumo updated its site with new lifetime deals and coupon codes every month. Here, you will find the best AppSumo deals and coupon codes in this article as we add new AppSumo discount codes every day.

✅ Are there any best AppSumo alternatives?

If you are looking for the top alternative to AppSumo, then check the below list of best AppSumo alternatives:

Conclusion: AppSumo Review 2024 with AppSumo Deals & Discounts

Whether you're a small company owner or just a blogger, the great deals on AppSumo will help you make your purchase worthy.

The AppSumo coupons and AppSump promo codes will help you get your favorite marketing tool upto 90% OFF!

Just name the software, and there is a 70% chance AppSumo will offer you a great deal in that. It is that easy!

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